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  1. If you're not up to speed on your Norse mythology. The World Serpent is Loki's middle child Jormungand. Thor threw him in the ocean as a child and he became so large he could grasp his own tail, which earned him the name World Serpent. When he releases his tail Ragnarok begins. Obviously GoW has always put its creative liberties in the story. But if I had to guess Loki is the one that is speaking to Kratos in the middle of the trailer, and Jormungand is going to help you in some way fight Thor... Somehow Kratos is getting screwed either at the end or mid way and we're gonna kill them all. PS5 we'll move on to Egypt.
  2. lmao, I think you're remembering Super Metroid wrong, because it was the exact same thing. You'd always have to come back and go back to get new abilities and power ups to access the next tier of the level. metroid's design has always been that way to gate you from getting to bosses that were too strong. The final boss was absurd in MP1. I remember having 12 levels of HP/Shields and I beat it with 1 layer left. The only thing that was annoying about MPP compared to SM was back tracking involved fighting annoying mini bosses over again. I can't remember if it was 1 or 2 that had those ghost monsters that made the whole room go dark. I hated going back into those rooms because I knew it was going to happen almost every time. I think you suffer from selective nostalgia, because I do it too. When I bought the Mega Man collection for PS3 a long time ago, after I died on the first boss I picked, I never touched it again. I'm too old to have the patience for that shit. But I did play a Super Metroid rom maybe 2-3 years ago and I remember admiring how advanced it was for its time to have just one giant level with no "loading" or what ever cartridges did back in the day when it transitioned from level to level. There was a ton of going back, just so you could roll through a small crevasse or bomb jump to get some random item.
  3. Sadly the cut content wont be in the game.
  5. Sadly, this is too objective based for COD. It will be hard to find a game shortly after release after everyone migrates to TDM. Drift0r's point about stats is everything, people care too much about their K/D to die a lot, in order to help the team win. LOL @ using the phone for the recon plane WTF that looks stupid. I like how this guy experiences what I get in COD games since MW3. A bunch of hitmarkers for him, but instant death when he gets shot.
  6. My top 5 games I've played since last E3.

    1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    2. NieR: Automata
    3. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    4. Ratchet & Clank
    5. Battlefield 1 Campaign

    That's pretty loose because technically Uncharted 4 came out a month before last E3, but I didn't play it until a few months after it came out. I tried not to put multiplayer/MMOs in there, but so little games impressed me enough into a purchase, this is the list I was left with. BF1's Campaign was pretty damn good though, despite my grudge against the MP as a whole, I can't overlook that. The episodic nature of it really worked well, and the finale of each were really epic. Kudos to DICE for finally making a competent single player experience outside of Bad Company. 

    My first 2 are leaps and bounds above the rest of the list. Uncharted 4 was outstanding, but in my heart and mind, I can't find it to be super memorable. This is because I played 1-4 in 5-6 days, and a lot of it jumbles to together into one big game. While 4 had amazing visuals, and more polished controls, it was more of the same from the last 3. But honestly that's not bad at all. The story and characters I loved very much, which caused me to buy the 4th immediately after beating the collection.

    Zelda brought something completely new to the series, while keeping it very familiar. It's a masterpiece I hope everyone gets to enjoy. NeiR was just something new and refreshing from the norm. Despite its many flaws, its one of my favorite games of all time. I didn't think I'd like having to play through multiple times to get the real ending, but I actually did. The combat, story, and above all the music was just spectacular. It's def one of those games that not enough people will get to play because it fell through the cracks.

    1. Sledgstone


      The BF1 campaign was the best content DICE has ever made. I really need to play Uncharted 4. I was going to try it the other day but PSN's download speeds are so garbage it took my ps4 8 hours to download the game completely even though I have 200 mpbs connection.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Hmmmm. I dunno if I'd put BF1 over BFBC2's campaign. If you ever see it on the cheap for, its worth picking up for the campaign even if no one plays the MP anymore.

    3. Sledgstone


      I probably own it on my origin account. I'll have to check it later.

