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  1. I've been feeling really lonely. Just over the past couple months it's been like a cloud hanging over me. It's getting pretty brutal. I've tried surrounding myself with friends and whatnot, but it's been persisting through that. Not really sure what to do about it. Just needed to kinda get it out...
  2. Yeah... >.> it's been a pretty brutal month or so. I think I might have crossed some line with that though.
  3. Goku: Nope, all my female friends exist outside of my regular stomping grounds... Cabbit: Nope, things ended pretty quickly and messily in the form of her jumping into bed with the first guy who came along.
  4. It's like... On one hand, I'm curious. But on the other, I think we should let the past stay in the past...
  5. rofl that's awesome. *saves*
  6. ... Canada is the only country where you can marry a fag but you can't smoke one (no offense meant to anyone here) Full Metal Jacket is a sweet movie, I haven't seen that in forever. I still think a lot of sleep is your best bet. Sleep kills time so well.
  7. ugh, hiding smoking from your parents sucks... Good thing I uh... Don't do it -__- I suggest spending as much time as possible sleeping.
  8. That sounds like a good idea. Suck it up with the kids Send 'em to friend's houses or something. For Christmas last year I stole all mine and my brother's baby pictures from my dad's house and gave them to my mom (he never looked at them) so I showed up with like 200 pictures, and it was the best gift she got
  9. Forge emails to their bosses' saying they quit, that way nobody will notice when they go missing That Dyer guy sounds kinda like my brother >.>
  10. I'm sorry, but if you're gonna give a gundam a katana, go all the way and give it the short sword for seppuku! (I think it's called a tanto or a wakasashi [spelling on that might be off], I can't remmeber though)
  11. It's pretty warm here lately. It's been in the positives the last couple of days, so it's not too bad. Everything is wet from the melted snow, which makes for some adventures
  12. That spots thing is caused by a zinc deficiency in the bloodstream, which can also lead to prostate cancer (for the men).
  13. My friend plans to go to a Black Label Society concert and scream "I LOVE GREENDAY"
  14. the only good part about the -40 days is that afterwards when it's only like -8 the next day you dont' even feel it
  15. For starters, if you turn up missing you probably won't be in a position to blame anyone. Secondly, your dad is probably just trying to make his girlfriend's daughter feel comfortable... Have they just recently moved in? Because if they just moved in then he's probably trying to keep her comfortable. My suggestion is that you suck it up and deal with it, talk your dad into getting a lock on the door. Tell him he can have a key as well as you, that's really all you can do.
  16. Argh, it's -37 here and we still have to go to school. Snow, ice, rain, it's all good. The cold though, is such a bitch. It's fuckign freezing.
  17. So I have a date next weekend, and I'm really psyched about it. The girl in question is GORGEOUS, and we know each other really well, and I really really like her and all that, and so I was wondering what you guys think I should do for a first date. I won't go to a movie (movies are a lousy any-date really), and I want to do something special. What do you guys think I should do that would be really fun... Just keep in mind that we're both 15'ish. Money's not a problem, but I don't want to blow like 150 bucks or anything So what I was thinking was going to dinner at a restaurant that I love (my mom took me there a lot back when my parents first split up, so it has special meaning to me), and then I was thinking afterwards we could go ice-skating down by this frozen lake like a 3 or 4 minute drive from my house. It's got hills around it and stuff, so it's pretty private, but not too private like we're trying to escape or anything. It's just a really pretty place in the evening. I also like the ice-skating because I've always wanted to go skating with a girl like that, and I've never done it, and it's one of the things I really want to do, and I'm a pretty good skater so I don't need to worry about embarassing myself (not that I would anyways) But ya, any input you guys have would be really cool, I'm always looking for new ideas!
  18. Oh, I did. Except one of her friends was having a birthday party or something at the same place, roughly the same time Just a coincidence, and they joined us without asking With most people I would have called shenanigans, but she's not like that. Plus my best friend is there, and where I'm concerned his word is gold. Owell, this week we're going out again Just the two of us.
  19. By forcing someone to make a decision like that, it puts them on the spot. It instantly makes them hostile and makes it more likely that they'll choose the one that isn't you. Personally, if someone asks me for something, I'll usually do it. But if they're like "Do it or I won't talk to you again" or whatever, fuck them. I don't really care if they say it because they care about me, they skipped asking and being nice and went right to the worst possible thing.
  20. Yea, but by using an ultimatum you're setting yourself up to be the loser.
  21. heh yeah I feel great. I have mad girl anxiety when I'm single, not much I can do about it. But ya, gonna be fun
  22. that's true, never thought of that. Yea, some other people said miniputt would be a good one. There's a pretty cool place that does it somewhat close to my house, and close to the restaurant.. Hmmm
  23. Yea, I always know what I want things to look like but can never convey them properly. As things stand I have a pretty good image of what exactly your character should look like. The only issue is, I CAN'T DRAW. In my opinion (humble as it is), you shouldn't draw the main character. You should give that description, and then let everyone find their own image of the character. That's one of the best parts about books, it's not like movies where the characters look a certain way and everything is pushed into you. You have chance to let your own creative mind flow and develop itself. If you give a description like the one that you gave (or however you describe) everyone will come up with a different way of how he should look to them. It's cool because everyone will have a slightly different twist on your character, so maybe the wings are tinged greyish instead of pure black, maybe the eyes are a different colour, maybe the scar runs through the iris but leaves the pupil unmarked (That would be cool. I personally don't like the idea of distinct facial scars running across the eyelid or bridge of the nose, seems too cliche. But I like how it runs across the actual eye itself, I thought it was a neat twist) And hey! If the book gets published and gets a huge fanbase going on you could have a contest to have someone draw the main character, and then you'd have tons of people submitting entries into it, I think it would be really cool! To be honest, if you had left that first post as is and given it time you would be doing a lot better for help. We respond much better to patience. Welcome to the forums
  24. I'm applying for jobs here soon as well, but with all the university prep courses I have next year I dunno how much spare time I'll have for working ><
  25. I hope the irony of this post wasn't lost on anyone.