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  1. They really need to do that, along with alot of other seires.. it always seems that if a series gets to long it just start going down hill. DBZ anyone? A series with a start and a definant end with a solid 50-80 eps is always good. I wish I had the schedule to watch BGS.
  2. No doubt that Naruto is a much better anime that DBZ, but as I was thinking about it i found something to be odd. Naruto and Goku both wear orange Saske and Vegeta both wear blue Naruto and Goku were both orphans Saske and Vegeta lost their whole family at a young age (so did Goku i guess) whats up with that? 0-o
  3. you forgot to say... BELIEVE IT! X'D
  4. I tried wearing orange all the time and letting out a grunting yell for 5 conintuous minutes... when I didn't feel anymore powerful i just gave up on it. X'D
  5. it's pop culture cliche to wear all orange? 0-o
  6. I loved how Naruto just flat out told everyone he was gonna beat 'em X'D "more like Aki-munchies" "Hes kinda a mystery... but that doesn't mean he isnt annoying"
  7. I'll tell you one thing. I dont like Saske's japanese VA he sounds like he is 30 or something 0-o.
  8. I think they are dorks X'D
  9. Darktooth - Twisted Metal 2 M. Bison - Street Fighter All Half-Life bosses
  10. ...ROTFLMAO
  11. from what I have read about it, acutal japanese word that is used is more like "ya know?" in english.. which would have been less obnoxious but whatever.
  12. Naruto... BELIEVE IT... ROTFLMAO X'D
  13. The first half of Blue Gender was really good, but then it all went downhill a bit into when they got into space... and the end just flat out sucked.
  14. Well this one is definantly one of my favorite Anime. Props to AS for playing it. At least the found something that was good ALL the way through unlike some of the other stuff they've played *cough*blue gender*cough*
  15. The gas station shootout was great. X'D
  16. I'm guessing that Cougar and Kazuma are brothers? I guess that what was being implied last ep. Kinda makes since why they both had Shocking First Bullet, along with all of Kazuma's flash backs of him and how he yelled at him for just "dissapearing".
  17. Original Ghostbusters Family Guy Aqua Teen Hunger Force Stroker and Hoop Futurama
  18. Twisted Metal 3, most definantly.
  19. They should bring back Reboot X'D
  20. Cougar gets a full body alter also, you can see it at speaking of Cougar he totally own3d "Kazeya" saturday X'D Kazuma: grr its KAZUMA! X'D
  21. Bandai just needs to give it up and let a REAL game developer make the game, they can have creative controll, but for the love of all that is good, the let Konami, Capcom, or Namco develop the engine and all. Infact i do believe a the PS3 game is going to be developed my Namco's Ace Combat team. so homefully we will see something of higher quality game play.
  22. In my opinion Sesshomaru could have taken them all out with ease. Toukijin is just bad ass. I would have liked to see him be the one to take out Jakotsu. Toukijin vs. Banryuu would have been sweet. Jakotsu by far had the most unique weapon, I really enjoyed the originality of it. Suikotsu I felt sorry for, he was a great guy with an inner demon, its too bad he couldnt overcome that. Renkotsu was well done, he succeeded in being someone you could really be annoyed by, Dub voice was well done IMO. I was kinda hoping for a better show down between him and Bankotsu, I think it should have been a closer fight.
  23. what is up with all the spelling?! its Scheris according to the official s.CRY.ed website. and shes so hot
  24. I do, but i can't really put it into words.
  25. nope, no siree