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  1. I use a bobo web photoshop clone that Sledge showed me a while back. https://pixlr.com/editor/
  2. Maybe, but I don't see it right now. Gameboy battery life is still far superior to Switch. I haven't looked too much into it but I highly doubt removing rumble and motion censors is going to add that much more life to the battery on the lite. I love these commercials though "lets go to these active lifestyle parks and facilities and just play switch instead of participating in the activities."
  3. Unfortunately there is no raw footage. And YT is just dominated by dudebro's saying "bruh" every 10 seconds over the people already streaming it. The full reveal will be August 1st. I've never been an S&D fan, but this mode does look pretty fun. My main focus was the gunplay which looks really good tbh. Of course looking good on a controlled network environment is one thing. The FAMAS and MP5 were really giving me some nostalgia... still absurdly large hit boxes on the sniping though which is typical of a decade old engine. I hear Spec-Ops is going to have 10 maps, so I'll probably pick this up for shits and gigs. I've taken a massive break from these types of games, I always have the itch, but at least for the first few months it will be pretty fun. EDIT:
  4. What a let down. Glad I never bought this game despite how much I miss some good BF action.
  5. Yeah this is a bug. It happened to me when I uploaded my last pics. It seems you have to upload one at a time now. I think it might have to do with the file size. When I uploaded it just locked up after a few pics and they showed up as these black squares a few hours later.
  6. DeathscytheX


    So many G2A videos.
  7. In case my upcoming review can't capture the magic of this utterly bizarre masterpiece, this has it covered. This was seriously this seasons biggest surprise, and could also contend for best in show. With Funimation teaming up with Rightstuf, I'll def have to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena when it goes up. What is even CRAZIER is that Kunihiko Ikuhara directed both of these... but started out with Sailor Moon and left because he felt restricted creatively... and the next season was Sailor Moon Stars after he left.
  8. I went full shitbag at the end and got one hell of a grim ending.
  9. First thoughts: The Good: The story is outstanding, the voice acting is S-Tier, and the graphics are beautiful. I guess not being a free movement intensive game they can cut corners on what has to be processed, because even on regular PS4 it looks like a high end PC max settings game. Just playing half way through this so far, I'm already sold for future Quantic Dream games. The end of each mission has a flow chart that shows you everyone's choices compared to yours, and even a narrower friends choices which I find to be most interesting. I believe Strider and one other person are the only people that have played on my friends list. I've seemed to line up with them for the most part until recently when I realized being "good" or "understanding" doesn't always help you with the karma system the game has... it's very shades of grey, so it better not to stress to much in being nice or trying to cater to NPCs. The Bad: The controls are pretty wonky. Unless its a certain mission segment, and very few of them, there is no free roam camera. Its purely PS1 Resident Evil style camera that is slightly more modern. There is a way to free roam, but its slow and not optimal. The investigation button allows you to pan the camera for clues, but time is frozen while you do it. Outside of that you can flip the camera with R1 and it generally doesn't do a good job. Often it will flip into some useless angle, and hitting it again will most of the time never send you back to the view you just had. This is irritating when there is a viewable item/area you walk pass. You'll have to go into the investigate button to pan to it as these often pop only when you're super close. This is pretty much the only negative I have about this game. The style presented makes it forgivable, but it would have been nice to have a more free flowing camera system. Thing to know: This is no Telltale game. If you fuck up, there is no going back. The show goes on leaving you wondering what could have been. This def adds to the replay factor if you have that kind of time. Decisions are forced up on you to decide uncomfortably quickly. While it sucks at times, it really adds to the emotion it provokes out of you. I have several regrets already. I selected casual controls for this go around because it made it clear in the opening menu, if a character dies, the story doesn't stop. I didn't really want to miss out on 3rd of the flow chart.
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