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  1. This season has been amazing. Its actually one of the best. I didn't think they'd beable to stay so strong without Ragnar, but they managed to do it. Ivar is a really strong character. Everyone despises him, and they all say he is tearing Rangar's legacy apart, but they don't know Rangar encouraged him to be like this. Its looking bad for Lagertha. Shes lost Astrid now, and I don't trust Heahmund. I'm starting to think his capture was a calculated risk. The preview for the second half of the season makes it seem that she's going to die, but it may be for shock value because we don't really see her. I can see Rollo still holding that grudge that she never loved him instead of Ragnar. With the mid-season finale roster purge, it looks like there will still be more culling of the cast. I was sad to see Halfdan die, especially in such a lame way. I really liked his character especially after his journey with Bjorn to the Mediterranean. Astrid's death was sad too. They really screwed her character over. She knew that the kid was probably from when she got gang raped. She rather would have died by Lagertha's blade than Harald's wrath. And going back to Heahmund, I really like his character. He brings a lot to this season. He's clearly a corrupt christian that indulges in sin. Only using his religious position to his advantage. Aethelwulf dying like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl was so lame too. C'mon. Then we get a gratuitous shot of Judith's Mic Foley ear for no reason. They could have not spent the money on the CGI and kept her hair over it like they have. Clearly Athelred despises Alfred for being king at his mothers request. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out because at this point History has pretty much gone from slight deviations from History, to completely throwing it off track. Floki's camp is a disaster too. I don't get his character anymore. After he killed Aethelstan he's been incredibly inconsistent. He's always been ultra loyal to the gods, but then gets miffed by the Muslims, and then after he loses everything and almost dies from an hand cut infection, he's all about the gods again and tries to make a camp where this dude is trying to be an ass, and they swap son deaths with the other guy after Floki offers him the position of Lawgiver under the condition of no revenge killings. Then he offer's himself as a sacrifice. I don't think he'll die, but at this point I don't really care about his character anymore. He was one of my favorites, but this whole side story doesn't really interest me. I wish he would have just had that whole family killed and be done with them. Ivar, Bjorn, Lagertha, and Heahmund are my favorite characters still around. Ubbe seems important, but I feel they've established Ivar as the dominant brother. Now that Bjorn's love interest is dead, and Ubbe has seduced Torvi. I expect some awkwardness between the two... but also a common interest since Ubbe loves Torvi, he must protect Bjorn's children from crazy ass Margrethe. I hope Torvi puts a hatchet through her head.
  2. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/20/2018
  3. Here is the teaser trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda! Click here to view the article
  4. It really is. I think I only experienced one of those catastrophic bugs. But the game play wasn't the problem IMO. I actually enjoyed the combat a lot... more so than the previous 3 games. The fact they got that working right in such a short time is amazing, and maybe they shouldn't have been dissolved into other studios looking back on it now that I've had time to cool down from the utter disappointment. They were just told to make magic happen after fumbling around on a lost cause for 90% of the allotted time. You'll most likely enjoy the play through now that you know not to expect very much out of the game. It has the potential there, it just never comes to fruition. You never really bond with the characters like you can with Wrex, Tali, and Liara, and you never really hate any of them either. God I despised Kaidan just because hes voiced by Carth Onassi, just add two floppy bangs to his head and its the same character. Just about every choice you made in the first three games had consequences, even the smallest things. In Andromeda its like all your choices were pretty pointless, and the two major ones were pretty unoriginal and predictable. The Renegade/Paragon system missing also was a mistake. I liked how tilting too far one way, gave you even more dialogue options for that personality if you invested skill points in charisma. Like he said, the dialog is terrible and the story wasn't very good. It was a game that mechanically was great but story was was awful, which made it worse having a predecessor that set the bar really high. Romancing was totally watered down. You really had to talk to an NPC a lot in the first games and pick the right dialogue options to get in their pants, but in Andromeda, you just pick all the dialog options that have a heart icon on them and have a connection as awkward as Padme and Anakin. I guess that was the mystique of BioWare's early games. I remember playing KOTOR through many times, every time I discovered something new by doing a different dialogue sequence. I don't think I ever seduced Bastila until the 3rd or 4th play through and was blown away that I could do that, or when I made Zaalbar kill Mission, or when I got banned from Manaan for the rest of the playthrough. Stuff like that made it worth playing through multiple times.... with Andromeda, you feel like you've seen it all in 1 go.
