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  1. Neither would I. Neither would I.
  2. X'D I concur with the D2 thing. I used to farm that bastard for hours. Dropped phat lewtz at least. And the alien boss from Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  3. I slept with the Easter Bunny because I was high. I'd say that makes sense.
  4. X'D my friend and I watched all the credits to find some stuff out.
  5. Roflcopter. Me and my friend actually found the Azumanga Daioh one. IT'S SATAN.
  6. What's the anime with the girl with the hair that likes lets her fly? That one is fucked. Edit: 23:50 is the time, and the song is Bananna Phone... Among them. Also, what's the one at around 27:00 mark, with the giant spiked mace? The angel chick with the halo and pink hair? Me and my friend are curious as hell >_>
  7. Eerie. I even played him. Hmm, X-Files and all that.
  8. Why RP? My friend saw hideous cyber sex all over an RP server. I agree with PvP though
  9. On my friend's guild, one of the rogues is called Camron X'D
  10. You're all n00bs, play on Durotan
  11. I'm bringing this topic back because WoW rules. So for everyone who plays, what servers are y'all on? I'm on Durotan. My friend plays there, and he had me get on that server.
  12. The egg and bellybutton one was obvious, since the ambilical (sp?) cord is the prime use of the bellybutton.
  13. I always like hearing their speech, but dialing phone numbers as they're talking, then insisting that you heard nothing.
  14. Bwahahaha that's true, can't forget Aeris, Tifa, and Yuffie
  15. Bwahahahaha This could get very interesting *watches*
  16. *falls over* Don't double post >.> There's nothing wrong with it, as long as you throw in somewhere that you just liked the name or whatever. You know, the "The persons, places and events in the book are entirely fictional and any similarities to any people places or events are entirely coincidental and uninentional."
  17. Bwahahaha Glad I'm not the ONLY one here who knows who that is X'D
  18. You bastard, my secret is out X'D Seras Victoria (vampire girls are hot) Rei Asuka That guy's sister from Angel Sanctuary And... Sayoko Bizen. Please don't kill me if you know who that is >.> And if we're doing Video Games as well.... Kasumi Tina Ayane Hitomi All from DOA3
  19. Bwahaha. It's only funny because she spites you
  20. bwahaha, I told that one earlier HB, except mine was shorter mwuahahaha. I also heard a shorter version of that one Miyu.. A kid walks into a pharmacy, and shyly asks for a box of condoms. The man working there is proud. He's glad to see young people being responsible and using protection. He's so happy, he gives the kid the condoms half price. Later that night, his daughter's boyfriend shows up to take her out, and lo and behold, it's the kid.. Your version was better.
  21. I played it for a few hours yea... It wasn't all that good... Azrael: Hey There sthailor
  22. I can only say "Li3k Z3D 0H 3M 3FF G33 lolz!!11 Taht wuz soooo funy lololbbqhax!!11shift1" Seriously though, it was hilarious. A little hard to read, but still, it made me laugh.
  23. Daymost: Actually, just the colour. That's perfect man, thanks. I found FFX... Horrible.
  24. X'D Probably the best thing you've ever said, and I totally agree. Off Topic: Yo Daymost, you mind changing your font? It's damn hard to see with the Darth Vader background. Thanks in advance.
  25. Seems like an odd mix Draw the first thing that pops into your head.