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  1. I stumbled upon this while sifting through IMDB one day. I had no idea it was even happening that's how off the radar this is . Completely stoked for it!
  2. I own the first on bluray....watched it so many times
  3. This looks a LOT more badass then the first
  4. This looks great!
  5. I think Disney is just consolidating all the IPs so they dont have like 6 millions companies out there
  6. annnnnnnnnnd im not watching this now....2 of the worst actors possible
  7. i just use these http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-S305-Bluetooth-Headset-Microphone/dp/B002BH3I9U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363518357&sr=8-1&keywords=motorola+s305
  8. yeah its a 2012 Chevy Cruze ECO put like 3k down and cause i work at Costco got over like 2000 in rebates. The guys at the dealership even haggled down my APR to 3.6 for 36 months helps having a 791 credit score
  9. *nerdgasms on the wall*
  10. Yeah my upgrade is in December so the S4 is sounding great for me to upgrade from my S2
  11. shesh 23 i wish I bought myself a car for my birthday this year
  12. why spend so much money on this shit when their service is still garbage now?
  13. yeah this would be a pretty enjoyable bad movie to watch after its out of theaters
  14. *squeals* i cant wait already have had teh collectors ed preordered for months
  16. it feels like Rob Zombie made this
  17. Really looks like itll be an enjoyable movie atleast
  19. wow piraan....you do know that isn't my crotch....i took the picture from a 4chan post
  20. I need a new body ~_~ holiday season is killing me!

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      Eppy's got abs between those abs. He's getting sexier every minute and counting.

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      Btw, this comment side bar thingie is pretty cool.

    4. Sledgstone


      Yeah, I like it alot. Its way easier than going to everyone's profiles to leave a message to just one person.

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  21. ugh damn you steam for taking all my money! *throws bills at them* ....is it bad i own like 350 games?
  22. *sadfase* noooooooo
  23. Ew....smells funny
  24. that is just amazing