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    God of War

    So far this game in incredible. The story is freaking amazing and has me nerding out over all the nice surprises and twists they've done with Norse mythology. I'll be curious to see how the more casual fans react to this entry into the series. Gone are the days of mashing X, Square, and Triangle mindlessly. You have to be calculating in this game. Dodge and blocks are very important as quite a few enemies can one shot, or stun lock you to death with a 2-3 hit combo. Checkpoints are super forgiving so you often might find yourself entering the same room 2-3 times or more depending on your skill level to figure out the best way to survive an encounter. Combat feels brutal as where enemies can one shot you... you can one shot them if you are patient, and are good with timing. Once you unlock enough abilities on the tree, Kratos has quite a few wind up/big blow hits that will take down some of the mid to hard tier enemies fast. Also, you can normally tell when an enemy is going for a one shot kill. Each attack a monster does will either ping yellow or red before the strike... this only happens for a brief second, but its enough time to dodge out of the way. If it pings red, you better dodge or you'll die. Later in the game you have the option to buy Revive stones, but I haven't really needed them and they cost too much when I'm trying to upgrade my gear. Spartan Rage is an amazing ability which is basically a berserk meter. For the duration of the meter you have rapid big damage fist attacks and slams. You regen health every hit, but you are not invincible, just more durable. You can cancel for a sizable cost of the meter, and it takes a good while to build up. So it is best saved for groups of harder enemies, or big enemies like Trolls and Ogres. While the game is amazing, its gameplay mechanics are not perfect. My biggest gripe is the auto targeting is wonky at times. Ill be setting up a combo on something only for Kratos to start swinging at the air because he locked on to another monster further away. It doesn't happen too much, but it is an issue. The game tries to give you warning arrows on incoming attacks from behind, but sometimes the camera gets in too close to where you can't see them, and if its something that can one hit you, then you're gonna die pretty much. On the dialogue part, everything is very entertaining. My only complaint is that some of the interesting banter gets needlessly interrupted. Mostly when you are in a boat, Atreus and Kratos have conversations, but when you dock, Kratos stops and tells Atreus its time to focus or something. In a game that is 50% exploring/puzzle solving and 50% combat, its kind of needless that he can't finish the story or thought until next time you get into the boat again. I've learned to just sit there by the dock until the story is done and then get off.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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    Anthem (Bioware's Destiny)

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    Lost in Space - Netflix

    An entertaining watch, but kind of annoying all the way though. Half of the major characters are insufferable, and the story is a never ending series of calamities and inconveniences that amounts to such impossible odds for a string of bad luck. Mrs. Robinson is super annoying and comes off as a control freak, later you learn of her plight but by that time you don't care because shes been such a stuck up bitch 1/4th of the series. Will Robinson is a constant fuck up, making tons of annoying mistakes... this doesn't happen until a little later so he's an ok character at first then you just grow to despise him. I think John Robinson, Don West, and Judy Robinson were the only three characters I liked besides the robot. Dr. Smith was an interesting twist on the character, but she's completely unbelievable as so many coincidences fall in her favor in what she is doing. Don't get me wrong, the acting is quite good, I'm sure this is how the characters are suppose to be portrayed... but holy shit I wanted people to die. The special effects were top notch. Only a few times did they falter a little bit in the CG department... nothing as bad as the zipline scene from Punisher.
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    God of War

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    Deadpool 2

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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    So its a repeat of Jurassic Park 2, except the just made a giant raptor... I'll still go see this, but damn it doesn't look like it's bringing anything new to the table. We've already seen dinosaurs roaming the streets of a populated city.
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    June 11th Is Coming.

    Pretty much. Mediacom and Comcast are the only two "good" providers in this area. They don't operate in the same area, so you can only get one or the other based on where you live in the city. The only other options are shitty U-Verse... which is slow and unreliable and a company called Hughesnet which is satellite internet that will go out during any kind of inclement weather. Its been that way ever since I've lived here. I remember years ago when Mediacom internet would go out even if it was a light drizzle so maybe it is their servers... even though it doesn't happen anymore, I doubt it. I just know the data caps came with the passing of Net Neutrality.... and as we speak I see the light on my PS4 external HDD going nuts... God of War is preloading so now we def went over the limit.
  9. DeathscytheX

    June 11th Is Coming.

