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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in New "Perfect Dark" Theme!   
    Tis very spiffy, so much better then the white one
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in Welcome our new admin, DeathscytheX!   
    Should I be scared? I mean the man does have a railgun he likes to shoot people with (and by people I mean me). j/k
    Congrats DX!
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    Strider Hiryu reacted to DeathscytheX in That gun debate thing   
    A gun ban is just a "big government" agenda. We can talk about assault rifles all day but if you go to the FBI's website and look at the numbers, more people are killed by knifes, hammers, and even hands and feet. These individual categories out number ALL rifles put into its own category.
    Another interesting note is that from 2008-2011 the number of homicides have gone down. The US ranks 28th in the world in gun violence per capita. What Piers Morgan won't tell you is that in the UK violent crime is 5 times higher per capita than in the US.
    Timothy McVeigh single handedly killed more Americans in one event and didn't use a single firearm. You can still buy fertilizer to this day.
    People are quick to act on emotion while throwing any kind of logic out of the window... That's why we have the patriot act, that's why the gov can tap your cell with no warrant, and that's why they are trying to restrict guns now. Any freedom we are willing to give up, Uncle Sam will be happy to take it away from you weather it's Democrat or Republican.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in Nvidia announces Project SHIELD   
    Honestly I think this is probably the most retarded thing I've seen in years (console wise). Quite honestly I don't see the point, I have my Droid Bionic for Android based games and apps and my laptop for Steam so I really don't see the point to this. Plus I'm sure this thing will be released at a ridiculous asking price.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from DeathscytheX in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2   
    Holy crap whats the range on those shotguns cause you were pulling some pretty far away kills with it? Nice videos btw
    So this explains why I haven't seen you on Halo in awhile, been playing the COD. Got a friend trying to talk me into buying this and watching those vids makes me miss my old COD days (not that much mind you, I never got into multiplayer for BO1 and MW2 turned me away from multiplayer to begin with).
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in UPS Driver Steals Christmas Gift Delivered By FedEx   
    More then likely because Gateway computers are pieces of crap (used to have a Gateway desktop, was nothing but a pain in my ass). I believe it used to be set up that way, if an order was more the $250 it required a signature no matter what (even if you didn't want to sign for it) or at least I know it used to be for UPS (one of my friends used to drive for them). FedEx I'm not sure but I remember back in the day I used to have to sign for all my packages that came through them (back when GameStop still used them to ship games).
    I know when I got my laptop last year I had to sign for (then again it was freaking expensive) but that's the only thing I've signed for in the past 3 years or so.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in HAPPY BIRFFFFDAY SLEDGY   
    Happy Birthday Sledge!
    Wow GG, that cake is disturbing in so many ways
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in [AC] Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!   
    Happy Holiday's AC! Hope everyone had a great day
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in UPS Driver Steals Christmas Gift Delivered By FedEx   
    This is generally why when I order stuff I have it sent USPS (if it's an option). Sadly few places send anything through the mail anymore *looks at GameStop with an evil eye*
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    Strider Hiryu reacted to Kite in every nerds dream   
    Now thats fasion of the future
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Ladywriter in Help please need to decide if i should...   
    It's good, nice effects, as Lady pointed out he's a bit pixelated but as she pointed out could be the format you saved in or it could be the file.
    I'd say enter it, never know you might just win.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Pchan in Wolf's Rain   
    Same exact place I told you to get Elfen Lied at all those months ago. About the cheapest I've seen it. Both the collections will run you around $10 more per collection ($20 both) at any other place online (not including shipping). I'd suggest also checking stores near you to see if you can get it cheaper there (like Best Buy, Suncoast, etc.). I have the original Boxset so it ran me more money (plus I bought it as it was released and got the Limited Edition boxset with the Kiba plushie and first OST).
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    Strider Hiryu reacted to Sledgstone in Stargate - The Ark of Truth   
    Well, we all thought the series finale sucked ass, so it looks like scifi is making up for it. 1 1/2 hour straight to dvd movie that takes place after the end of Stargate SG1. Looks like that other stargate movie that is being made will be a straight to dvd release also. I'm just glad they're not letting the show end on such a shit note anymore.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in Dreamcast 2   
    Most likely no. I highly doubt Sega would stand a chance in today's console market since the bar has been raised pretty damn high for anyone willing to come in now. The 360 and PS3 would be hard to contend with graphics and hardware wise, they're beasts and considering how well the Dreamcast did I doubt they'd be able to make something up to those specs.
    Though the Wii is doing well we have to look at it from a different aspect then power and hardware. Considering the Wii is just a Gamecube slimmed down (graphics wise, I do realize there is different hardware on the system, I just consider it a slimmed down GC) it doesn't hold well in that market. Wii's success has to do with it's family appeal and innovative controller (as much as I hate the Wii-mote I admit it's pretty damn innovative). This is the main reason it's outsold both the 360 and PS3.
