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  1. My Hero Academia is a very different shonen. You'd definitely like it I believe. The first season focuses on character development and world building with a fist pumping finale. The main character doesn't have a grasp on his power and injures himself using it (sometimes severely), it can almost be frustrating at times wondering when he'll ever get full control of it, and they make you wait a good while until he can finally grasp some of it. Its a long game that's paying off. Instead of some OP main character, its quite the opposite and he often has to rely on wits to get through situations. Once season two hits they go into overdrive with the story arcs. It can be campy at times, but its an anime about super heroes, so it works. There is very little fan service, the comedy is well done, and as I've stated so many times the animation and soundtrack are just awesome in a day and age of cost saving CGI. I just finished Ep 8 of FMP yesterday, god damn the start was fucking savage (no pun intended on the mech). I def did not expect want when down in the first 10 min. I guess I won't get to see anymore for 2 weeks since you warned me of 8.5. They need to make another season for sure. I agree about the stopping point, There is just too much going on even where I am at, to finish up in 4 more eps. It feels like we're headed for some type of cliffhanger or open ending. This season has been pretty damn good being full of entertaining shows. Sadly Summer 2018 looks like a bewb fest. I mean I'm not gonna deny I indulge in a fan service anime from time to time, but I can't take the constant bombardment. This season has been refreshing to see a hiatus of them outside of DxD. I've taken a long break from heavy anime watching for almost year now, only picking up a series here and there because of the options we were given. Season 3 of both Attack on Titan and Overlord are my only locks on the next rotation. I hope they continue making Legend of Galactic Heroes. Now that I've been spoiled by the utterly beautiful animation of Die Neue These, I can't bring myself to go watch the original with its 70s style animation. As for slice of life and cute girls doing cute things.. it all depends really. I enjoy a good slice every once in a while. Haganai, Welcome to the NHK, Chobits, HINAMATSURI, are a few of my beloved series. I never thought I'd enjoy a same-sex romance drama, but Citrus was pretty good. I dunno if Sankarea: Undying Love falls under Slice of Life... hell Chobits probably doesn't either since they have supernatural aspects too them, but I consider them to be since they're devoid of substantial action and focus on character relationships in an everyday setting. I have a broad array of tastes, although its dominated by action/fantasy/sci-fi. I have my guilty pleasures like My Bride is a Mermaid and Baka and Test.
  2. Only 1 car/jeep? wtf? I get limiting tank spam, but they need more non lethal transports.
  3. Fully agree. A lot of any MMO's issues is PvP ruining PvE's gear balance.
  4. I liked it, but I never asked for or wanted this movie. And now that it bombed they put Kenobi on hold. The movie everyone actually wants. It kills me Hollywood is like "you have to watch these movies to get the one you want".
  5. I don't blame her either. I hope she goes on to be in a lot of movies. She is a great actor. Honestly cable networks need to get a grip on the schedules. If they'd allow actors more freedom to work on multiple projects, they probably wouldn't have such an issue with keeping cast... remember back in the 90s when they'd just get a completely different actor and pretended like nothing happened? For the longest time you were either considered a TV actor or a movie actor. TV was your stepping stone a lot of the times, but with the movie business not being what it use to be, and streaming services upping the ante on quality programming, I think that line has become blurred significantly. There is no reason someone can't do movies while on a show. I get the whole exclusivity to a single show while its running, but I think you could keep actors more content if they were allowed to obtain multiple income sources from extra projects. I bet it would severely cut down on contract disputes when performers aren't limited to one pipeline of bread and butter, and on the flip side it might save some smaller studios money. Bigger actors may be more inclined to take a role with lesser knowns giving those companies a boost perhaps? Pure speculation as I'm not very knowledgeable about the acting industry. But with all the petty actor and writer guild strikes over the years, they all seem to take place while the industry is at a high point with several successful properties running. As for TWD actors not being in anything