    It will be interesting to see what happens, but I doubt much will change for years if at all. If anything so called "Net Neutrality" did nothing to protect me from paying more for internet. Instead of capping certain sites and services, Mediacom and Comcast just capped all of it here once it went into effect 3 or so years ago. So the internet got worse in my case. We've had to constantly upgrade our package to support more bandwidth because we kept going over our limit. It started at 250GB a month, and now we're at 400GB, and since I've done nothing but stream during my time off with this new job, I've almost cross the threshold with 10 days left on the billing cycle. They add another $20 to your bill every 50gb you go over. TBH I could go for a Stream & Game only package and use my phone to read articles and use social media and wouldn't mind it if it saved me money. Then again that won't happen because we live in a somewhat free market society, and competition dictates what the market will be like so long as they all don't merge into less companies than there already are. Google fiber will hopefully be in my state soon now that they're building a facility a few hours from my city. I have little faith in the government passing laws that benefit us anymore, it doesn't matter what party is in charge, they're all in it for the same purpose, and its not to help you. It's to make money. They slap a propaganda term on a law so people will fall for it, and we're stuck with the shit results. We're taxing sodas, and shutting down little kids front yard lemonade stands because they don't have a vendor license... If you would have told me that's what the world was going to be like 10 years ago, I would have laughed at you and called you paranoid.
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    Lost in Space - Netflix

    I checked out the first episode of this and it was pretty good. I already hate Dr. Smith There is more to the robot replacement that should make the plot interesting down the line.... but at the same time, its been done before and at this point I hope they just get it out of the way until waiting until some inconvenient moment for it to come to light.
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    The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    They spent more time duping the comic readers this season than anything. The whole dream sequence with old rick and his cane was a play on the comic. At the end of All out War, Negan breaks Rick's leg in the fight causing permanent damage, he has that exact hairstyle and beard. They also made it looks like Negan was dead for a good 30 seconds for dramatic effect. It would have made sense now that Carl is dead though. The whole plot device to having Negan in a cell was because Carl would often come and talk to him as if Negan was his mentor. I'm surprised they'll pay JDM just to rot in a cell outside of some forced scenes. I know he does some other stuff later in the comic, but I haven't gotten that far as I'm waiting for Compendium 4 to come out before I start reading. Also Eugene escaped from the Saviors fairly quickly and went back to making bullets for Alexandria. The whole off site facility was never a thing as him and Abraham brought the machinery back to Alexandra when they found it. The way Denise died was how Abraham died in the comics, and Dwight became the leader of the Saviors post Negan. Oceanside wasn't a thing, and was so lame on the TV series... all they did was throw Molotovs at some randos. WTF they wasted all that scene time trying discovering them, escaping, and then going back to convince them to join the fight for such a small impact. It sounds like Maggie is going to get into an arms race with everyone else or something. This next season or two will probably be filler arcs. The whole animosity between Maggy and Rick never happens in the comics. I honestly don't know how Jesus could go along with an underhanded plan. The lady in the van is also a character that happens much later in the comics... I don't know much about her either but I know she showed up recently... that's a long game cameo they pulled for some reason. Negan is still the biggest baddest villain TWD ever has had, and I doubt they'll ever top it. I think the show has peaked at this point, I'd be surprised if it lasted another 3 seasons unless they can somehow pull a Vikings and revitalize the story. They need to move on past Carl, he was getting too old for the part, and I called his death like 2 seasons ago. If Rick died, the show would be over. Its not like Rangar's many sons, there is pretty much no one else that can lead this show forward other than Andrew Lincoln. As much as I like Maggie, she's no Lagertha, not even close. The cast is way too bloated still. I was hoping Tara died because shes a huge annoyance and not a very good actor IMO, Henry should have died, Gregory will eventually die, Daryl can die too for all I care. Hes just become an emo always pissed off pointless character. They pretty much ruined him after he got caught and listened to Easy Street a million times. I have my suspensions that not many will die until the next villain, and if that is the case, it better happen by next season finale otherwise this show will get super stale. With that being said..
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    Mighty No. 9

    Here is a tech demo for the Mega Man indie clone, Mighty No. 9. Its resemblance comes from Mega Man's co-creator Keiji Inafune, who left Capcom in 2010. Since Capcom owns the rights to all his creations he set out to make a new game that would play like the beloved blue bomber series which has been mostly neglected for years. When Inafune put his concept for Mighty No. 9 on Kickstarter it was met with an overwhelming response.
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    Mighty No. 9

