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  1. Thanks to assholes that kept picking Torbjorn on attack payload, even after someone left and it was 5v6, I ranked lower than last season. Too many lopsided losses from idiots that refuse to swap classes. Its one think to lose a close one, but to not even beable to contest the point is beyond infuriating.

    1. Sledgstone


      Did they make changes to the MMR system? Maybe they're pairing you up with idiots to balance the teams.

    2. DeathscytheX


      No, I ranked what would be 48 in last seasons ranking. I watched a video that said they're trying to rank you lower in the first place. One person can ruin your whole team with a bad hero pick. Torb is still somewhat viable on defense, but he's never been a good attack pick. With the nerf to Genji, his pick rate plummeted and there are no more team carries with someone that's is a pro with him. 76 and McCree are the go to DPSers now. The meta is 2-2-2 on healer tank dps. Someone picking widow or torb when you need to push the payload just makes it 5v6. Or in my case 4v6 when someone left our team and the guy didn't swap to someone better.

    3. Sledgstone


      Do more people put headsets on and talk during ranked play? Could it be possible for you to throw your headset on and ask them to swap to a different character? Are there people using chat to breath heavily, play music endlessly and then scream profanity? lol.

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