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  1. I know a lot of people ignorant by choice -_-;. Working in a grocery store I encounter them every day. I had someone come up to me bitching about how he bought some peaches and they were hard as a rock so he threw them away... Oh really? Why don't you wait for them to fucking ripen maybe? Do you eat green bananas? -_-; He said it wasn't "fair" like we cheated him by selling peaches that he was too lazy to even feel to see if they were close to ripening in the first place, and then was stupid enough to throw away when they would have been good in a few days.

  2. The problem with politicians needing to take science classes is that they should already know this stuff.. but then again they're so damn old I guess they've missed out on what we know today. With all the aid we sent to countries that don't have our best interest at hand, we could be putting towards science and NASA. We've really digressed in the space program in the past 20 years... I remember watching Curiosity land on nasa.gov and wondering why this wasn't national news. Things like this use to be big time news events... we landed a fucking rover on mars via a drop ship that fired thrusters and lowered Curiosity with cables. Instead of political bickering 24/7 it would be nice to see stuff like this on the news and get people interested in science again. I remember how fascinated I was with science when I was a child. I wanted to be an astronomer when I grew up... that passion is something we've lost, some blame our absorption into entertainment and social media... this could be the case, but I think both of these outlets that have exploded over the past decades could also be used to bolster interest in it.


    You're right about the Paul and Abortion and Cuomo and Gun Control, it is a huge draw back when people grip onto their belief in these causes very passionately. (I know I do about guns :P) I don't think one issue should drag down a candidate because no one person is going to believe exactly like another person. The problem is, between Bush and Obama there have been some huge power grabs that make the president way to powerful right now. All 3 branches are suppose to be equal, but right now that's not the case, and it needs to be fixed... Congress needs to stop acting a dinner theater as Lady put it, get their act together, and reassert themselves as equals. Same for the Supreme Court. Its suppose to be how we get through shitty presidents. People have become way to polarized into their "party" and not what is best for our country. With a better congress those few issues that go against a candidate can easily be neutralized by the legislative branch, its what its for as its suppose to better represent the people than just one man.


    The best example of this was the gun control debate in the senate, even though the democrats own the senate, the bills failed miserably. Or when Bush tried to make heterosexual marriage a constitutional amendment, it never gained steam.

  3. LMAO!! It must have taken a while to get up there if you've just tried these. They've been around since 2008-09 here. They're ok... but I prefer the cracker and cheese versions over the pretzel ones... the Salsa flavor is amazing if they still make it



    Its not on their website anymore though, they now have a 7 layer bean dip flavor I've never seen..... but there is no way you can pack that much flavor into combos much like the buffalo blue cheese, it probably falls short.

  4. The parties have become so corrupt that they will tow the line weather they agree with a point personally or not... its all become a big game to them and they are ruining the country. All they care about is winning their argument instead of working together. I use to like Bill O'Rielly now I really don't care for him too much...


    For me personally, the only person I listen to and take seriously right now for me is Rand Paul, he's a Republican, but he supports hemp, ending mandatory sentencing, among other things that go outside of what the republican establishment look down upon. In fact I just saw a headline where he and Cory Booker plan on working together to put an end to the "war on drugs". I also like his proposal for term limits for congress, and a new constitutional amendment that would end any exemptions for congress from the very laws they pass on us. What happened to politicians like this? Just because you're a liberal or conservative doesn't automatically make you have a straight ticket set of beliefs you have to abide by, like you said, its like some type of religion... And the Media has become state propaganda... We had Mitt Romney shoved down our throats as the sure fire nominee while Ron Paul got cut off the screen in every debate... the Media wanted you to accept Mitt Romney as the leading candidate of the party... not supporting or disapproving of Ron Paul, but he didn't get a fair chance like Romney and Santorum did, and the fact that he won several state primaries was completely ignored by TV news. Four years before that on the otherside Hillary was destroyed in favor of this asshat we have now.... Oh and if you're trying to run for president under the DNC or RNC... you're screwed. See here: http://www.politics1.com/p2012.htm


    Yesterday I saw that McCain is toying with the idea to run again... fucking kidding me? In fact, I'm tired of these 80 year old decrepit shells of humans that can't even keep their eyes open while talking into the mic. These people can't represent us. Mitch McConnel and Nacy Pelosi cant get enough facelifts to understand today's generation. You run under a party ticket but you represent the people not the party. The party is just a indicator of where a lot of your beliefs stand.. not all of them. Government works for us.. we elect them... but these days they act like we work for them.


    Don't get my started on Healthcare.gov... um wtf? Why didn't the geniuses in DC contract Google, Facebook, or Amazon, instead of some Canadian firm? We have 3 perfectly fine American companies that have built successful websites that offer services and handle more traffic than any other site on the web... I may not agree with the law itself, but I think the website debacle is nonsensical and goes to show the corrupt bureaucracy going on right now. You don't think Google, Bing, or Yahoo would have loved to have "Powered by _________" at the bottom of the ACA website?


    Our last president made the patriot act and increased our debt... the next one promised transparency and argued against the debt... hes a member of the other party but we now have even more debt and even more spying. Something is not right with that picture.


    My political standing can be all over the place. I'm for guns, oil, low taxes, but im also for the legalization of pot, ending the war on drugs, and I don't give a shit if 2 men or 2 women want to get married. Really, its none of the governments business and they shouldn't have to ban or legalize it.... the only reason they have a sword in the fire is becasue of taxes... they don't care about you or your marriage rights, they care about you vote and your money... that goes for both sides.


    Its late and I'm rambling.. but back to Bill O'Reilly:

    XD never gets old.

  5. Nokia-Motorola-Sony Ericsson-Samsung-Blackberry-iPhone-HTC

    The worst phone I've ever owned was the Samsung Blackjack II... that thing was a pile of crap, I think I only owned it for 6-7 months before i ditched it for the Blackberry Bold 9000. At one time I was buying a phone every year. Once I got the BB I started holding on to phones longer.


    I still say my Sony Ericsson T810 was the slickest looking phone I've ever owned outside my HTC One

  6. My only gripe is that they aren't made like Doritos or taco shells. They are made more like pringles id assume where its ground up into a liquid and put in a casting shape to be baked into a solid form. They are very fragile shells and if you live more than 5 minutes from a taco bell they'll be mush unless you eat them on site. Other than that, these are delicious... gotta go supreme every time. :P

  7. I'll have to check it out. I think I've seen that around...


    I think we've had this discussion before... Did I ever tell you about Satan's Blood? http://www.hotsauceworld.com/satansblood.html 800,000 on the scoville chart, its the hottest sauce I've ever attempted and it leaves your stomach feeling like someone poured hot lead into it. XD It doesn't taste very good either. Its very pungent and bitter.


    That being said... FUCK THIS: http://www.hotsauceworld.com/bl3amrepeex.html XD You'll have to pay me A LOT to try that. There is a rare one that tops 16 million on the scale too: http://www.hotsauceworld.com/bl6amrepeexe.html



    I do like their 50,000 scoville sauce. Its very hot, but it tastes pretty good. At one time I thought this was the hottest hot sauce ever. :P