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  1. Only for me of course The movie was so obvious though. I knew exactly what was gonna happen.
  2. First off... GOD SECRET WINDOW SUCKED SO MUCH. Seriously, I called the whole movie 20 minutes into the whole thing. Secondly, I might just be
  3. I have a question. How can you spell book as "bk" and still look at yourself in the mirror? Is it too difficult to put 2 o's in there? Takes less than a second. Back on topic. I read those books, and am reading Winter's Heart (nother WoT book =/)
  4. Yea but... In any serious role, he's such a terrible actor!
  5. The one that isn't disgusting and anorexic.
  6. Most attractive actress... Jessica Alba. Most attractive singer... Lindsay Lohan is definitely up there. Most attractive person I know... This girl named Alesha
  7. Anyone here heard of 'em? I discovered them a few months ago, well my friend did, and he showed 'em to me. I personally think they're a great band. They're mostly rap, but they have a couple songs which can be classified as emo. Give 'em a listen at least, and tell us what you think (best band evar) www.myspace.com/hollywoodundead (if I can't post the link, just take it down)
  8. Sorry Daymost but you are a n00b *eats*
  9. I'm currently re-reading Eye of the World, because the books I want I can't find. I want to read the second of The Rigante series (David Gemmell) and I want to read The King Beyond the Gate (Sequel to "Legend" by David Gemmell, great read. I loved it, learned a life-lesson from it in fact ) I recently re-read Echoes of the Great Song (by David Gemmell), it's a stand-alone book, which was such an amazing book, I want them to make another one, but I think it would ruin it
  10. That's why. Run a spyware scan on your computer. All that stuff is spyware.
  11. Okay, mail me the release sheets to your soul, and I'll make sure you get that signature right away. Oh, and welcome to AC!
  12. We conquered them, now the hippies are whining. Deal with it. We won, they lost.
  13. so it would seem.
  14. If it's a natural death for a wolf to kill a deer, to feed the pack, how is it unnatural for humans to kill animals? Even if we don't feed our pack the wolf, the wolf would kill a cow if it could, and the cows feed us. When was the last time you saw a wild cow anyways?
  15. Because people are tools. Animals have been living a long time. They can learn to adapt to deal with it, or they die. We're top of the food chain for a reason.
  16. I'm pretty sure Windows Movie Maker can do it...
  17. Rofl, that was... Odd, to say the least
  18. Because you were one step closer to the edge. Indeed, I used to like Linkin Park as well. Not quite so much anymore.
  19. Not debating the message, but I really don't like the song.
  20. Jack off Jill was an all girl band if memory serves... They're probably my favourite.
  21. On vacation in some city we saw a moose and a bear on a random street @_@ In NY we say deer every single day.
  22. That is probably the most intelligent thing you have ever said on these forums
  23. This topic is going on 2 years now @_@_@
  24. How about "The Adventures of Mad-Scientist Tanoro" (And his minion, Igorbee)? I could write lots of stuff for that.
  25. X'D It makes sense... The cursor is KINDA part of the mouse