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  1. Here is the first official trailer for Godzilla! A few months ago some of us got a look at the 2 year old comic-con trailer that has never been seen by those outside of the event. It was quickly pulled by Warner Brothers on any media outlet it could have been found on. This trailer is slightly different. Godzilla will be out May of 2014! Click here to view the article
  2. I know I made a topic like this a long time ago, but a ton of games have come out since then. What are you favorite/most memorable original game tracks? This is still my all time favorite track. The powerful start still sends chills through my spine. I'll never forget when a friend handed me a demo disc for the first game before it came out which featured the start with the ship, ending with the Hydra boss. I was so blown away by how awesome it was I couldn't wait for the full game. Then after falling in love with how the first game played, and its story I was hyped for this game when it was announced. The opening was just epic. It's really tough for me to pick just one track from this game. As a whole its probably my favorite total OST of any game. But this track sticks with me because its from one of the most intense parts of the game that had a huge sense of urgency while it kept you in side scroll camera mode. You'd have to play it to understand how powerful the moment was. From about 1:40 and beyond was the section used for this mission. Ace Combat's first game got that ole fashion rename/mistranslation. PS1 shows up on the scene, games were true 3D experiences for the first time. I was like 12-13 when this came out, and I remember going to a friends house to spend the night and we stayed up playing this game til the morning. We were blown away, and this music was such a rush. Ace Combat was literally the first game I ever got my hands on in the Playstation era, and the rest is history.
  3. Apparently the Lee family doesn't support this film... of course its going to be romanticized but by eye witness accounts, the fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man was a sloppy 7 minute affair where Jack Man lost his footing and had to yield. The fight served as a wake up call to Lee that his conditioning and style needed to improve despite the victory. Of course a self realization turning point isn't as epic as a triumphant victory.
  4. Talk about a feels trip. I can't say many games if any other made me shed a tear... but this game did. Holy shit was the ending sad. The ending theme was comforting after what transpired. Probably my favorite sonic track ever. I've heard the updated one for Sonic Mania and I cant wait to play this zone again. I remember first getting my Genesis. Sonic 2 was my first game and this zone blew me away. I was so pissed when they brought this game "back" as some BS multiplayer only game. This game was so fucking good for PS1. The OST was so good too. A flight game where you could hover too... it was so innovative. Ace Combat was amazing, but this was so different because you could slow down to a stand still and fly through tight corridors and vertical shafts. Oh man. Ridge Racer was THE first racing game I played on PS1. Before Need for Speed which was a 3DO port. I fell in love immediately. Every time a new one came out a friend would get it and I'd come over and we'd tackle it. The most frustrating thing about Ridge Racer over NFS and other racing franchises was that hitting the wall was devastating. It damn near brought you to 0mph if you did it. I probably couldn't deal with that type of game today... the whole game relied on track memory. Even after you got the black and white car from beating the space invaders mini game, it was still a challenge... just less forgiving. When this one came out it has a real lyrical soundtrack which was pretty much unheard of before this time. It was truly original too. This wasn't like a Rob Zombie/Twisted Metal type deal. This was in house talent... It was daring, and it worked so well. This track plays in my head to this day when I think of racing games. Speaking of racing games... before Twisted Metal, there was this... Talk about frustrating but hysterical. Road Rash was amazing. Motorcycle racing where you could beat the shit out of your opponents? Unheard of! Crowbars, Cattle Prods, Chains, Bats... this was madness... you could whack your opponents off their bikes.. but they could too.. and along the way there would be obstacles like cars, animals... and even cow shit. The game's electric guitar rock was crazy good for the time. This game also had a title screen cheat code where you could get the "phantom bike" which had a shit ton of turbos and instant top speed acceleration. If you wrecked on it, you'd fly for a good minute before hitting the ground, running back to the bike was a nightmare... but you'd still have enough speed to possibly win if you didn't hit anything else. I remember different racers would insult you at the end if you won or not like Lucky Luc and Belladonna. The ending was some rival racer insulting you too... This game was suppose to get a reboot on PS3/360, with Skid Row doing most the soundtrack, but it got cancelled for some reason.. too bad. The PS1 games were ok, but didn't hold the same magic. They had paid for sound tracks by Johnny Cash, Soundgarden, and even Kid Rock before he got big.
  5. Soups are always across from veggies here... its mostly holiday oriented because the broths go near the veggies for all the casseroles. Tomatoes are veggies, and fuck the metric system. 'Murica.
  6. At grocery stores here olives are sold on the condiment aisle with the pickles. Tomatoes and basic tomato sauce and paste is sold with the canned veggies.
  7. I like pineapple if its a BBQ themed pizza. Its not my favorite. But then again its hard to pick a favorite. Mellow Mushroom is my favorite pizza joint. I typically avoid red sauce mostly due to my acid reflux. Most of Mellow's offerings are olive oil based, besides their amazing buffalo chicken pizza that can be ranch or blue cheese based. I've never been a fan of tomatoes either, so the first time I had olive oil instead of red sauce, I was amazed how much better it was.
  8. So I'm lazy and I'm getting old to where I can't really stand to wear contact for +20 hours a day anymore. I've had cheap ass back up glasses for 2 years ever since I got a viral pink eye and couldn't wear contacts for a week. Needless to say, they def weren't meant for heavy long term use. One pair already had the lens coating dry up and chip away, and the pair I'm wearing now has one of the lenses hanging on for dear life. My first and only decent pair of glasses were purchased back in 2003... they were almost $500 at the time. Compared to the $180 I paid for the two pair I've gone through in 2 years. I went to day and dropped $360 on titanium flex frames with Nikon HD transition lenses. I guess glasses tech has become a little cheaper since 2003 because these have more features than my first pair. (Yes I'm aware of the artificial price inflation of glasses) 

