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  1. Well, my friend used our cleric who wasn't there as a shield to deflect arrows. Naturally the cleric died, and he came back as a ghost (our DM had a nasty sense of humor), and we used his body as a trap detector for half the map. That and at one point, I think we used him to block a door. And so for half the map, we were hounded by the ghost of Akira13, the level 3 cleric.
  2. Loonytoons. I love that show. I watched it today. Darkwing duck is the greatest thing on Earth. EVER. And no, there's nothing wrong with a guy playing with dolls, as long as Ken has a 3 way with Barbie, the nurse, Barbie, the cheerleader, and Barbie, the gymnast I sleep with a huge rabbit. My mom gave it to me a while ago, and it's soft.
  3. Anyone who says "kthxbai" in public, you have my permission to kill them, and eat their soul.
  4. Haha, the only problem is, some kid might come in here, and post right off the bat "H3110. im n3w h3r lolol!!11omfgbbqhaxkthxbai"
  5. Okay, so for the people who have read some of my poems, and for those who haven't (if you haven't, they're in Wonderland somewhere, or you can get me to PM you), I pose a question. Do I have a gift for it? I mean, a few people have said it, but I'm not sure. I mean, everything I write comes straight from my heart. All I do with my brain is play around with the wording until it rhymes. I've only ever done one that I really like (I just posted it), and I slaved over it, and I love it. I don't think I have a gift, but I thought I'd ask, because someone here will be able to tell me.
  6. I like rhyming though. It just feels that if I didn't rhyme, it would just be a short story, or message to the world.
  7. That's excactly what I was thinking.
  8. X'D That's so pro!
  9. Like she would ever want to STOP truckin.Yea, I understand about the character thing. I would hate having an incomplete character in my story, unless his incomplete-ness (not a word, but if you don't like it, eat me) served a purpose. So either he can't tell his story, or won't.
  10. Good luck with your plants!! Unfortunately everyone in my house is too damn lazy for any sort of garden to be a success.
  11. Yea I saw it. He has the female angel in his body. So it comes out once in a while with a BADASS sword, and some kickass moves. He loves his sister (who is actually hot) and they do elope. At one point, he creates his own universe with his power, where his sis isnt related, so they can be 2gether. But he leaves it, and she dies, so he goes to rescue her (ony 3 eps out so far.)
  12. okay so here's one I remembered while talking to Evangalina ----------------- Okay so a woman with no arms and no legs is sitting on a bench by a bus stop. A man walks by and sits down next to her. They talk for a while, and the man gets up to go. "please sir, no one has ever sat down and talked to me before, could you please stay awhile?" She asks him. The man, startled, replies he would be delighted. When he REALLY has to go. She says "please, no one has ever kissed me before, not even my parents. Could you please kiss me." So he kisses her. She then says "please, no one has ever fucked me before, could you please fuck me?" (can ya guess where this is goin ) So the man picks her up, carries her to a lake, chucks her in, and says "now you're fucked." Lol
  13. Haha okay... So a man walks into a bar with a garbage bag. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a mini piano. He then pulls out a 12 inch little man who starts playing the piano. The man was amazing. The bartender asks "where did you get him?" The man replies "I was walking on the beach, when I found a genie. The genie gave me one wish, and I wished for him. It's not of any use to me anymore." So he gives the bartender the bottle. The bartender wishes for a million bucks. He goes into the kitchen to find a million ducks. He goes back to the man and says "I think your genie is a little deaf, I wished for a million bucks, not ducks." To which the man replies "Of course, do you think I wished for a 12-inch pianist?"
  14. X'D that one took me a second to get tee hee hum. I don't really like DDR but then again i hate dancing so...
  15. okay umm... (this isnt meant to offend those religious people) Why do ladies love jesus? He has a second coming. Why Do ladies hate jesus? He takes 2 days to rise! i had to.
  16. okay akira and I live in oakville (hella close to mississauga) and HMV, Bestbuy, Future Shop, and comic book stores sometimes have them as well (comic connections or something in oakville)
  17. yes, I prefer REAL people, not big-breasted animated women.... Although women of the big-breasted category are definitly my favourite.
  18. man you're all so... misguided. Napoleon!!!! No if I had to say, I would say Hiei would win for one reason. When does Vegeta EVER win? He lost fighting goku, he lost against freeza, he lost against buu, he ALWAYS LOSES. Even in a music video he always gets the shit kicked outta him haha. Well yea, he kills that stupid fat kid, and weak cell, but piccolo could do that haha.
  19. Wow, I must be the only one who prefers real people to animated characters...
  20. A man walks into a bar ouch that must hurt X'D... so stupid but so funny
  21. *EXPLICIT* Okay so a man is going away on a business trip for a year and a half. he wants to get his wife a dildo so that she won't sleep around while he's away. He goes to the dildo store and there's nothing there that looks good enough. So he asks the shopkeeper what will keep his wife busy for a year and a half. The man replies "We have the voodoo dick. Watch." He takes out a box, opens it, and inside is a wooden dildo that has runes carved on it. "voodoo dick, the keyhole." He says. The dildo pops out of its box, flies over to the keyhole and starts screwing it. The man then orders it back into the box. The man bought it, and left the shop feeling very satisfied with it. When he gets home, he tells his wife about it, and says "all you have to do is say voodoo dick, my vagina, and it will start doing you." So one day, she's feeling horny, and takes it out. "voodoo dick, my vagina." She says, and it flies out and starts screwing her. After 3 incredible orgasms, she feels like she should stop. Unfortunately, her husband never told her how to get it out. She puts on a skirt, and goes to the hospital. On the way, she has another orgasm. She swerves and almost hits a cop. The cop pulls her over and asks her to explain herself. The whole story about the voodoo dick just pours out of her, and when she is done, the cop laughs at her and says "yea sure, voodoo dick, my ass." X'D long
  22. Alucard wasn't really a bad guy. He was more like a mercenary. he does good deeds in return for blood. my fav villian is from a book I'd have to say.
  23. Currently I'm putting insane amounts of time into D2 whenver I'm at my friends. PVP is a bitch there too because 3 lvl 99 2 sorcs and a barb will party up and slow and rape you. I'm gonna start WoW soon. Play on the Durotan server!!
  24. X'D Okay so a Japanese man lets call him Bob, went to a street, there were 11 houses. he went to the first house, knocked on the door, and when a man answered, he said "hey, what's your name." The man replied "Fu-king." Bob finished his census, went to the next house. Same thing. he keeps going until he gets to the last house, where an 8 y old boy answers. So bob says "Hi, you must be fu-king." To which the boy replied "no.. I'm watching TV."