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  1. One site made the comment that they hoped they didnt go the Street Fighter route with apperance. X'D they even put this pic!
  2. Well, you have to take into account that the Xbox was a flop. The PS2 smashed it into the ground. It had a six year run. MS had to rethink their strategy and were forced to come out with a new console very early. N64 and Cube had about 5 year runs, both consoles struggled. This generation has reached a high point that has never been seen. I'd give it 6 years minimum. PS3's full power has yet to be tapped, and with Nintendo's supposed disinterest in system specs, Wii should last the longest of all... theoretically speaking. XBLA continues to evolve as well. Systems that can update their own software, game add-ons, Emulation, and other things are new to consoles that were once identified as PC exclusive. The goal is to increase the life of the machine. These companies take a large financial hit on their hardware in hopes to make it up in software sales. As we know, they sell them below the cost of manufacturing, and not to mention the costs it takes to invent the new machine. It will be interesting to see how long they will last this time.
  3. Has anyone played the demo for this? I was pretty pumped about this game and its interesting alternate history storyline... but the demo was atrocious, it would have been cool a few years ago, but after games like Resistance, Halo, Call of Duty, and such, its pretty pathetic. You move insanely slow, the two weapons that are available to you are horrible, picking up ammo is a chore in itself, you actually have to look down at the ground and make sure you walk directly over it to pick it up. The AI is very lame duck. I guess this is to push the point that you can grapple with the enemy, which is innovative, but I rather shoot people than run up to someone with a gun and try to throw him off a building or knock him out. Overall it was a very disappointing experience. They'd have to fix a lot to convince me to give it another chance. The demo really hurt it in my opinion.
  4. I've actually always wanted cross platform online gaming, not just from computers to consoles but from consoles to consoles... thats a bit of a stretch sadly. Actually one of the much talked about plans for this generation, was modding... at least for a while. However I don't see that happening until maybe next gen. Though It's very much possible with system updates. Maybe not so much for the Wii, but the PS3 and 360 most definitely. Eventually console gaming will have every ability that PC's have and possibly more. Either people refuse to see it or don't want to believe it. Just like no one thought Sega would go from a console juggernaut to a sub par game developer. Freeware this and free that. Its about $$$. One of my favorite Mods for half-life, Sven Co-op, has been out of development for two years now after a promised bronze, silver, and gold pack before the jump to the steam engine. The dude had to get a real job and hasn't had time to work on it anymore since. I pretty much lost faith that it will ever advance beyond what it is now.
  5. Lets look at some definitions of the term obsolete. 1. to make obsolete by replacing with something newer or better; antiquate. 2. Outmoded in design, style, or construction: an obsolete locomotive. 3. of a discarded or outmoded type; out of date: 4. imperfectly developed or rudimentary in comparison with the corresponding character in other individuals These are only a few of the ways the term obsolete can be used. I think I used it for the purpose I intended it to mean. The Gamecube, N64, and Xbox, are Obsolete. People still play them, however. PC gaming may always be around, but the chance of it ever being the creme of the crop as it once was is unlikely. Its not nonsense, its statistical fact. I still play PC games, but that doesn't change anything.
  6. When I say obsolete, I mean severe lacking of high budget, high production, big name games that everyone buys and plays. Quake, Unreal Tournament, and Half-Life are starting to shift their marketing towards the console banner. They cane make big bucks not only on the game, but on professionally made map packs via PSN and XBLA. The Orange Box came out the same day for PC and 360. Then again Steam is the only financially viable platform on the PC. Freeware games? Those are more of time killers than a source of entertainment. I've tried so many freeware games back when I didn't have a constant flow of money to put into gaming. My desperate need for new material was never satisfied.