    1. Sledgstone


      Thats better at least. Transitions made me rage so hard I never got them again. Back when I did alot of car work, my glasses would near instantly tint up because of the sunlight, but then I'd take a tire off, start looking at the brakes and realized I couldn't see shit in the shade because my glasses were to dark. Same with getting under the car. It was like wearing sunglasses constantly without being able to turn them off because it would take at least 5 mins to un-tint if they even did because of how much sunlight was outside even if I was in the shade. I wait a bit, start looking at the brake caliper, realized I needed a different size socket, reached for one, reach back and boom my glasses were full on tint again. Oh how that pissed me off. lol. Meanwhile my dad loves his transitions and hes had them on all his glasses since transitions was first introduced and swears by them.

      My current glasses have a Crizal coating. I'll only get this crizal from now on. It is superior anti-glare for driving at night and for staring at a computer monitor all day. I have had less eye strain for the last 2 years I've been using it, which helps since I was getting ocular migraines for a while. I've only had one of those migraines in the last 2 years where I was getting them at least 2-3 times a year. Driving at night is the most noticeable difference with it. Headlights will still have a flare to them, but all my other glasses made driving at night the equivilant of a J.J. Abrams movie. XD Lens flare everywhere and headache inducing.

    2. DeathscytheX


      ROTFLMAO! XD I'll keep these as backup in my car again if that ever happens. I had this pair under the passenger side sun visor. I'm not paying for Rx sunshades, or using one of those 80s clip ons. XD The sun would always be in my eyes when I worked morning shifts, but I don't have those anymore really. As soon as I don't get transition, I'll have a life changing event where the sun is glaring in my eyes driving down the road each morning again.

      I thought it was pretty cool they weren't like "YES YOU NEED THIS" though. It was an extra $60. The vision center is like a different world from Wal-Mart. They're always so nice and caring.

    3. Sledgstone


      LOL. The transitions annoyed me while driving too. XD The transition effect is nice but it doesn't cut sun glare while driving like sunglasses at all. And most car glass blocks the UV so the transitions effect won't kick in at all. Your car might be a 2004, but did the windshield ever get replaced by safelite before because of a crack? If so, expect no transition effect. :P I use those 80s style clip on sunglasses. XD My current glasses came with a magnetic clip on one that is more discreet than others, but I have an extra clip on one in my kitchen for when I walk around the yard in the sun.

