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  1. , yeah so about Battlefield... j/k
  2. Uses the same CG style as Ajin. Looks interesting though.
  3. I understood it as the humans were flawed and saw as intruders without the net gene code. The outbreak is what caused them to not have it anymore after a few generations?
  4. LOL, you're still paying for those domain names? I forgot all about those.
  5. Well it kinda makes sense, they did butcher the original story and boot the guy that made it. It wasn't exactly on good terms either so I doubt he would let them profit off the story they fucked up. He's probably the only one that knows what the darkness was supposed to be. it was quite the oversight. I'd love for the original script/vision/story board to leak or come out in its entirety one day.
  6. Arekkz referencing GW2 World Bosses... wishful thinking... but cool to hear him say it.
  7. It doesn't sound stupid. I've actually had lengthy convos with Sledge about this, and we both pretty much agree. Although putting a PC together isn't that difficult, the parts may look "scary" to most, and the thought of it is a hassle to a lot that are just lazy like me. If you make a modular console where you plug boxes together like legos, even the the least technically inclined could do it without worrying about breaking stuff, software malfunctions, or part compatibility. I could see them selling a new GPU/CPU unit for $100-150 ever 3 years or so, just plug it in and play the newest games. Maybe you can even get a discount by trading your old part so it can be certified refurb, or so Sony/MS can reuse the plastic casing if they make it super standardized. By this time I see console gaming going full digital as well. Discs will definitely be gone. They might resort to a USB stick or even a cartridge like the Switch where the game installs off of it for those that lack internet access. But I think it would be less of a hassle to do it 100% digital. This way the online store can read your hardware and stop you from purchasing games that you don't have the necessary upgrades for as your system ages. Otherwise people that just don't pay attention, whether it be the actual gamer, or the clueless parent buying their kid a game will get frustrated, when they can't play the game they bought/got for Playstation Modular, even though the game says its for that system. As someone that works retail, (As Strider also knows) refunds are a hassle, and restocking costs labor. Its not as simple as bringing it back. One return doesn't cost very much, but as they rack up, it adds up. The nature of the return in a business where the customer is always right, a lot of the time stuff can't be restocked and sold, and its just a loss.
  8. Hi, welcome to AC! We def started out as an anime discussion community 17-18 years ago? (How old are we now @Sledgstone?) But now we're really a bit of everything. We're a lot more gaming oriented now TBH, but I still love and watch anime, a long with the few of us that still roam around these parts.
  9. Its still seems pretty limited power wise. All these PS4 Pros and Xbox One X's still run these games at 30FPS. At the same time It's not really any companies fault. Kinda/sorta related, I read an article a few days ago about why game loading times are still atrocious, and its due to hardware limitations overall. Even for PC, we've reached a peak on harddrive read times while CPU and GPU tech advances. Even SSD aren't fast enough. HDD/SSD tech is still growing, but at a much slower rate than CPU and GPU. So technically you could drop a bomb ass CPU/GPU into these consoles and make the most beautiful games.... with 10 min loading screens. I do believe Bioware will deliver a game much better than destiny. I think its a stretch that it will last 10 years, especially with a new Playstation and Xbox coming out within the next 6 maybe? I'd say we're half way through this gen's lifespan. Maybe I'm wrong... but its pretty hard to stay relevant for that long. I'd like to see it happen. In my older age, I tend to stay loyal to games as long as their fun and people are playing them. I've played Overwatch for more than a year... longer than I've spent on any shooter since BF2. I prefer the longevity model, because annual releases = less quality. Look what it has done to Battlefield. I'd like to have something similar Destiny promised in this game.
  10. The kung fu shoes look so bad. I get he was trying to show off the weapons, but he used the whip so little compared to the others... well the Kung Fu shoes were pretty short lived too. Even in its current state I'd still buy this. I just hope a few QoL things get added in before launch, It's due in March next year.... So I doubt they're done with polish. Castlevania was a love hate with me. I remember how much I enjoyed Lament of Innocence for the PS2... and then God of War came out and blew it out of the water mechanically, while offering the same violence and puzzles on a higher level. It felt clunky as fuck after that and I never bought another Castlevania game again. God of War owned my heart for hack/slash/platformers. I'll be getting this for the switch. Just about any side scroller that comes out I'll get it on the switch. I have a lot more use for mobile mode on the switch than I thought I would. If the power goes out (And its hurricane season) I'll get a few hours of entertainment out of it. Or if I'm stuck at Firestone for car maintenance. I have Blaster Master Zero, and I'll be picking up Sonic Mania as well. As long as they keep them coming I'll keep building my library.
  11. This is a kickstarter funded game from the lead producer of the Castlevania series. It looks neat, but needs a bit of polishing. The game is still a year out so there is time. I'd like to see a quick swap mapping on the D pad or a quick menu for weapons. The claymore is very situational, I don't see myself ever using it if I have to pause to swap weapons every time. The whip looked like the best weapon from what they had access too, but they barely used it.
  12. I liked that War mode, it was tons of fun. Now you have to build stuff and then escort the tank. It sounds cool, but Its going to be like Operations in BF1 where no one is playing the objective, and the builders will just get rekt because "Muh KD". Its starts out like zombies almost and ends like Overwatch... I find it laughable YTers are bitching about no killstreaks in it. GTFO, you'd never be able to escort the tank with constant bombing runs on it. That would be like Reinhardt and Junkrat with infinite ults on defense. The WaW War mode was great because while it was objective based, farming kills still got you where you needed to go. So even people that weren't really playing it right were helping. Watching the tide of battle change with that solider meter up top was thrilling. Yeah, I remember that match, Screw you with that Type 99.
  13. They just said this will be a 10 year game.... you know... like Destiny was suppose to be. Oh boy... I highly doubt it. You'd have to deliver one hell of a full experience to keep selling $30 expacs that continuously deliver amazing content. For a console game I just don't see how its possible. The Hype behind Destiny's claim was believable at the time, because next gen was still pretty new, and we didn't know the extent of it's limitations. That being said, I can see this game lasting 3-4 years. The javelin suits have a lot of potential to sell cosmetics
  14. The game overall looks pretty fun. But the loot system is going to ruin it with the P2W guns.
  15. Its kinda hard to describe what it is. It plays like M64, but its nothing like it. Its very exploratory from the videos I've watched, you'll have to check them out on YT, they're all 30 min long on the 2-3 levels they showed off. I'm pretty excited about it though. It's the closest to a sandbox Mario game we've had yet... and I'm always a sucker for exploring.
  16. I'm pretty sure its make your own story where scenes only resets on you "dying" or a pivotal part of the story dies like the kid. The differences will be in successful solutions. I'll probably get this game when it goes on the cheap, it looks cool, but not $60 cool for my tastes.
  17. Activision: Screwing fans over since 1982.
  18. Condi'ed out my Rev WvW style. I need 2 earrings and I'll be fully ascended. Cost me 400g to do for the armor. I already had the mace/axe/staff to stat swap. I didn't get to test it out because I spent 4 hours farming AB for Superior Runes of Durability. But it gave me a chance to learn the class more. I have 20k HP, a ton of toughness, and I can rack up 4k ticks of torment and confusion on vets. Getting rolled on by arrowheads only takes 15% of my HP. XD I can't wait to give this a shot tomorrow night with what I have.

