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  1. My wealth is swelling. I should have near 1600g before LWS3 comes out. Thats uncharted terrority for me since I I've bought precursors the last two times i've reached just under 1100g. So much weird inflation on common items as made making gold super easy. I dumped all my powerful blood before the FGS chain starts. I'll plug away at that all week and save the mats for when prices go back up.

    1. Sledgstone


      Another 1200 gold and you can buy Moot. XD

      Even with the amazing FGS reward week, Charged lodestones and cores maintain their prices quite well, I know because I've bought over 400 charged cores to upgrade to lodestones over the last 3 months. x_x So much clicking on the forge screen to save about 100 gold with that many lodestones involved. I'll just sell them as I get them. Mostly because I'm still only at 8 gold and need the currency asap. lol. I remember listing them before and getting out listed so many times, but ppl buy the hell out of them during this week, they always sell over night even if listed.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Powerful Blood got back to 70s tonight so I sold my stack off. I didn't know FGS was going to be this profitable. I well underestimated where I'd be at as I just crossed 2050g. The charged lodestones and cores are def the bulk of the wealth tho. It has accounted for 60% of my earnings every day. That's definitely gotta be your favorite week if you're trying to make Sunrise, Bolt, or Mjolnir. It also helps that I have 8 characters. DR is brutal and effects the map reward track progress too. Its funny how anet doesn't acknowledge DR even though it clearly exists. Thats probably the major reason there isnt a track bar on the core maps like there is on HoT meta progress maps. The tech is there to implement, but people would be able to get those hard numbers on DR that anet is so secretive about.

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