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  1. I guess this trailer released a bit early because the end shows a E3 2017 walkthrough. you can't click on it though, and its not on their main video list.
  2. If done right this would be worth $20 a year to me. I could play SNES games I'd would and would buy again and would not buy generally speaking. A netflix for classic games.
  3. ROTFLMAO It was probably some social experiment. Yeah I have Blaster Master, Its really good, but I stopped half way through. I save those games for instances where the power/internet goes out, or a trip to firestone. I'd like to see more games ported like this. The graphics are really nice. It keeps the traditional visuals, but they are cleaned up to have none of the old flashing/fading glitchy errors. I'd love for them to do Super Metriod like this.
  4. Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles are probably my favorite games in the series. I hope this is as good. I'll def be getting it for the Switch. With night shifts starting tomorrow, I might find myself at Firestone before work, instead of being able to drop it off and pick it up when my shift is over. All they ever play is the gameshow network on their TV. I need some games that will last on the 6 hour spectrum of battery life.
  5. I wish they would make a proper Godzilla game that wasn't a fighting game or rampage game. Something where you had to fight classic villains and gain/upgrade your abilities.
  6. I doubt we'll ever get a western release. But Apparently this will have Godzilla, Eva-01, Ultraman, Ghidorah, and Gamera among others.
  7. With Red Dead and AC7 delayed, I'm more likely to get this game. I'm not giving my money to COD anymore. They'll ruin WWII with supply drops. If I want RNG shit, I'll just play Destiny instead. At least I can open world it. I also want to play it for the thin hope that we get some answers from the last game. My dream would be fully restoring Rasputin and having it demolish the Cabal. Rasputin was probably my favorite mystery of the first game more so than the Queen. The one strike we got made me want even more.
  8. I'm pretty excited for this.
  9. Well, no more infinite melee shield recharge for titan.
  10. Diablo 3 is finally getting an expansion pack with a new class "The Crusader". The level cap will be raised to 70. WARNING: Trailer contains spoilers about the end of Diablo 3. Here is a non-spoiler trailer on the Crusader Click here to view the article
  11. Make multiple save files too, even some minor things you do can change the story in the 3rd game... Including your choice in characters dying. So make sure you back yourself up in case you might not like what you did. I played solider in all 3 games and it is easy mode. You can beast through just about anything.
  12. You have a few squad deaths later in the game. One you can't avoid, the other is avoidable. It's been so long I can't remember much about gearing other NPCs. You'll be spending a good many hours exploring the citadel before you get into exploring planets. Make sure you interact with everyone. You can pick up some side quests for when you finally depart. Use nades. You should get them pretty frequently from containers. Same with medigel. Use them if you're about to die. Dying isn't very forgiving in this game if you don't save often... Unless they've patched in autosave years later, it didn't exist when the game first came out. You don't really need to micromanage combat. But you'll find out who is good without commands and who isn't. Wrex needs to be on your party at all times tbh. Everyone else is up to you.
  13. So thats why it felt so easy? I was destroying all the bosses, blues, and legendary enemies so easily. I have rapid fire on at all times with vault and rain of vengeance. I pretty much just vault away leaving the burning trail behind me and continue my rapid fire with the rune that makes it use very little hatred... it might as well be the primary attack. Most my gear has either regen HP on hit or per second. I rarely ever had to use a potion or well... and then the frenzied shrines made it even more OP.
  14. I was bored, so I bought Reaper of Souls. I forgot how bad the loot drop rate was when I first played. I still had blues on my Demon Hunter. But after 2-3 hours I had 4 legendary armor pieces. The loot table is a lot nicer now than it was when this game first came out... what is it when these companies making shit loot systems, and then scratching their heads why players don't like it? I still think its funny how you only get blues for quests though. Overall the story was pretty good. It took about 7-8 hours to beat.... and thats with exploring every corner and going in all the fake paths on purpose just to get loot. The last boss was a lot eaiser than Diablo and only had 2 stages. The ending was a bit cliche though. If you ever see a sale, its worth picking up for just the story. I might try adventure mode later.
  15. This is a movie. I thought it was a series. I just finished it and it's worth watching. The only thing that throws me off is the style must be the same exact people that did Ajin, because characters move exactly the same, and the faces are all very similar.
  16. There was a massive oversaturation of Mars movies and space films in general that year. I think thats what turned my Dad off sci-fi movies, and movies in general after 2000. We use to go see every sci-fi flick that came out, and then after that year we stopped going to so many movies. Mission to Mars was a better film IMO, I remember a 3rd mars movie coming out that year as well. Supernova came out that year too and it was so fucking terrible. It mostly had to do with how it was advertised. The trailer made you think there was some creature after the crew of the ship.... but in the end it was just a bunch of zero g sex scenes even though getting pregnant in space was illegal, and one of the crew got space dementia and started killing everyone.
  17. Super Mario Bros. is a cinematic masterpiece. Wing Commander's story telling was non existent. I remember seeing it with my Dad and he had no idea who the big tiger guys were and why they were the villains.
  18. I never got into Samurai Jack, and now I really don't like Samurai Jack because the marathon is going to delay the AoT dub episode on Funimation since it wont air on CN this week. -_-; WTF.