    Here is a tech demo for the Mega Man indie clone, Mighty No. 9. Its resemblance comes from Mega Man's co-creator Keiji Inafune, who left Capcom in 2010. Since Capcom owns the rights to all his creations he set out to make a new game that would play like the beloved blue bomber series which has been mostly neglected for years. When Inafune put his concept for Mighty No. 9 on Kickstarter it was met with an overwhelming response. Click here to view the article
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    Rampage may not be as iconic as other video games that received terrible movies, and many people my go see this without knowing its based one on. It may be a fun watch though. JDM is acting like Negan.
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    God of War

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    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    May 6th is the official starting date for the Simuldub!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPE!
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    The Titan

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    God of War

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    It looks fun for a game that's going to be free in 7-8 months for PS+ subs... definitely not for a game that's $60.
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    I guess this trailer released a bit early because the end shows a E3 2017 walkthrough. you can't click on it though, and its not on their main video list. http://www.vg247.com/2017/06/02/the-next-game-from-killer-instinct-devs-is-god-of-war-meets-dragons-dogma/
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    Overkill's The Walking Dead

  22. Just finished season 1 of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. I enjoyed it, but man I can't help but notice the parallels with Gundam Wing. A young female working for peace, a semi-emotionless male pilot, an antagonist that disguises himself with a mask in a red mobile suit? XD Eh, maybe I'm looking too much into it, there are more differences than similarities. Since CN has the broadcast rights, I hope Funi eventually gets season 2 on stream... its the only Gundam they have. I will say I'm not the biggest fan of the designs on this one. I liked Gusion and EB-AX2, but that was about it.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Except for the whole fact IBO is gorey as fuck and deals with child soldiers it mirrors Wing perfectly :P

      IBO is pretty fucking good. The end fight (of S2) is pretty fucking epic. Probably my third favorite AU Gundam after X and Turn A.

      Besides the Barbatos I can't stand the designs of the Gundams, they're either bulky as fuck or underdesigned.

    2. DeathscytheX


      I hated Barbatos at first when it had no mid section and the frame was exposed. XD Hopefully Funi gets Season 2 because I'd def like to watch it. Normally when CN gets the rights it takes months for Funi to have it if its not a simuldub. I forgot how long I had to wait for Space Dandy Season 2 but it was a long fucking time.

      I haven't even watched the first Ep of My Hero Academia yet because the ep shipped late to funi and they didn't have time to dub it on schedule, so they just put up the sub until next week. XD Yeah I'm too particular about my dubs.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Was going to say you could always watch the sub on CR but I know you prefer to watch your dubs, why I'll never know (I mean subs are far superior (j/k)).

      Just wait till you see Barbatos's upgrade, that suit is beyond amazing looking (it gets two upgrades in S2, last one is fucking amazing and beyond deadly). Funi has the S2 license but as you said they probably won't stream it until CN is done airing it (which is retarded but meh, CN be greedy). I might end up actually buying it once S2 is released on BD that's how much I enjoyed the show. Not entirely happy by how it ended (I mean I saw it coming a mile away as it's pretty much spelled out throughout the entirety of S2) but I'm generally never happy by how shows end (Gundam shows in particular).

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    God of War

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    Ready Player One

    This movie was a blast. All the call backs and cameos made this movie what it is for sure, as the story has its generic moments. The premise is solid, the love angle is cheese, but honestly I think it works because it's actually as corny as an 80s-90s movie at times. They did a great job of mixing a metric shit ton of cameos for all generations since the 70's at least. It comes at you so fast that the ones you don't get or miss just meld in with the story. My eyes were frantically searching the screen for any little hints I could find. The KRULL glaive made a super subtle appearance that was so quick, if you didn't know what it was, you wouldn't have gotten it because it wasn't a dramatic whip out and look at it before throwing it... but it was my favorite small cameo. The big one I'll save for the spoiler tag as it was a big moment in the film. The end result is you basically have a futuristic action packed version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with a villain. Sorrento's avatar was great too, it was never shown in the trailers and I never read the book so I don't know if it's the same thing. The profanity was pretty wild for a PG-13 film though. I guess TWD's Negan has made the constant use of the word "shit" an ok standard because they said it a lot along with the one allowance of the F bomb.