    Should Sega one day decide to come back onto the console market it's either going to have to build a powerhouse machine to contend with the PS3 and 360 or it's going to have to go the same way as Nintendo did and make a console that's more family oriented. I don't really see Sega being able to pull this off from both a designer mindset nor do I see it from a consumer mindset. They'd have to make some pretty big changes to come back into the console market and I just don't really see it being possible for Sega.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Gundam-Ranger-X in Wicked Gundam Cosplay Costume   
    Could this be the one you're looking for GRX: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v47/xyath/image.jpg
    I remember it being posted on the site a few years back and saved it then. Image is kinda large so just click the link to view it
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Dogmatix in When did you last ...   
    Kind of sad in a mellow happy way as you put it. The ending is in no way depressing (well for some it might be). I'd say go see it, you owe yourself the pleasure of viewing Shinkai-sama's work.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from Sledgstone in What makes Gundam Wing so popular?   
    Ah thanks for the info on Shenlong and Deathscythe. Been years since I saw it so I couldn't remember when they were destroyed and why (I have a bad memory).
    True, give an awesome pilot an awesome suit and they'll be a powerhouse (as seen with Char and a few other pilots in the UC series as well as AC series). It's just that the GW Gundams are actually more powerful then you believe them to be as compared to other timeline series (UC series and GX). Only real reason I know this is not by having seen those series but because I actually read and understand the technical specs that are out on the net for them (MAHQ is my bible for mech tech specs). I'm somewhat of a nerd for specs. I could care less what a suit looks like, I want to know what it's truly capable of and that can only be seen thru the technical specs. This is why the GW Gundams are considered so powerful. They're capable of things that nothing could realistically be capable of even a 25 meter humanoid weapon.
    UC Gundam isn't for everyone thats why I can see you not getting into it. Sadly this is what I don't like about the new generation of Gundam fans. They only watch it for the flashy Gundams, pretty boy/girl pilots, and fanservice (as seen in SEED/SEED Destiny). None of them are in it for the story or awesome character development that was seen in the original Gundam and subsequent UC series (Tomino is the man, all I have to say about that).
    Meh, I'm done now. Enough Gundam spouting out of me. Need to turn this back on track to GW and why it's so popular.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from gokuDX7 in What makes Gundam Wing so popular?   
    Now if only that could end the discussion. I know a fair share of GW fans who'd like to end a discussion like this.
    Frankly it's good to state why you like it or don't. It draws out conversation which are what boards are for.
    As I said before this is why I hate this generation and the new generation of Gundam fans. They don't state reasons as to why and they don't want too. (Just for your info I break Gundam fans into three groups: Old School, GW Gen, and New Gen. The majority of AC falls into GW Gen with a few of us having moved to Old School and a few of the n00bs being from the Next Gen (aka SEED Gen)). You guys just want to end the discussion without having to provide backing info because you're afraid to make yourself look bad when someone comes in and destroys your argument.
    Dubie it's always good to have a Gundam discussion with ya. Great info and I commend you for trying to destroy the misconceptions that people have a GW (I know you destroyed a fair share of the ones I had, though those were few in number). I just wish more GW fans were like you, I might actually get more intelligent Gundam conversations out of people. Also w00t for Mythbusters, best show on TV to date.
    Anyways I'm done in here now. Don't want this to go down the wrong path plus we need this to stay on topic (more then a fair share of Gundam discussions have been derailed in here). Continue on with why GW is so popular (beyond the reasons already stated).
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from EVA-01 in What makes Gundam Wing so popular?   
    Don't say every anime fan reveres it cause I certainly don't, both as a self-respecting anime fan and as a Gundam Otaku (I'm crazy about everything Gundams except G Gundam, Gundam Wing, the atrocity known as SEED, and the even worse atrocity SEED Destiny).
    The big popularity with it is the pretty boy pilots, the uber powerful Gundams, and the lack of political intrigue (ok others will say it has lots of political intrigue, I found it rather lack luster. Total pacifism is a dream, it'll never happen and the premise of this bogged down an otherwise ok plot). Also, one of the few reasons why Wing has a huge following is because the majority of Wing fans are girls because, as stated by the creator, Wing was the first Gundam series made to appeal to the opposite sex (meaning females here, Gundam is and originally was targeted at the male audience until Wing was made. Since then it's been shifted to appeal to both audiences (as seen with the ever so craptacular SEED and SEED Destiny).
    Also I have a feeling that this belongs in the Gundam subboard but it'll get moved eventually.
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    Strider Hiryu got a reaction from EVA-01 in Kira and Athrun: Hidden Relationship?   
    Lacus Clyne is the name I think your looking for on the pink haired girl EVA.
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