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  1. I just finished Drifters on Funimation. Its from the same people that made Hellsing. This was a better product IMO. I honestly don't get all the love for Hellsing as its ending is shit, and a lot of stuff is never resolved. The premise of Drifters is that legendary historical warriors/fighters/tacticians passed on to a different realm when they died and end up on the good or evil side of a new war. You have people like Rasputin, Anastasia, Joan of Arc, Sundance Kid, Butch Cassidy, and a lot of Japanese legends... most notably Oda Nobunaga. Whats strikingly controversial is that Jesus is pretty much an evil overlord, even though they cover his face and call him the "Black King" the fact that he has holes in his hands, and can heal, and produce food out of nothing makes me laugh when I looked it up and the wiki says "His identity is still a mystery". XDYou can just listen to the stuff he says and know who it is. Anyways, the action is great, the gore is on the same level of Hellsing, and the story is really good. Season 2 should be coming out in the future. 

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      The thing you have to remember about Hellsing is the manga was still publishing when the first series was created which is why is ended like it did (believe me when I tell you shit gets a lot darker and fucking crazy later in the manga). Hellsing Ultimate (the one you should watch (if you have and still have those thoughts I just don't know about you anymore :P) adapts the actual manga into 10 50 minute episodes (definitely the version to watch if you haven't, I've only see up to ep 4 but I have it all to watch, just need to find time to actually do so (so much shit to watch on Crunchyroll and I just started watching Rick and Morty so I have that to get caught up on as well)).

      Meh, I might have to check that out if I find time to (Crunchyroll does have it so it wouldn't be out of my way to do so).

    2. DeathscytheX


      I did watch it all and I still didn't like the ending. XD I liked it better overall, but It just didn't do it for me. The animation for Drifters is on par with Hellsing Ultimate. I mean there is absolutely no doubt who made it. My only gripe is they threw so many different people in there, they all didn't get a lot of time. It mainly focused on the trio of Oda Nobunaga, Shimazu Toyohisa, and Nasu Suketaka Yoichi. They teased that Scipio Africanus and Hannibal would play a big part using their tactics to turn the tide of battle against the Black King, but Nobunaga seemed to have to have it under control. Then again it only covered a small part of the story with the promise of a new season at the end. I probably like this one better because I'm a history nerd and they just threw in a bunch of people I've studied in the past so I was geeking out, despite the crazy liberties the took. XD I also like how they took notable figures you wouldn't paint as evil and made them so. Its just an overall nice touch. 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I just don't know about you then XD

      I still don't know how Hellsing actually ends (like I said have not had time to finish Ultimate and I only read through volume 8 of the manga) but I still absolutely adore the show/manga. Chock it up to it being a Vampire that wasn't sparkly (thank you Twilight for forever ruining Vampires and Werewolves >.<) and a show/manga that was actually gory as all fucking hell (plus Father Anderson is one of my all time favorite characters).

