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  1. I finished Fate/Zero and I'm into season two of Fate/Stay. I really hate how Saber keeps getting screwed over. She's such a nice and honorable character. :( I'm waiting for her overdue redemption.

  2. DeathscytheX

    Destiny 2

    Sadly that's definitely not going to happen. Since they're going to solo dev and publish as a smaller studio, they'll need a constant stream of income off their singular project similar to how Epic made millions off Fortnite. They could make a better and more complete campaign, but their games will focus on cosmetics, and the way to show them off is multiplayer. The hottest trend right now is battle royale... even Ace Combat is going to have it. Its new and shiny and pretty much no one is going to take a chance on something else until it starts a declining trend possibly years from now. If they change up how they do things, they can be successful... but if they try on their own to stay with this same business model of $30-40 add ons, they'll be a 3rd party developer again really fast.
  3. DeathscytheX

    Destiny 2

    Sony would be their best option if they got a deal that gave them as much freedom as Kojima. EA is just walking into the same exact situation if not worse. Even if they just try to partner, they'll tank their games on purpose until they cant absorb them like they did to Respawn and Titanfall. But if they stay solo, I could see them becoming digital only... especially if they're going to continue with the always online, shared world games. I don't really know how else the could cut publishing costs.
  4. DeathscytheX

    Destiny 2

    I don't think they'll go back to MS since they went to Activision to get away from them in the first place. But they will have to release a solid product to be able to stay independent otherwise that could happen unless Sony forks out the cash as they do have the better relationship with them at the moment. Or Ubisoft could buy them.
  5. DeathscytheX

    Vikings Season 5 Discussion

    Season 6 will be the final season. Which is about the sweet spot for most great series. https://tvline.com/2019/01/04/vikings-cancelled-final-season-6-ending-history/
  6. DeathscytheX

    Destiny 2

    https://kotaku.com/bungie-splits-with-activision-1831651740 I hope Blizzard can do the same... honestly... The whole mega companies needs to stop.
  7. DeathscytheX

    Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

    Yes! I'm already excited! ❤️❤️
  8. DeathscytheX

    favorite anime openings?

    The Best of 2018... Warning: There is a lot!
  9. DeathscytheX

    Favorite Game OST

    The best of 2018 Old but Gold, I can get away with it because its in Smash Ultimate.
  10. 2018 was an interesting year. Here are my picks for best of the year.

    Game of the Year
    God of War
    Runners up GOTY
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

    Anime of the Year
    Violet Evergarden
    Runners up AOTY
    Mob Psycho 100
    My Hero Academia

    Movie of the Year
    Deadpool 2
    Runners up MOTY
    Ready Player One
    Avengers: Infinity War

    Podcast of the Year
    The Joe Rogan Experience
    Runner up PCOTY
    83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

    Biggest Letdown of 2018
    Diablo Immortal Announcement
    Runner up BLOTY
    Battlefield V

  11. MOB PSYCHO 100 Season 2 is coming to the Winter Simuldub and I'm really freaking hyped about it. Its def one of the most underrated series of the past few years. The animation is gritty and wild, the action is amazing, and the comedy is outstanding. I can't wait!


  12. Binged a few Netflix originals over Christmas. BAKI - Eh, don't waste your time. I watched this because it was advertised as a super violent anime, and it is. But the story is shit, and I guess I lost some context because its a season 2 like deal for an older anime. Even then, the story doesn't make much sense and ends in what feels like half way through the season. Its just a bunch of roided out dudes doing a few bone crushing moves while spending most the time boasting about their martial arts style as they miraculously recover from fatal blows. Hero Mask - It was ok. The story fell a little flat for me, and the ending didn't seem fitting as the just threw the "mastermind' villain in with 3 eps left. They couldn't build any emotional investment in any of the characters. They tried so hard to keep you in the dark, they succeeded to the point where you didn't really care about anyone. The action and violence was great though. Sirius The Jaeger - The best of the three. Its basically a Vampire hunter type anime. Lots of action, blood, and a decent cast of characters to boot. Not really something I'd say "YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!" but its worth watching if you got nothing better to do.