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  1. This is heavily believed among historians. She was known to be a very wealthy woman and was the top financial backer to Jesus' ministries. This has been overlooked by the general population as ignorance has made her the unnamed prostitute that was saved by Jesus from being stoned to death.
  2. does it have spyware? I know limewire doesnt, while most all others have some time of spyware on it. (thanks to kazaa starting the trend )
  3. I just found this Yeah it was pretty crappy how it ended, it was getting really good then just bam, Luthor shows up and thats it.
  4. ive made quite a few that are available in AC's avatar library this one would probably work best with it
  5. I was bored last night.. the only real work I did was the text the image was too cool to alter.
  6. Thats more than 3 solar systems! X'D wow, no way anyone could score that, you have to drive over 300 miles a week by yourself and drive a motor bike another 300 miles, both with cruddy immissions, then take a plane every day, while living in a house by yourself thats over 25,000 square feet, picking out on slim jims the rest of the day.
  8. category Acres Food 6.9 Mobility 1.5 Shelter 7.2 Goods/services 7.9 Total Footprint 24 In Comparison, The Average Ecological Footprint In Your Country Is 24 Acres Per Person. Worldwide, There Exist 4.5 Biologically Productive Acres Per Person. If Everyone Lived Like You, We Would Need 5.3 Planets. X'D don't feel bad lady, you are probably better than the average american. just for fun I tried to be as bad as possible just to see how wasteful someone could be on this test
  9. Its really a waste of a good boat, and on top of that its an economic disaster... the boat is now sunk in the harbor clogging a port's use.... they just hurt themselves... the French arent very smart then again.
  10. limewire > all
  11. Thats my favorite one out of your naruto series so far
  12. The Whaling industry to Japan is like the Tobacco Industry to America as far as governmental influence.
  13. Indeed, This is the best image i found of it
  14. No link, email from professor.
  15. Yeah its true. Living here where ships come to port there are alot of plant life of foreign orgins that take over native plants. Its really ashame, alot of native plant life doesnt even exist anymore because of some of them.
  16. Eppy might own it, PM him and see. I'd be highly surprised if it was laying around on the net.
  17. yeah My only gripe about it is he cut to soon on some of the scenes with subtitles... he should have let them run 1-2 seconds longer or cut earlier.. but I liked the whole begining leading into the fight part.
  18. Did you barrow/rent it on DVD? If so just play it in WMP and get a screen cap of it. Something as random as that will probably not be online.
  19. WARNING THESE HAVE SPOILERS. this one is of good quality (videowise). sadly it use to be really good and he just recently edited it to where the song doesnt match the actions as well. I was hoping to show it off.. now its no where near what it was. This is my favorite one availabe on youtube, but its more like a trailer than anything else.
  20. There are very few. My personal favorite is Steven Blum. Hes done Spike, Mugen, and Kazuma in those action animes, and then he has done Jamie in Megas XLR, and hell he's done Dhalsim in Street Fighter animes X'D Scott McNeil is pretty handy, Kouga, Piccolo/Nappa/Jeice, Duo Maxwell, and did some work in REBOOT X'D gotta love it Then you gotta give it to Kirby Marrow who has done the likes of Goku, Miroku, and Trowa. And David Kaye who has done Treize and Sesshomaru, and then turns around and can do something as goofy as Racoom and Burter on the Ginyu force. Sometimes even these guys get misused. Sadly its not always the voice actors fault, sometimes its what the director wants out of their voices like you mentioned.
  21. I wish i still had some of my really old ones.
  22. at least they didn't use Kwuabara's English VA ROTFLMAO X'D
  23. Yeah man. what is rock anymore? does it even exist? Its all pop. Artist stopped going to college and getting their degrees in music, or in some cases dont even finish highschool. All they have is a voice.. or not.. and can somewhat play an instrument.. the studio edits the rest for them. They'll either spew BS out on a lyrics paper, or have someone write something for them, and they'll sing it without caring what it means.
  24. at first I thought Itachi had the same VA as Sesshomaru then when i heard it again i realized it wasnt and was quite dissapointed.
  25. Hmm i dunno if I agree with all of these.. I definantly think FMA is the best Dub, and GW belongs in the top 10... frankly im surprised Bebop isnt on the list.