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  1. Good God, use more than one sentence when you answer. Yes Inuyasha transforms when his life is in danger, when the sword is not with him, He didnt at the begining of the series because guess what? The sword was in his fathers grave, in which was in his EYE. And I do believe when I made that comparasion we took away the sword and shards. Inuyasha can take way more punishement, and What is this about Soul Stealer sucking? What are you talking about, All kouga has is some kicks and punches, he has no special powers without his shards. Hell, Inuyasha survived through his own Windscar, Kouga ran away from it. I like how you try to put words in my mouth. Are you trying to insult me? I wouldnt say something as stupid as that. I dont need to contradict you, because you do that on your own. You obviously don't know what you are talking about since you cant even get the basic facts of the series down. Who cares if Inuyasha cant beat Kagura without the sword? Kouga cant even beat her with his shards. Are you even using common sense when you think about what you are going to say? And if I am not mistaken it was you who got your panties in a wad because I said I disliked kouga. Your hypocracy is disturbing, don't tell me to argue against you opinions when you started it up by doing exactly that to me. You will not out argue me, because unlike you, I don't debate about anything unless I know what I am talking about. It would be very wise to take Striders advice. You cocky attitude will only cause people to dislike you, and you also make yourself look less intelligent than you probably are. The whole point is, If kouga wasn't in the series, It wouldn't change it much. Take Sesshomaru out, and you lose a huge dynamic to the whole story. Therefore Kouga is not as important as Sesshomaru. Even Sango is more important to the story than Kouga, by way of her little brother. Whatching the Japanese episodes and then the Dub episdose does little but change around some dialog, It doesnt change the animation.
  2. That was a very long sentence. I have seen every episode aired on AS thank you, alot of them many times over. It is you that happens to be mistaken, He had one in his arm at the time of juurumaru. Plus Im pretty sure it was Inuyasha that killed them, Kouga moved out of the way before he got sliced in half. The jewel shards not only give him speed but power in his legs. Lets take away his shards and the tetsaiga. Kouga is not stronger than Inuyasha. I think you are forgetting that Inuyasha has the iron reaver soul stealer and blades of blood. On top of that If kouga would be as lucky enough to get that far with Inuyasha to with an inch of his life, he'd go bizzerk and transform. In that state, Kouga wouldnt stand a chance. Without his jewel shards he is just as weak as his comrades, who can barely stand up to the birds of paradise. If memory serves correct, Kouga gave Inuyasha his best at Naraku's false castle with extra help from naraku might I add. He still couldn't kill inuyasha. So even with the shards he wouldn't defeat inuyasha, and damn sure wouldnt last against Naraku. On top of all these Sango has done damage to many of naraku's incarnations, I don't know where you have been. Kouga doesnt use his sword because its a peice of crap now that he has jewel shards. Get off you high horse, don't tell me to get my facts straight when you dont have any. You really should stop acting like you know everything about every show. I wasn't even trying to argue this point. The fact that you could say that He belongs up there with Sesshomaru just isn't cool, he is no where in that league.
  3. He does not, half the time he snatches her away, Inuyasha has the situation mostly under control, and Kagome can take care of herself. Very few times he actually "saved" her from danger. Saying Kouga is as good as Sesshomaru is an insult. Sesshomaru is far more powerful than he could ever dream of being, on top of that he is a weakling aided by jewel shards, and without them he probably wouldnt even stand up to Sango.
  4. Why don't you do us all a favor and completely read what I said. Did I say EVERYONE ELSE? Lets take a look at what I said Do you like to start up arguements? trust me, I am the last person on this forum you would like to argue with. Do not put words in my mouth. If i choose to dislike a character, I will.
  5. I dont really hate the characters in that sort of way, the closes to that would be kouga. But all the characters have their useful purpose.
  6. Sesshomaru
  7. there better still be some walking toaster goodness. human looking silons just dont cut it.
  8. the seed of your loins is QUITE ASTUTE! I saved your mechanical man from certian damnation for his frail, electronic eyes, had GAAAZED UPON THE IMPENETRABLE! he was an unwilling beholder of the IMPOSSIBLE!! - Orpheus
  9. I have actually sceen an instant of this. My friend was competeing in the low rider competition and he flipped the car and it blew up. and when he started at the hospital the points were still on the screen like the competition was still happening and it froze. X'D Otherwise I love the new one, getting the BMX skills up to max was hilarious, bunny hopping at unnatural heights is great X'D
  10. past and future mostly
  11. odd I've heard nothing but good about that game from people i know.
  12. I love it, ever since the pilot episode i was hoping theyd bring it on AS, and they did. This is by far one of the best and most edgy CN program ever put on. I love the Wizard dude X'D
  13. Twisted Metal 3 and 4 nuff said
  14. Nah im sure he didnt destory the glorf. they'll be back.. if not I'm sure someone else will.
  15. 82 hours on Dark Cloud 1.