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    Aggressive recon with the lever action... holy shit, this has my name all over it!
  2. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild   
    The game look awesome but I'm not a fan of cel shading and I wish companies would do away with it (plus I'm not shelling out money for a console just to buy one game). I still think (agreeing with Shibby from Inside Gaming (another youtube channel I watch)) that Nintendo just needs to cut their losses, quit making consoles that barely sell, and license out their franchises (take a hint for Sega Nintendo, they did it and the company started making money again). They can keep their handheld line since it still sells but at this point making consoles is only loosing them money (and fans). This game would look amazing on the PS4/XBone as would Mario and Metroid.
  3. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare   
    I seriously doubt that considering the new COD will be right around the corner (and why hurt the next COD's sales by releasing this) and they're still sticking to their guns on this one. They really have nothing to lose by refusing to release it separately, most gamers that have given up on the series have already left it so it's not like they'll lose their hardcore fans (the ones preordering it). I hope they will release it as it's own title but the way things sit now I highly doubt it.
    While I'm all for free dlc I'm all for paying for well made maps which is why I would have no problem paying for Premium again if they were to go that route again (especially since I'm not a fan of the buying skins route, it works I won't deny it but if I'm going to be spending money to support a game I like I want it to be for something more substantial then a skin for my gun). Honestly I never really noticed a drop in players when the new map packs dropped for BF4, still the same amount that were playing before. The major problem the DLC had were bad maps (I loved the Naval Strike and Dragons Teeth DLC but Last Stand, imo, wasn't really worth the money. Maps were to big for my tastes and catered to our lovely friends the camping snipers) and bad implementation. I still remember the rubber banding problems from the NS DLC.
    That's the problem with COD though. One campaign mission will be fantastic, the rest will be complete and utter crap making you wish you never bought the game. This is the reason so many people by COD for it's MP, it was the only redeeming thing from the games (Modern Warfare and World at War were great campaign wise, MW2 and Black Ops were shit (I didn't buy any past BO so I don't know how the plot has gotten better, if it even has)) and now that's pretty much been shot to shit.
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    And hence the reason why I'm glad, like DX, that I never got into this series (I couldn't get past the fact they were mising SE characters with Disney characters (hey I was young and opinionated when the first one came out). I heard it was a great game with a great story but I was too invested in other titles back then to take the plunge and buy it (or rent it, I did a lot of game renting back then)). A lot of my friends, who were fans of the KH series, actually ended up buying every system to play it. Emulation, while fun, requires a lot of set-up for anything past the SNES era (hell to play PS1 and PS2 games on you PC you actually need to get your hands on the bios for both systems, extremely illegal (even more so then pirating games) and they're hard to find without getting some virus downloading them (I only know this because I have emulated PS games before but stopped doing it as I can't play old school PS games without getting a serious headache)).
    Considering how SE has already done this with the FF series (the sequel to IV, Crisis Core, Tactics Advance and Tactics Advance 2) I can forsee them taking this path with FFXV (if the game ends up being a multi-game release, they'd be fucking stupid if they pulled this. XIII and it's two sequels did not do as well as some people think they did and ended up loosing SE a lot of pull with their fans as well as money (the only reason XIII sold so well was because it was a numbered title and it was the first numbered title to come out in 3 years at the time)).
    This is the reason why I'm only blowing money on FFXIV and the Star Ocean series, the only good FF around now-a-days and the only good series SE has been putting out in recent years (which reminds me I should really get around to beating II, III, and IV (Star Ocean that is)).
  6. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)
    This is a good read. The new book establishes the canon and explains details about the events that take place between the Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens. I'll get this book at some point, but instead of buying or even reading it, check out the link to read the major highlights / spoilers from the book. The part about the creation of the first order and it's quick rise to power makes alot more sense now, but there is no mention of Snoke or how he then gained control of everything.
  7. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in YT thread   
    This guy is crazy. I spent hours watching his videos the other night. He doesn't use much safety in doing his experiments.
  8. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in YT thread   
    That sumo's boob..
  9. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Voltron: Legendary Defender
    I can't find this on youtube, so the IGN video will have to do.
  10. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Warcraft   
    After watching this I can honestly say I feel a little better about this movie considering one of them is a huge Warcraft fan and the other isn't but they both liked the film (plus I trust their reviews, they're generally more level headed then most other reviewers).
