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  1. Sesshomaru is cool, calm, and collective. His attitude, power, and style would own Bankotsu, who seems to be just as cocky as Inuyasha.
  2. close.. very close its Zetsuei Anyone know if that was an edit at the end when the screen just blacked out for 10-20 seconds and you could only hear the characters?
  3. a Squid would actually be a good idea depending on what kind of flowers you are accustomed to drawling. If you drawl exotice wild flowers with untamed pedals, that technique could easily be used on tenticle design.
  4. He actually pronouced her name right too X'D My favorite is still "Ka-ze-may" X'D
  5. Wow anyone see Cougar last night? that was bad ass! And scheris X'D
  6. They were really good, I never really got into teen titans but thoes episodes grasped my attention.
  7. ROTFLMAO i just saw it again, I still laughed hard
  8. It has certianly took a turn for the bizarre 0-o
  9. It seems like she is describing Kazuma to me. Did anyone watch it last night? ROTFLMAO the look on Schires' and Ryuho's face when Kazuma demanded the waiter to bring out all the food at once was priceless X'D
  10. That was awesome. I liked the 1st person view of going around the globe.
  11. Wow BSG started off with a bang
  12. this travesty belongs here. I laugh every time i see it. X'D
  13. I leave winamp running when I work on an image or something.
  14. few more i found
  15. There isnt anything to update
  16. Venus owns all of them no one is hotter than Minako... Suckas I own the rights to and have for 3 years now.
  17. *pulls out railgun and blows slippers away*
  18. I like the second one the best
  19. I love her uniform X'D
  20. I really dig this show. I think its just awesome. I like Kazuma's character. Cougar is hilarious. and Scheris is HOT
  21. Lantern Ownz. I have watched both the 1st and now Unlimited. I'm really surprised at the story line they have going. Its more of a serious adult story line about conspiracy and government stuff rather than "oh no there is the bad guy from outter space". And inner conflict within the League. I really enjoy it.
  22. Screw you, Venus is a goddess no one is more beautiful than she is.
  23. I know my Minako sig is almost 30 layers (trust me, it doesnt look like it but its almost that much). to this day i still consider it my best one ever. I put a lot of damn time into it, probably 2 days work to get it how i wanted it. I'd be pissed if I ever lost it. A tip for an easy background is to find a nice image with alot of different colors on it, throw it in photoshop and but some heavy motion blur on it, and you got yourself a pretty neat backdrop. another reason I quit spending so much time on banners is because when my computer crashed I lost my extensive library of fonts which took me a year to build. and I'm far to lazy to go out and look for them all again. X'D
  24. Of course some people are believed to have talent, when they have none at all. Which is why they always "change up" a persons request. Insted of actually putting together a banner as the person requested they find some image or someone elses banner, crop it accordingly, and add some text too it and call it their work. This is a vile abomination of image making. Not to say I havent done it myself, but I admit it when I am a lazy ass... some people take credit for work that they did nothing for. If that person happens to read this post, I laugh in their face at there pathetic lies that they think "everyone" has fallen for. I have more respect for someone that puts alot of effort into a banner, that even though it isnt the best in the world, they proudly display it, knowing they tried there damn best.