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  1. Actually they changed teh way killstreaks are...they are scorestreaks now so if you are normally an objective player like Domination taking points and defending such rack up your streaks. Balanced out the playing field a LOT specially I enjoy the objective type games more and am not a tweaker/quickscoper/aimbotter
  2. *fades into the backround....all you hear is a cage opening and screams from Strider* LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR *chibi eppys come running out of the darkness*
  3. talk about a random topic name(which i agree with completely) nice stuff you got
  4. and i have power AGAIN! woke up and power was back out 9 am this morning but its back now
  5. I have the Microsoft Surface now omg its so nice :3
  6. why dont you just look into getting a 2.1 sound bar? They are pretty decent.
  7. its based off a popluar VN series....Baldr Force has a few different games
  8. yeah teh name of the game in CoD is cheating 75% of the time
  9. The Hulk and Thor scene was even better when he does that lil side punch
  10. Finally hit 30 huh =D
  11. there is a reason for that
  12. yeah i heard abbout this ages ago :3....told cabbit and she is stoked too
  13. only got summoned once like 5 years ago...got dismissed due to my mom going and breaking herself and also teh fact my dad was summoned for the exact same one
  14. yeah that might be due to the hangover >_> like i said this is a really piss poor on the accuracy side....was right after work from 2 jobs and i was in pain and didnt fast....had hot pockets on my break
  15. thought i'd revive the topic cause i got free blood work done from my job at TGT....who knows how accurate some things are cause i was hungover and at the end of my TGT shift after also working a shift beforehand at my other job :/ Total Cholesterol 166 120 - 220 LDL Cholesterol 60 50 - 178 HDL - 38 Cholesterol/ HDL Ratio 4.4 1.5 - 4.5 Triglycerides 341 (hangover can cause that >_> and i love my foods :3) 10 - 250 My Glucose was at 87 for non fasting which is nominal and my blood pressure was a little high....but again thats after about 16 hours of work and back pain
  16. no believing in credit cards in the end will bite you in the ass when you try to get a loan or a mortgage....1 is enough as long as you build credit
  17. yeah adulthood sucks!
  18. OMFG Its Muk.... Caesar just released his lvl 100 pokemon on them
  19. oh GG....responding to silly spammers....and its kick the llamas ass
  20. yeah Drama disappeared like 6 or 7 years ago
  21. 3ds

    I still have my DS lite cause i have a DSTwo card in it with a lot of game on it :3
  22. yes yes good times indeed :3
  23. 3ds

    I have the Zelda edition 3DS :3....was worth waiting for the pretty 3DS
  24. oh good lord....people coming out of the woodwork @_@