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  1. Spoiler Alert for Iron Blooded Orphans. Funi put up the rest of season 2. Seriously fuck off... it's been a while since I've so mad about a character death. The way they killed Lafter was gut wrenching. I though Biscuit's death was bad, but fuck that was so fucked up. :(

    1. DeathscytheX


      Honestly I can't really take "fans" too seriously anymore. I see comments on Funi's post about some random new series thats not gundam and someone just posts "Dubs are trash, and so is this anime, watch Gundam UC timeline". I'm like bruh, this isn't an anime forum 20 years ago... (Think about that We've all known each other for 17-20 years now. XD)

      I really dug the grey area aspect of the story in season 2. There wasn't really a good or bad side per-say. I respect what McGillis was after, and in the end it came to fruition in a way. Elion seemed like not to bad of a guy in the end, even if his ways were a bit convoluted getting there. Tekkadan was just caught in all the wrong places. Orga's death was sad, but it didn't hurt like Lafter's. It was a given that he was a target, so it wasn't much of a surprise. Lafter's death was so senseless off something so petty, it was hard to swallow... especially after the development she had been getting as you said. 

      Even though S2 was better. My favorite moment was when Mikazuki freight trained Carta without warning when she challenged Tekkadan to a 3v3 duel. XD  I love small anti-cliche moments like that. It reminded me of Mugen in Samurai Champloo when a little kid was being held hostage and his holder was like "don't you care if this boy lives or dies?!" and he was like "naaaah, not really" and started kicking ass. XD

    2. DeathscytheX


      Oh and Bael was my favorite mecha of the series.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Heh, good god how the time flies and boy has the anime forum mentality sure evolved (well depending on where you go. The MAL forums could be pretty toxic back when they were still up).

      Yea, Orga's death more or less felt forced for plot sake. I understand why they took that method (I mean leader of Tekkadan, master of Mikazuki and the Barbatos, and what have you) but it wasn't exactly necessary (even if it did rile Mikazuki up and force the final battle). McGillis, while I admire what he was after, went about it in the worst possible way (ala Zechs in GW) and caused so much unneeded death.

      That was a great moment. The lack of care Mikazuki shows while in battle is amazing. "Oh you want a fair fight, no dice" *proceeds to dash in and murder everyone* This is why he's one of my favorite characters from the show. Yea, he's pretty much emotionless outside of talking to those who he cares about but he is probably one of the best pilots in any Gundam show based purely on instinct alone.

      If it doesn't show already my favorite mech is the Barbatos Lupus Rex, such a finely tuned piece of machinery (not to mention it literally took 7 Dainsleifs to finally bring him down to Julieta's level of fighting (though he was practically dead at that point) and he still took out most of her soldiers before she "won").

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  2. Holy shit. I just finish this, and they HAVE to make another season! The Laevatein is a fucking monster! What a tease... I need more!!!
  3. OMG! I didn't even know about this, or I forgot about it. But it just popped on my new Simuldub season list for Funimation!!! I'm so hyped!!!
  4. This sounds like a huge trainwreck.....
  5. I don't drink much soda anymore unless I'm at the theater or some other public event. But every time I see something new I gotta try it. My grocery store got some new specialty sodas in this week. Some haven't come in yet that I sill want to try. I've already had Cheerwine before which is basically a Dr. Pepper variation clone. They had some Faygo with real sugar, and a Shirley Temple soda that was liquid diabetes. But there was one called Moxie and it was pretty fucking nasty. XD It didn't say what it was, so I assumed it was just some type of cola... which it was with a vile aftertaste that can only be described as bitter grapefruit extract with a pinch of dirt. Apparently its an old soft drink made in the late 1800's and it should have stayed there because its nasty AF.

    1. Sledgstone


      I remember trying a cab of TaB back in the 80s. That was the nastiest soda I ever drank. XD faygo with real sugar sounds good. I used too drink faygo all the time when I was a kid. 

    2. Sledgstone


      *can.... I hate my phone. -_-,

    3. DeathscytheX


      Tab is the Good & Plenty of soda. XD I remember they came out with an energy drink about 10 years ago, and it almost made me throw up drinking it.

  6. This looks better than FFXV. This looks really bad ass actually... can't wait to see more. The dystopian anime style really grabs at me.
  7. Darling in the Franxx ended and it was pretty much a letdown. The wildly inconsistent pacing I could deal with, but when I thought Trigger wasn't going to be able to help themselves and give us a epic Gurren style space ending, what we got instead was WTF. Pretty bizarre stuff. This was a lost opportunity for sure. Toyko Ghoul:RE ended strong, If they don't skip to some random future part the next season it will be worth keeping up with. Legend of Galactic Heroes ended in a big cliffhanger... like Legend of Legendary Heroes. I hope there is a season 2! Katana Maidens ending was satisfactory, Not much more you can expect from a series like this. Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls ending was cliche as it gets. This was a let down for me. It didn't hold up to the first. The character deaths were lame and meaningless at times, which is a shame because some of the characters I really liked. HINAMATSURI was a joy. It's open to another season so I'm all for it.
  8. Ancient Magus Bride is amazing. Omg watch it!
  9. They gave her manga/anime eyes.
  10. The action was good at the end, but all the human characters are so meh. Either i've been getting spoiled by top tier animation like Violent Evergarden and My Hero Academia, or the CGI was worse than last time. The characters felt so janky at times. Like I felt nothing at the end, and the whole nano-metal angle is bizarre.
  11. I'm there....
  12. Still can't take Aquaman seriously
  13. Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life/Recovery of an MMO Junkie Clearly this title was just renamed, I guess for length purpose as the first is what it translates too, and the later is what the English title for the show is. The show is about the main character Moriko Morioka living the recluse life, quitting her corporate job just to play an MMO all day. She plays as male character and eventually befriends a female character who is a male, Yuta Sakurai, that has a respectable job. The show is full of impossible coincidences as Sakurai and Morioka were unknowingly good friends in a different MMO back when she was working and he was graduating college. By chance they run into each other on a side walk literally and the story takes off. Also insert Sakurai's friend Homare Koiwai who just so happened to have worked with Morioka at her previous job. This show is precious. I really loved it. For once its nice to have an anime about adults, especially in this genre. It also doesn't stick to the cliche antics romantic comedies normally have, and its completely void of fan service. Morioka, Sakurai, and Koiwai are such great characters with great chemistry. The story actually spends more time outside of the game than in, which is nice. Morioka and Sakurai are both socially awkward and shy. Koiwai is outgoing and is always trying to help Sakurai even if its in a teasing way. It provides plenty of laughs, and fun moments. I recommend this to anyone looking for a lighthearted watch.
  14. Little Finger and Aliens? Sold!
  15. It's good to see Legertha isn't going to die... at the beginning at least. I guess picking Alfred for king will give her and Rangar's kids some refuge at a price.
  16. The trailer is here!
  17. They stayed faithful to the Ghidorah roars, this makes me extremely happy.
  18. Glad to see Ghidorah's lightning attack was left alone.