  5. Obviously the game won't be perfect. I fully expect cosmetic microtransations, the potential for Javelin skins are too good to pass up. I could see skins, booster effects, lighting packages, weapon camo, etc. They're going to have to have a solid loot pool implemented with good variety, and specific ways to get some. They're also going to need to have way better communication with the playerbase than Bungie has done. Right now D2's community is just a wave of rage and Bungie is just adding more to the landslide dropping into the ocean. Its amazing how they can't implement mass deletion of shaders until later this year (even though you can do this with important items), but can delay Faction Rally for a month just to nerf token acquisitions. Basically don't make the classic mistake of prioritizing reward nerfs over serious issues with the game. Especially if the rewards are lackluster in the first place. From that last video it seems Bioware has been paying attention to Destiny 2 and The Division and taking notes on what and what not do. They have a lot riding on this game. People can give Andromeda a pass since it was a B team studio, but if this gets fucked up, their rep is going to take some irreversible damage. At a time where there aren't many developers left that are still viewed highly by gamers, we definitely don't need that to happen.
  6. It is dubbed, but Its def not the best dub I've ever heard. Maybe its just the main character that feels uninspired. Overall its was ok, the last 15 minutes is the best part. Seeing as this is "Part 1" I feel they spent too much time going over the theory of relativity and how much time had past on Earth despite only being gone 20 years. The first hour is spend on humanity bickering about the state of things, the last 30+ minutes is actually doing something about it. The trailer made it seem like this was MONSTER PLANET, but is really just Godzilla and some metal pterodactyls. A lot of tropes and cliche moments, and in the end, I'm ready for Part 2 because it seems like it will be the movie we thought this one was going to be. There is a post credits scene as well.
  7. I've owned 3 cars now. My first car was a 1993 Nissan Maxima. It had 110k miles on it and it served me well until 215k miles. An alternator and a break hose were the only major repairs I've ever had to have done on it. Then I got a 2004 Mazda3 which also served me well from 11k miles to 80k miles, a fuel purge sensor was the only major repair I ever had to do on it. I'd still have it if some kid didn't pull out in front of my and total it. With the insurance check I should have just put a nice down payment on a brand new car... but at the time I didn't want a car note so I got the only thing I could find... a 2004 Ford Mustang. It had less miles than my Mazda so I figured it was like I just had this car all along since it was the same year. Wrong, its been the biggest POS I've ever owned. I've had to have the power steering pump replaced twice, major exhaust work twice, serpentine belt, entire ABS system, read axle, front calipers, CV joint, motor fan, and the transmission that was put in to replace the already busted on they tried to sell the car with, is about to go out again... to top it all off the paint just started crumbling off the car and now its rusting. I bought it with 65k miles and now it has 116k miles. Now that my college loan is almost finally paid off, I'm looking to get a brand new Honda Civic or VW Golf. The Civic is a car I've always wanted since wanting a car, but the Golf is very nice and has more horsepower. I'll never buy another ford car again. I remember when my exhaust system basically fell off the car because the manifold cracked... the muffler shop I went to basically said "Yeah this is pretty common at 90k miles for this car" which I was pretty much at... wtf. Screw Ford. I've never had so many catastrophic failures with a vehicle.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Thanks. Eh I'm not sold on the rear cam. The only time I'd ever really use it is for having to parallel park, which is an absolute rarity. Or backing into a parking space. It does have a nice feature that you can make it look directly down so you can line up the prefect parking job.  Its susceptible to the weather though. One thing that the VW had was that its camera was build into the back logo that acted as the latch to open the back. It popped out when activated so it never got wet. It rained today and while it didn't really affect it this time, I did see a giant water droplet in the top corner. XD 

