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  1. I had a Snickers Charged bar today. Its snickers with caffeine. It just tasted like a snickers with a small hint of energy bar. It was slightly smaller than a regular bar as well.
  2. Fox news and EA are butting heads big time it seems. EDIT: Wow, your review of her book has to be "reviewed" before it gets put up now. LOL I guess mine wont make it though.
  3. I trust in JJ Abrams, Hes done some fantastic work. Star Trek has really hit rock bottom since Gene Roddenberry passed away. I think they picked the right guy to do it. TNG really got robbed of its big screen glory because of it. I think he is doing the right thing by completely shutting everyone out of what he is doing. Its very tight lid, the Teaser blew me away because I didn't even know what it was until the final pan up of the Enterprise. Spock there was a blurry Kirk picture but I cant find it now.
  4. 0_o those wings will be ripped off when it enters the atmosphere...
  5. That was an excellent program. It was very very interesting.
  6. Ah yes, that is at the end of the teaser trailer. You can find the bootleg on youtube, but its terrible quality. I saw it at Cloverfield two nights ago. I didn't want to post it until a direct feed version was available.
  7. Nothing is showing up 0-o.. must have an anti-leech script on that site.
  8. It basically does an outstanding job of realistically portraying what people would really do if such an outrageous thing happened. No over dramatization, and no secret military weapons to bust out on the monster. The movie focuses more on a group of friends and their experience rather than the monster attacking the city. I thought it was a solid production. JJ Abrams does top notch work and this was no exception. btw, It shows you were the creature came from... you just had to catch it in the brief moment it was visually explained...
  9. A clever media tactic to put all the heat on the guild. People are stupid, and they will believe anything on TV. The Guild is a bunch of writers... they don't have access to be on TV like the people they were working for do so naturally the public image disadvantage goes to the guild.
  10. A remake of the NES classic will hit PSN and XBLA before the sequel is released. More moves, more weapons, and most importantly... CO-OP! Trailer: Info: Pics:
  11. I have respect for Leno because he paid his staff out of his own pocket. The Writers Guild should be be given shovels to dig a trench so they can all be machine gunned into it. Striking is one thing, but sabotaging the man's show and calling on others to do so is sick. Whether his show is bad or good without them, He did what no other host did... used his own money so his staff could have a Christmas. TV was crap with the writers guild, There won't be much difference without them. There is at least 5 years of movie scripts left for Hollywood, and countless others that may have never been considered before. This is a battle that is going to be hard for them to win. 5 years is a long time to go without a paycheck. People are finding other ways to make TV without them. Sooner or later they may come to the realization they don't need the Guild anymore. I hope they do.
  12. you'll have to dishout the bucks for a 360 or PS3 X'D
  13. Happy B-day! Be Good...
  14. Hell yeah!
  15. What they do right: You don't have to watch the same event for too long, Sometimes watching the men do an event and then the women do the same event got repetitive. I like how they mix it up. Venom, Siren, and Crush are sexy, not all the women look so dude-ish. Powerball rules are more lax, Gladiators can be more physical and it shows with how many people have been hurt in only 3 episodes. Familiar events were kept with the addition of some new ones. Hogan and Ali are good hosts. What They Do Wrong: Hogan doesn't do the commentary for the action. Some monotone guy does, This needs to change next season, They should bring in someone with experience... even Mike Adamle. The contestants have too much talk time. The background intro and maybe one interview at the end is good enough. The Powerball cannisters are too open at the top, you can shoot basket ball in them, bring back the old ones. Commercials need to be between events not in the middle of them, this isn't reality TV this is American Gladiators. I don't care too much for the over dramatic lights made popular by today's gameshows like Millionaire and Deal or No Deal. I don't see how some of these contestants can be a Gladiator next season... especially Mollivan... The physical fitness tests should be harsher to get on the show... some of these eliminator's are pathetic... surprisingly mostly on the men's side. On a side note, Crush is a complete babe at face, but a real BEAST. 12-1 in Muay Thai fighting 4-0 in MMA?! Just type in Gina Carano on YouTube and you can see for yourself.. wow. Overall I like the show and will watch the whole season, However I did expect a bit more. I'm not to fond of the hyper-changing camera angles. Its like they are trying to combine Contender, Deal or No Deal, The Amazing Race, and American Gladiators together. The few events seem to attribute to the fact that they have them all set up in fixed positions and have to do little to change them out. They will probably cycle out events each season. I hope to see Breakthrough and Conquer, Whiplash, The Maze, and Atlasphere return in the next coming seasons.
  16. Its not like Diablo's where its at the top of the screen where you know its your friend and it works no matter where they are. I don't like how NWK has it in a text box with everything else thats being said by NPC's and if you get to far away from the people you are playing with, you stop receiving communication.
  17. The only questionable theme to the game, which makes it hit close to home, is one of the paths you can take in the game that revolves around racism. However, instead of humans looking down on each other, its humans looking at themselves as better than the other alien species. Someone could make a better case out of that rather than this whole porno deal.
  18. As neat as that is, I have no interest in apple products because of their outrageous prices. I don't want to think about how much the price tag on that thing will be.
  19. Wow, that is hardcore! X_X
  20. I played it for a while with an friend, but I kinda lost interest because of the lack of voice support and the horrible text communication.
  21. I didn't bother reading it all because you cannot enhance the breast size. Only the face can be changed. This person is obviously uninformed about the game. Probably saw it on Oprah or something and came to their own wild conclusions. There is a total of 3 possible sex scenes if you play as renegade. You can also go through the game with no sex scenes. The first possible one is so obscure you don't even know what the hell is going on until the very last second. The others are no worse than what you see on basic cable TV.
  22. Sweet, they use the same machine from the series instead of some "freak accident".
  23. C'MON!! LOL The only reason to go see DBZ is to enjoy how insanely cheesy it will be and how screwed up the and compressed the whole thing will be if it even remotely sticks to a familiar storyline. X'D Its that type of movie that you know it will suck so bad, but you gotta see it anyways.
  24. Well someone has to say it DRAGONBALL Z X'D