else, some find other work or will.. maybe not in the most notable ways. Lennie James does voice work for Destiny, he was in the last Blade Runner film, but before that he was briefly in the terrible 1998 Lost in Space movie. Norman Reedus was undoubtedly the most established actor when the series started having been in Blade II, Boondock Saints, and Pandorum. He'll have no problem finding work after, and hes already in Death Stranding as the main character. Laruen Cohen was practically unknown, only doing soap opera cameos, and TV show guest appearances. Oddly enough she was the Stranger in Destiny 1. Now I want to meet her at a Con and ask her about all the lines she had that never made it in to the game. We'll probably won't see Andrew Lincoln for years if ever. I think he's made his money and wants to spend the rest of the time with the family. He'll probably do commercials and con appearances. Melissa McBride is another great actor, I think she might pick up a role or two, but shes def one of the older actors. Her first work was Matlock and Heat of the Night. She did some Walker Texas Ranger, and I'm going to have to find that TNT movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.. I loved that film, and didn't know she was in it. Danai Gurira already has a spot in the MCU, I know she'll find work, shes done very little before TWD, but I think she's got a bright future and this will be looked back on as her breakout role. Steven Yeun probably won't go on to do anything big in psychical acting, but he is well established in voice work. He's done American Dad, Trollhunters, and Voltron. Seth Gilliam previously did work on The Wire, Oz, Starship Troopers, and The Cosby show, He has 3 projects listed on IMDB already. He'll always be a side character, but will always probably have work because he is good at what he does. Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos will probably wont be in much else outside of cameos. JDM obviously will always have work and is the most established to come on the show since Norman Reedus. Hes just a solid actor and has the look of a big star. He was in Ramapge Steven Ogg will always be typecast as a perpetual shitbag, because damn, he is good at it. His work as Simon was excellent, he's also a host in Westworld and was Trevor in GTA V. Obviously Jon Bernthol found his role as the Punisher. I can see him picking up a few more lead roles here and there. David Morrissey is an outstanding actor but will probably always be on British TV only. Michael Rooker is always going to have work because of his unique voice. Whether it be voice acting, or a villain role. He was great in Guardians of the Galaxy. But all those other characters like T-Dog, we'll never see them again. Emily Kinney does her music thing, and I wont be sad if we never see Chandler Riggs ever again.
  6. The trailer is here! Edit: It's come to my attention that everyone is freaking out about the end of the trailer. No Rick hasn't been in a coma and all of it isn't a dream. As a comic reader, I know what it is, I just can't tell you.
  7. I bet Lauren Cohan got a taste of that sweet big screen payday and decided screw TWD since they aren't paying her as much as Lincoln anyways.
  8. These were terrible trailers TBH. I was actually pretty impressed by this one. I liked it better than the first Jurassic World. It had two well fleshed out arcs. I honestly think they need to put the whole thing to an end with JW3. There really isn't much more they can do, and making another dinosaur would just be dumb at this point.
  9. I wasn't too Impressed with the first one, it was basically a rehash of the original with a bunch of nostalgic easter eggs. This looks pretty fun so I'll give it a shot... although Chris Pratt in reality would have died getting caught in that plume because in reality the ash cloud is hundreds of degrees.
  10. It definitely shifts the advantage back to amazon for the one stop shop. I've bought something elsewhere before to skip out on the tax. I don't know how it is for you, but on some times I still don't get charged tax on amazon. I never really pay attention as to why, but I'll assume its because its a 3rd party seller. Its never anything big, it happens on $10-30 purchases for the most part.
  11. If there is one thing I despise about anime across all genres, its the damn "recap X.5" episode. Nothing makes me cringe more when I load up my funi app only to see this week is a waste of time for one of the shows I watch. I was really irritated that FMP had one after just 4 episodes, and Legend of Galactic Heroes has one this week. Seriously, what a waste of effort and time. Even if I missed episodes, I'd rather go back and see the whole ep rather that get caught up on some clips from it mashed in with everything I've already seen.

