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  1. Each person cant have the same exact interpretation. The Apostles were all different people, with different personalities, and different ways of analysis. They all had there separate moments with the man, and all had their time together. A wreck can happen in front of 5 witnesses, and all 5 of them will tell it in a different way. If you read each book, there is no difference in the events in which they were all present, each book has different events and then the same events are emphasized differently or referred to very obscurely. None of them have the same event in which a contradiction occurs. As far as these other gospels go, Its not like the church is hiding these things from the public. Anyone can read these texts as they are pretty readily available. Its not some huge conspiracy that proves the Bible is a fraud. There is actually nothing special about the texts, and they weren't added because there was not enough relevance to include them.
  2. I really want to see this, but the reviews are pretty mixed from mediocre to poor. I'm a little disappointed with that. Is it true that the CG is less than stellar? That seems to be the biggest gripe. I'm going to go see it anyways, but I was hoping for some mad props from the media.
  3. Europe feels they are top dawg now that they're all in their little confederation. Its the clash of the Egos, nothing will get done. The US won't bow to Europe and likewise. As you can see the two most important economies in the world are on the same side of the fence.
  4. Its not really the Bush Administration, Its any administration. Its been going on probably since the Carter Administration. Environmentalism is only a campaigning ploy to get votes, It always has been and always will be. Big Business will be funding the politicians and America will do what is in the best interest of its economic power and not be limited by any outside organization. No one can levy sanctions on the US, we hold a vice grip on the worlds economy and can cripple almost any nation by not buying their exports. Because of this, the US will continue to block and stop all emissions resolutions because it can and doesn't have to follow anyones regulations. Ultimate power has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your view of things. big business fund all candidates for the presidency and make sure they are well secure no matter who goes into office.
  5. All of science refers to Evolution as a theory, not Christians. Its not a fact, its a theory with gaping holes and more lacking evidence than a lot of people think. Its just like relativity and plate tectonics. There is no need to put a sticker on the book claiming Evolution is a theory. There is no point. I am of the Christian faith. I find it funny how people that worship try to limit the power of our almighty God. He is all powerful but yet he couldn't make science? The theory of evolution in no way disproves the existence of God, and I find the ridiculous Christians take this stance. Oh but the Bible doesn't say so! Of course it doesn't! It was written in a time where people were uneducated. How could you expect farmers and shepherds to understand quantum physics, black holes, atoms, and elements? They couldn't, the Bible is written in metaphorical explanations to paint a picture as best that it could be presented so that the current inhabitance of the planet at that time could understand. Some people take it too far and make themselves look stupid, and give a negative stereotype to people that beleive in Christ.
  6. Wow, It would have looked great if they would have spent more time on the CG 0_o. They should have gotten WETA or something..
  7. Those figures are from World of Warcraft. Not Warcraft. They were making no where near that off all of their games combined. I never said they were lazy either.
  8. hVqQRPNP-xo Joust now takes place over water, I see Hang Tough is back as well.
  9. OMG there was a cartoon? Wow, Ill have to try to see if I can find some clips of that. X'D
  10. Did you ever go see the movie? LMAO X'D Wing Commander and Colony Wars were such great series. Its sad we don't see much of them anymore.
  11. Exactly how long did it take for Warcraft III to come out after II? StarCraft Ghost debacle anyone? Yes WCIII is a great game, but what else does Blizzard have to Offer? Diablo III has been a rumor for years, but Blizzard has nothing to show for it. StarCraft comes out once a decade it seems. They obviously have problems either with game directing or financial issues. That being said, the Graphics for Warcraft are less than spectacular which i found very disappointing when i first booted up WCIII. Graphics aren't everything I know, but still it is definitely not the most beautiful game out there. I'd expect more, especially since it seems to put about the same amount of strain on my processor as Half-Life 2 does. Activision's has more to do with the quality of its games as a whole. GH III is about the best thing they've had since Mechwarrior got canned. (thats sarcastic, but almost true sadly)
  12. Photo leaked! Gauntlet is a returning event!
  13. I've played it. The Zelda game is kinda crumby but its free. This thing is more usefull for things like RE4 and the upcoming release of House of the Dead for the Wii.
  14. They are both companies that have been on the decline the past few generations. Maybe something good will come out of it.
  15. Diablo II is fun and so is regular WarCraft I-III But hands down you must have Half-Life Anthology pack and Half-Life 2 Oh and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, by far one of the best games I've ever played. KOTOR 2 is good, but a letdown from the first.
  16. of the known gladiators Jamie Reed Beth Horn Tanji Johnson Valerie Waugaman And the man you see in the commercial. Mike O'Hearn
  17. In 1923 4.2 trillion German Marks equaled $1 USD. Just an example of how bad inflation can get out of control.
  18. Yeah its disgusting how some of these 13 and 14 year olds dress these days. Its even more pathetic that clothing companies make stuff like that in their sizes. Parents don't seem to care anymore, and yet they wonder why little girls get raped, or lose their virginity before they are even able to drive. Why their daughters are getting with guys almost 10 years older than they are. Its all about perception, some girls hit puberty quicker, grow faster, looking older, but mentally they are not and that is where the problem lies.
  19. For real, you really see society at its lowest point during black Friday. People are complete animals.
  20. Man screw black Friday. People actually get into brawls down here over that crap. Last year some lady was trampled to death at wally world over TVs. I'd probably get arrested for assault and battery.
  21. Yeah and when your friends myspace gets hijacked by a spam bot it can post on your page anyways because its using your friends account to do so, unless you set the security to where they have to type in funky letters and then you have to approve it. Also if your profile is private that doesn't stop spam friend requests unless you set the highest security on that as well, and if someone you know doesn't know your email or how so spell your last name, they are just screwed. Did you even read my post or what? If you didn't worry so much about trying to prove me wrong, you would have also seen that your friends have the option NOT to spam you with 3rd party apps on facebook, it asks you who you want to send it too or skip the option completely. sheesh It doesn't matter who is actually better, the fact is, Myspace has double the spam, and harmful spam at that.
  22. I wouldn't expect any teacher to like it. lol that falls under category 2. Is she an older woman?