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  1. I LOVE this character. I have a feeling shes going to be hard to get a hold of as time goes on. Kudos to Blizzard for making healers like Brigitte and Moria that can fight and disengage... basically healers that don't need to be protected by the team and are fun to play with decent offense. But even more so for Brigitte's ability to be a frontline brawler healer. Shes a beast, with an awesome kit. Her shield bash cancels out all abilities if you land them right, and cancels ults if you're in the right place to perform it. Her only downfall is she has a map meta. Escort is her forte, open maps are definitely her weakness. You need tight corridors to get good positioning on shield bash stuns and because her main attack is a generously ranged melee. Plus your attacks are what heals, so you have to stay active to provide heals to your team. But damn shes super fun to play. The no one playing healers has declined ever since Moira came out, but now I think you'll have two a lot of the times, which currently is a meta team comp. Having 2 healers vs. a team with only 1 is going to favor the team with the most healers, and it will compound if the other team's healer isn't very good at playing healer.
  2. I'm going to go ahead and start this topic because it seems like this is definitely a real thing and the official announcement will come in the next few weeks. Unfortunately it seems the original multiplayer reveal trailer is completely missing from YouTube where they threw out all the stops and showed off the throwing knife at the end. Really weird, its like it never existed. So all we have is the original story trailer.
  3. It looks like you actually have to retrieve the health orbs and they don't flow to you like in previous games. Maybe there is an upgrade that restores this ability, or its by design to let more difficult settings cause far less of them to drop.
  4. Ugh, I forget how spoiled I am watching Netflix series where all the episodes are loaded in at once. Catching up on all these Simuldubs on Funi is like hitting a dead end when I reach a point to where I have to wait weekly. I started some more series. I was hesitant to start GARO -Vanishing Line- but I'm glad I did. I loved GARO: The Animation, but GARO -Crimson Moon- was kinda lack luster and I didn't finish it. Each series takes place in a different timeline with different characters that dawn the Makai Knight armors. The original was Medieval like, Crimson Moon was more feudal Japan themed, and VL is modern times. At first I thought it was gonna be some macho bullshit, because the main character is so western with big ass muscles. XD I was pretty surprised. But so far its excellent, and the Armor suits are actually drawn instead of CGIed like the first two series which is a pleasant surprise. First brawl I saw was so Michael Bay-like with a shaky cam and I was like "oh boy, not this" But ever sense they haven't really done it.

  5. This one will stay up.
  6. I was sorta pissed the first episode and a half still dealt with him. I almost wish he didn't die so I wouldn't have had to watch 90 minutes of grieving over him. They ruined his character from the comic, but I get that on a different medium people just can't deal with a more ruthless and darker character. Eh. The way you felt was the way I felt when they got rid of Andrea. I was so happy she died, worst character ever on the show.
  7. I'll still go see this, but the reviews are mixed and its tanking already. Alicia Vikander is a pretty girl, but honestly I was never sold on her look. Shes just too petite and short for the roll. Her body has limits to how much muscle she could fill out with, and she looks very young. I feel bad because I watched some behind the scenes and she really put in a lot of work out time and grueling stunts to make the movie. While Angelina Jolie was picked because of her sex appeal, she's 3 inches taller and looked older, even though she was four years younger when she did the first movie. Jolie filled the roll of a more sexual Lara Croft and looked the part. Vikander doesn't really look the part of the new Lara Croft to me. Shes wearing the same outfit, but the more board shoulders and toned biceps aren't there. Maybe it shouldn't matter, and in any other movie it maybe wouldn't. But for a video game movie, you gotta be believable as the character, or you lose all the fanboys/fangirls.
  8. So total gut punch this week. The company I've worked for for almost 17 years of my life is closing the store I work at after filing bankruptcy. The lease is up on our building, and despite being probably the 4th best grossing store in the district, we're all out of a job by next month. And they couldn't have done a shittier job of letting anyone know. They just stopped shipping our dry grocery and perishable orders 2 days before they told us, and blamed it on "transmission errors".