      I'm really loving the CVT transmission. There are a lot of hilly roads where i live and the CVT doesn't miss a beat when driving up them. I never feel the weight of the car slowing down the vehicle. I don't have to press further down on the gas to keep speed which I find very interesting. I just see the RPM meter go up and the car keeps going the same speed.

      The biggest adjustment I have to make is the lights. I have it on auto so the appropriate lighting activates depending on the time of day or weather conditions. When I get to my destination I'm always anxious when I lock the doors and walk away when the lights are still on. They shut off about a minute after. I do like how the doors lock after 30 seconds of the engine being off and the key isn't in the ignition or when I put it in drive and start moving. I've been behind the curve on car technology for so long it's definitely taking some adjustment. Its not really the advancement in technology, its the fact that all of this stuff that you could only get on a $60k luxury car 10 years ago now comes standard on a base model compact sedan. My Maxima, Mazda 3, and Mustang were well equipped trims, and besides the sound system, they don't come close to all the bells and whistles this civic has.

    2. Sledgstone


      That cvt transmission sounds very nice. I've never driven a car up a hill like that without having to push more on the pedal. Can you turn the lights off if you wanted to if they auto turn on? The one thing I thought was really odd was losing that functionality with my corolla. At night the lights auto turn on but if I go to pick someone up at work I try to park away from a window because i can't turn the headlights off at night. My car was really basic low end when i got it in 2010, but nowadays the tech is crazy. Built in gps, satellite radio, apps, back up camera, bluetooth for phones, voice recognition, turn nobs for gear shifting, etc. My father in laws new truck has the oddest key. Its literally the fob itself that you insert into the ignition and it locks in place like a magnet. I've seen other cars with smart keys that only need to be in the car and you push a start button. But that uses rfid tech that I don't have any real faith in security tho. 

    3. DeathscytheX


      I'm not sure. I mean I can adjust the settings manually. I can turn the head lights off for sure, but I'll have to check on the LED day lights. I think those might stay on regardless.
      The CVT is really nice. I've read the technology had a rough start, at least for some american car makers. Honda's is one of the best. I've read its cheaper to maintain in case something goes wrong because its belts and pulleys rather than a giant tube of gears you have to completely disassemble just to see what's wrong.
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  8. I finished this tonight and it was outstanding. The introduction of new recurring character was well done, and kept things fresh. Rebecca and Nix were welcomed additions, while keeping things classic with Zenigata. Its 22 Episodes with an OVA that was hysterical. It was a nice mix of failed and successful heists, sentimental endings, the classic Lupin/Zenigata temporary truce eps, and an ep for each Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko. While each heist was its own individual story, they had a overlaying continuity to it. A villain was introduced near the end but it never really came to fruition. As I've said, the animation is great with how they kept it traditional with a mix of new lighting and shading techniques. The original English VA cast returned and that's always a huge plus. The OST was great too. The original theme is absent (apparently for the dub), but the new music is really good. If you're a Lupin fan, you'll definitely be pleased with what they've done, they didn't miss a beat.
  9. Yes Please... I really loved the dark take on A Woman Called Fujiko Mine. This one looks to go back to the light hearted comedic style. I have no problem with that. Lupin has always been one of my favorite series. I love the old animation style mixed with new effects.
  10. I think that part is bugged because I died on the exact part. But the way it was presented it was like you could stop pressing it because the button complete disappeared after a while and I thought the cutscene was going to play out.
  11. Did anyone else watch the season premier after TWD? Hopefully this season is more than 6 episodes. I thought it was a solid start. Whoever does the choreography for the fight scenes is outstanding. Fight scenes are not cheap to produce from what I've gathered over various behind the scenes interviews I've watched the past few years. Not good ones at least. The sword play and martial arts training alone costs money, and this show goes a step further with dangerous stunts. These are A-lister movie quality stunts that may take several takes to get correct.
  12. This gadget seems like a must. I doubt everyone will be running around with it because tanks are still the biggest threat to ground troops. At the same time, people never picked the AA tanks, unless it was a map with no aircraft or blimp. I'm sure it hasn't changed where people pick the wrong tank type. At least it gives someone the option to do something about the planes when they get fed up with them. It still looks skill based, you have to lead off. They'll probably nerf the projectile speed to make it harder to lead with.