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  1. I really liked it. It could have used more Beth, though. She's real hot.

    If I were in that situation, I think I'd be up for what they were doing, except for going into Beth's apartment. I'd wait outside.

  2. kak_quiz.jpg

    You are KAKASHI!

    Mature. Balanced. Quirky. You're not what people would call a "black sheep" but at the same time, you aren't quite normal. With a subtle sense of humor and a slightly less than subtle way of teaching people a lesson, one thing is for sure: no one can wait to see your whole face.

  3. pretty good chapter, not much happened but at least it's progressing better then Bleach. Every new character is starting to look more and more like Naruto though lol. I can only Imagen that one of these coming chapters we find out there all brothers XD.

    I do think that Pein = Naruto's half brother.

  4. Did he? I'll have to take a look at that again. But why would Sasuke do that? I thought he wanted Oro dead...

    On the topic of Sasuke, I'm not at all liking that he's smacking an atasuki (sp?) around with no effort at all. I thought they were supposed to be sume uber powerful team, but Sasuke isn't even trying here. Its making me lose all respect for all the members of Aka.

  5. One thing I just caught: I was rereading the last chapter and, its raining pretty hard at this point. Sasuke's team Hebi and Naruto's teams are all standing outside, in the rain. Each and every one of them have a hood on their cloaks. And the only one sensable enough to put the hood on is Shino ( though he always wears it)...

  6. I need to come back to this thread and ask one thing...

    What is up with the crazy cat lady? I mean, did that come out of left field or what?

    And one thing I don't get about her. That whole complex is supposed to be some kind of secret place for the Uchihas, right? Then that means the CCL (crazy cat lady) and her (undeniably hot) granddaughter are just chillin there, by themselves, for ten years on the off chance that Sasuke might stop by?!

    Can someone explain it to me...please!?

  7. Plot-no-jutsu is a mighty and terrible thing. It could be that the two teams just bump into eachother and Naruto tells Sasuke to come back to the village and voila - instant melee a la Valley of the End.(its not as if many things in the manga make sense reciently, anyway).

  8. I don't know. I'm sure if he just shows up to where Itachi and Kisame were, Itachi would fight him one on one.

    I think its more likely that Kishimoto's setting up a Sasuke's team vs team 7 fight.

    Oh, and Sasuke's buddy, Suigetsu, is so Sai's brother.

  9. Meh... I wasn't a big fan of the second one, so I'm not as excited as all the ladies here for it to come out.

    And whats up with Jack scamming on Will's lady (and then leaving him with those fish guys)? I thought they were supposed to be buddies...