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  1. It comes on tonight so check it out if you can. some more clips pY8jaGs7xJ0 BUiM1Ixp6K4
  2. Uncle Ruckus is mine, I havent had time to watch it lately. Very funny show, its racist to all races. X'D
  3. Its only temporary, until all 60 gig models sell out. From reports I have read, PS3 sales have almost doubled since the price drop. The new model will have an 80 gig hard drive and a rumble controller, it comes out sometime this month at the original price mark. There is only about a few months supply of 60 gig models, they definitely will not last until the holiday season. The big titles start churning out next month. Most notably Heavenly Sword, Lair, and Warhawk. Ratchet & Clank will follow suit. I can't remember them all right now, but they have a pretty good stretch going into the holidays. The big boys launch early after the holiday season like MGS4, Soul Calibur IV, Killzone 2. The PS store has really picked up on their updates, as well. A lot of neat original titles... they are kinda slackin on the PS1 classics though. This past week they put up Castlevania: SoTN, and that was the first in over a month.
  4. Its very short, but very awesome. Its a real tease. The graphics are amazing and the fighting system is superb, It may even surpass GoW's. I've played the demo about 20 times.
  5. The main problem was the dragging on. If it would have ended after the fight with Vegeta, it would have been fine. The Freiza saga was good, and probably should have concluded the series, but this is where you start to see the draging out of episodes that were unnecessary. I had a love hate relationship with DBZ, I loved the action and fighting, but I found myself pissed off most of the time that I had just watched an episode where absolutely nothing happened. Cell and the android saga was decent, but you start to wonder about the repetitiveness of finding a stronger and even more powerful enemy than the last one that was supposedly the most powerful and feared in all the universe, and then surpassing them in strength by some miracle. It became predictable, you knew that Goku was the only one that could defeat anyone because everyone else was too weak and didn't matter. Vegeta could put up a good fight until Goku came back from the dead, but everyone else could be taken out in one hit, hell Mr. Satan could last longer somehow. Yes, I liked DBZ and watched it til the end, but do not consider it anywhere near the greatest anime of all time.
  6. SHINING FINGER!!! That is obligatory for all mentions of G Gundam. X'D
  7. So who went to see it? I saw it yesterday. As I thought, we were the only ones in the theater. I have to say, the movie was a blast if you are a fan of the series. I am a little disappointed with the Mooninite's role, but other than that it was great. All the best characters were in it, it had a few new tunes along with a new MC Pee Pants son (And I want candy), It even had its own special opening sequence with a remixed extended version of the TV theme that just rocked ass. They kinda actually explained the connection between Dr. Weird and the Aqua Teens, so the film did accomplish some thing in all its madness. The beginning is a real trip however, because you don't even think the movie had started yet. LOL It was hilarious. If you are a hardcore fan, go see it before it leaves the big screen... if you are a casual watcher you may not enjoy it as much.
  8. Have you tried that smoke away in 7 days or whatever? Or is that just a big scam? I don't much about quitting besides the fact that some of my friends never successfully do.
  9. HBO at 10:30 ET on Sundays. uLr3Ppz_Uxo Here is a sample of the greatness that can be viewed.
  10. I wish i had more time to get down on some of this high score action. X'D
  11. Well turns out my mouse batteries were dying. lol. The arrows suck on breakout, there just isn't any other way to go than the mouse.
  12. Breakout 2 causes my mouse to go dead using the mouse fuction. x_X so I died because I couldnt move the paddles anymore wtf.
  13. or a famous actor... don't forget that one
  14. Where did you see that? I highly doubt it will be straight to DVD. Edward Norton in a DVD only release? pfft.
  15. I use to watch bleach, I just don't have time anymore. x_x
  16. What a joke. The played it off for years like it was gonna be an adventure game. That would have been awesome, with each character specializing in certain situations. Way to go Nintendo... and shame on you Sega for allowing this...
  17. And with that, my point is made further. whether it has ever happened or not is up to the individual. I tend to favor being able to understand what's being said rather than having to read about it. Yes some of the VA's are horrible, but that goes for both sides of the fence. Being a casual anime viewer, I guess I don't really grasp the concept of getting bent out of shape over a character's voice, especially when its not even a bad voice... its just a different pitch from the original. When I see griping, I do tend to look around youtube to listen to the subbed versions out of pure curiosity.
  18. ROTFL, I don't understand it either.
  19. That seems to be the trend. Just about every girl I know that went to see it, fell in love with Bumblebee.
  20. I give it a 9/10 becuse im a fan but they definitly could have made this better. The use of the camera was probably done for the reason that they just couldn't figure out how to sequence the battles without it looking completely unnatural and unrealistic, (and noticeably CG). Its a cutting corners technique alot of sci-fi films use.
  21. I saw it but it didn't have a name or anything, it just said JJ Abrams was working on it. I looked it up and saw it was a giant monster movie and just kinda lost interest. I don't get excited about giant monster movies unless its non-American Godzilla.
  22. Bwahahahaha!!! j/k X'D
  23. There's probably more that angered me but I can't think of anything else right now. Maybe if I see it again I'll find more and come back to add some more complaints about the movie. Well while you are entitle to your opinion: