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  1. Indeed, The lore for both games shouldn't be touched, or any other great game. I still don't see why they keep trying. Honestly. MK 1 was the only decent Game to movie adaption... MKII lets not talk about. Despite tomb raiders success.. lets face it... most of the fans don't like it for the plot. I agree, there is no actor that could carry Snake's character... or any of the other characters in my opinion... Maybe Pyscho Mantis if you dub over the guys voice with the original VA. But you know they would probably exclude most of the good villians, or reduce them to a less than respectable roll. I was hoping this would never happen, because there is no way it can work.
  2. A WoW would work better, seeing as their is no plot, and you have a lot of freedom with the script. I wish they wouldn't make a MGS movie.. the games are movies in themselves.. you don't need hollywood screwing up a good name, like it has with just about every video game adaption.
  3. Now I'm disappointed... it just looks like a man in a suit with a venom head... no big white stripes for the spider legs, its just like a mutated black suit spidey.... Very disappointing. How hard is it to replicate this into a movie:
  4. Now we are talking.
  5. the music? no way. There was way more BG music in the dub, and bad BG music at that.
  6. Ah finally, after waiting so long. It will be interesting to see how Adult Swim's first theatrical feature will do. I for one will be going to see this, I've been a huge ATHF fan since the beginning. I highly suspect if this does even decent, we will see a Metalocalypse movie in the future.
  7. the unreal engine is starting to gain a small monopoly here.. as much as I admire their system, I wish games wouldn't rely so heavily on the same base... originality and innovation could be lost after time.
  8. I think ill wait until most of the bugs are worked out of it.
  10. Hmm new eps start tonight.. i guess they will show the last of what they completed.
  11. I watched the demo insider video, it looks sweet. apparently Athena betrays you this time. that bitch is going down!
  12. nice.
  13. Yes, the original release date for the movie was in September, and i remember waiting, and wondering where the promos were... adult swim mentioned it like once and nothing ever happend. I gave up after that, but now it shall be so!
  14. or just straight bourbon . A lot of my friends have been getting it.
  15. Wow, I paid $2.20 for Premium 2 days ago.
  16. Well.... natural selection is a bitch. The movie Idiocracy comes to mind if we tried to preserve all the stupid people in the world, by keeping them from being killed off by their own stupidity.
  17. Indeed, that happens to most all dubs, and If they don't have background music at all... they make some and as we found out in DBZ... thats not always a good thing.
  18. R3ncrypt1on. I wish theyd hurry up with Bronze 3.5
  19. I play Sven Co-Op with my friends as of right now.. thats about it.
  20. as Shao Khan likes to say.... OUTSTANDING
  21. I never really understood MMORPG's. Theres always cheaters and basically if you aren't one of the first to ever sign up, you'll never be any good because you'll probably end up as some poor soul that gets raped by someone that has a leveled up character and has nothing better to do than ransack your n00b ass. I use to play Utopia on swerve games, and that was the extent of my getting into stuff like that. Personally I only like playing online games with people I know.
  22. This is such a joke. They need to hammer this stupid little companies for everything their worth and put it out of business.. obviously all they want is money. I highly doubt there is any merit to any of their lawsuits.
  23. With the budget Spiderman has, and what can be done with CG. its more than easy to replicate it. We will see.
  24. Im still pissed they never made the sequel X'D
  25. Stand in a 4 hour line to play a demo for 10 minutes? no thank you. I'll let IGN and Gamespot do that for me. X'D