  2. Apparently this game saved Platinum from going under. They should definitely consider making another.
  3. 50 hours of PvE content sounds good, I like how they try to make people that don't pay attention believe that the actual story is 50 hours by lumping in activities into the mix.
  4. Before it ended I did a little more exploring. The part of the map that was offered was more like the core game than any of the LWS3 maps. A lot of the events could be soloed, I ran into one that could not because the scarab bugs were very hard to deal with on a squishy class. They were attacking pipelines similar to some of the Queensdale bandit events, but the pipes took damage fast, and the scarabs spawned in packs of 3. They would do this circular motion causing a blinding and high damage area if you got caught in it. The three would stagger the attack so it was hard to melee any of them, and even as a DD with 3 dodges it was hard to stay away and attack. No one seemed interested in this event as everyone was probably doing bounties. I do like these events, but as time goes on and no one wants to do them, I hope they don't tie anything to them. I also hope they didn't become so anti-meta from the reaction to HoT that there aren't any meta chains in this expac. We don't necessarily need a DS or VB. A Gerent type boss would be nice, but I'm thinking more along the lines of Ogre Wars, where its a 15-20 minute chain that has a interesting story and a chance at a fairly rare drop at the end. These are the types of metas the player base like. I tried some more bounties, and I do like how much HP these things have, I died one or two times and was able to get back on my mount before it died to keep helping. The only one I didn't care for was a Legendary Choya. While the little ones are funny, this one is just damn annoying. He can stunlock you and then keep hitting you until you die. It seemed to aggro downed players like Vinetooth Prime. I started jumping in the water every time he did some attacks just so I could revive myself by surfacing. His mechanics were interesting as he had a dual AoE field with arrows and you had to stand in the right zone of it to attack him. There was another bounty like this where you had to be in melee range to receive a buff to be able to damage the boss. I like this forced melee mechanic, because half the time on other ones, I'm a DD, YOLOing with my staff while everyone else is shooting projectiles.
  5. Couple of quick notes on the beta. There isn't much to do honestly. The map is sectioned off similar to the closed beta of HoT. But without the elite specs, its pretty much just explore the map once, check out a few events, and I'm done. Mounts are definitely the selling point here. I loved making a guardian just do speed around the map on a mount. I'll def do WC on all my alts once I finish the PoF story and do all there is to do on the new maps. Thankfully, hero points are soloable again. I like the bounties. They took what was cool about the HoT Hero Points, moved them to Bounties, and improved upon them. Grabbing the bounty on the board activates it I believe, but it also shows you where they are on the map. You don't need to actually grab it to get credit. I followed a guy around that kept calling them out. I didn't realize until the last one I did that you can get a map spot by grabbing it off the board. When I defeated the last one, I got credit for 5/5 bounties despite never grabbing the other 4. Some of the bosses were more challenging than the others. My biggest gripe is the orange AoE one shot attacks on beige sand. Oye, its hard to see it sometimes in the heat of things. Maybe its my SweetFX shader though. These don't seem to be tied to any progression, but they could be tied to Spec weapon collections. It only took about 3-4 of us to take a few of these down. The Hyena was pretty neat as it teleported like the Jackal mount. Breaking the bar is essential to stopping their devastating attacks. All of these things can 1 or 2 shot you if you aren't careful. The Hyena didn't have AoE attacks, it just teleported to a target and did big damage almost like a smokescale. Attacking these bosses even with a bigger group I still was getting 40-45 FPS so it wasn't too bad. It def seems that mounts and large city areas get HoT FPS though as I would drop down to 25-30fps just standing at the hub.
  6. This one is better. Everyone gets some type of discussion time.
  7. I got an interesting email from Amazon about something called the Carnivore Club. It looks pretty neat, but damn It's too expensive for my comfort. I'll probably sign up for 1 month and cancel just to get a box. I've never been apart of any subscription box service before because I don't need random junk every month that I might or might not like. But I can eat this stuff, that all looks really delicious. If I could afford $55 a month for some snack meats, I'd do it. XD What caused me to post about this was the fact that it has two 1 star reviews written by angry vegans posting about how sick and disgusting it was, and how they are promoting cancer and cardiovascular disease. XD

    I remember back in the day I always looked forward to Christmas because we use to get those boxes with all the cured meats and smoked cheeses in them. They're pretty hard to find now, at least in the quality that they were back then. Now you just get some basic summer sausage and Kraft tier cheese. The Carnivore Club reminds me of the old fancy ones minus the cheese.... hmmm I wonder if there is a cheese club? O_O

    1. Sledgstone


      lmao! $55 a month!? Holy crap that'll get costly after a while. XD Me and a friend of mine are going to make our own salami, pepperoni and summer sausage this winter in bulk so we'll have cured meats all year long.

  8. I like how they shuffled around who built what spec. Someone different is doing Necro and Guard this time. Of course the Ele and Memser guys got all the time and then they ran out of time for Necro and Soulbeast, wtf He barely got to talk about guardian.
  9. Interesting that Warrior can throw 3 axes now.. I wonder what other core abilities will get ammo? Its dissapointing that the elite specs wont be in the demo, but will only be in the later PvP demo. I guess because everyone bitched so hard about how long it took to unlock it after getting spoiled with it in the HoT beta. This makes me think they are going to make it like HoT was at launch and not nerf it this time. As long as the HP can be soloed I really don't care either way.
  10. Settled on a 1060 card... paid $100 more than what it was selling for a few months ago, but I'm left with no choice with how my current card is acting at times. I basically only every play GW2 anyways an its good enough for it.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Nice. XD And good luck with your graphics card. Hopefully geforce wont screw up your video clips with lag like I've been experiencing for over a month now. x_x

    3. DeathscytheX


      I probably wont record. XD Yeah the pressure was on. Normally I tag up and no one joins me when we do it with TTS. I did the shrouded ruins WP as usual and soloed it the entire time pretty much. If I would have been on my guard It would have failed because I wouldn't have had enough DPS to kill everything before the meter filled. I barely made it out on the 2nd to last attack phase with a 95% meter. X_X I had 3-4 join my squad but no one was on the camp until the last phase before choppers. Then I said I was doing Pat and next thing I know I have more than 20 people in my squad, so I'm like "I can't die or get downed at all!" XD I even helped on Pile of Guano afterward to look more bad ass. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      lmao! You have to look like a pro when you're tagged up! Well done! XD 

  11. Interesting tidbits. Elite Specs will use the game HP structure to unlock, but it seems they reshuffled the order of unlocks so you get your GM traits faster. Mounts cancel out fall damage completely, I guess this is to supplement PoF only accounts that don't get gliding. The leaked Griffon mount is a LWS4 mount. Try not to want to barf at all the Weaver gushing. Ok the possible Zephyrites area has me super hyped. It would be cool to have a full circle moment from Four Winds into Season 2.