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  1. It wasn't rushed, its how it was in the comic minus the whole showing off her horde and what not.. its even less detailed.. she just shows up to the fair in disguise and the next scene is the heads on the spikes. Alpha came out as a mysterious but vicious character in the comic... on the show I cant take that accent seriously. Her and beta just don't match up well... shes suppose to be as scary as beta but instead shes just complaining about how everyone isn't living like animals. Lydia is Carls love interest, since Sophia doesn't die in the barn in the comic, Enid was suppose to fill the role in the love triangle... but Carl left and Henry sucked so they didn't need Enid anymore. Without Michonne, I don't know how they are going to keep going... Gabriel isn't main character material... Hilltop went through 3 leaders in half a season... the show is a wreck. In the comic Rosita is killed instead of Tara.. but she was also with Eugene instead of Gabe... and she was pregnant with another man's child.
  2. Yeah this show is done. Without Rick and Maggie it went down fast. Tara has always been a horrible character no one cares about and now they're trying to make her important. I'd rather have had Sasha or Andrea still alive, at least I hated them... Tara I dont even care about. Henry is more annoying than Coral, and they ruined Alpha completely... in the comic shes a systematic killer.. instead we got trailer park trash with a fake horrible southern accent. Shes like one of those able bodied people you'd find in the mart kart at Wally world, complaining at the service desk.
  3. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    I can't believe I watched this whole thing. worth it.
  4. Kudo's to Ubisoft for an excellent launch on their game... at least for early access. Outside of some framerate issues the game doesn't have any unexpected problems outside of the bit of animation quirks Snowdrop is known for. Without knowing about the endgame, the story itself is worth paying $60 for and damn sure worth it months from now if you pick it up on the cheap. The depth of the world surpasses pier 93 area of TD1 by a large margin. The side missions are just as good as main story missions... about 12 hours in and I've only done 3 main missions and a good 10 side missions. Each side mission is completely unique and not recycled tasks... which still exist in the game but as random world events. These world events also serve a purpose for upgrading settlements. The control points are a really nice added bonus as once you take them, they become new fast travel hubs, and their storage rooms supply daily loot. I feel like I've only scratched the surface here. Also the environment means a little bit more to be since I use to live 30min outside of DC. Seeing places I've been as a child is surreal, especially the Planetarium I took a field trip to.
  5. This was a pretty good series. The finale was great. It takes about 3 eps to pick up but its worth watching. Gillen and Malarkey have great chemistry as Hynek and Quinn and it was interesting how their personalities developed as they got use to each other throughout the season. I'm not sure how good a second season can be once they run out of actual cases they'll have to start making stuff up. The last scene was a bit wacky so it has me a little nervous they could just go off the rails eventually.
  6. I just discovered Hyouka and I'm hooked. The animation is stunningly beautiful... not Evergarden tier, but extremely good compared with most. The Chemistry between Hotaro and Chitanda is outstanding. Chitanda is super adorable and Hotaro's lack of enthusiasm for anything just makes their interactions great. Plus the "mysteries" are intriguing as they go about solving them.

  7. You know you want some live action SHINING FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I cant wait until the Gundams are too toxically masculine looking in the live action adaptation Sunrise and Legendary Pictures ARE doing.
  9. It will leak eventually. They better hope they were working on an Expac still. Otherwise this game is going to be in serious trouble with just recycled festivals, and small LWS5 updates... LWS5 is going to have to be significantly more to keep the game interesting. LWS4's story was fantastic, but the actual content was pretty trash TBH. All of those maps are forgettable, and the small meta events aren't really fun enough to keep grinding out outside of Istan which got old pretty fast, but is still profitable. With how many Fractal and Raid people were let go, one or the other will become the new dungeon "dead content" it feels like... and it would most likely be raids. There will have to be a new release cadence.
  10. Anthem isn't perfect. It probably should have been delayed another 6-8 months, but its a hell of a lot of fun. I just find it funny how Destiny can rack up big review scores with the similar issues and significantly less content. The popular thing to do right now is crap on EA, and its justified... but it'll be a shame if this game gets the plugged pulled on it early. There is a lot of potential here to fill the gap until the next gen consoles come. Arekkz has the most realistic take on the game, the rest of the YT community is just spitting out talking points which is kinda sad too see since they're suppose to be the alternate to big game sites.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Dragon Age 4 has already been confirmed to be in development but whether or not it will continue is up in the air currently with this latest fiasco. I also recently started playing TOR again so I'd really hate for that to get shuttered as well (though it is on the outs, current dev team is only 6 or so people).

      With everything I've been hearing about Div 2 I'm sure it'll be a success but I'll hold my thoughts for after this weekends open beta but if it delivers more content both in the beginning and in the endgame it'll put the nail in the coffin for Anthem. I wouldn't go so far as to push Anthem to next gen but I definitely think it needed at least another 6 months before they launched it.

      Gaming has been into a downfall ever since DLC became a thing back in the early 360/PS3 days and has continued to do so ever since Publishers have realized they can start monetizing every game like they do MMO's and Mobile games. Games as a service is probably the worst thing to ever happen to the industry and it's really turning me away from gaming outside of FFXIV and the few titles like Nier and Horizon. As much as I love this hobby I'm getting to the point where I can take it or leave it (I mean I'm down to buying 2-3 games a year now and rarely have time to even finish 1 of them).

    3. Sledgstone


      It's a shame Anthem didn't get fully polished. How is the overall campaign? Is it worth watching a play through on youtube?

    4. DeathscytheX


      No not really. XD It would be like watching The Division. The story is actually pretty forgettable, but even if it wasn't, I can't see it being much fun watching people shoot, fly and take cover constantly. And then walking around fort Tarsis talking to random NPCs. I'd say cut scenes make up 2% of the whole experience. There might have been 5 in the whole 30+ hours it took to beat. Each individual mission was fun to play and I got geared up enough to jump into Grandmaster 1 difficulty just from doing the story.

  11. CoH was still in the era of MMO-newness and I remember discovering how much it paid off to play a female character. Me and a friend made our scantily clad heroes and had everyone helping us and giving us tips . It def was fun, I guess now that I think about it that's probably where B&S got inspiration from, and even Saints Row 4. Running around the city super fast and jumping half way across the map was a blast. Even with lackluster graphics, the movement and combat was extremely good for the time. I regret not playing it more now that I think back on it.
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