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    Strider and I got some tank brigade action in for a few hours. Sadly our team didn't take our lead half the time and arm points for us. And later I performed a tank steal from a guy arming one of our telegraphs. This is why we don't get out of our tanks. We managed to win a few rounds I'd like to say mostly thanks to us. People are getting so sniper happy on both sides it's insane. I really look foward to rush on a less open map. Right now it's the superior game mode.
    I've settled into assault class a lot more now that I've stopped trying to grind. The rocket gun is my new favorite toy. I wish I could have got all my tank kills, but rush matches last longer than 15 min like conquest should and the first half of one of our matches got lost in the recording. 
    The rocket gun feels like it follows BF4 sniping physics. I felt right at home at long range targets. 
    With all the little bugs, lIke the climing/vaulting bugs, defuse bug, unintentional gas mask, and standing up after moving prone. This is how I feel sometimes. 

  2. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Titanfall 2   
    Meh, to me the fact that it plays like COD is a fact I like (meaning the lack of teamwork, I'm sorry I just don't see where actually working as a team could help this game be better. It draws to many parallels with COD and that game is the anti-thesis to teamwork. Its sad but it's all Respawn knows, they don't know how to make a game that doesn't emulate COD). I absolutely hate COD now but knowing that there's a game that's similar and, imo, a lot more fun to play is a good thing. However, as I mentioned before, I hate the fact that Titans can spawn in so easily. To me they feel like you should earn them, not just be given them for doing little actions or on a timer. I don't know but to me the Titan is far from special and if this is what the spawn system was like in TF1 I'm glad I didn't get the chance to play it, it's just another super weapon that happens to be somewhat godly if you can keep it alive long enough to do something with it. Yea, I'm jaded because when I play a game with mechs in it it should either be designed around the mech as the primary weapon (ala Armored Core) or should be something you earn through actions on the battlefield (like a kill streak (and yes I hate kill streaks but for this it could actually work)). As it stands now Titans are guaranteed power weapons given to anyone who just happens to sneeze in the general direction of an enemy. Honestly I stand by my original thoughts of TF1, its COD with mechs and it will never be anything more than that (and no that's not a good thing).
    Use you're grappling hook Sledge, it's the easiest way to board a Titan and steal the battery. It's extremely hard to board a Titan otherwise in this game (believe me I've tried, you have a very slim chance of boarding one without the grappling hook). As long as the pilot doesn't see you grapple it you're guaranteed to get on. Yea it pretty much cements the need to run solely with the grappling hook which is all I run with. Sadly they made the grappling hook to good and there's no reason not to run with it (yea the Pulse Dagger is amazing but as long as one teammate has it you don't need to use it). Outside of any new game modes they might add I'm pretty sure we have experienced the entirety of MP that TF2 has to offer which is why I only played it on Friday. I have to agree with Matt on the fact this game should of been released earlier in the year (either before Overwatch or shortly after, lets face it Overwatch wouldn't of pulled gamers from TF2 as they're two completely different games) because BF1 is going to kill whatever chances this game has of succeeding (and sadly COD will take whatever gamers don't go to BF1 (as unbelievable as it may sound Infinite Warfare has way more pre-orders then BF1 (yea MW might have something to do with that but still))). TF2 is going to crash hard and its sad, this game has a lot of promise and it's easy to see this game could be on the same level as BF1 if it wasn't given a chance to shine on its own and not in the shadow of a much better designed game. After this tech test I probably won't pick this up. Between picking up Overwatch soon and with BF1 coming out in a little under two months I won't have time for another shooter (especially with my work schedule).
  3. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Titanfall 2   
    As someone who never got a chance to play the first Titanfall this pre-alpha has been somewhat of an eye opener, mostly because I'm spoiled by BF4's TTK (it's a lot slower) and just the whole BF mentality. It took me 4-5 matches to start getting hang of the game (I'm totally out of practice with COD like games, I'm not used to the run and gun mentality anymore) and an additional 4-5 matches to get my twitch reflexes back (which are still not up to my COD4 days).
