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  1. I liked them both equally. The whole Max/Lucas thing was cute while not being forced. They did a good job of introducing new characters without disrupting the flow between the original season 1 cast. The payoffs of the story lines this season were really good. They can't make too many more of these honestly, because these kids are going to hit puberty and look like they aged 10 years at some point between seasons like Carl on TWD or Bran Stark in GoT. I'd cut it off after Season 3, and then maybe make a season 4 in about 5 years when they've grown a lot. They're all playing 10 year olds when they're 14-16 in real life. Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan are in their 20s.... and they guy that plays Jonathan got deported for cocaine.
  2. There would be no point really. The purpose of the kingdoms is because you can only travel so far with the power moons you gained from the last one to track down Bowser, so you keep going from kingdom to kingdom to gather more moons to go further. With how the industry is going, Nintendo might be the only company that will still make single player adventure games that don't have DLC.
  3. Nah. I had 2 of my characters to 305 last week and got my Warlock to 305 this week as I was waiting for a bond to drop to finish it off. Now I don't have anything to do and will probably only play on Tuesdays unless someone needs me for a nightfall run. If they make the raid the only way to get max level in the DLC, I'll probably quit playing though. While there is 8-9 people in my clan, no one is ever on at the same time long enough to even do the first raid. I don't think they'll do this, but there is speculation now that updates on all 3 platforms will be simultaneously released. Then again if they want to keep selling to casuals, they probably won't if they keep the level and power requirements to do missions and content in place. I think the light increase will give me another reason to grind. There is a some quality of life updates coming out soon that will fix a lot of empty instances for solo players, and improved rewards for strikes, which will be good. I'd like to run strikes with friends, but we all agree there is no point right now when you can just farm public events for the same thing. I think its pretty cool everyone will get to see the lighthouse now that never could get to it in D1, learning about Osiris will be cool, but I'm more excited for the second DLC and Rasputin. You actually reactivate a war mind network on Io which gives Rasputin expanded access to the solar system. There is a side adventure I mentioned earlier that dealt with this. If you're interested in how it may connect here is a neat video.
  4. Makers of Infamous? Sold.
  5. The outfits are mostly fashion. There are some that can be bought with normal coins, and some with kingdom specific purple coins that are more difficult to collect. The purple coins will buy you an outfit themed to that kingdom and there is usually a locked door an NPC will only let you into when dressed in said outfit. You only have 3 hearts per life, you can find and/or buy a power heart that will give you 6. This is mostly a waste to buy because the game is so easy, you'll only need 3. If you die, you only lose 10 coins and get to start at a pretty decent checkpoint. Most of the time you'll drop those 10 coins like Sonic loses his rings, and can pick them all back up. The 6 hearts are only temporary and they go away if you lose them. You can refill them with standard heart drops as long as you don't drop to 3. Sometimes you'll get a power heart and fall to your death losing the extra 3 without ever getting to benefit from them. There are no upgrades. I beat the game yesterday, and there is still a lot to do after you finish if you like to explore. I rage quit after I hit a pretty tough 2D puzzle that had a lot of bullet bills flying everywhere while there was a map hazard that you pop you out of the 2D mode into 3D and caused you to fall to your death. Breath of the Wild is the superior game and its not even close... of course not much comes close to BoTW. Its a masterpiece. Odyssey is great, Sunshine is still my favorite, but Odyssey is definitely a step in the right direction for the series. The sound and music was amazing. The Metro Kingdom and Sand Kingdom were my favorites. It seemed more time was spent on their development than the others.
  6. Nothing new, but I like this one because I don't play in cockpit mode, I play in this one. Once again I'm overjoyed to see Dogfight mode not in this game.
  7. Couldn't find the old topic and search found 0 results.
  8. I'm pretty close to beating the game. The boss battles have become better, a lot of the bosses are recycled with new and harder mechanics or arena hazards. This game is really really good, but damn motion controls are forced on you for some of the cap throws. This means you can't really play in portable mode if that matters to you, because you'll be flinging the screen around. Thankfully they aren't moves you need too much of, but you still need them at times.
  9. So far this review is pretty spot on. My favorite part of this game is the 2D puzzles in Mario 1 format. They do interesting things with it, while its 2D it can wrap around a column or other odd shaped terrain. I was in one kingdom that had a bunch of them, while another had one or none. I kind of wish there was more consistency to it. The possession mechanic is awesome. From Bullet Bills to a new tank enemy, it reminds me a lot of Kid Chameleon. For the most part you can stay in control of the possession indefinitely. Things like Bullet Bill, it will end when you crash into something, or he detonates. My only gripe is that some of the boss fights are WAAAAAY too easy. The review isn't lying. Some of these bosses can be defeated in 20-30 seconds. The mechanics are cool and easy enough to make you have to hit the boss double the amount of times you're required. Each kingdom has a boss, but they aren't pivotal to the zone besides the fact that you probably can't leave until you defeat them, but if you go straight to them and take them down, you still can't leave until you collect enough moons to power up your ship. This is what you spend most your time doing. Exploring and finding hidden moons. There are ones in obvious places, hidden ones. and ones that require puzzles or mini games to get. There might even be another hidden boss. Here is an example of a hidden boss. This was probably one of my 3 favorite so far, but its the only one that's not a spoiler so its worth watching.
  10. This guy's reviewing voice and tone sounds like one of those 90's consumer reports car reviews.
  11. I just saw this and I really enjoyed it. Its a half and half mix of political drama and action. Chan and Brosnan were both main characters with pretty much equal screen time. Almost all the major action sequences are all in the trailer chopped up. They did a good job of making Jackie Chan more believable as an old man. He wasn't untouchable, he was slower, and got the crap kicked out of him while kicking ass.