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  1. I guess the best thing about this presentation was actually seeing real gameplay and not a rendered souped up graphical showcase that isn't a real representation of the game. This comes out one month after Anthem. I'll have to decide which game I'll want to take a week off to grind out.
  2. Beta sign ups:
  3. Never really got into any super hero games... but I am a huge fan of Insomniac.
  4. Every character ever to appear in Smash will be in this game, roster will start out as the original N64 game, and you will unlock the rest via play. Every level is returning, and fighters have been given new abilities. GameCube controllers will be compatible. Its a long video, but it has a lot of content to cover.
  5. So wierd EDIT: I just realized it was Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner at the end. Wow where did they find her to do this game? I'm nerding out!
  6. Kojima's first game will feature naked Norman Reedus.
  7. Holy shit, officially hyped.
  8. Now that you said that, you'll be in the middle of moving when it comes out.
  9. Couldn't find the old topic and search found 0 results.
  10. Worst campaign in COD history... "imagine yourself in a frozen forest"... remember that when you're playing.
  11. Here is the trailer for Jurrassic World! Click here to view the article
  12. I wonder how many anime series are gonna cross over other than the four shown.
  13. The open world is looking promising.
  14. Was hoping for another Nier, but I'll take it.
  15. "Not actual gameplay footage"
  16. No timed exclusive release despite being on the xbox conference. They literally have no 1st party support and have to use 3rd party games as a front.
  17. Not loot boxes. Skins and vanity items will be for sale as direct purchases. Everything can be soloed, but will be a little harder. Actual gameplay starts at around 13:13
  18. Now that is a trailer.