    I only played Amped Hardpoint, even before DX joined me so most of my impressions will be based on that mode (Pilot vs. Pilot doesn't interest me (I'm so used to objective based gameplay now I don't think it ever will again) and the Bounty Hunt mode just seems cheesy and slightly retarded with it's whole banking money mechanic). Much like DX my first couple of matches I never got a Titan and barely even see any pop which I'm quite sure is attributed to the lack of AI in game now (a few of my friends played the original and based on what they said and DX's comments it seems AI really helped pad the spawn timer on the Titan). To me the Titans seem overly weak but then again I have nothing to base my thoughts on since I didn't play the original, it seems way to easy to kill a Titan or at least it seemed that way when I was in one (my god my Titan dropped extremely fast) or fighting one (I have mastered the grappling hook and I'm pretty sure if there was a belt buckle for it I'd have one for riding Titans, I so love stealing their batteries). The only real way to speed up getting a Titan, besides getting kills, is capturing a point and sitting on it. Everytime you get a point you get 5% on your Titan meter and you get points rather quickly so it doesn't take long to get your Titan (I think kills give roughly 3-4% but I can't be sure, wasn't really paying attention since the game moves so quickly). As DX said Scorch is kind of a joke. Between it and Ion you're better off going with Ion as it's easier to use and has some damn good weapons and an awesome core ability (that laser is devastating). I really do hope they put Ronin in next weekends test.
    I can't honestly compare abilities and weapons either but if this pre-alpha keeps the gun mechanics the same the R-201 Assault Rifle is going to be everyone's go to weapon (the CAR is a good weapons as well but I found myself sticking with the R-201). It's got the best range, great handling, and does a pretty good amount of damage to enemies. Like DX I have to agree that the Anti-Titan weaponry seems really weak for what it's supposed to do, taking very little to no health off of enemy Titans (the charge beam is about the only thing that does reasonable damage). As for pilot abilities I'm in love with the grappling hook. I find myself always going back to it because I feel so naked without it. It just makes getting around the map so much easier though it is a little wonky. I tried Holo-pilot and wasn't a really big fan, Stim is nice but I need more time with it, I have yet to get a chance to use cloak, and the Pulse Blade is really nice but I have a hard time giving up my grappling hook for it. Grenades are fun but it seems the two most used grenades are going to be the Electric Smoke Grenade and the Gravity Star, they're by far the best ones in the game (Frag is a little wonky and the EMP or whatever it's called is really situational). As for the wall running mechanic it's going to take me some time to get used to it as it seems to annoy me more then anything (though I am getting really good at using it to get around the map).
    The party system is atrocious. It's really annoying that you drop out of your party at the end of every match and had I not made that network DX and I would of spent most of our night inviting each other through the normal system. I really hope they fix it for next weekend because it's retarded to have to keep dropping out after every match to reform your party. If you get on tomorrow Sledge and I'm on (or if I'm not let me know) I'll get you into the AC network (I have it closed right now since I want to keep it between us, don't really want random people joining it) so it'll make it easier for us to play together if we're all on together.
    Honestly though the game is fun and for a pre-alpha this is extremely polished. If they can work out the party issues and some of the imbalances on the maps I think this game will do extremely well. I honestly don't know why people are bitching about the TTK, I think it's in a good place for a game like this (no matter how you look at it this is a major contender for COD's audience and it shows) and I honestly don't like fast TTK games anymore. Sadly the game is going to suffer coming out so close to Battlefield 1 and it's going to hurt Respawn quite a bit.
    This is actually because they don't want PC players getting a hold of the single player campaign because for some reason they can't split the MP from the SP for this alpha (I don't know, I heard Matt say this last night during his stream as the reason he was given when he asked them). It's still not good that this is a pre-alpha test but by the sounds of it the SP campaign is done and ready to go so maybe they're just trying to get all the bugs worked out before they finalize the MP (they said during the little intro into MP that this is a stress test as well as a pre-alpha so it seems they're testing their server capabilities as well).
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    Can't wait to get my hands on the horses but I'm not actually hip on the Elite Classes (though I am happy they're battle pickups, I was worried how they were going to handle this). Sadly I missed the live stream but this map looks amazing just from this video.
  5. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefield 1   
    Can't wait to get my hands on the horses but I'm not actually hip on the Elite Classes (though I am happy they're battle pickups, I was worried how they were going to handle this). Sadly I missed the live stream but this map looks amazing just from this video.
