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  1. I've worn the same par of Vans for almost 15 years. No other pair of shoes I've ever owned have lasted this long. The inserts are pretty much flattened to where I can feel every pebble of gravel under my foot, but the exterior is still perfectly intact minus the usual dirtiness acquired over such a time. I ordered a new pair of Vans and I'll probably get some new inserts for my current ones.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I hear you on the wide option, it's getting harder to find shoes that have them (and boots are a nightmare to find with a wide option). I'm generally a size 13 when it comes to reebox but if I buy nike's I need a 14 (and sometimes bigger if a wide option isn't available). I generally only order shoes online if I've either bought a pair like them in the past or I know my size for the brand I'm ordering. They probably are still made the same because they are skater shoes and you need some damn good shoes when you're skateboarding (all of my friends who skateboarded in high school swore by them). Then again who knows because Reebox are certainly not made like they're used to (when I was younger I used to get 5-6 years out of a pair of Reebox).

    3. Sledgstone


      You guys have some huge feet. XD I normally wear around a 10 1/2 - 11 1/2 size (wide) because I swear brands have their own idea what a size actually is. I never felt good wearing flat bottomed skater style shoes because the arches of my feet would start hurting after a while. I tried a pair of converse before in a store and they felt horrible to me. If I had a pair of shoes like that I'd have to replace the inserts asap. If either of you have a store near you go there for wide shoes. I have yet to see a single mens shoe in this store that is not available in wide and all the boxes are clearly marked with a sticker indicating they are wide. I've even seen some shoes not available in regular but they'll have all the wide varieties in stock. I just noticed they sell vans too. I'll look for them next time I'm near that shop, its where I bought my last 3 pairs of shoes.

      I know DX doesn't need winter boots, but if you do Strider, I bought a pair of LaCrosse hunting boots a few years ago and they are the best boots I've ever owned. They're insulated and along with thick winter socks my damn chilblains hardly acts up at all in winter. I stuff my pants into the boots and even tho I look a bit odd walking into a store, I don't care because they're comfortable. lol. I can walk thru 3 feet of snow and never get a cold or wet foot. XD

      What I got was the equivalent of this:

      Well worth the price IMO. They also make work boots and a variety of other winter boots. If I ever need to buy another pair of boots I'm going with this brand again.

      So many products now a days are all disposable. I bought shoes from walmart about 7 years ago. Those shoes lasted less than a year and wasn't even worth the $20 I spent on them. Certain things I'll drop money on for the quality. My boots are worth it because of winter here, same with my Carhartt coat. 1 Carhartt coat for $160 will last me 15 years of normal use. I'll never buy a crappy $50 coat from walmart again. I'm still lazy about my regular clothing tho. XD I don't have to go out in public much so I usually wear $5 shirts and cheap wrangler pants or jeans.

    4. DeathscytheX


      I love my Carhartt. Once again it's hard to fine a nice looking men's coat these days and Carhartt is spot on. 

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