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  1. I write to get my feelings down mostly. It's usually when I'm stressed or in a really good mood, and my writing reflects that. Most of the shit that I post here is when I'm depressed as hell, because it always turns out better, and I hunger for compliments! I write to clear my head as well, when I need to just chill out, like before I work on a major project, I'll usually write something for a bit first. I have a lot of writing I don't share with people, I just don't see a reason to. I know I rambled a bit there, but whatever
  2. A long fucking while, and it just kinda came out. Tell me what you think >.> Boy and Girl There once was a boy. He loved a girl. The girl loved the boy's best friend. They dated for a while, but the boy's best friend treated the girl badly. It made the boy sad to see her pain. The boy's best friend didn't care about her, treated her badly, and made the girl cry, although he didn't know it. Things weren't going well for a long time, and it made the boy sad. The boy's best friend eventually broke up with the girl. He didn't care. The girl was sad. That night the girl went to the boy's house. The boy and his friend eagerly awaited her arrival. The boy felt happy that he was going to see her again. He also knew the girl was going to need a shoulder to cry on, and that would be him. He felt exultant. The girl came over, she didn't cry. She took it well, and managed to have fun despite her pain. She accepted it as part of life, and moved on. The boy felt happy that she wasn't so sad, but he also felt sad that she didn't need someone to cry on. The girl moved on that night, but the boy never did. Looking back, the boy felt sad that he was so desperate and pathetic as to use a girl's pain for his own gain. He also felt shame at not even realizing it until later. Looking back he also felt proud that the girl took it so well, and moved on. He also felt terrible for feeling sadness that she didn't display her emotions in a physical manner. The boy still loves the girl, and always will. He lies in bed awake at night, praying to nothing for her safety and happiness. He knows that if he meets her again 10 years down the road, he'll still love her. And when they're both 90 years old, whether they meet or not, the boy will still see the girl as his 16 year old queen who made life worth living.
  3. rofl It's a pretty hard to offend me But I'm not sure if it's die in a good or bad way
  4. Everything seems so wrong. Nothing is important, it's all pointless now. I could play WoW and kill the time, but why bother? It's not fun. I could go downstairs and watch the Superbowl, but it's just not worth it. I don't see a point in doing anything anymore. Why bother cleaning my room? It'll just get messy again. Why shower? I'll just get dirty again. Why eat? I'll just be hungry again later. Why breath, I'll have to do it again in a second. I want to kill myself, but there doesn't seem to be a point, I'll just waste the small energy I have left in doing something that's gonna hurt, and I'll just go to a world that's gonna suck twice as hard as this one. Nobody would care anyways.
  5. Daymost, sometimes you make me want to die. More than usual that is. No offense meant
  6. I sincerely hope not. I like rap, and I'm not too concerned about the words and such that they use, or the meaning to the song, but it's fun to listen to.
  7. Convince your dad to listen to a good band
  8. Go for gold! I've been to Quebec a bunch, it's fun. Just watchout though, pretty much everyone in Quebec city is bilingual, so be sure not to use english
  9. Rofl I have no problems with my parents blasting music, because I'm usually in my room doing the same thing ^^ Just get headphones and put good music in.
  10. mmmm BC *rubs self* I got it today and only got to play it for like 20 minutes before the servers restarted. Curse everyone else for ruining my fun!
  11. I can never think of character names =/ Not even in regular stories where people are supposed to have regular names. It's starting to get to me, because I'm sitting there and I'm like "okay wtf now?" Titles have become easier after I took Dubie's advice (write the title after the book is done)
  12. Need you like a drug - Zeromancer
  13. CAPSLOK IS LEIK CR00Z CUNTRUL 4 AWSM!!!!! and hi
  14. Yay Linux! Then you'll have to reboot your computer once every time you get laid (see. once every 10 years)
  15. I'd shoot him. Right in his fucking face.
  16. Haha I may not "know" anything about them, but the music is good
  17. No shit, AQ40/BWL geared resto druid fell to my Feral druid in 55-60 blues. I raid 5 nights a week, and play GW though, so I dunno how often I'd be on. And Strider, I play on PvE (>.<), and my friend is always flagged. Literally all the time. Maybe that's the security assured for T2.5/2/AQ epics, and GM gear. I flag sometimes, if you get the people that aren't assholes, it's good fun
  18. I'd tap those kids over Sesshomaru (sp?) any day. I mean, anyone who would degrade themselves by being part of Inuyasha is definitely on my "do not do" list.
  19. It's not out yet Evan Rachel Wood also gets my vote I think.
  20. WTB [Cammy's art talent] please send price.
  21. It was for English class, short story. I was happy with it, and everyone seemed to like it, so 'ere we go. I've always been troubled by dreams. Not the usual bowel loosening nightmares, nor the creepy, almost movie-like suspenses. My dreams are much worse. Much more real. I doubt that everyone who had them would agree, but they're my dreams, and that's what I'm saying. They began when I was 13. At the time I didn't know them for what they were. I could never remember them, but every morning, waking up would be accompanied by a sense of loss so profound it hurt me. Things changed from there. Those dreams faded away to the normal fantasies of an overactive 13 year old. Girls and sports, mostly. It accelerated slowly from there. At 15 and 16 I could remember them, which made my social life awkward and somewhat pathetic. For hours I'd lay in bed and fight sleep. By the age of 19 I was dreaming them every night. They're probably the cause of my insomnia. I'd often try and puzzle out what it was that caused these dreams of mine. Whether it was a childhood incident, long since repressed in the halls of my subconcious, or if I angered some spiteful diety. For a year it became an obsession. I saw hypnotists who specialized in repressed memories, and I researched Gods who operated in dreams. Then I had an epiphany. No God could touch me, I was out of their domain, for our faith is their power, and I have none. Any buried childhood memories mattered not, for it was my problem to deal with. The cause was immaterial. The dreams, my friend. All the horror and pain of 9/11 hidden behind a disguise as beautiful as Jessica Alba. There's nothing like them. Nothing like the perfect life in them. Everything is perfect. I'm perfect. The perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect life, the perfect girl. And there is where the trouble lies. The perfect girl, a thought long pondered, from adolescents too young to spend a night away from their parents, to men so old their grandchildren have children. Well I've found her, or my version of her. She lies in my dreams. There's no use describing her to you, my tongue is a crude tool I fear. However, the dreams bring with them a sweetness. A sweetness so great it is soul-searing agony in itself. That is my fgear, my only wish is for them to stop. Letting his surprise visitor out, John wondered why he told him the truth about the dreams. Was it madness? He pondered. He felt tired, sleep was coming. Had to escape sleep. John stumbled to his medicine cabinet, to find it empty. Had to escape sleep. He looked desperately around for a pill to keep him awake. Had to escape sleep. He spotted his open window. Had to escape sleep. That was his only thought as his body flew out of the balcony of his apartment and into the traffic below. Had to escape sleep.
  22. I can never think up the goddamn name. It always pisses me off. I'll try the baby-name thing
  23. X'D Grammar check pisses me off. Spelling check is useful, but I rarely make mistakes on spelling anyways
  24. We're only at 6 But yea, that movie wasn't very good I thought. I still enjoyed seeing it, but not for the movie itself