    But Luckily I have some solid connections and already lined up a job at Publix, which I feel is the future and should have jumped ship a few years ago. I was too complacent with my tenure and vacation time. But I'm only losing around $1.48 an hour just to throw stock full time and not be a manager. That's how much better they pay. Hopefully I'll be working different hours to where I can play games with everyone again. But for now its peace of mind since I just bought a new car.

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      Wal-Mart doesn't have as much dominance here as they do else where, they do build a lot of locations to try and put others out of business, and they do indeed hurt competitors, but they don't kill them. People despise Wal-Mart in my area with a passion. When I first started the grocery business there was just Wal-Mart, Delchamps, Bruno's, Food World, and my company Winn-Dixie. WD focused on customer service and superior meat products, and it served us well. Delchamps was a unionized chain, they went out of business simply because the wages got too high and you couldn't downsize to stay alive because of union rules. People may think I'm crazy to be pro right to work over unions, but I've seen what it does to companies. High wages is only as good if the company can stay in business. Unions may be a good thing in different industries, but it doesn't work for the retail world.

      Bruno's soon followed by getting bought out several times and just eventually died. Winn-Dixie being the only legitimate competition to Wal-Mart out of the blue decided they wanted to go with lower prices. Lowing prices means less money from sales. You'll naturally underperform from the previous year when everything costs less... and along with the CEO being a greedy fuck, things started going south. Payroll was cut, less people in the stores, customer service went down. We were told to perform at the same standards with half of what we had. Obviously that's impossible. Eventually we hit bankruptcy for the first time in 2005. Companies generally NEVER survive this. I can't think of a single big retailer that ever has... but we did thanks to hurricane Katrina. Partly because we opened back up first, generating a reputation of being there for the community, and partly because we totally ripped off the insurance company by reporting much higher losses than we really had. You won't find that on any record, but as the guy that was scanning out each item 10-15 times, I can tell you everyone was doing it because they were told to do it.

      Once again our prosperity was squandered by wasteful execs taking private plane trips instead of 2 hour drives to prance around stores and tell you that you needed to do better. In 2011 we once again filed for bankruptcy and were purchased by a private equity firm that owned BI-LO. This was the writing on the wall, as since then everything got progressively worse each year with more position slashing, hour cutting, and draconian inventory control. We were no better than a third rate off brand cost savers chain. By this time Publix and Rouses Markets moved in to add brand new competition we haven't faced in years. Publix reminded me of what we once were. They loaded their store with hours and groceries. Prices are high but customer service is #1. When you make high end stores, you don't cater to people with food stamps or low income in general. It just doesn't work, they wont buy anything that isn't on sale, and they'll go to Wal-Mart for that.

      So as of Wednesday, WD filed bankruptcy again for the 3rd time. Publix is a Fortune 100 top company to work for, and they are employee owned, so no CEO. Their assistant department heads make more than I did as a MOD, and their MOD's make double what I was making. I look forward to the new opportunity.

    3. Sledgstone


      Congrats on the new job. I hope it works out well for you. I hate how ceo's and the higher executives make literally hundreds or thousands per hour compared to the average worker. Some people say it's because they are never off the clock and they're literally on call 24/7 but that's a load of crap. It's like those toys r us corporate employees with their million dollar bonuses they give to themselves literally months before bankruptcy.

      Wal-Mart is strong I  the grocery department here but their meats suck ass. And i know for a fact almost everything is delivered to the store frozen. All the hamburger meat, chicken breast, everything has already been frozen before. Even all their deli/ bakery fresh cookies. The biggest grocery stores here are Wegmans. That place is quality that Wal-Mart will never achieve with its current grocery business model. The fruit at wegmans is so good I have never once seen a single bad strawberry in a package. That store is open 24/7 and it's always busy. Costco is another recent major competitor. And Topps is still in business for now until they go bankrupt.

    4. DeathscytheX


      Yeah Wal-Mart isn't about to pay a butcher $20 an hour. Nothing beats fresh meat, especially when it comes to beef. Chicken is always prepackaged everywhere you go, but not necessarily frozen. Companies aren't going to take the risk with salmonella, its not worth it with everyone looking to sue you for anything... and honestly I wouldn't trust any business... there is always someone being lazy. XD

  9. Apparently this is up too early so it may not be up when you try to view this.