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  7. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefield 1   
    That will be on hell of an assignment to complete
    God that trailer was awesome. Can't wait until the 31st (or around then, they haven't said how early we get in as Insiders) when we'll finally get access to the beta and this amazing looking map.
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  9. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Battleborn   
    I hear that. I don't look at vg247 nearly as much as I used to. There are so many pointless articles just to get page views.
    Blizzard might not make an Overwatch 2 for another 10 years. They could just keep adding characters and maps indefinitely. But to keep making money off it they'll probably sell more and more character and weapon skins either directly or thru rng loot boxes. They could treat it like WoW and release a paid expansion for it that unlocks a campaign. They could do that for every hero in the game and milk this initial title for the next decade.
  10. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Battleborn   
    They're def killing it with overwatch. From the harsh stance on cheating that zero other games have done to the free post release content. (Hell, you only get banned for a week on The Division, you don't get banned at all on COD). Like I was telling Sledge, they game will have a longer life span than a normal shooter. With the many different characters the game has, it makes sense just to keep adding more, instead of pulling a street fighter and release the same game every year. You could make Overwatch 2, but people are going to want all their favorite characters back. Then you have to do a balancing act or old and new to avoid getting accused of recycling content. 
  11. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Suicide Squad   
    This movie was a hell of a lot of fun. Screw reviews. Was it a masterfully written story with deep, complex characters a rich dialogue? Hell no, who was really expecting it to have all that? It was a ton of action and light humor. I'd say it was very 80ish action at that. It was like Inglorious Basterds from hell. Will Smith put on one of his best performances in a long while and Margret Robbie nailed Harley Quinn despite what people were complaining about the over sexualization of the character. Yes her costume was pure fan service, but she nailed the persona. Leto was a very dark Joker, I liked it, but Ledger was better. Then again this film is way more comic-y and less serious.
  12. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Overwatch - Trailers   
    I believe, based on what I've heard XFactor and Matt say, that the amount you loose or gain is based on the skill ratings of the other team. I know the system keeps you pretty well matched for skill ratings (going so far as to try and match you against other teams that have similar make ups (like if you queue as a team of two it tries to match you with opponents of similar make up)) but I do know you do occasionally run into a team that has a few higher skilled players. Like I said I'm not entirely sure but I've seen Matt loose whole ranks because he lost to a team comprised of higher ranked players. I've also seen him gain an entire rank for winning against the same type of team. I'm sure other factors are brought into the equations, like how badly you lost or how badly you stomped the competition, but it seems ranks heavily influence your loss or gain.
    I think Blizzard made comp mode to do just that, make you play with who you're good with much like a MOBA does (most pro MOBA players stick to the same heroes exclusively, you rarely see any of them choose something different (then again they also play on teams so they can do this)). This is generally why if you watch Matt or XFactor they stick primarily with who they're good at (X loves and is a beast with McCree but he also switches out for Roadhog and the occasional Pharah. Matt generally sticks to Ana, Tracer, Reinhardt, and most recently Junkrat). Same could be said for any of the competitive players and streamers which is why I'd be scarred to play comp. I'm really only good with Mercy, Reinhardt, and Lucio but I don't always want to be thrown into playing just healers and tanks. However, as we know, I'm more then willing to eat the bullet and do whats best for the team even if it does irk me from time to time.
    That sudden death system needs to be revamped imo. It pretty much always favors the attackers but then again I'm speaking from the PC side. Most of the game modes that can end in ties pretty much always favor the attacking team and considering it's based on a coin flip it really does suck when you get stuck on the defending side. That meta is slowly starting to shift into a more even playing field now (what with certain heroes being nerfed and buffed) but it still favors the attacking team more so then not.
  13. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in PS Plus Games   
    It's completely free of micro transactions so there is no pay to win, just long boring grinding of missions to make the credits needed to buy that next upgrade or that next ship. I'm thinking I'll be going the same route as you Myk, fighting just isn't worth it in this game.