    1. Sledgstone


      I wish the ending went a bit differently but I am glad we finally got closure. The series was definitely artistic. The purposeful lack of black border lines is what really thru alot of people off from it in the beginning. Its alot like the cell shading and wrong human body types in Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. That game's lack of black border lines separating colors and large heads thru me off from that game initially. Samurai Jack grew on me quick tho. The 300 episode with the Spartans was one of my favorites. :D And anything with the Scotsman. :D

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Meh, I felt the ending was forced as if they were just trying to live up to our expectations but fell sadly short (I mean I was all happy for Jack until the ending fully played out, plus the whole Daughters of Aku thing jsut didn't fell natural for how the show originally progressed). Honestly I thought they could of done more with the ending, maybe flesh out the season some more of make a sixth season to wrap everything up a lot nicer. Ohwell, overall it wasn't badly done it just left a sour taste in my mouth.

      Honestly I never had a problem with the art direction (in fact I actually really like it) then again I'm an artist and I like this artsy shit (though cel shading will never be art, it's just poorly done and looks terrible). I thought it fit the story and setting quite well. Honestly I really need to re-watch the series completely to get a better feel for the ending because I honestly don't remember it all that well beyond Season 2 (I've seen it completely through but I honestly don't remember the middle two seasons)

    3. Sledgstone


      Me and lady rewatched the entire series just before the final season began airing. It helped alot since so many characters and events were referenced in season 5. I was hoping Jack would have defeated aku twice. Once in the future and again in the past.. just in case that future was already set as an alternate time line regardless of the past being changed at that point. It broke my heart to think that the butterfly effect of Jack defeating aku in the past would negate everything he did in the future and all the ppl who may not even exist now as a result of the time line change. I wish we could have gotten an epilogue with scenes of an aku free future were the Scotsman was still enjoying life with his daughters. 

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  19. I Am Legend was a terrible movie. Its up there with Supernova, Wing Commander, and Red Planet.
  20. Eh, they should stop making these. They'll never recapture the magic of the first 4. Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride were the only good actors in this film... Danny McBride, let that sink in. He actually did a surprisingly good job of being something other than an arrogant buffoon he's type casted himself as. They basically threw out the whole lore of Xenomorphs and did whatever the hell they wanted to in this film. Now you can get chest busters, back bursters, and mouth bursters in several different ways. They come out as mini Xenomorphs now, instead of the traditional chest burster... even if someone gets facehugged the old fashion way... nope. Mini-Xeno! and then they become giant within seconds? I mean, I know they grow pretty fast... but hey lets make it even faster. And then lets take one, stand in a circle around it a shoot 1000 rounds into it, and magically no one gets shot or bathed in acid blood.. just one person dies because of possibly a tail swipe, but you don't know really until you get it on DVD and do it in slow mo. The mystery of the Xenomorph's origin is ruined by some lame explanation. Most the characters are idiots like MyK said... and the ungodly inconsistency in one of Fassbenders characters was so forced to try to make suspense, it didn't work because it was obvious what had happened. The end was shit. I probably shouldn't even use a spoiler tag to save you the money, but I'll do it. This film is pretty much a direct sequel to Prometheus.