    On another note, My Hero Academia was freaking amazing this week. Any ep where All Might fights is seriously some of the best content of the series.

    And then Steins;Gate 0 just gut punched us in the feels this week with Okabe shortly going back to an alpha world line... oh the feels. The emotional level of this series is brutal. It's been a while since I've felt this much empathy for a character.

    1. Sledgstone


      I can't remember what series it was but I remember a show having 2 recap episodes and it was done in a way that there was actually about 5 mins of new content in the two episodes that you had to see to know how they got to a location to know what was going on in next episode. -_-; And of course those 5 mins of content was spread out through the episode and all the recap was the characters "remembering" or having a flash back. Screw these recap eps.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Probably because something big goes down in episode 8 and they wanted to give us more time to process it. That or they're just trying to draw this out longer to get more viewers/get ratings higher(it's obvious they won't get where they want to in 12-13 eps, probably hoping to get a second/fifth season greenlit). Either way it's pissing me off, just when shit starts getting good they fucking cock block us with a recap episode.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Speaking of the feels train. Funi put up the first 4 episodes if Iron Blooded Orphans... geez really? I'm not even over the first big death near the end of season one. I'm guessing they're promoting the blue-ray or something, they normally put a few eps up, and then put the rest up when they're done with the promotion. 

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  12. WP said it was from some roller beetle racing from GW1 Nightfall. But in the original the beetle ate you and you rolled around to get power ups like speed boosts... it wouldn't make since to get eaten and regurgitated every time, so I guess the seat is the power boost.
  13. I'm so hyped for that new mount! It looks freakin awesome!!!!!!
  14. Bandai Namco, y u no give release date?! I have a feeling this is gonna be a 2019 release.
  15. When I watched Tokyo Ghoul season 1 and 2 a few years ago, I thought it was the most over hyped pile of shit I've ever seen. Apparently it didn't follow the manga at all. I've been watching season 3 just because its a simuldub, and while I find it more entertaining, it's so disjointed from the first two seasons, it doesn't make any sense as a whole. Apparently they somewhat decided to start following the manga after skipping a few arcs? Apparently they announced season 4 and it's going to skip more between 3 and 4? What a train wreck... They might as well start over.

    1. Sledgstone


      I've never seen it but damn that sounds like a disaster. 

    2. DeathscytheX


      Don't waste your time. Its crazy how much hype and promotion this anime got. I could imagine how pissed I'd be if it was my favorite manga and they just took random parts of it and adapted it with a ton of liberties. Its worse than passing up the manga and making it up as you go.

      The first season was just the main protagonist gets turned into a ghoul. He cries a bunch trying to reject his new reality until he is tortured into being a badass... or so we thought, until season two just makes a train wreck out of it. He joins the antagonist organization and they break some powerful ghoul out of a prison... and you never see that guy again afterwards... there wasn't even an explanation as to why they did it. XD Its like they just did it to showcase a fight. At the end of the season the protagonist disappears. So season 3 starts and he's now apart of a ghoul hunting section of law enforcement, with his personality and memories wiped. He has a new identity and he leads a squad of demi-ghouls while struggling to cope with his old persona leaking through sometimes. No explanation of how, when, or why the most notorious and wanted ghoul was captured and brain washed rather than killed. Apparently you have to read the manga to find out. 

      Its almost like making Dragonball starting with the General Tao arc, then skipping to the Cell Games of DBZ, and then season 3 takes place in the Universe 6 v 7 arc of DBS. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      Lmao. XD wow that's to crazy. XD

  16. I don't think there will be. That new ability with an overheat meter should make some situations easier, and it enhances special weapons too. I bet they'll have different modes of difficulty. People can complain, but after the brutality of MM9 and MM10, I think they've moved to making things more easy for people that want it. Like the rewind system for the collections they came out with. At least the voice acting has come a long way from Mega Man 8.