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  1. The wizard gets better after a few levels :3....Arcane orb is nice =D and frost nova of course
  2. Strider you must have had real bad luck I think i beat the game for every class but the barb and could have honestly did it one sitting
  3. yeah teh Beta was a blast :3 the monk is so BA omg had a blast with it
  4. get Lookout first of also...best virus scanner for a phone that is free
  5. Sanji in Nami's body is win
  6. OMG yeah the MAV was horseshit....lil thing flying around and it wouldnt die and jsut keeps stomping on your face for 1 hit kills....and yeah I never personally ran into many USAS nubs but my brother ran into a lot of them. I really need to play more often should torment DX
  7. the first episode(pilot) is out it'll start airing April 14th
  8. This is what I get from my wireless on my latop 23 down and 5 up with 41ms ping....the pictured bugged on me and was just giving me the blank template everytime :/
  9. =D trollolol had an awesome time int he city on St Patties day good food good times and caught the Ranger game at MSG too
  10. >_> noooo i woke up from my drunken stupor just now...and no plans for today thats what st patties day is for when ill be in the city
  11. they are making Starcraft Risk that's pretty bad ass too
  12. ill wait till someone cracks the code so i can just mod it like my psp
  13. handheld PS2 maybe if it was as powerful as the PS3 the batt life would be an hour and it would feel like molten lava in your hands
  14. my laptop is running a Geforce GT 555M with 3D enabled screen =D its glorious
  15. ive been to Otakon about uh...9 times? Godgrave you have go ATLEAST 5 or 6 times
  16. First victim of this horseshit is Megaupload...4 people were arrested and the entire site was shut down
  17. i love how the owner is like "I didnt know stuff like this was going on"....you live next to a fucking firing range ah durrrrrr
  18. wtf only 80 proof? they diluting my shit damnit
  19. i should get blood work done but they would probably just give it back and say dont have us draw blood mary out of your veins again
  20. working till fucking 11 pm...gonna stab my boss for putting me on both xmas eve and New Years eve
  21. old fart
  22. ME 1 and 2 are 5$ each today on steam
  23. shesh pchan the fuck
  24. holy shit is she real *pokes Saiel*