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  9. LOL. Well I guess you learn something every day. I prefer olives, and not fruits that are sweet on my pizza. Especially as toppings. I like meats and also fungi known as mushrooms. Edit: Sledge wtf. People down here in the south like banana and mayo sandwiches. The most vile creation I've ever heard of.
  10. I prefer olive oil base over tomato sauce.
  11. Looks pretty gross. Plantains would work better, but I wouldn't even like that. I'm more of a all meat toppings type of guy. I'll do exotic cheeses, but no fruit on my pizza.
  12. Today TV sucks... at least it does for me. If its not a reality TV show, its a cop or doctor show. Since the turn of the century I've enjoyed maybe 4-5 series. LOST, TWD, Into the Badlands, and Vikings are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. 3 of those 4 are pretty recent. I use to watch all kinds of shows growing up, and oddly enough even most of those were reruns of older shows before my time. What were some of your favorites growing up? I loved this show so much.... Gil Gerard was such a terrible actor. I didn't care though, the special effects for the time were amazing, the blasters were cool looking, the ships were awesome... and Erin Gray was a goddess. She was my very first celebrity crush. Netflix had Season 2 for the longest time, but never season 1 which was disappointing to me. Yeah, I'm a sci-fi junkie and I'm still waiting on Space 2099... eh probably fell through. I loved this show too because the premise was so absurd. Earth would be so fucked without the moon, and it kinda hinted at it in the first episode when the accident happened. Behind the scenes this show was a complete train wreck, which lead to its demise. Man oh man, what memories. So many great episodes I remember to this day. Elvis, Lee Harvey Oswald, The Chimpanzee, The Evil Leaper, and the series finale. All three of these shows came into my life because of the launch of the Sci-Fi (SyFy) channel. I'd soak up all the old reruns, and I got to see every episode of this series because of it. The suspense of Sam not being able to leap was so well done in every episode it never really got worn out. The acting was top notch... but you only have to look at the cast to see why. I could go on, but I know I'd be taking up every show eventually before anyone else gets to post.
  13. Ok yeah. Hunter gets screwed in PvP. That staff is no match for this. I thought Dawnblade was OP.... but the shield is just as bad. Thats insane mobility just to one shot everyone. Skip to 3:58 if you want to see the only time he uses it.
  14. Some other ones
  15. You should sign up for their newsletter. I don't really care for mail spam but they don't really bombard you and it's always about what they have on sale. They do theme sales, seires sales, and sometimes sales on an entire genre. I'm sure that box set will go on sale in a few months.
  16. There will be 8 more... maybe more you never know. But it will all be season 2. This seems to be a new trend in television making. TWD and Into the Badlands first seasons were very short. I want to say Falling Skies was the same. New shows are expensive to make with the anticipation that there is money to be made off its success. But over the past few years so many shows have tanked hard after 1 season, these studios were just eating massive losses. I guess everyone is being a bit more conservative with things that aren't cop and doctor shows. It's still ok to lose money on those, but new fresh ideas? Nah 4-6 eps to test the waters.
  17. Yes, Its a new season with continuity to the original. Did you see the one they made in 2012 about Fujiko? Its really dark, and feels almost alternate universe... but its really good.
  18. Funi put up the first 2 episodes of this and now I'm irritated that they've only got 2 eps up. Most likely to sell DVDs because they did the same thing with Outlaw Star recently. I like what I saw. They got all the original dub cast back. The traditional style of animation along with modern lighting and shading techniques really look good on the series.
  19. Basically, don't buy this for PC. Pretty sad. PC will always have the best visuals and game prices, but it will never have all the best games... and it seems devs always favor the console version the most when its a multiplatform release.
  20. I played ep 1 of A New Frontier and you can definitely tell they made it a lot more console friendly. Which in turn makes it easier on PC as well. Bashing/stabbing walker heads is now just an action button press. Its Q and E on PC so I'll assume it was Square and X on PS4 where you mashed one and pressed the other when you filled the meter... but for melee prompts they swap it up between the two, and sometimes the left/right/up/down will be melee... but when that happens its during intense scenes as if you would have dodged anyways. So they don't mix it up too much. I even had a shooting sequence that was in classic form but much easier.... basically the super wobbly head motion paired with the shaky cursor is gone... that was pretty annoying even with a mouse. The game looks a lot sharper than the first. The dialog was much improved when searching too.. it feels a bit more natural when you interact with items that you can't use. I mean that wasn't really a knock on the first game, and it didn't really need an improvement. But its interesting how they made it feel more realistic rather than a normal sigh or headshake and a "busted" or "we wont be able to use that" line. The choices you made in season two seem to affect flashbacks rather than this story. You can use your save data Mass Effect style, Start fresh, or even use your save data and change choices you made. I assume you can pick and choose, but I went ahead and stuck with my decisions... I don't like to take back, even if I regret my choices... that's what I love about continuity games.
  21. I just watched this and it was actually really good. I saw on facebook this has been approved for an 8 ep 2nd season as well. This season is basically a movie cut up in to 4 eps... they honestly could have just played it through. Pros: Great animation... finally a western animation that isn't cartoony bullshit with realistically drawn humans. The sounds are great, music is limited to necessary moments. Very little time is spent on world building without completely leaving those new to Castlevania lore in the dark. No origins story here, There is a premise and you're thrown straight into it after that. No lengthy intro sequence you'll just skip after the first time you watch it. The gore is spectacular. Limited subtle humor that fits with what is going on when its injected. Cons: The voice acting isn't terrible, but there is a lot of whisper-y characters. No one is straining their vocals for these roles that's for sure. It's only 4 episodes with a Legend of Legendary Heroes type finale... If you didn't know a second season was approved, you'd be pretty upset.