    Heh, I honestly didn't know most of those names I mentioned until I played WoW (I hardly remember playing the original Warcraft outside of Medivh's death and a few other points of interest, everything I know about it now was from reading up on it). WoW introduced me to the overarching plot that connected the first three games and got me extremely interested in what caused the events that lead to WoW's original starting point (4 years after the end of The Frozen Throne). I remembered the majority of WC2 from having played the hell out of it on my original Playstation (back when they used to port RTS games onto consoles, wasn't the greatest port but the game was still fun as hell) and WC3 was still fresh in my memory since I had only recently finished another play through a month or two before WoW's release. It's funny how a game that spent more time rewriting this established lore made me and many other players go seek out and read all the established lore (plus the game itself contains a lot of this lore if you know where to look).
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  12. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefield 1   
    I pretty much bought Battlefront for the same reasons as DX. Is it a good game? Yes, it's a really good game. Sadly thought it suffered for the reasons DICE said it did, it was rushed. There wasn't enough to do when the game released, it had a limited amount of maps, and honestly once you played it once you pretty much knew everything it had to offer and that's what killed it for me (Battlefield is always fun because Battlefield matches are driven completely by their players, you never get the same experience twice when you're in a Battlefield match however you get the same experience every match you play in Battlefront).
    Hardline was a good game it just wasn't thought out properly (a lot of gamers enjoyed it, I know a lot of PC gamers wished the game would of lasted longer but the PC version pretty much tanked after release). I enjoyed the beta mostly because it was more fast paced then core Battlefield games. Don't get me wrong I love the core series but Hardline was a nice change, almost a COD style Battlefield game. I think the theme pretty much killed it as most gamers aren't interested in Cops vs Robbers games.
  13. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Nintendo to make movies of their properties   
    Based on how well live-action adaptations of anime and games have been in the past I don't think Nintendo will go down the live-action route with their properties ever again (Mario Brothers anyone, I actually liked the movie but I was a kid when I first saw it so yea).
    It should be noted that Nintendo gave up majority control of the Seattle Mariners to do this (something I didn't know until I watched the Inside Gaming episode on this yesterday, funny to think Nintendo owned an American Baseball Team). Goes to show you Nintendo is financially hurting so I think this is there way of trying to come out of the red and recoup some losses after the Wii-U debacle. 
  14. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XV   
    I'll have to agree that is a rather retarded demo concept especially considering you don't really get a feel for the whole battle system or really any look into the overarching story. I get the feeling that's only a small portion of the game (if it's even in the game, for all purposes this could of just been a proof of concept demo (a shitty one)). The Iron Giant battle looked sweet (though I still don't like the combat system). I know the first demo went over well with fans and it was an actual better look at game mechanics. 
    Honestly I agree with you on breaking the plot up and spreading it across different formats, it's retarded and is only a money making ploy (something SE is becoming a master of doing lately). Plus it dumbs games down and forces people to go above and beyond just to get the whole story experience. As far as I know the anime (5 ONA episodes) is a prequel to the actual events of the game and helps set up the world and continuity (I took that almost word for word from the Wiki page on it). Honestly you could probably skip watching it and not really miss anything since, as FF stories usually do, they'll spill almost all past story elements in some sort of long dialog/flash back sequence. I also don't think they'll split this game in multiple titles. Not only has the game been in development for 10 years (originally starting off as a much more interesting game called FF versus XIII with a completely different concept) it wouldn't be financially sound to split a game like this into parts (considering the debacle with the FFXIII games, that while they sold well most received poor reviews). I could be wrong, we are talking about SE and they haven't been making financially sound decisions since FFXII and the complete rework of FFXIV. 
    Its sad to say but I expect we'll be seeing this a lot more in the future from SE with follow-up FF games. FFVII will probably be the first in a jaunt down memory lane and I can see remakes coming for various other titles in the series (we've already seen a remake of FFIV and a sequel to it so I wouldn't be surprised if we get a remake of FFVI and a remaster of FFXII). I don't honestly expect to see a main franchise game coming out for a few years now and that will all be based on how well XV does and how well it's received (FFXIV we'll be SE's new XI and I'm sure it'll live on for quite a few years before they drop it). I think SE is putting all their hopes in XV doing well and if it doesn't that the FFVII remake will help fans forget it if it flops (though the FFVII remake is it's own can of worms and based on their current track record I forsee a lot of pissed off fans in the future).