  14. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in PS Plus Games   
    Eh, Rebel Galaxy is ok. I played around on it for a bit today and while it's fun it doesn't really tell you how to do anything (like I'm completely lost on mechanics, one missions tells you to go mine some ore but forgets to tell you exactly how to do it forcing you to go the other route which is talk to traders to buy it and then get attacked by overpowered pirate ships) and the combat is boring as hell (it's pretty much naval combat (if you've played AC3 or 4 then you'll be right at home) with an emphasis on broadside attacks, you're flying a battleship so don't expect awesome space dog fighting). Plus you burn through credits extremely fast trying to keep you're ship repaired (plus weapons, engines, shields, etc are extremely expensive (not to mention the next ship you can buy is 43,000 credits and it's honestly, stat wise, not worth the money)).
    Honestly it's an ambitions title that falls short and is worth the dl since it's free if only to waste time while you wait for something else to come out.
  15. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Nintendo Switch (Nintendo NX = Portable Console)   
    Jack brings up a lot of good points in this video and while I don't agree with every single one of them (like the handheld market dying) I feel he summed up a lot of what I said above and did a much better job of it.
  16. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Nintendo Switch (Nintendo NX = Portable Console)   
    Not exactly. I know it's running better tech then a 3DS (if this is true) and the displays on those are only slightly smaller then an average smartphone display (which is usually between 4-5 inches, my Note 4 as a 5.7 inch display and that is the biggest out there for smartphones) but I'm expecting battery life to be around that of a 3DS if not better (you gotta remember a 3DS runs two screens, a 3D and a normal one. I get roughly 8-9 hours of continuous play on my 3DS when I actually play it (it's kind of neglected, the poor thing)). Plus my 3DS never runs hot (then again different tech here). The one thing Nintendo is good at, which you said, is handhelds and they've always had great battery life once the Pocket Generation of Gameboy's hit the market (the original "brick" could probably get you around the same battery life as a 3DS if you were lucky and that was only running one screen). Plus, in all honesty, the graphical quality of the new Zelda game for the NX isn't all that better then a 3DS (I equate 3DS graphics to PS1/N64 era while the Wii U is still sitting at roughly Gamecube era, maybe slightly better) so I don't see the games that might be coming out of the NX being all that graphically taxing.
    What it will come down to is the on board O/S and whether or not the console will support features like the Nintendo Store, Virtual Console, and everything else the Wii U currently has. If it does then yea battery life is going to be atrocious on this machine especially with detachable controllers (which I'm thinking, for practicality, will only be usable when the system is docked). Honestly, if this proves to be true, it could either kill Nintendo's future in the industry as a console developer or it could save them. I'm leaning more toward killing their console division because the only way I see the NX working (in this format) is if they kill their DS division and make this the new handheld which they would be stupid to do as it's the only thing making them money (outside of those few gamers who own Wii's and Wii U's). As a huge supporter and fan of Nintendo's handheld division (I've owned every incarnation of the Gameboy (with the exception of the Pocket and Advance SP) and two incarnations of the DS (the DSi XL and the 3DS XL)) I don't think I could support Nintendo's decision to make the NX a portable system, it makes no financial or practical sense as one thing in this equation is going to have to die to make things work and my feeling is it would be the DS platform.
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    I forgot to mention this yesterday after I watched the new Star Wars Rebels season 3 trailer (I lost it when I heard him speaking and they showed his face, gah the fanboy in me is so damn happy I might actually start watching Rebels). While this makes me happy beyond belief, I mean come on it's FREAKING THRAWN, I'm somewhat scared as to what this means for his character post RotJ since we haven't seen nor heard of him in TFO or any of its books. Hopefully the book says he's alive and well, would love for him to make an appearance in Episode 9 (I doubt he'll be in 8) or any upcoming movies similar to the Rogue One and Han Solo movies.
  19. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Thrawn is now part of Star Wars canon   
    Holy crap. Thrawn is officially part of the new Star Wars canon. And there will be a new Thrawn novel. I'm so happy. This obviously means the Chiss are canon now as well. I need this book. Hell, I might even have to watch Star Wars Rebels now.
