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  1. yeah im having a blast with it too got it for the 360 and was squaded up with 3 friends jsut wrecking people....we got Ace squad atleast 6 rounds in a row
  2. um the HDD always needs power you can boot past the BIOS without a HDD...what wattage PSU did you go from
  3. want nao maybe ill finally have a comp that can keep up with me
  4. I'm a big fan of how you become enormous giant rage monster =D
  5. The fact of the matter is that Netflix wanted to get rid of their DVD aspect altogether hence why they were gonna make it s subsidiary.
  6. =O Wonder Years yes!
  7. wow that guy is amazing at that @_@
  8. problem is that the market is getting so saturated
  9. you can have it make an icon also whichever you choose...i like not having icons and just use the library list in steam
  10. they said in the email that the VG service will be the same as Bluray service an add on service...also this move is what the CEO wanted cause he wanted to remove the hard copy service altogether. He doesn't expect Qwikster to last an all hence why he made it a separate company....and jsut wants to keep the focus ont eh streaming service cause hell...that where the market is now.
  11. I personally love it cause i keeps everything basically organized gamewise...and makes switching to a new computer easy as hell cause all you have to do is redl the game and most are steam cloud enabled so it'll keep all your settings and gamesaves also...and you can synch it with your FB to find all your friends that are on steam
  12. ill bee getting it for free after i get my used PS3 and put my new dual boot modchip in
  13. lemme guess....found that while you were shopping for Chu's Halloween costume?
  14. it wont last long im sure...nobody really gets premium channels anymore due to things like Netflix, Hulu, and even OnDemand
  15. im dling the current episode right now...so far there are 7 eps out currently
  16. yeah they aired 3 way during last season of SNL's season finale....Timberlake was host and Lady Gaga was music guest
  17. these videos are kind of old honestly their newest video is 3-way ....It's new if you mean by being put on their YT channel . The vids used to be just exclusive to Hulu cause of the deal NBC has with them but they are starting to release it all on YT now Pi7gwX7rjOw and another great one off their new album also N24fVEJyQKM
  18. pretty neat but my XPS laptop cost half that and has probably the same specs and 3D to boot....the touchpad setup it has is nice though
  19. yeah i got woken up to our house swaying...was felt pretty well here in central NJ
  20. Birthday of the Happy to the Lady of the Clan =D *has a beer or 3 and a shot or 5 in her honor*
  21. yeah they announced that like a month ago cause they are broke
  22. 1XE9iuNOXzo the animation looks amazing i cant wait @_@
  23. nah i doubt it would be MS exclusive since both use it they would probably get sony to pay them for it
  24. yeah that segment was amazing =D
  25. Ive heard really good things about it from many people...Ill watch it when i get the chance maybe throw it up on my Netflix dvd queue