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  1. Oh wow, That was even an Arekkz video. Apparently some guy in germany got a copy of the game and streamed it for 5 hours until they banned his account. It seems every video about it was taken down. I just used his because he's better at most when covering the game. Basically, it showed off a new exotic Osiris themed pulse rifle that shot 5 rounds per burst and had some mystery ability that wasn't shown. There was a meter on it that filled up with every kill. Since its rumored that Trials of Osiris would be no more and it would be Trials of the Nine, it seems likely this is gained through regular game play. The Vault has 200 slots. It should be ample since there are no longer different rolls for like items. There was also 10 slots for engrams in the inventory screen. No word on if those are special engrams you save up or the mission based ones. Then it showed one of the adventures which teleported you to a different map entirely, looked pretty neat. I think they're taking them down mostly because they've been so secret about the inventory/vault and weapon perk layout screen for some bizarre reason. I mean 200 slots is way more than what we had in D1.
  2. I'm looking forward to this one.
  3. Well the open world doesn't look much bigger than what D1 offered, but the improvements are much welcomed. On map PE timers, secret objectives to unlock a Heroic version of them sounds cool too, even though the previous video I posted still dropped blue for the guy. But getting guaranteed legendary and exotic engram from completing map objectives sounds excellent. Progression based grind is always better than RNG grind, even when your progression is still going to end up being an RNG drop, at least it's guaranteed not to be some shit blue drop. I'll at least have fun doing these things until GW2: PoF comes out.
  4. This was a total train wreck . A terrible adaption full of teenage angst. They ruined L which is what made it the worst. They clearly didn't want to spend money on Ryuk because his face is always in the dark like in the preview. This would have worked out way better as a series anyways. They tried to cram the whole first half of the anime into an hour and forty minutes and threw in a lame ass ending.
  5. =/ Anet always seems to try to make something for a class with a peg holed purpose and then another class ends up doing it better.
  6. They are, but you cant really aim them good, so you're really not going to hit anyone from far away. D.VA has suffered since her HP armor nerf, shes probably the most squishy tank. They will never make her like she was ever again so the answer was definitely to give her more power. With her Defense Matrix uptime heavily nerfed she'll no longer be able to cancel out McCree's and Soldiers ult. I don't think those can single handedly destroy Rein's shield, they barely take down a single character. Rein has suffered a lot lately though, and once the Junkrat buff goes live, I bet more people start playing him which will make it really hard on Rein as Junkrat is the hard counter to his shield besides Bastion. Mercy is going to become very powerful on console. People have a hard enough time taking care of Phara, and unless you're 76, McCree, Widow, or a really good Hanzo, Phara players do as they please if they have mastered fuel conservation to stay in the air at all times. Even knowing where Mercy is, her mobility will be too much during her Ult. There will be a lot of blown High Noons just to cheese take care of it.
  7. I'm excited for the D.Va Changes. the Mercy changes are crazy. I just got decent with her and now shes a bit different. I will admit it was demoralizing when she nulled your team wipe, and when you're playing with randoms and no one is even trying to kill the mercy it made it frustrating, but this will be even more frustrating in that situation. At least I know I'll never waste my single rez on an attack Widowmaker.
  8. He really just goes in depth over the skills, utilities and traits in details and shows what they do, and what they can do when enhanced by certain build synergies. The Weaver video was so long apparently because he went over every new skill... that had to be super boring.
  9. I'm going to skip the Weaver video because its an hour and a half. But I'm posting this one for Sledge to show his bro.
  10. RIP Jerry Lewis. I remember watching Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis movies when I was young. He made me laugh as a child.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I still want to see The Day the Clown Cried. Apparently he donated a copy to the Library of Congress in 2015 with a 10 year stay on it. It wont be until 2025 before anyone has a chance to view it, and even then there are a bunch of issues with the rights. He never wanted anyone to ever see it... at least while he was alive.

    2. Sledgstone


      R.I.P. Jerry. I'll always remember watching his telethons when i was a kid.

      I somehow did not know about that movie The Day the Clown Cried until I read about it just now. I looked up some details about it and the basis of that movie sounds like nothing he'd ever do. Now I'm intrigued by it because it supposedly ends tragically.

    3. DeathscytheX


      There are some raw footage if scenes you can find. It sounds very grim. 

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  11. I'm almost done with GARO: Crimson Moon. I'm pretty disappointed with it. Its no where near as good as GARO: The Animation was. The story is pretty meh, and they reduced the golden night to some sailor moon type format where he only gets to transform at the end of the episode and wins in 2-3 moves. -_-; It reminds me how Blood-C is inferior to Blood+ as they both take place in similarly unconnected time frames.