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  1. I'm Saw-Curious! yeah I saw the preview for it in the theatres... Meh. I only ever saw the first one. Don't really have any interest in them.
  2. Well, it's been a long enough time since I've posted anything new, and I've had this story for a while. Also, the ending is a little weak and I was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism. Anyways, without further ado I present to you: Survivor's Guilt There was a time when my people were the lords of the land. We roamed our territory, keeping watch and overseeing everything. We moved in groups, never staying in one place. That is how we preferred it. That was the way things were for generations. Then on one sad day, our whole way of life was forever changed. They came without warning, as we crested a hill they were upon us. Dressed in the skins of our own people they moved like lightning, too fast for us to comprehend. We had never seen death the way they brought it. Using strange objects we had never seen before they attacked us in groups of 10. Isolating one of us, wearing him down over time, until he finally collapsed. When one of our numbers was finished, they descended upon him like vultures, tearing everything away. When they finally left, only their bones remained. From then on, our days as Lords were over. We moved quickly, too quickly. Many of our number collapsed from exhaustion, too weak to go any further. We discovered too late that was exactly what they wanted. Slowly the months turned to years and our numbers diminished. I watched friends, family members and mates die at the hands of these terrible monsters. They returned again and again, their greed enormous, their appetite insaitable. Through blizzards and bitter cold they always returned, unstoppable. This type of massacre was unknown to us, and we were afraid. At long last, our great leader himself fell to these beasts, and the mantle of leadership passed on to me, the responsibility of our people. Alas, I was all that remained, Lord of a land of death, leader of nothing. For days they chased me ever onwards, until at long last, exhausted and cold I stumbled into a cave hoping to hide from these bringers of death. I waited, too scared to move. I waited, but they never returned. I waited until my body froze and I could no longer move, easy prey. Yet still they never returned. I know not how long I waited, for I wait still. Here I sit, this cave as my prison, the ice as my tomb. Here I sit, alone, awaiting the hunters to return and finish the job they started. The last of a dead people, my guilt vaster than the lands we once roamed, my sorrow heavier than the mountain which weighs down upon me. These hunters took everything from me, but not even they can assauge the pain that I feel. One day I will be free, but I will not seek revenge, for that is not the way of my people. I will not bring myself to their level, I will continue our traditions until death.
  3. Ugh, I could never go for it. What's the point of writing something if you can't be proud of it? You may be proud of the achievement of this, but probably not the work itself if you're trying to write so fast. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of writing all about expressing yourself? Forcing yourself to write a bunch of stuff you don't like just for the sake of filling a word count just seems like it goes against what writing is all about. It's an interesting idea, and I'm sure it's a good way to get yourself noticed as an author. Just my two cents.
  4. No arab terrorists if there's no arabs...
  5. Wow, this is either going to be really really cool, or a huge letdown, in my opinion.
  6. That Walmart computer just laid down some tough love. Pretty funny, I smirked at it
  7. Happy Birthday Angel, get out from under the parents for the day?
  8. haha well I don't watch the Powerpuff Girls at all so I really wouldn't know
  9. Between this line and the title I thought you wrote a porno... Also, the Communist using a "Windmill Shuriken Attack" made me chuckle
  10. Lol my friend's dad ran away from his first wife with the babysitter, who is my friend's mom... Sounds like something out of a porno.
  11. My friend almost sold his WoW account for like $6000 or something. But I couldn't imagine anyone kidnapping him for the purpose of his password
  12. I always thought you were a girl hmm, I don't really get the hair thing, my brother went to my uncle's wedding with a mohawk, but I guess it's different for our trailer trash weddings. Good luck! (Y)
  13. I dunno about anyone else, but I refuse to eat meat grown in a lab. That's good, I always thought that animal testing was already illegal
  14. wow, I read it in 5 hours haha I'm such a loser.
  15. I've been done for about 24 hours It was good, and yeah I was right about some things, wrong about others. It was interesting.
  16. It was my birthday on Sunday, not that anyone noticed or said anything. What did I do? Nothing. What did I get? Nothing. Was it acknowledged? Not really. Birthday's suck. One year closer to death? Please hurry up >.>
  17. This is certainly a new development Even though it's too late, the secret to a good elementary school dance is to spike the punch!
  18. I suggest you do it, but before you do get your dad/stepmom or whoever to tell Gabby that she has to listen to you, that way the chances of them undermining your authority are slimmer.
  19. My parents haven't talked to each other in 8 years. They haven't "gotten lost in their thoughts :drool:" in even longer, I'd be willing to bet.
  20. Even though my time on this Earth is short, I've found pleasures of the heart to be more satisfying then pleasures of the flesh.
  21. Rofl, lucky for me I got my dad the best Father's day gift I could give him back in January... I moved out.
  22. Remember, your future comes and goes, but sex? Sex is forever
  23. Yeah... My mom just realized tonight that she forgot. I guess I probably should have told her and other people, but I go to the trouble to find out/remember their birthdays, and I guess they can't do the same for me >.> I don't really care that I didn't do anything or get anything, it's just aggravating that everybody flat out forgot.
  24. Go there to pick up chicks! There's nothing wrong with going alone, if people ask just say you're keeping your options open. Also, as long as you act and seem like it's not a big deal, people won't think it is anyways. Seriously, I hate that "like a brother" bullshit. Hear it too often as well >.>