  15. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Time Warner Cable Increasing Internet Speed   
    Don't have Time Warner in my parts so this doesn't effect me any (it is nice to see that they're finally getting with the program and upgrading your connections though). I've had the option to switch to a 120M/12M connection for quite some time (for the same price that I pay for 20M/2M now) and I can even jump up to 250M/25M ($105.99 a month, not really in the cards if you ask me even though I would like to have it (I'd like to break into streaming games as a hobby and this connection would be best for it)). I've just been to lazy to call and upgrade my service (plus not having a job atm puts a strain on that as well) but with how my connection has been doing lately I'll probably upgrade to the 120 once I get a job.
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    See when the whole Infinity Ward debacle went down a few years ago Activision lost it's only team willing to challenge the genre and write new Engine code (something that is not easy and would require there to be a 2-3 year break inbetween COD titles (which, lets be honest, they need it)). While Titanfall somewhat flopped that was what was made by most of the original Infinity Ward staff (remember COD4 was made by these guys hence why it's a freaking masterpiece, though MW2 was a mixed bag) because EA said "Hey we want you to work for us. Give us an original IP and you have complete control over how you do it (well not complete control but enough to make a AAA game)."
    Activision (as well as EA but they're more willing to allow developers like DICE to do as they please, not so much with their other developers) are known for stagnating game growth (WoW too a serious down hill turn when Activision bought out Blizzard in 2008 (however that is my opinion, I noticed a serious lack of quality once they took over)). While I'm sure it's not entirely their fault and IW, Treyarch (who have had the three best games in the series since BO1), and Sledgehammer have to take on some of this blame but when a company comes out and says we'll release a game in this series every year you severely stagnate the growth a game franchise can have. As I said above it takes up to a year to get a new engine coded and fully kink free before you even plan on using it to build a game. None of these developers have the time and probably don't have the money to invest in building a new Engine from the ground up (I believe I stated this in another topic quite a while ago but besides the initial startup funds all a developer gets for money is milestone payments if they reach their milestones (which is just enough to pay you're team and pay any bills/overhead you might have) and a pathetic little 6-10% royalty on every game sold (10% is generally reserved for developers like DICE who release quality products all the time). You also have to realize that this initial startup payment they get is based entirely on a budget that's proposed by them and okayed by the publisher (which you know is completely low balled on the publishers end)). DICE, on the other hand, does which is why we see new iterations of the Frostbite Engine at a pretty regular pace. BF4 will be 3 years old in October (in fact after BF1 is released) and the game was made using the infant FB3 engine, which was extremely noticeable at launch. The Engine has had 3 years and multiple games on it to work out all those kinks to make it the great engine it is now. Plus DICE probably has an in house team devoted to programming and bug fixing current and future engines (a luxury most developers don't have, then again most developers don't release consistently great and money making titles like DICE either).
    Bungie took a chance only because Bungie was brought on specifically to create a new IP by Activision, they forked over the cash to get the game out because Activision knew they were falling behind with original IP titles to push them forward (plus when you have the legacy of creating the Halo franchise, one of the most successful FPS games to date, it's not hard to not get what you want). Did Bungie fuck up? Well since we all agree on that this question was sorta loaded. Did Activision have something to do with it? Damn right they did but what that was we will probably never know (but a lot of the shady shit that went down prior to Destiny being released can probably be tracked back to Activsion).
    The idea to bundle the MW remaster with IW was totally Activision's idea which screw IW in the long run because even if this game sells extremely well it's only because everyone wanted the MW remaster. This also screws us over as it requires us to spend $70+ to get the game we really want. Whether Activision is truly screwing the developers or not is a matter of opinion but when you looks at their current business model it's quite obvious to see they aren't helping their developers any.
  18. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Newest Generation Graphics Cards - Nvidia Pascal   
    This is pretty damn huge. A regular GTX 1070 will be coming out in a few months that is more powerful as a Titan X card and will run on less power. The Titan X costs $1,000 and the the new GTX 1070 will be $379. I'm not going to drop that much any time soon, but I'm definitely going to buy a gtx 960 once I see it for a little over $100. Prices on current gen graphics cards are going to plummet over the next couple months. I read where somebody bought a used gtx 980 ti the other day for $400 used because the 'price was too good'. lol. If he'd have waited another couple months he could have bought this new card retail for $379 and got a card about 1.5 times or so faster.
