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  1. I would hope that Shepard wouldn't be killed off. If Teyla saves him it would "redeem" her for being poseesed by the wraith... sort of
  2. we've been getting the images from the windscar.com gallery register a gallery account to view all of the full size images in the reply box, at the top there is an icon to click that will auto insert the pic for you see...
  3. Pop culture references tend to creep in there, mostly some sort of Kingism I added another part of the story today, but it's more of a 1/2 chapter. The rest is getting there Power of Spirit picks up where Stuck in the Mountains with you leaves off.
  4. Kagome also
  5. I think she might still be on Atlantis with the Wraith, but she could be up in one of the hive ships I wonder if she has control of herself or if she has been possesed bythe wraith again.
  6. Sledge, you've really got a thing about the wolf demons sniffin asses don't you? X'D
  7. You mean to say that the woman of the house does all the physical labor outside?!
  8. You really hate her don't you?
  9. Does anyone help you out with the grunt work over there?
  10. That is great!
  11. X'D
  12. Wow, I actually updated and added the next part of the story to the collection. It's called Stuck in the Mountains with You and picks up where Genkai gets another Student leaves off.
  13. Ayame duh...
  14. Does anyone else find this show hillarious? Brock chained to his flameing car LMFAO!
  15. They were at Jagura's Keep when that happened. Jagura was trying to open Paradise, she had Cheza and the wolves came for her. They had Kiba hooked up to some crazy machine that was draining his blood. The other wolves, Cher, Hubb, Pops are all in the city. This is the part where all sorts of hell breaks loose. Tsume finds all of these dead wolves, Hige is going nutbar, Cheza and Kiba are dieing and Darcia shows up. Fun stuff. It has such a Dark Tower feel to it. Espically the ending. Awsome.
  16. I love the one where Dean and Hank go through the scared straight thing and are in jail with the Monarch. F'n hillarious X'D
  17. That was great! I wonder if it hurt when you Sorry, but that kid was really getting annoying.
  18. and my fav couple
  19. What can I say? I would.
  20. Jezus Janie that is a lot. When will you be able to get outside to work in the garden?
  21. ...You coulda told me sasquach was... a dude....