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  1. that is usually used to act as time passing....you were waiting for something at that point right?
  2. no its a finished anime...the ending is kind of bittersweet(have the whole series ^)^...thank god for fansubbers that ignore liscenses)
  3. the poor show was taken by FUNi *hugs his fansubs*
  4. Nyu\Lucy ...even though its more of a pink...but pink is a red
  5. Fushigi Yuugi is extreme plot there...so firggin sad ;_;
  6. Official DVDs: Armitage III Dual Matrix and Poly Matrix Armitage III OVA Akira Outlaw Star Envangelion Robotech The Slayers Slayers Next Slayers Try Bakuretsu Hunters Slaers The Motion Picture Slayers Book of Spells Slayers Return Saber Marionette J Orphen Aoi Yori Aoshi (HK) Touch (HK) One Piece (HK) (Up to ep 128) * Yu Yu Hakusho (HK) H2 (HK) Macross 7 (HK) Gasaraki Bastard X (movie) Venus Wars Marmalade Boy (Vol1) * Mobile Suit Gundam (HK) Last Exile * Weiß Kreuz The Record of Lodoss War Tenchi Forever Yu Yu Hakusho Poltergeist Report Yu Yu Hakusho Movie 2 His and Her Circumstances Princess Mononoke Spirited Away EoE Bardok Story History of Trunks Appleseed (VHS) Macross II (VHS) Iria (VHS) Tenchi Muyo In Love (VHS) Sailor Moon ^ Samurai Deeper Kyo ^ and about 300 Gigs of anime on my hds and about 15 DVD-rs with anime on em HD List: ^ GTO Full Metal Alchemist* Ranma Ranma movies and ova Arc the Lad Crest of the Stars Banner of the Stars Banner of the Stars II Cardcaptor Sakura CCS Movies and specials Chrno Crusade Gundam SEED Gundam Wing* Happy Lesson Happy Lesson Advance Happy Lesson The Final* Initial D 4th stage* Kono Minikukumo Utsukushii Sekai The Melody of Oblivion* Initial D 3rd Stage Ninja Scroll (sub) Escaflowne Movie Fatal Fury motion picture Tenchi Daughter of Darkness Saiyuki Wild Arms TV Hand Maid May Brain Powered Samurai 7* Samurai Champloo* Soul Taker Tenjou Tenge You're Under Arrest S1 S2 movies and specials DearS* Legend of Basara GTO Live Action Maison Ikkoku Soukyuu no Fafner* Prince of Tennis* Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex Street Fighter 2v Madlax* Noir Rurouni Kenshin both ovas and movie Silent Mobius Tokyo Underground Tenshi na Konamaiki Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki! OVA 3* Gokudou-kun Manyuuki Now and Then Here and There El Hazard Magnificant World El-Hazard - The Alternative World Bakuretsu Tenshi* Angelic Layer* Kyou Kara Maou* CDR/DVDR/VCD: ^ Love Hina Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki Escaflowne (movie) Kenshin (movie) Martian Successor Nadesico The Prince of Darkness (movie) Vampire Hunter D (movie) Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (movie) Luputa (movie) Ah! My Goddess (movie) Ah! My Goddess Canidate for Goddess FLCL RahXephon Kanon Golden Boy Cosprayers Cowboy Bebop Knockin on Heavens Door (movie) Kiddy Grade GANTZ S1 Gokusen Hellsing I My Me! Strawberry Eggs Gungrave Ramune Mouse Run=Dim Tsukihime Marmalade Boy (RM format) Sailor Moon (all the seasons movies and specials) Samurai Deeper Kyo i believe that is all...if i find anything else ill add it -P
  7. i really dont feel like listing....i have a good amount
  8. hey i played secret of evermore also...and yeah...its a pretty sad game -/
  9. its only 51 eps and even then it jsut ends with him still needing to do shit...it just....drops off *stab stab* need to get around to getting the whole manga from SOMEWHERE
  10. the different raves give the sword different forms and gives the wielder different powers