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  1. You only get "spammed" by your friends on facebook. Its not spam, your friends have the option to not send you an invite, but they do. They both rip off each other, but myspace is garbage, its like you have put the highest security on your account to avoid spam requests, there really is no point in the low security options. You have to make your friends go through all these hoops and hurdles just to post a freakin comment because even their whole account can be hijacked by a spam-bot that will go crazy and even hijack others. Facebook > Myspace
  2. 0_o Chatwin better start beefing up now...
  3. It actually is, I believe read rumors somewhere that it could possibly be 6 films. 0-o
  4. I expected it to get a perfect rating, raving reviews, and for it to be the best game ever made for any console that will ever come.
  5. The game got an abysmal rating. X'D
  6. Epic Poems are just about as big as a book. Strider: I was the exact same way with the trailers. They only reason I went to see it is because I love the original text.
  7. Yeah man WTF. I remember a few months ago Ticket prices went up 2 dollars in 3 weeks. I luckily know someone that gets us tickets to special showings so I generally don't pay to go to the movies anymore. I know where you are coming from though.
  8. Everyone is going to bitch about this movie for God knows what reason. 1. Everyone bitches about DBZ in general, so why care about it now? 2. There is no way in HELL the movie was ever going to be good in the first place. The characters will look nothing like they do in the anime, probably won't even be dressed the same. 3. C'mon! You have to go see it, because it IS going to be horrible, cheesy, and make for a lot of good laughs about how bad they screwed up a already screwed up anime. X'D Don't get yourselves too worked up over nothing peoples.
  9. Saboteurs have nothing to do with the rise in oil prices. OPEC is solely responsible for any rise and decline in oil prices. They were raising prices before the war and they have yet to stop since. The are purposely cutting supply to get more money per barrel. All of them should be drug out into the street and shot. Sadly, oil probably doesn't pay a dime to reconstruction, it goes straight into the pockets of the rich. The US is paying for the rebuilding of iraq, not OPEC.
  10. Holy SHIT. I saw it today only on medium. WTF! The boss battles weren't as BAD as I thought they would be, but the last one against Lou is a bitch. What the hell is up with that "death drain"? Thats the part that pisses me off when you have it won and he comes back and beats your helpless ass. The concept is certainly interesting, but it could use some tweaking... You're right about having to screw them up more, if you miss more than 2 battle gems, you're pretty much screwed. The lefty one is by far the most annoying. The song selection is outstanding indeed.
  11. Ah, the boss battle thing was the major issue my friends were griping about. I see the fears are confirmed. It seemed kinda silly, but that kinda sucks they made it an ass to beat. I heard that the song by Dragonforce was suppose to be the hardest song in GH ever. Have you played it yet? X'D I find that unimaginable after Jordon and Misirlou.
  12. Wal-Mart doesn't care about its customers, so why care about Wal-Mart? .... *runs away very fast* X'D
  13. chocolate rain!
  14. Tell us how it is. We're skipping out on GHIII in favor of Rock Band. I still want to play it though.
  15. The last one was pretty good, they found some pretty creepy stuff.
  16. HOLY CRAP! I just saw the greatest movie the universe has ever conceived. I seriously feel like I am 5 years old again. Movies these days can be so disappointing. Let’s face it, there hasn’t been a year like this in a long time for the movie industry. I guess with box office numbers down Hollywood decided to do something about it. I won’t lie. Deep in my heart I knew there was a chance that this movie was going to be a let down. But it being TRANSFORMERS and the fact that Steven Spielberg’s name was tagged on it, I believed so hard that this movie was going to be fantastical… It was. The characters, the story, the action, and some of the original voice actors from the 80’s cartoon made the big screen adaptation so perfect, it was unbelievable. I sat in my chair mesmerized for two and a half hours. I knew from the first transformation that this movie was something special. It surpassed my expectations, and left me with a feel-good mood as going to the theater had been on my mind all day at work. I really didn’t think about much else. There are few things I get this excited about, and fewer things I find magical. This was one of them. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of the cartoon or know the story, this movie is still awesome. The audience was very much into the film, cheering, gasping, laughing, it was truly amazing. This is the must see film of the DECADE. So go see it. In short, lots of humor, lots of action, f*cking awesome. in case you are curious here are the list of transformers
  17. X'D so annoying!
  19. Liquor is only sold in Package stores, Beer anywhere. Alcohol cannot be purchased on Sundays until noon. In New Orleans you can buy liquor anywhere, grocery store, gas station, anywhere that sells beer, at any time. X'D
  20. I know! I was talking about the same thing. I was like dude, this is real reality right here! American Gladiators would destroy those other reality series in ratings if they revived it. And what do you know... 2 weeks after I said that, it was announced! I hope to God they keep the original trumpeting theme. X'D
  21. GW became so popular for the same reason DBZ did... We were an anime starved culture, it fed us, and it tasted good, because we were hungry. They could have put out any anime that had high-quality animation, whether it was good or sub par and it would have become insanely popular. Thats the short and easy answer... this topic makes my head spin. lol Hell, they could have put out the atrocity that is Blue Gender and it would have been hailed as the greatest thing ever to grace TV.
  22. The intensification of forest fires are our fault. Its a natural process in which forests renews itself. But putting it out before its completed process, the trees grow bigger than they normally would, providing larger sources of fuel. Of course we can't just let the fires rage now, because people live in the area. Its basically the same concept as living in a flood zone, hurricane zone, and rivers breaking breaking man made containment. Its gonna happen. Its just going to get worse and worse until one day they wont be able to stop it and the forest will purify itself finally.
  23. No real game footage, but still sweet as hell. A next-gen SF! Watch out Soul Calibur!
  24. Oh yeah, THAT game. X'D I never had any interest in playing it. I'm looking at some ratings now... they're pretty low... very low. X_X