    1. Sledgstone


      I'm surprised you actually saw Cloud Fly die. XD Use berserker stance for the resistance to negate condi damage and try to go berserk mode as much as possible since the eternal champion trait will give you stability whenever you break a stun and enter berserk mode. Thats how I secure alot of stomps in pvp with my warrior. Headbutt alone is a stun break so I usually get stability from it, then it hits, activate berserk for even more stability. I don't have to dedicate any utilities for stability with that eternal champ trait. :D

    2. DeathscytheX


      Yeah I'm sticking with Dire Guard... this shit is so OP it should be illegal. XD Purging Flames does 10k damage? WTF? I nuked some guy overlooking a gate we were flame ramming. He didn't expect it and just got insta downed and melted. I have 22.5k HP. I played for a little bit in JQBL with a small squad of about 7. Is always fun when someone comes to attack you like a DD, thinking your an AH Frontline, and you drop that burn on them and they freak out and run away. I watched 3 people just run from me when I dropped purging flames on them. Most of the time it kills them if they aren't a warrior or rev. XD I had a Warrior do GS3 off a ledge just so I couldn't get his bag. Judges Intervention also adds to it as well, because I got someone that was with him and jumped on their corpse thinking they could 2v1 me. XD 

      I tried to play in a big zerg on EB, but I couldn't get into the squad because it was full. I did ok, but I wasn't getting any of the group support so when my stability and cleanse ran out I often got gravity welled... damn FA loves their mesmers. Its pretty annoying... the whole condi meta is a bit absurd. I'd die and WP only to have 5-6 bags in my inventory from people that died from my flame nuke. WvW should really be put on its own mode with a PvP type class builder. Burn guard is way more OP in WvW than it is in PvP. I mean, I can launch 5k ticks of burning without purging flames. Condi needs to be toned down a lot, but I'll keep abusing the shit out of it until its fixed. Dire gear is super cheap... and the trinkets are cheap too because Tequatl's fang and Amulet of Triple Curiosity are both Dire. The rings are 3g each, and you'll spend about 6-7g on the armor. Luckily I kept the 2 level 80 back pieces from the druid stone asc back collection and got a exotic dire back going too. I could give the other one to my necro if i wanted to try Dire Reaper.

    3. Sledgstone


      I should work on that druid back piece. I completely threw that to the back burner and forgot all about it. I'll probably buy another blood ruby backpack and blood ruby amulet tho and use those instead since they are quasi legendary. I can select dire (or trailblazer) stats on them and if I ever want to change it, it only costs 100 UB to buy the capacitor to stat swap it. Its one of the main reasons I do 2 bsf dailies every day. Once the next expansion comes out and if viper, or celestial or commander, etc. becomes the meta for guardian, I'll quickly have a back, amulet and earring stat swapped and ready to go. Same with all my other characters. I'm trying to get at least half of them setup with these 3 bloodstone ascended items each.

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  19. It really ruined Assault Horizon for me. I enjoyed the variety they had in what I played like the chopper mission, but dog fighting mode was such a shit mechanic, I got bored half way through and never finished the game.
  20. That was the first game I ever hated. Atari games hold their charm because the vast majority of them were about getting the highest scores rather than completing them to get an ending. I can't even remember one that had an ending.
  21. I'm already seeing YT videos "89 Kills on War!!!!!" Yup.. plaything the mode not as intended.
  22. Screw that.
  23. I'm of above average skill on AC as well, but If I don't have to not use XLAAs, I won't pass on them. I mean I could probably take it down no problem with the A-10 if I really wanted too. doesn't mean I'm going to. I'll leave that to the YT masochists. The only mission I remember being super frustrating to me was the one with the asshat in the MiG, and there was a time limit. I basically had to kill his ass with the mini gun because he could evade all my missiles until time ran out. After that though I was able to strafe his ass instantly. I forgot which game that was. Oh and so far, I'm happy I don't see any dog fighting mode. Good riddance.