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  1. With the budget Spiderman has, and what can be done with CG. its more than easy to replicate it. We will see.
  2. Im still pissed they never made the sequel X'D
  3. Stand in a 4 hour line to play a demo for 10 minutes? no thank you. I'll let IGN and Gamespot do that for me. X'D
  4. oh no.... please NO!
  5. I knew it was going to be about Kirk and Spock at the academy. but I didn't year about Damon.. that is an interesting selection, but when i think about it, he would be able to look close to young kirk.
  6. eck, Yeah it sucks. I remember they kept telling me to wake up, and I was yelling at them that I was, but i keep slipping back to sleep from the meds. I couldn't eat anything hard for a week.
  7. eh.. it was over the top. It wont happen in a couple of days, and i dont think Ice hurricanes are even possible. But the end result is a reality.
  8. It's kinda sad how many series only last a few short years and never really have a series finale because they car canned. It would be unfortunate for such a thing to happen to BSG.
  9. The Ocean is trying to compensate for all the fresh water that is being dumped into the Atlantic from Greenland. Sooner or later the everything is going to get f*cked up and there will be no more warm weather. I've had maybe 1 or 2 days in the 50's this year, It was 80 degrees on Christmas day. There wasn't even winter last year. Just 7 years ago it use to get in the 30-40ss and stay that way until march. If It keeps up and I live to be 60, im sure I be saying I remember when it use to get in the 90's in the Summer now it doesn't get much higher than 40.
  10. YES!!! That is the best one! X'D He is in one or two more those were great too. but that one is by far the best. I also like Dubie's favorite.
  11. psst, it came on tonight X'D No Face is the man!
  12. NFS stopped being worth anything when Carbon started in my opinion. It peaked at NFS 3: Hot Pursuit. I use to be an avid NFS fan.
  13. I dunno, what did you use it for? All three of these people are engineers or programmers and used their laptop pretty heavily. I guess its just one of those things, like when people say a game console's live is only about 3-5 years before it breaks, yet I have owned all of mine for far longer than that and they still work perfectly. Godgrave: Yeah i know... you can get carried away with added all the cool stuff you really dont need. X'D Their PCs are more price friendly than their laptops, but I just thought I would suggest it.
  14. do NOT get a gateway... trust me. They are complete crap. There customer service is so good because their stuff continually breaks. I've known 3 different people that had gateway laptops and they all were just a real POS. Stick with Dell or customize your own at and that way it wont come loaded with all the BS shareware and other promotional crap. I bought my PC from there and its the best one I've ever owned. I also have a Dell laptop that has lived its life (its about 5 years old), and its still going strong.
  15. Bleh. Everyone says linksys is the best, I have my reservations about that. I use one, and any change you make in the factory settings seems to screw everything up. I tried to do a couple things to optimize the connections to other computers and the damn thing would keep dropping the connection to other computers until i changed it back.
  16. According to Comingsoon it was just revealed. When did you first see it? Its similar to the first one.
  17. Wow I was wondering what they did with all that stuff.. now I know why they tell you not to throw away cell phones and laptops. Turn them in so they can be "properly disposed of".
  18. I'm not sure about compact fluorescent, but i know standard fluorescent light is very bad for your eyes. I can attest to that seeing as i spend 30-35 hours a week exposed to them. My eye sight gets worse every year, and It never got that bad until I started working. There isn't anything wrong with a standard lightbulb if they used more expensive material.. sadly they dont so you can buy more bulbs. Funny how your car's tail lights will work for 3-5 years but the bulbs you stick in your ceiling fan wont last for more than 8-9 months if that.
  19. Wow, I haven't heard of Magic the Gathering since the 90s.
  21. The Hokage postponed the Gaara v. Sasuke fight because he wasn't there yet, last ep.
  22. Nope. Any 14 year old can go into EB and buy GTA. I'm pretty sure the rated R movie is at the theater's digression. I don't know if that is a real law or not for sure, But I remember plenty of high school teenies buying tickets to Saw III with no parents. I bought plenty of rated R movies when I was 16. Edit: I think porno is the only exception, and NC-17 movies. where there is a law.. which I have never seen in a theater. I think those type dont make it down here in the bible belt of the country lol.
  23. for real! Trans fat... mmmmmm.
  24. Yeah I know, and they all pretty much suck too after the sega/snes era. I figured since they teamed up with namco they would put out a superior product, but i guess it hasn't happened yet. From what I read, the game is pretty buggy. I'm pretty disappointed.
  25. Indeed. If states plan on passing such laws, then they might as well pass the same exact type of laws on rated R movies. I guess they are too stupid to even think about something like that.