  20. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Pokemon Go   
    Eventually this will end up imploding on itself as people get faster and faster connections dwindling this 60% down to 30% and so on as internet prices continue to skyrocket. People are extremely predictable and those of us willing to pay for those 120 meg connections will eventually turn into those who wouldn't pay for it when 500 meg on up connections become available to the public (you know those prices are going to be astronomical compared to what we're paying now and newer games are going to require faster connections). It's a sad, never ending cycle but I never really see the physical media disappearing. We as a society put a lot of emphasis on what we own physically as if it was a symbol of power. Doing away with this sense of ownership is more harmful then good as we can't own a streamed game (or show proof we own a digital copy of something), we'll pay a fee to be allowed to play it for say a month (similar to what MMO gamers like myself do to play our favorite MMO's and this works for them) on top of the fee we play for Live or Plus and on top of what we would pay for a service like Now (which I believe is $10-$15 a month). Once that month's up we now run the risk of either having to pay for another month to play the game or just give up on the idea of playing it anymore. We think paying for premium on Battlefield or other games like it to have access to maps is bad, just think of the outrage people are going to have when they have to pay say $5-$10 a month to stream Battlefield on top of some sort of premium membership for map packs (you know this won't be going away, it's making them to much money to allow it to die). You're looking at, theoretically, $15-$25 a month to play the game with the added $50-$60 you pay for you premium membership for you're preferred console (yea I'm using the current market) which is between $180-$360 a year just to play one game (without said map packs/dlc). I know things could get cheaper but with the greed that is Capitalism I doubt things are going to be cheaper then what I said (hell it could be more). The cool thing about services like Netflix is that we pay an access fee and get instant access to their whole library of movies/shows/etc until our month is up and we have to repay, we don't pay a fee to watch each individual episode/movie. There is no way a service like this will be allowed in the current game market, you will be forced to pay a monthly access fee along with a fee to play each individual game (which is the current system for Now).
    I would cover the other point but most of my worries are encapsulated above the only real thing I'd have to do is take into consideration what different features Sony and Microsoft would put in to either entice or charge you more to use there app/stick. Honestly Sony and Microsoft, I feel, would go away from this and just focus on their other money makers (Sony with it's electronics and Microsoft with it's software). Again I don't think exclusives would be a thing, there really is no competition anymore in this model. Look at Apple versus Android. What exclusives does Apple have that you want on you're Android phone? What about vice-versa? I honestly can't think of one app/game Apple has that I want for my Android because almost everything now either has an equivalent on the other or it's just released for both platforms. The only real competition comes from preference and this would be the only competition between Microsoft/Sony, which major corporation do you want to support.
    Yea, you can get Pokecoins in game I believe either by battling other trainers or beating gyms. You can refill you're basic Pokeballs at Pokestops I believe but yea they pretty much force you into spending real money for their in-game currency, much like every other F2P mobile game. You eventually reach that point where you need to spend money to actually get anywhere in the game (I've run into this problem on Clash of Clans more then once having spent quite a bit of money to get further in the game. Thankfully I stopped doing this and don't spend money anymore (I only recently started playing again after like a year away form the game)).
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    That vgcats comic.. lmao!
    I think of it more as who is going to pay the most money overall (i hate this concept i'm about to type tho). I think of games like battlefield, titanfall, call of duty, etc. They all are focused on that 60% of the consumer base of online players with broadband internet. The other 40% with crap internet or no internet can either play against some AI bots or get a campaign only with battlefield. If the console makers wanted to trim costs they could cut down on console production and focus solely on that smaller market with the best internet because they could potentially get a higher profit ratio. The rest of the people will just not get those games anymore and will have to settle with alternatives like hand held game consoles, mobile or tablet games that can be played offline. I doubt this would happen unless high speed internet becomes much more available across the country tho. But I could see it as a possibility because other companies do the exact same thing already. If someone lives in the middle of nowhere, cable companies wont install their lines on that person's street for just one customer. Same with a town's sewer and water lines. If you're not in the service area you have to get a well and septic tank. Its pretty shitty, but wherever I'm looking at houses for sale, I have to take into consideration all the services available to that location so I don't get screwed in the future. All those companies running the towns/village services wont make enough profit off that 1 or 2 customers to justify the expense of catering to their living locations, so they straight up ignore them instead. I think of blockbuster as another example too. Everyone used to rent physical videos and games, then netflix destroyed the business model. All those 60%ers out there with good internet have netflix, psn, xbox live, steam and enjoy themselves. The other 40% now have to go to a kiosk at a grocery store and have a selection of 10-15 movies to watch and 4-10 games instead of hundreds at a blockbuster. For all of us with good internet, everything keeps getting better. But for everyone with crap internet, their options keep dwindling. We don't hear about it online, because those people literally aren't online to complain about it. If this same trend continues to happen and only people with broadband high speed connections are the new and only customers, then everything digital will prevail and physical games could eventually disappear.
