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  1. Right now I'm reading George Martin's 4th book in a series. It's called "Feast for Crows". Great series so far (although this book that I'm on is by far the worst of the series). If I can go all the way back to Saosin's post, Raymond Feist is a great writer. I'm a big fan of the various books about Talwin Hawkins as well and the ones about Pug's young life (Magician: Apprentice especially). After I finish the book I'm currently reading, I'm going to read 'Death of Ivan Illyich' next.
  2. Shino should ditch the white hooded coat and just go with the all black uniform.
  3. I don't watch the anime. I just can't deal. I like the manga quite a bit better. All the continuity errors in the anime (especially fillers) make me want to hurt someone.
  4. Did anyone see that Adult Swim is going to start airing scryed next week. I'm pumped to hear the american voices and see it on tv. What do you all think?
  5. Oh my god. I just saw this movie. I really didn't know what it was all about and I found it on "on demand" and I thought "ahh, a nice little anime before bed" and by the time it was over I wasn't sure if I should have watched it in the first place. It's a good movie and all that, but its so freaking sad. I didn't cry, but from when we saw the mom in the hospital, I had to hold the tears in for the rest of the movie. Crazy, sad stuff.
  6. Bald Bull from Punch Out. For like 2 months, I could never beat him. Then, all of a sudden, I got good at the game and I'd just destroy him and after he was TKO, I'd start the game over just to kick his shiny headed ass again.
  7. Invader Zim
  8. I'm rereading 'The Drawing of the Three' and a CG shootout at Balazaars might be the coolest thing ever.
  9. I know. I realized it during Saturdays episode. I was going to edit my earlier post then, but, lets face it, I'm way too lazy.
  10. No, they're the only good guys with the whole body alters. Cougar gets his alter on his legs and, I think, Jigmar is the only bad guy who has a full body alter (I like his the best, by the way).
  11. If we're going from games as well, my two favorites are from Final Fantasy VIII: Quistis Trepe and (I have no idea why) Fujin!
  12. Yeah, thats when he got shot. They actually didn't edit it that much. I guess they wanted you to kinda guess that he had been shot, but not fatally or anything so it would be a bigger shock when he died. Speaking of which, wasn't it so sad when Kazuma was carrying Kimishima and talking to him, even though he wasn't answering.
  13. I watched it. I got it. I really don't like it.
  14. Yeah, sometimes amateur translators just listen to the anime and write down the names phonetically how they think they are spelled.
  15. Those are just his last resort weapon. If he loses his gun, he can always stab enemies to death with his THO.
  16. Well, you can see what everyones favorite anime is underneath their name. ...but its a thread, so Vandread is my favorite.
  17. Really messed up?!? ......yeah, thats fair.
  18. His spine sword ... thing was one of the best things ever.
  19. I don't know if I've posted this before, but Temari from Naruto I like her short skirts
  20. Shino's my boy. He's cool because he knows hes cool and he doesn't have ti prove it to anyone.
  21. I didn't mind them. Of course, I could just be recovering from the terribleness that is the One Piece voice acting. I think they're about average. Nothing super, but servicable.
  22. I'm with ya there. If I'm walking through the forest and these things start appearing all over the place just watching me, I'm freaking out and sprinting the hell out of there.
  23. Heh, yeah that was stupid. I wonder if they're going to edit out Sasuke and Naruto's ... next episode.
  24. I don't know. Neji and Hinata's bloodline limit is pretty damn cool. I loved the Naruto/Neji fight in the chuunin (sp?) exam.
  25. What about Smoker..err..Chaser? Is there any reason in the edit that he has smoke coming out of his mouth all the time? His character makes no sense now. And what were the people who changed his name thinking? "Well, he chases people...lets call him Chaser!" stupid stupid stupid stupid