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  1. Scotty ruined everything.
  2. That's interesting, as much as I love Star Trek I'm not really up to speed on the lore. The first time I've ever heard of Transwarp was in the experimental Excelsior in Search for Spock. So why was it never really utilized?
  3. For me the biggest disappointment is the weapons. I have all the good stuff (except Hard Light still -_-). Foward Path, Martyr's Make, Valakadyn, Nameless Midnight, Better Devils, Ureil's Gift/The Number, Merciless, A Complex Solution, Vigilance Wing, A Time Worn Spire, Rat King, etc. The "new" weapons on the faction rally were just reskins of other weapons with a different static perk. Grenade Launchers a shit, and I kinda miss LMGs. If there were way more weapons, there would still be something to grind for. I wasn't expecting a Borderlands level of quantity, but I was hoping for at least triple of what we had. Again, it goes back to PvP balance holding back the PvE aspect. It seems to be a common theme in every game I like these days. I really am missing Ice Breaker right now. Nightfall's aren't really that fun to me, they are just means to an end to get powerful gear. The time limit thing is pretty meh, the no wipe rule was more thrilling. Now when everyone wipes, everyone sits there for 25 seconds or more, because if you respawn solo, you'll likely die instantly when you take on all the aggro on the boss. Normal strikes are pretty pointless because public events are just as rewarding and you can do 4-5 of them in the time it takes one strike. They should have make strike specific loot. The only strikes I've played are the 2 I needed on each character to unlock the nightfall, and the nightfalls. I think someone on reddit said it best that the token system is a great support mechanic, but shouldn't have been the main loot drop mechanic. Prestige mode should have had its own loot. I don't think anything should have had a better power level as most these people that play this content indicate... it should have had unique weapons and armor though. There should have been more Exotic bounties as well. I actually enjoyed the MIDA/Sturm/Rat King quests. They were reasonable, and took a decent effort to obtain.... well MIDA was super easy, but that's besides the point.
  4. Iron Banner, but its not like it matters, there are no level advantages in any PvP, even Trials. As casual as this game is, this is one thing I don't stand by. There is literally nothing for hardcore players to do outside of Prestige Raid and Nightfall as Strider has said. Once I got The Forward Path on my first engram, I was done with IB because Control is such a shit game mode, with half the maps completely unbalanced towards one flag side. The map that takes place on the Leviathan is such a joke, its crazy how it got passed testing. If you start on A flag, you pretty much automatically have a win unless you're team is organized and can take the flag from them. A has a straight line of sight and travel to B, while C has a closed off door way with a chasm, and no real flanks to A all your paths are narrow hallways leading to an exit that the team at A can see and shut down. I've started continuously finishing at the top of my matches. My weapons help out a lot as I have all the best Auto rifles. But If I'm by myself I still lose more than win because while my K/D is around 2.5-4 on average per match, I'll get a team that all go 0.5 or worse. I only do PvP for my weekly powerful engrams which is around 15 matches (5 per character). Thankfully losses count towards that progression or it would be a lot more.
  5. I think I got the hang of this.
  6. YouTube bypasses Adblock Plus now. -_-; Ads are more annoying on PC than on the phone. I always wondered what those yellow lines were in the play timeline, they pop banners on the video at those times. 

    1. Sledgstone


      Try watching a list of music videos. Every 2-3 minutes there is a commercial inbetween every song. x_x They keep trying to promote their youtube red add free feature on me.

      Use "ublock origin" addon. It'll block the youtube ads and you wont even see the yellow lines in the video.

  7. I finished IDO the other night. It was enjoyable. It felt like the first half consisted of 15 minute episodes though after you cut the opening and credits out. They are 24 min total as is. One thing I dislike a lot about Netflix is their translation team when it comes to written text. A lot of times they don't bother with signs or other text. The end of IDO it goes through what some characters did at the end of the story, and the text flashes on the screen so fast you can't even read it before it goes away.
  8. I just cant take Aquaman seriously no matter how hard they try. They should have rebooted Green Lantern with Idris Elba as John Stewart for this instead.
  9. I saw it. Thought it was decent. I wasn't a big fan of the original and pretty much felt the same way for this one. I did enjoy the consistency of visuals between the two films. Morgan from TWD was in it which was funny.
  10. I'm proud of this troll ending.
  11. Yeah I didn't know about Call to Arms until this week because I let it sit on the first milestone that just offered a blue engram. After grinding it out on all 3 characters. I do like crucible a lot now. I prefer Supremacy and Survival. I have Martyr's Make on my Hunter and that thing is OP AF. Its got some serious range and stability. I was getting doubles and triple downs with it. I do like that Autos are king right now. I guess I'll enjoy it while it lasts. People can bitch about MIDA, but honestly I beat it out most of the time. A lot of the maps are too confined for MIDA to shine... the Mini-Tool is a different story. . I just got VALAKADYN on my Warlock and I heard that is one of the better ones as well. Scathelock is ok, I don't like it as much as Martyr's, but its still serviceable. Still no Hardlight, but I did get a 304 Better Devils so I'm happy about that. When playing with a group were we communicate its pretty fun, but when I play solo its a toss up. Sometimes i get a group that sticks together, but when I see that one guy run off as fast as he can, I know its pretty much a loss. The Nightfall this week is complete bullshit. I don't know how its even possible without that anomaly exploit, even then you probably need 3 devour warlocks with cold heart and swords. Sadly I'm the only one in my current group that runs a Warlock. We were able to get the boss to 1/3rd HP on our best run. Everything being shielded is BS along with how fast they regen it. The insane amount of HP sponges long with the lengthy dialog sections where you can't progress until they shut the fuck up is infuriating. I'd honestly prefer the old school no wipe rule over the time limit. Having to run to regain your health is ass without devour.