    Hypothetically I think it'll depend on what company eventually makes the best streaming services with the best performing servers, controllers, etc. Plus it'll give the companies competition because each one would charge different fees to game companies and possibly pay companies for exclusives. PSN and Xbox could very well not even make a stick, but instead become apps like netflix and could work on a variety of devices or even be built in with Smart TVs with bluetooth for game controller input. Companies like Steam and Apple take at least 30% of the sale of all games. If PSN and Xbox didn't have competitive prices, they could all be charging crazy rates and game developers would be even more screwed. I would think of a PSN or Xbox app as competitors to steam at that point, just like amazon prime video and hulu are competitors with netflix.
    Wow. I did not know that. I have installed games by bypassing the market and installing .apk files on my android because of the original humble mobile bundles. I didn't know other installed games could still access company servers tho.
    I hear ya. x_x I know 60+ year old coworkers that play the hell out of angry birds, farmville, etc. tho. But thats the exception. My parents have no significant interest in games and theres plenty of people I know that would think playing a video game is for kids and would rather go to a bar and throw darts while drinking beer. My younger brother plays all kinds of games but he hates pokemon go and told me the other day that as an adult he didn't have time for that childish crap. lol.
    And back to Pokemon Go. (lmao, this has gotten way off topic, but its a great read imo. Its very interesting to toss around theories like this.)
    I installed pokemon go and caught a couple pokemon while sitting on my ass:

    And then I checked the surrounding area.. There is a poke stop in the cemetery across the street from me, but I've never noticed anyone actively going there. And it looks like a location near or at the local grocery store a couple streets away is a poke gym.. it could be the liquor store actually. lmao. I wont know because I uninstalled it. The game is an interesting concept, but I'm not interested in taking a road trip to hunt pokemon. The AR feature of the game is pretty interesting tho. These pokemon just float on your screen and if you can line them up on stuff it looks like thats where they are standing, like on my toilet paper roll. I've noticed that you have a limited amount of pokeballs and the things have a tendancy of flying all over the place when you throw them. Thus ensuring that you will eventually run out and need to buy more. I'm assuming pokecoins are obtainable in game somehow, but the microtransactions are real in this game:

    Nah.. I know I have a tendency to go OCD on some games, but this setup along with having to literally go all over the place isn't for me.
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    I seriously doubt this. There's always going to be a physical copy of the game because publishers need to get their money's worth out of games and I know I'm not the only person out there that refuses to pay $60+ for a digital copy of a game when it comes out.  Also they have to reach the broadest audience and as you said there are those who have shit internet service or none at all, you can't possibly make money when you're ignoring up to 40% of your consumer base. Not to mention not everyone can afford the price of high speed internet or would even be willing to pay the price for said internet. With how graphically and bandwidth intensive games have been becoming to pass that amount of data through on say my connection speed would result in a piss poor gaming experience, something I don't want (which is the reason I need to upgrade to 120, I've been having some series troubles playing FFXIV lately due to internet fuck ups).
    Plus the way you're saying this will go what would be the point of even owning a PS or Xbox stick when you could just get the game through steam on you're PC. You're effectively killing the game market as there would be no use to having two console developers anymore. Exclusives would be gone because what developer would side with a stick manufacturer when they could reach more consumers by just releasing on Steam or another Steam like application. It'd be more cost effective to this and you only have to code for 3 different OS's (if you choose to) and one server setup. Plus I've never heard how Playstation Now is doing, I know some people don't like it but I've never really heard overall numbers of users or games being played (sadly I won't pay a fee to stream a game on top of my PS+ membership, that's a little to much money for my tastes). I know I'll stop gaming if they go streaming only, it might be my age showing but I still like having physical copies of my games (the only digital downloads I own on my PS4 are the free titles we get every month, Sword Art Online (I forget the rest of the name), and the Definitive Edition of Dishonored. I refuse to buy digital downloads due to limited hard drive space since digital games take up more room then disc copies) and that will never change. The only exception I make for this is PC games, it's just easier to get the digital version through Steam and a lot of PC games are switching to digital only (plus I have hard drive space for days between all my external hard drives).
