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  2. I think humans would if it wasnt for half the population butchering it.
  3. What a drag. X'D
  4. Made a set that commemorates the rebuilding of New Orleans. The Superdome will be restored to its former glory by September as the Saints will play their first season back since last years disaster. The Saints mean more than anything to the city and the community has proven the critics wrong by practically selling out the dome before the season even starts. The Saints aren't leaving New Orleans and the city will become better than before. As the city as a whole rebuilds, the Superdome will be the hope of the city as they watch their beloved team play, win or lose. I'll be there for every game.
  5. Against the browns? are you crazy? They dont even have a QB. The Saints will win their first 3 games hands down. With Drew Brees at QB and Reggie Bush.... you should lay off the crack pipe. I bet you didnt even know that the Saints have only had 2 losing seasons in the last 5 years. There are plenty more teams that suck worse, The Browns being one of them.
  6. When Vegeta crushed Android 19 i thought that was the most awesome thing ever. X'D In Samurai Champloo when Mugen decapitated that guy in the last episode I felt sorry for Lust when Wrath killed her in FMA.
  7. yay carm carms!
  8. Just one, but sliced and rearranged interestingly.
  9. Ill be sure to take pics of inside the dome when i get back from the home opener September 25!
  10. Its still the largest dome in the world. Its a beautiful facility and now its even better with it being updated. Im glad they didnt have to tear it down.
  11. Now only if you were a blacksmith and could make a sword as bad ass as that. You need to get a job with square enix.. you could easily serve as a concept artist for their games. I have to say my favorite part is the special care you took in drawling the blue and grey computer box at the bottom left corner of the bat person. masterful work indeed.
  12. My friend encountered this very problem last night. system restore did the trick for him.
  13. ROTLFMAO *looks at the big text bubbles* ooh the photoshop possiblities X'D
  14. FMA has the the strongest cast of characters i've seen in any show. Very rare to see so many characters utilized as important peices of the big picture. This is why it is by far my favorite anime. Samurai Champloo's art style is amazing making it another one of my top picks Others are Evangelion, Bebop, Gundam 08th team and Paranoia Agent
  15. I've been hooked since it started on AS.
  16. IGN keeps buggin Square about it, but they wont fess up. they are already working on a few FF games, Its hard to believe that they are working on this and that it would be coming out any time in the near future.
  17. So the last couple of episodes played on Toonami are done. While I liked most of the episodes, some of them seemed pointless... like that general that turned himself into a freak with the superhuman serum... Did I miss an episode or something? I have to say that my favorite episode was when Flash and Luthor switch bodies... that was classic. The ending was overall good, especially when Superman cut loose at full power . But I dont think they should have shoved all of that into one epsidoes. 2-3 would have been nice, especially to show more of Sups going at it 100%.
  18. yeah wtf was that man, I was so dissapointed in that.
  19. Im all for heavly regulated whaling... if you put a ban on it completely people are going to do it anyways, and japan will not stop reguardless.. I rather have some people breaking the rules and while most follow them, rather than all breaking the law and doing as they see fit.
  20. They never do, or else they would stop doing it X'D
  21. I think people that take it for absolute fact are ignorant seeing as Brown admitted it was a fiction novel. and I think people that protest it movie are just plain stupid. They are just hurting their cause by making a big deal about it. human curiousity just drives more people to go see it. This same thing is what made Mel Gibson a lot of money. Its all a bunch of shenanigans.
  22. This is heavily believed among historians. She was known to be a very wealthy woman and was the top financial backer to Jesus' ministries. This has been overlooked by the general population as ignorance has made her the unnamed prostitute that was saved by Jesus from being stoned to death.
  23. does it have spyware? I know limewire doesnt, while most all others have some time of spyware on it. (thanks to kazaa starting the trend )
  24. I just found this Yeah it was pretty crappy how it ended, it was getting really good then just bam, Luthor shows up and thats it.