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    Warning: Contains Spoilers
  20. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Battlefield 1   
    Does Activision screw their companies? Yes.... Thats why Respawn exists. When MW2 was in development the two head guys wanted the game to drop the COD title and just be called Modern Warfare. Activision was having none of it, and that's where things started to sour. Shortly after MW2 was out both of them left (Taking a large chunk of Infinity Ward with them) and EA picked them up spawning a massive and bitter lawsuit that was settled discreetly. Activision is in a place where EA was a few years ago when they were viewed as the worst company ever. COD coming in 2nd place is probably the best thing that could ever happen to the franchise. They have no reason to try as long as their games keep selling.
    EDIT: Strider beat me to it.
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    The bundling of the Modern Warfare Remaster on Infinite Warfare has a lot of people thinking Activision has no faith in IW. Sad but I think they're right. BO3 did well but they did notice a drop off in sales from previous years and with the bad press for their the IW trailer I think they're more afraid then ever. Plus, apparently pre-orders for IW have been pretty steady due to the remaster so I don't think the game will have trouble selling but outside of that it'll probably never be played (and by what I've heard the remaster will not work without IW so this means the game is going to be connected to the IW disc/dl, which completely sucks).
    DICE took the right approach here. While I would of preferred a WWII game I'm extremely hyped for BF1 from that trailer. Plus everything I've heard about it since the trailer dropped has me even more intrigued to play it (the main thing being Assault being its own class and it's healing abilities being brought into it's own class, plus needing a whole squad to operate a tank seems like an awesome idea). While DICE dropped the ball on Battlefront it's launch was pretty damn smooth so I'm hoping they took what they learned from the CTE in BF4 and BFH and bring it into BF1 at launch (stable servers, great netcode, etc). However, if this game launches like BF4 did DICE will most likely loose a lot of the player base who will most likely buy and play IW (reluctantly but they still will).
    Jack's in depth analysis. He goes over quite a bit of stuff he saw during the Press Event that happened after the live stream. A little more indepth info is presented about the trailer as well (well what he could talk about, he's under NDA for quite a bit of stuff yet).
  22. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefield 1   
    So more info, Jack was at the reveal (along with LevelCap (he'll probably have a video tomorrow about it)). Sound freaking awesome.
  23. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefield 1   
    So more info, Jack was at the reveal (along with LevelCap (he'll probably have a video tomorrow about it)). Sound freaking awesome.
  24. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefield 1   
    So I need a new change of pants after watching that. So freaking happy DICE went with WWI, this will be a nice change from modern warfare titles..
  25. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Overwatch - Trailers   
    I say raid dynamic because it's the closest to what the game plays like (at least on escort mode, capture is a whole different story). Honestly only the attacking team (for escort) needs a tank by what I've seen. Defensive teams are okay as long as they have a healer (I just got off of another hour of playing and god my ass handed to me over and over again by 5 dps/1 healer (or I guess more like 4 dps/1 support/1 healer) defensive teams when I was on attack) or some sort of character that can heal (I've seen 2 Soldier 76's keep an entire defensive team up, that's how good his heal is). Sadly though it totally means nothing if you have no teamwork which is why I'm frustrated with this game as most people would rather run off and do their own thing (my last match tonight was a different story, I played Reinhardt and people actually stuck to me and I had a dedicated healer. We still lost before we could start escorting the car but we came extremely close to starting the escort due to my teams ability to stick to the massive guy carrying a massive hammer and the angel chick keeping him alive). Getting kills is not how you win matches, playing the objective is (fuck as Reinhardt I don't go for kills unless it's against another Reinhardt or their is no chance of me dieing since I know I need to keep my team safe). As DX pointed out though it's extremely fun and satisfying when you do get that team that works together though, nothing more satisfying then taking a capture point and winning by a small percentage because you're team wiped the floor by working together. I hope, for all of you who bought it, that these jackasses won't be playing past the beta otherwise they're going to ruin this game. Sadly this is only a problem the community can fix so like I said I hope these bastards get weeded out when they realize this isn't a COD based game.
    The whole unemployment thing wouldn't be so bad if there were jobs in this damn town (and for not having a job since the end of March, it's funny how fast money goes when you're unemployed for over a month). First place I applied to interviewed me but decided I wasn't exactly  right for the job and this is the only place out of the other 3 jobs I applied to that showed interest, the only hang up is this problem that popped up (which may take up to two weeks to get rectified). Let me tell you, I was bitching at my old  job that I needed a vacation and now I don't think I'll be taking any time off for a year if this problem gets fixed. There's only so much you can do to keep yourself occupied before you get extremely bored (hence why I'm playing through DA: Inquisition to get it done, might as well capitalize on my newfound free time. Maybe if I beat it quickly enough I can start up MGSV).