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  1. Dropped a ton of cash on a Daniel Defense DDM4V11. Figured I'd go ahead and take the hit before the assault weapon ban talk gets hot or some other ass hat decides to go shoot people.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I bought Troy Industries HK style flip iron sights and 5 mags on top of it. I've topped $2000, that's the rough part, buying the rifle isn't the end of it X_X and I still need to buy ammo for the range. My wallet is crying, but I wasn't settling for less than Daniel Defense or Bravo Company. The BCM Recce-16 KMR-A I wanted was sold out from every distributor my local gunshop had. He said ARs are flying right now as suspected. I only do business with him since he is the most ethical about his pricing... plus he sat down at his computer for 30 minutes trying to find my firearm, when he could have chased me away by trying to sell me on the lower end stuff he had in stock.... I just drooled over the Remi 700 he had displayed on top of the case while he went to work. XD I'll probably get an EOtech or Aimpoint opic with my tax return. I wasn't sold on red dot sights until watched a few youtube videos and found out Aimpoint sights can run for 5 years always on off one battery... thats nuts. I can see why they are almost $700. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Damn thats alot of cash for a gun. O_O Nows probably the best time to get one tho. I wouldn't be surprised if assault weapon bans get put back into place. I just looked up the cost of ammo. About $8 for 20 rounds I think. 5 mags at 30 rounds each. All your mags fully loaded would have $60 in ammo. Each bullet is pretty much $0.50. Thats one expensive hobby. O_O

    4. DeathscytheX

      DeathscytheX has them for as low as .23 a round. But yeah its still expensive. I can get 1000 rounds for around $270. I want to get a beta-c 100rd drum... but then I'd be depressed when I shot that much $$$ in 10 min. XD I was reading some of the reviews for the ammo, and one guy said he only puts 10 rounds in each mag to make it feel like it lasts longer. Screw that, hand loading is tedious, thats why if you ever get a pistol, always buy extra mags if you go to the range. Generally speaking, a gun comes with an extra mag... but even at 2 you'll spend more time putting rounds into the mag than actually shooting. Like bowling, its all about getting into that "zone" where you want as little interruption as possible. Thats why they never include that part in FPS... no one would buy that game. XD 

      As for the price, yeah its a top tier AR-15. You could get one for $600 and it would work just as good. Its like a watch.... they come in many different types and prices but they all generally work the same. Its all about the craftmanship. Cheap ARs have parts that have play (slight loose wobble) and don't fit tightly into each other because the outsource every part and just put them togehter... just about every part of the AR-15 is interchangable. Some people buy them a piece at a time and slowly put them together as they get the funds. Mine has a lot of luxury features like reduced weight, mil-spec, more durable barrel, and higher quality parts. Because while its like a watch, it can also be like a car. Pieces wear and break over long periods of time.... but thankfully unlike a car, these peices are affordable to replace and are easy to DIY.


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