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  1. Wings


    There is areal attacks in the game to... I see where GW2 got the BSF stuff from. I wish they'd implement on more maps. Anet must have a team that goes and plays eastern MMO's expecting not to get caught XD. Its crazy how much they took from B&S... most notably the Wardrobe system.

  2. Wings


    Only when flying. But you can do that at any time. I think in the real the game you can't fly until level 29. But you can run dash jump to get places just as fast. I think there are sky fortresses in the game you'll need wings to get to. 

  3. Whats crazy is that the SAB horn outshines Incinerator when running with them drawn. its brighter and bigger. XD I made it solely for the rumored Ranger main hand dagger. I hope it has more DPS than sword. With Ranger being one of the most durable classes, a close range combat option would be great.

  4. Hammer Time


    If it had footfalls it would be better than Juggs IMO. Juggs just looks bland, and as you've said its effects (Which is what makes this legendary so awesome) get tarnished on the newer maps. I don't even take screen caps in BFS or Ember Bay because it gives off too much red and alters the dyes of my characters.