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  1. Edit: dammit, i wish we could edit post titles. Initial Thoughts Its shiney, it heavy, and its expensive. Finally I have the PS3 in my grasp. The Console: It sure doesn't feel very sony-like... or anything else for that matter. The thing turned on with the touch of a finger.. thats right, touch sensitive power button... not that I will ever use it seeing that i much rather use the wireless blue tooth controller to do that operation. The wifi picked up my router right away... but as with all new wireless things, my router has to be an ass about it so I will fiddle with that later. The interface is nice and simplistic, you can play mp3s you put on the hard drive, play movies, blah blah. Its pretty interesting. I havent looked at it all yet however because I am going out of town tomorrow for thanksgiving. The system is surprisingly quiet... more so than my PS2 was. I played it for 4-5 hours nonstop and no sign of getting hot.. just the usual warmth. The Controller: The controller is twice as light as the PS2 controller... does it feel cheap? No, infact its very nice. As I played Resistances, I realized how unimportant rumble really is, and didn't really miss as much as I thought I would, but a future addition of it wouldn't hurt. The L2 and R2 trigger buttons aren't as well designed as the 360's, but it is an improvement over the PS2s model. Otherwise the controller is basically the same. The directional pad is a bit more coarse, and its a welcomed change. The Tilt functionality I haven't had much chance to use, but what i have utilized so far is pretty cool. It charged fully in about 2 hours. Resistance: Fall of Man Killer game. I am having a blast with it. It doesn't utilized the full power of PS3 graphics, but neither do any launch titles eh? In the graphics department its superior to Half-Life 2. The violent shaking of the controller to shake enemies off you is awesome. I just love it... a hell of alot better than button mashing or wearing down your analog stick in mad rotation mode. I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but the story is pretty good and the weapons are sweet. I'll definitely be doing a review on this when I am done. Well that is all for now.
  2. I have a 20inch, and its really nice. Im not accustomed to a HDTV, although I want one. I kinda wish I could hook it up to this monitor. The graphics are still great. But even as the graphics improve, the gameplay is what this system is all about believe it or not. despite whether blu-ray succeeds or not, it will for the game industry. Or sony at least, HD-DVD can only hold half the information and DVDs hold less than 1/5th of what a blu-ray disk can handle. I'm still blown away about the AI. I cant wait until Warhawk comes out to put the sixaxis to the real test. EDIT: btw, I know what you mean, when it comes to retail chain's and there demo consoles. they put the tv to where you have to look straight up into the sky almost. its painful to the neck. but i guess they do that so people wont hog the machine... also why they no longer put real games on them. just demo's that normally reset in 5-10 minutes.
  3. Resistance is an unbelievable FPS. The weapons are just sweet. The interesting thing about this game is that there is no useless handgun that most FPS. The weapons are all balanced nicely, each with there strong points and weaknesses that leave you with plenty of options. Its really the first game I've played in which all the weapons are pretty equal if usefulness. Their ammo capacity and availability also makes sure you cant stick with one weapon the entire game. You have to become familiar with them all. No plot spoils, but just incase you don't want to know anything at all, I made it a spoiler tag. So far I have these Weapons:
  4. No one will ever be satisfied with anime dubs for the same reasons. 1. Companies responsible for dubbing try to use western animation voices in an eastern animated product. These vary in four types. Goofy, Serious, Monotone, Cute 2. In the west, background music is important. Dub's tend to have that added. sometimes this is awfully done. 3. Anime dub VA's are heavily recycled because there aren't many out there that do it. Ex: Spike (bebop), Roger (Big O), Mugen (Champloo). 4. Some people are purists, and will hate the dub even if it was better than the original.
  5. They actually have an official site for that. you can check up on your games and see if they have problems and what problems you could expect.
  6. Indeed the PS3 has had reported overheating issues... however all of these that I have read, had the PS3 in a cramp or enclosed area. I have not seen any major reports from any of the big sites however. And while that is an issue, i don't plan on keeping mine in an inclosed area anyways. As far as blueray goes, I really dont care too much for the movies, my real interest is the data transfer and capacities of the discs. 2-3 disc games can now easily fit into one with room to spare. The size of actual games can spread to a whole new level. As for games. Once i get my tracking number im going to gamestop to pick up Resistance, a second controller, and perhaps another game. over the course of the next 6-10 months i plan on getting: Sonic MGS4 Assassin's Creed Dark Sector Lair Heavenly Sword Warhawk Armored Core 4 Ratchet & Clank Gradius PS3 And in between that I must obtain a Wii before May when Smash Bros. Brawl comes out... other than that all i want for it currently is Zelda and Mario Galaxy.
  7. Fell in love last night.
  8. If you have time and dedication they are still doing it at Sony is smart and they are not allowing tens of thousands of people to crash their site's store by trying to buy them. You just have to press the "put in cart" button over and over again until it appears. Its really random, I went there about 20-40 times and finally hit gold at 1:30am. You also have to type your info very fast. Amazon is rumored to sell them close to midnight tonight, they haven't sold any yet. Screw EBay sellers. I will take some pics I gotta go to gamestop and use my store credit to get Resistance and an extra controller.
  9. estimated to ship the 22nd. hopefully it ships Monday insted.
  10. YES!! BOOYA!! I GOT MY PS3. has been slowly making them available at random. I clicked it at the right time and got my 60gig PS3! woot!
  11. Yeah I want Resistance.
  12. nope, amazon didn't even get any. I tired to camp out over night, and as soon as i went to bed in the earily hours of this morning they all went on sale at places like and pisses me off.
  13. Heh, told you anti-sony fanboys. PS3 > Everyone
  14. somehow I don't believe this. 6 years ago they said the world would be out of banana's in 10 years... with only 4 years left there doesn't seem to be a big fuss about it anymore. Fishing is done in excess, and commercial fishing needs heavier restrictions.. they go out and catch all these fish and come back and charge outrageous prices.
  15. As long as their is money to be made, I wouldnt coun't on it, sadly.
  16. As long as we keep finding ways to live longer lives, this problem will only get worse. Thats really what it comes down too. As the average life span increases, less people die more slowely, population builds up. As of now, the number of people that are currently living on this planety is larger than the number of people that have died.... ever. If you counted how many people have died since the begining of man, it wouldn't be as many as are now living. pretty crazy eh?
  17. did you noticed they used a real Naruto opening this week insted of one they chopped up and made a different song for?
  19. I dont know of any free programs that do that. The only program i do that with is Nero Wave Editor which came with my Nero Burning Rom disc.
  20. LMAO X'D *gives rep*
  21. ROTFLMAO X'D hardcore
  22. Majority of people that browse the net do not wish to fix programs they download, they expect them to work. Trillians auto-update is fantastic and automatically makes it a superior program for the general market The Astra build should be quiet interesting.
  23. Corn always seems to be our problem... it was partially responsible for the Great Depression. Looks like we need to go back to WWII production rates. The Government can stop paying Farmers to not grow corn now and let them pump up the output.
  24. Its an inferior program to trillian