  7. Console games have been beating PC games for a while now. The lead just grew, and with the blockbuster hits that are coming out in 08 that will not be on the PC, I doubt the numbers will be anymore favorable to the PC stats. The game may work for the PC, but someone that buys an Xbox360 game is going to play it on the 360, because they have a 360 that has the right specs for the game to run flawlessly. The percentage of those that will play it on the PC is very small. As far as I know, the only games that are double compatible are 1st party Microsoft games, because MS has a computer gaming division. It saves them money from having to release two formats of the same game, a cost cutting move. Systems were build on the PC model to beat PCs which they have successfully done. The Gaming market is still heavily single player, the FPS genre is the one that had been geared mostly towards multiplayer with the slowly decaying fighting genre in pursuit. Essentially its the computer gamers that are harming their own beloved market. pirating games isn't like downloading free music. A music artist hardly makes a dime off their record sales, the recording studio does... so even if the studio goes out of business, the artist will always be there to make more material. In the gaming world, the studio is the artist and once it dies... like many have, there is no new material.
  8. If there are no sales in the PC gaming market because its all illegally downloaded, why would developers keep supporting PC gaming though? If the reason PC games don't sell as well, is the one provided, PC gaming will indeed become obsolete to the point that only one genre will be constant (MMORPGs). Companies flock to where the money is at.
  9. Yeah, it really is made for Rambo fans. Sometimes thats how it should be done, because movies get screwed up for the sake of trying to get "new fans"
  10. Great stuff. X'D
  11. That was pretty sweet, but....
  12. See, I have the opposite view. I got tired getting to play a few computer games and within a few months my computer couldn't run the newest games at their maximum level. I just grew tired of spending time toning down all the graphics, just to play a game. I rather just pay one large sum every 4-8 years on a new console and play games that all run at a consistent level. the PC offers no limit for the developers, while the Console boxes them into certain parameters. They push the limits and I think the challenge makes for better games. I guess for MMOs it is a double punch on Xbox when it comes to fees. A subscription to Xbox live is the equivalent of buying 1 game a year. $80 for a game? sheesh I hope its a special edition pack or something.
  13. What is even more pathetic is that these people are completely wasting their time. Probably none of them play video games, and along with the fact that children are such a small percentage of the gaming market, they really aren't going to accomplish anything. They don't even seem to have a goal, besides pissing me off with a bunch of whining. Infact, the joke is on them. As always, stirring up controversy will only make people want to see for themselves. The game will probably sell even more now.
  14. Shes gonna apologize now that her book ratings have been under attack on every book selling website by enraged gamers. X'D Fox News and EA are butting heads big time. This reminds me of the whole Oprah vs. Mortal Kombat ordeal when it first came out.
  15. Where is Melvin Muffins? Happy B-day dude!
  16. TPGx3MGmMUk Pretty interesting stuff. The first gameplay footage is out! The game has 3 different physics engines running at once... thats some insane realism. A HD quality version of this located at IGN.
  17. I had a Snickers Charged bar today. Its snickers with caffeine. It just tasted like a snickers with a small hint of energy bar. It was slightly smaller than a regular bar as well.
  18. Fox news and EA are butting heads big time it seems. EDIT: Wow, your review of her book has to be "reviewed" before it gets put up now. LOL I guess mine wont make it though.
  19. I trust in JJ Abrams, Hes done some fantastic work. Star Trek has really hit rock bottom since Gene Roddenberry passed away. I think they picked the right guy to do it. TNG really got robbed of its big screen glory because of it. I think he is doing the right thing by completely shutting everyone out of what he is doing. Its very tight lid, the Teaser blew me away because I didn't even know what it was until the final pan up of the Enterprise. Spock there was a blurry Kirk picture but I cant find it now.
  20. 0_o those wings will be ripped off when it enters the atmosphere...
  21. That was an excellent program. It was very very interesting.
  22. Ah yes, that is at the end of the teaser trailer. You can find the bootleg on youtube, but its terrible quality. I saw it at Cloverfield two nights ago. I didn't want to post it until a direct feed version was available.
  23. Nothing is showing up 0-o.. must have an anti-leech script on that site.
  24. It basically does an outstanding job of realistically portraying what people would really do if such an outrageous thing happened. No over dramatization, and no secret military weapons to bust out on the monster. The movie focuses more on a group of friends and their experience rather than the monster attacking the city. I thought it was a solid production. JJ Abrams does top notch work and this was no exception. btw, It shows you were the creature came from... you just had to catch it in the brief moment it was visually explained...