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  1. Hey, Naruto anime coming to Adult Swim. Even though I've read the manga, it'll still be fun to watch the anime.
  2. Soge King from Sharpshooter Island!
  3. I prefer subbed in every single situation. I wish every anime on tv was subbed. I can't stand the english voices in most situations.
  4. I hear ya. I actually haven't looked at the new manga for about a month, and I remember when I'd get so excited for it to come out.
  5. I'd say my favorite character has to be Raven. She's got all kinds of power and she's just dark enough. Now if she'd just keep her hair long...
  6. LOL. Definately. I love when Rodney tries to boss him around and the Asgard just stares at him.
  7. Whys that?
  8. Yeah. If he can turn into mythical creatures like that, then he should just tirn into Godzilla at the start of every battle and step on the bad guy.
  9. Ooh, Raven with long hair . Those were great episodes. Especially when they were fighting their doubles and they knew everything about the real ones, so they taunted them with things they knew would hurt them. Great stuff.
  10. I read the manga. The best guy is the Kohana interrigator (terrible spelling...) with all the scars on his face. I think his name's Ibiki.
  11. I've read as much of the manga that I can. Very good series.
  12. SG1 fuses with Farscape to make some kind of Fargate SG1 show. I keep on waiting for D'argo to come walking in. Seriously though, I really liked SG1. It looks like that will be the team: the two Farscape folks, Daniel, and Teal'c. But I was seriously geeking out when I thought Daniel would be on Atlantis. That would have been awesome. He would have gotten everything up and running within an hour.
  13. LOL! I cracked up everytime he came on the screen. I think the ship will be good for the series. Something added to the mix usually doesn't hurt. Mostly, I think it'll just hang out and not do much until they have specific episodes for it.
  14. It may tell you something about how strong Shanks is as he used to be around the same level of swordsmanship as Hawkeye. Thats pretty impressive.
  15. Monkey D. Luffy. Cool name if you ask me.
  16. Yeah, that was a great episode. What a cool power to have, too. To be able to make scripts that influence how things turn out.
  17. Everyone should be required to watch this before signing up to any forum.
  18. Heres a list of people and their devil fruit powers.
  19. He circled the world... ... ... Yeah that makes sense. When I was watching it, I thought he was just going around the block and coming back.
  20. True, but I was answering Miyu's question about, I think, from what Kuwabara said about Kurama. And Kurama, as a bishi, would be short for bishonen.
  21. Its a cut down of the word bishonen. Basically, the guy you just posted, Kurama!
  22. No. He's only in two other scenes all the way up to the ..."Puffing Tom" arc.
  23. Why do dubbers feel the need to change the names of the characters? Hao is a fine name. They had no reason to change it to Zieg and whatever the hell they call Horo Horo. Anyway, Hao's fire demon is my favorite. Lyserg has to be my least favorite main character. Grow a spine, will you?
  24. Not yet. I assume he's going to be one of the last fights in the series.
  25. ...thats my point. Thats what happened in the manga, but unless Pearl comes back, the way he was taken out in the anime (so far) was that Luffy was on the mast of the destroyed ship, Don Krieg destroyed the bottom of the mast and it happened to fall on Pearl's head. Wham, bam, he's out. Jin was not involved at all.