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  1. Trust me, I much rather play a FPS with a mouse and keyboard. But I'm just going to have to get use to the controller. When it comes to HL i was thinking more along the lines of Counter-Strike... I got sick of that fast... they look down on snipers. X'D
  2. There is no reason to be offended. I only offer the truth. PC gaming use to be the pinnacle of gaming, and now its not. Consoles have surpassed it in sales, graphics, online play, and practicalness. Just about any high profile PC game that comes out, is now available in console format... for example Half-Life and Unreal Tournament. Its just the way the trend is going, PC games are becoming few and far between. It isn't the anti-christ, its just honestly and truthfully becoming obsolete. More people have consoles, and less people spend time adding more disk space to their PC. Gaming companies recognize this and do what makes them the most money. Its like VHS to DVD, Tapes to CDs. Things change. I play PC games too, but no where near the amount that I play console games. I got my new PC 18 months ago and already it cannot run the newer games at the full graphical experience. On topic. I just beat halo. It was fun, but the end was sub par, there was a serious lack of boss battles, and overall the game is over hyped. Half-Life indeed has a better story and is a better game. But as far as online play, Halo tops it. I'm looking more forward to ace combat 6 later this month.
  3. Brad Swaile Quatre, Vegeta, and pretty much everyone that has been recycled through Gundam Seed, The new Transformers, and Zoids. Even as an advocate of dubs, the list makes me cringe.
  4. So spending $1000 on 20 or more PC games, plus a graphics chip that costs as much as an Xbox, plus a operating system that costs more than a Wii is a better option? Not to mention the processor and other such things that need constant updating to keep up with each new game every 6-8 months. $1450 will buy you a decent computer... not a gamers computer. No offense, but the only thing you really wasted money on is a game that costs as much as a console. No matter how good it may be no game is worth that much.
  5. PC gaming is becoming obsolete. The Console has surpassed the PC in graphical and processing power. And even if the PC manages to inch ahead, the cost of continually upgrading is only a negative. Might as well give in.
  6. Holy Crap, you have to fight Rex and Rey at once?!
  7. I seriously wonder just how long this game is going to be. It looks to be completely saturated with Boss fights... *drools in anticipation*
  8. It was in popular science magazine. In one of their early tests, the craft exploded and killed 3 people. Popular Science Magazine doesn't lie.
  9. Happy B-Day
  10. $100 on hairspray. Hopefully the movie is 6 hours long and it contains the 1 minute left on Namek.
  11. I heard their first attempt at space travel ended in an explosion and people dead. Now their building a port? 0-o
  12. Just milking old successes for ratings. Its just going to tarnish the name of Terminator. TV went down the toilet years ago and they just never have managed to pull themselves out of it.
  13. As long as they keep Breakthrough & Conquer and Powerball pads-free like the original... I will be happy. If they wear football equipment.. I'll be pissed. I hope they ditch atlasphere, the wall, skytrack, and cannonball. I hope they still use: Assault, B&C, Powerball, Whiplash, The Maze, Joust, Hang Tough, and of course juice up the Eliminator.
  14. I saw Blue Gender in this post and wanted to vomit. Blue Gender is one of the worst animes I've ever suffered through. It was good until the half way point and then it just went completely downhill from there. To make matters worse, the ending made no sense whatsoever and brought no closure to the series. I was like.. eeeeeh wtf just happened. I wasn't too fond of Wolf's Rain... definitely wasn't their best work... not on par with Bebop or Champloo in my opinion.
  15. This one is worth seeing, trust me.
  16. Best horror I've seen in years. I really didn't like 1000 corpses or rejects, but with some serious funding, Rob Zombie showed me what he can do. I am impressed.
  17. New

    You'll never be a Mod or an Admin like that. The owner of this forum is fully capable of fixing things and making new skins. Welcome to AC.
  18. You KNOW they have to throw at least one of the PSA announcement spoofs in there somewhere. X'D
  19. Anything sung by Macy Gray is the most annoying song.
  20. Yeah, but sadly you know it will be used for more wasteful things like cosmetic surgery. make everyone look young again that can afford it. 90 year old women looking like 20 year olds. That is a scary thought @_@.
  21. Ah the glory that is Chevy.
  22. I think this technology could be used for greater purposes like burn victims and skin cancer.
  23. Off the original topic, I will never eat meat grown in a lab. That definitely does not help the environment, infact it totaly f*cks it over. Cows, pigs, and chickens would have to be exterminated for population control... might as well keep eating them. That is the way nature intended it.