  7. Those pant-shorts are killing me.
  8. It ruined her mystique for sure, but it wouldn't get in the way of making a decent Zero suit game, or a mechanic where she is without her suit for part of the game but can still kick ass. There is def a lot more female gamers now than say 10-20 years ago. But the market is still dominated by males and sex sells. 25-38 is actually the biggest consumer of gaming as of a few years ago when I read up on it. Basically us that started with Atari/NES, we are the biggest consumers. Samus was well ahead of her time. I want to say it wasn't until Lara Croft when another big female star was born, but she was very sexualized, which they managed to tone down with the latest series. But visually shes still very attractive. I think Overwatch has done an excellent job with Female diversity. They got a lot of flak at first when Windowmaker, Tracer, and Phara were the first female characters to be introduced. There was actually a really interesting article I read recently where during development, Blizzard approached China about Mei to make sure she wasn't culturally offensive. They scoffed at the character and wanted her to have a big butt and small waist like Widowmaker, but Blizz put their foot down and said no, eventually they gave the character the go ahead. Zarya is probably the strongest character meta wise in the tank class. But back on subject: WTF, Every Metroid game was about back tracking dating back to Super Metroid.
  9. I don't think the inner man thighs counter balance the giant boobs and bikini bottoms of the female characters in that trailer.
  10. YES!!! Finally a traditional Kirby game and not some racing game or yarn game. Can we get a DK Country now?
  11. I get why they did it. Fans have been bitching about Nintendo's lack of support for this series since Metroid Prime 3. I never played that one because it was Wiimote controls only. 1 and 2 were some of the best if not the best games released on the Gamecube and for the series as a whole. I remember playing 10 minutes of it at Babbages and instantly buying a Gamecube with MP1 and Mario Sunshine. Metroid seems all but dead. Another M apparently was a terrible game that sold horribly and Nintendo used it as an excuse not to make any more games. But it was like saying because DK bongo didn't sell well, we'll never make another DK Country game ever again. Thinking about it, thats what they've done actually. Nintendo is listening for once. BOTW was amazing, Odyssey looks really good and now we get a traditional Metroid Prime and Kirby game. Make me a DK Country and Earthworm Jim and damn I'll be completely satisfied with this generation of Nintendo.
  12. Sweet!
  13. I've never played this game, but I will pick it up. It has a pretty big cult following. There are people that still play this game to this day trying to find secrets. I watched a documentary video where a bunch of Colossi were cut from the original games because of the limited hardware and time constraints. A lot of hardcore fans are hoping at least some this content gets restored into this remake.
  14. I'll have a group to play with so if proves to be better than the first I'll buy the first DLC. I doubt I'll get the second. I already told them once Anthem hits, provided its further showings are as spectacular and the details are solid, they can either jump ship or play without me.
  15. Sadly Anthem won't be out until Destiny is in its 2nd expansion pack if they follow the same content release schedule. Otherwise I wouldn't give this game a thought. The devs also said they wouldn't be answering what the darkness was in this game which is wierd. I'll buy the base game to give me something to do til GoW/AC7/RDR2. But if they don't answer anything about Rasputin, I'm done with this story.
  16. OMG the main characters English VA is terrible. Holy cow its bad. wtf.
  17. I hope the NX is amazing so I can justify buying one. I hate that his franchise is locked into a platform of a company that has been complacent about its fanbase for 15+ years. Its basically the only good thing Nintendo has had going for it for 20 years outside of Metriod Prime 1 and 2.
  18. I'll give credit where its due. Microsoft had a pretty good E3 presentation. But sadly for them the XBox One X is like the Wii U in title. Its going to get them screwed up. On top of that what percentage of the base is going to be using 4k? $500 is steep. Its like the Goldstar 3DO... unnecessarily ahead of its time. They had some time exclusive stuff, but Sony had real exclusives like Spider-Man, Days Gone, and of course God of War.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Problem is why would you shell out money for a console with a 4k BD Player if you don't have a TV capable of playing it? I think this is the reason Sony didn't go with one, why waste money and potential sales due to cost when most of your consumer base doesn't have the tech to run it. Then again I say this after buying a PC more powerful than the XBoneX/PS4 Pro will ever be (though I do not have a 4k BD player or 4k monitor and I wouldn't waste money on it. 4k gaming is a pipe dream that only the super rich can afford and at that it's not true 4k gaming since most PC's aren't powerful enough to run it). I didn't really catch the conference since I've lost all interest in E3 (I get more excited for TGS and Gamescom) but I got the gist from Twitter (and most people were pretty underwhelmed by MS's showing).

      Reason why Sony has more exclusives is because they are actually focused on gaming, not being the center entertainment hub of you're room (which is MS's big thing for the XBoneX).

    2. DeathscytheX


      I'm going to be salty when XBone gets the early access to all the Anthem content. I know its coming since they get the Battlefield stuff. Kinda sad that we got Activision this time when last gen it was flip flopped. I know I was glad to get Destiny exclusives before ya know... I never got them. *cough*Hawkmoon*cough*. But fuck COD.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      You know it's going to happen what with Playstation having timed exclusivity for Destiny 2 content and sadly it's only fair. The XBone hasn't really had any exclusive DLC for games that are really worth anything (their only real exclusive worth anything is Halo and those honestly aren't worth the console anymore).

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