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  1. Comic Party 1-3 Real Bout High School1-4 Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-6 Lone Wolf and Cub 1-10 Prince of Tennis 1-3 many Shounen Jump on the computer... Naruto Vol. 1-27 Hellsing Vol. 1-5 EDIT: Those Who Hunt Elves 1-2
  2. Anyone read the 3rd manga book where they're at the beach? When Mizuki comes out in her bikini and Taishi holds up a sign that says, "There's something special about you today...you're the fruit of summer, brighter than the sun. The wall of ice around my heart is slowly melting away." And Kazuki promptly kicks Taishi in the head.
  3. I don't want Hige or Blue to die! They're my favorite couple on the show. My favorite scene on the show was when Hige was going back into Jagara's Keep and he said something like he would be able to return if he knew she was waiting for him.
  4. Looks like we got a battle on our hands for next episode. Do you think that anyone will die in the fight? My money's on Tsume. I think he's going to buy it protecting Cheza.
  5. The humor comes from the pure randomness of it.
  6. hahaha. That was so funny. What about the first guy to ever buy his doujin? This giant dude with all kinds of bullet holes in his chest. I laughed for like 5 minutes.
  7. I hate to say it, but I think Toboe's done. Things just seem to be getting worse and worse for them, doesn't it? The worst/saddest death, I think, was the blonde scientist's death. That caught me off guard.