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  1. X'D I had to read that through twice before I got it!!! okay so these two guys are walking through a construction site, and one man says "I bet you can't throw up a smartie and catch it in your mouth." To which the other man replied "of course I can't, if I throw it up, it won't come down" To which the other man replied "It will, let me show you." And so he walks over to a brickyard, grabs a brick, throws it up. Lo and behold, the brick floats up and away. Okay I got a better one. This man and his duck want to go to Africa. The man can't take his duck on the plane, so he instructs it to land on the wing and fly. So in the middle of the flight, the pilot says there will be turbulence, so the duck is shook off. He's flapping his wings, he's working his ass off, and the man is screaming and cheering him on. The duck makes it. Later on, the pilot announces turbulence again. So the duck is shook off. He's flapping his wings, he's flapping them, and then the duck gets hit by a brick! It's funnier if I say it out loud. I forget all the rest.
  2. double post...... Meh... I agree. If they ended it at the end of frieza with goku dying. it woulda kicked ass.
  3. better than having not enough.
  4. cell saga was pretty cool. But the only problem is the pattern if you've noticed it. The gotenks stuff ruled. I love gotenks.
  5. I played Rainbow Six 3 for like 36 hours straight... I'm not ladder crimson, but if you start non-ladder, I can give ya a kings ransom in noob gear and rush ya. The most annoying damn game for me was New Legends. New Legends took me hours to get to one place, only to get stuck again. Then I stop playing it for a while, come back and get stuck in the same damn palce. Now I'm on the boss but hes a bitch
  6. Call me David ot wolf.eva=evangelion.
  7. are you one of those people who plays the game and sells accounts and items? Btw wats your acc? I should add ya. Mines kung-fu_hobbit
  8. eva was alright. Ninja Scroll was bad DBZ sucked bigtime. Inuyasha was pretty bad to be honest.
  9. i have like a million on halo... Yea I have something tons on ffta but the game was pointless in the end... I lent my friend all my good equip to help him beat the game and now I don't like the kid anymore and playing the game through would be pointless now (I'm at last boss so....) I never play nemore...
  10. it looks like my backyard!!! it's pretty though...
  11. hours and hours on D2 Lod... I have like 400 in ff VII. (most spent fighting monsters) Soul Calibur two brings me to like the 700 in that field....