    The problem is Sega was in the same boat when they left the market only for Microsoft to swoop in and take their spot effectively forcing Nintendo into Sega's old niche market. Sadly we won't have that option if Nintendo goes the way of the dinosaur (and no Steam machines won't take that niche. They're jokes that run on Linux and only have 250 so games from the Steam library that actually can run on Linux). Sony and Microsoft have to much say and power in the industry (which I think is one of the reasons Nintendo can't get out of its funk (besides their bad choices in developing new consoles)) currently and we've seen what choices they've made over the last decade swaying how game development and console development go (before Microsoft hit the market their was no real call for online multiplayer games on Nintendo, Playstation, and Sega consoles (though Sega did start it with some of their games (Phantasy Star Online is an example here) which is why we had those massive single player only campaigns. People had PC if they wanted to play online games. It was Microsoft that started pushing for digital only as well, we saw how well that worked out for them). I still feel, much like our political system, more then two choices is a must which is why I worry for the future of gaming if Nintendo bails on the console market (I have no hopes for our political system but thats for another topic).
    Other mobile developers have already been pushing this forever. Look how much money games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans have made since they're release (the numbers are astronomical). Developers already know the amount of money they can make, Nintendo just proved that a major developer can make a shit ton of cash on already established properties. Hell Square Enix is releasing a Final Fantasy game for mobile now as well (Mobius, it looks freaking amazing and I plan on picking it up).
    DRM isn't really that strong on mobile devices. With a rooted phone or tablet you can get access to various games no problem, bypassing the android/apple markets by just getting you're hand on a copy of the .apk file through a site (and you can even get cheated versions as well) and it'll still have access to the games live servers. Hell I think you can even get iOS games on android (and vice versa) through this method (I don't know, I don't really pay attention to the root community. As much as I'd like to root my phone it's just not worth the hassle).
    I digress now, we've really pushed this off topic. I tried Go for all of 5 minutes in my room. After realizing there's only two Pokestops in my town I quickly uninstalled it (plus, out here in the boonies, people still view gaming as completely childish and even more so if they hear you're playing Pokemon. The social stigma is overbearing). Plus, while the concept is cool, I just don't like the idea of it. What this game is doing as somewhat of a social experiment, however, is nuts. It's really bringing the gaming community together but it's also bringing the seedier elements of society together as well (the amount of deaths, robberies, and other games contributed to this game are sad).
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    Considering their mobile games department is brand new I'm sure they'll start realizing quickly just how much they stand to gain from licensing out their ips to others. While I think the game is retarded (I mean look at all the robberies that have happened since it's release) it's a great step for Nintendo and something I've been calling for for a long time (what I wouldn't give to have a Zelda title on the PS4, just imagine how beautiful that game would be). Considering how bad the Wii U did and how bad I think the NX will do I'm sure within 2-3 years we might see more of this happening. I mean all they need to do is look at Sega and they'll see how profitable it was for them to drop out of the console market and license out their ips. Sure it hasn't been good for Sonic but everything else Sega has it's name on has done extremely well over the years. The only downside, if they choose to pull out of consoles development, is it'll kill what little competition there is on the market (yea, Nintendo hasn't really been a contender over the last few years but I don't like what the future holds if it's just Sony and Microsoft calling the shots). With this whole modular gaming aspect the console market is taking (seriously guys, we don't need a new PS4 and we certainly don't need two new XBones. There hasn't really been any outcry for 4k console gaming so why the hell are they pushing it now (4K TV's are insanely overpriced). Hell 4K gaming isn't even a big thing on PC yet. I don't like the fact that they feel console gaming needs to be like PC gaming, I don't want to be upgrading my system every 2-4 years because you guys want to give us a slightly more powerful console) I fear Nintendo dropping out will put the nail in the coffin for the console market.
    While I was still in college one of my teachers said Mobile was the future for the game industry. Not only does it allow indie developers to flourish (it's probably the most friendly platform for indie developers besides PC) it also allows big developers to reach out to a much broader audience. In fact (he was the head of the game development department) he hoping to get classes added to the curriculum that focused on mobile game development (sadly this never came to be as he left shortly after I graduated and the school closed 2 years later (long, retarded story)).