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  1. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battleborn   
    It does damage to everything that it's front of her when it goes off. I did notice it's a little buggy in MP but I never played her in story so I'm not sure if it's a story bug or if something just wasn't working right for you. I've generally had not trouble with it (hell 90% of my player kills with her are from her ultimate).
    The helix upgrades are a great system and I actually like that it's permanent once you choose it (for the round), it actually makes you think before you randomly choose something. Yea it sucks if the choice works against you but I like it. For MP it's key to make the proper choices so you contribute to the group as a whole (and for someone like Orendi there really is no wrong choice as she's full on DPS, I usually went the glass cannon route with all helix upgrades being spent on dmg increases, faster recast times, and life steal (plus I had 3 epic quality equipment pieces that increased my damage, health and shield regen (plus health received from healing abilities) and increased attack speed)). For the story aspect of the game being able to retrain you talents would be nice but considering how this game is entirely balanced with MP in mind (yea I know story can be soloed but it's obvious that it's balanced for MP play) which is why they I think they made choices permanent.
    The story is kind of generic but that's most likely due to the cast of characters. With that many characters to choose from it'd be a nightmare and extremely pricey to record lines for different character reactions. Kind of a ball drop but I was more interested in the MP feature of this game because, while I love it, Siege gets extremely boring when you play by yourself and get in shitty teams (and I'm not the best Siege player in the world) so I need a new MP game to play (and I'm bored of play BF4 and The Division just isn't as fun as I was hoping it'd be, its a great game but in only shines when playing with others and now that I'm endgame I lost pretty much all interest I had in it). Plus the random comments that come out of characters mouths when you're in MP is hilarious (Orendi is by far the best, she's a bloodthirsty little maniac and I love every bit of it). Also the lore section of every character is meant to give you the characters insights into whats going on (the ones I've unlocked for Orendi are hilarious). I also never ran into the time being a problem aspect that you had. I played the story missions with others so we pretty much decimated the missions well before time ran out.
    Honestly this probably isn't the best game out there for this type of play style but for me it works. Overwatch looks great but I've been burned by Blizzard to much over the last 10 years that as much as I want to play this game I feel it'll be a disappointment for me (I'll reserve full judgement for the open beta). I like slower TTK games if they're done right and Battleborn was done right (like Siege). It's not to fast but it's not too slow (depending on what character you play you can kill other characters extremely fast (Orendi absolutely slaughters and can one shot people, Marquis is probably the best dps character in the game with his cane sniper rifle (I've seen players absolutely slaughter the entire enemy team with him), Thorn is a beast if you take the right Helix upgrades and understand what role she plays in the game (I like her but I will admit she has a steep learning curve), and I can't say much about the others as I really didn't get to try them)). It has a story based aspect to it which has me sold because I don't like buying games for multiplayer alone as I feel I'm not getting my money's worth (which is why I quit buying COD besides it completely sucking now, the story/sp always sucks) which is one reason why I'm skeptical about Overwatch. I also like that you can't have more then one of the same hero on the same side, it actually adds balance to the game. Sure it sucks when you can't play you're favorite hero or the hero you are absolutely great at playing but it forces you to try other characters. If it wasn't for that I would never have tried Orendi, Galilea (tank), or Reyna (support). I absolutely suck at playing a tank in MOBA's but I did extremely well playing as Galilea the other day (mostly because she's more of a dps tank then an actual tank). I also suck at support classes but the best match I had throughout the entire beta was when I played as Reyna. I was made to go outside my comfort zone and found that it's actually fun to play as a different role and made me get good with other characters so I don't rage quit like my old days of DotA (I always rage quit when I couldn't be the Drow Ranger, mostly because most people wouldn't let me play as her do to my reputation of steamrolling entire teams when I played as her). Like I said not for everyone but I enjoy Battleborn, sadly I won't be able to buy it for awhile.
  2. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Game Industry BS   
    Its really a catch 22. You can say its not a real job, but neither is sports or acting. Look how much those industry workers make. Gaming is the largest media entertainment industry currently.... but a lot of it survives on taking losses and making up the profits elsewhere. Improving the working conditions and pay would definitely increase the price we pay at the counter.
    I don't really buy the "start your own company if you're so good" argument. Maybe 20 years ago this would have been valid. Indy games are a dime a dozen, but very few ever get any hype. Activision and EA own everything, and they will buy you if see any success... (how can you really turn down millions of dollars, and publishing you don't have to deal with or manage expenses for?) then you're back at square one with deadlines, budgets, and the working conditions you made your own company to get away from. Hell, look what happened to Bungie.  Just because you make good games, doesn't mean you'll make it in a time where media sites and bought and paid for cranking out 9/10 scores for COD. You're alternative is underselling your game on Steam while others pirate the shit out of it. Kojima is another example... hes such a legend, he didn't need to adhere to timelines. He was that damn good, and Konami kicked him to the curb.
    Its a rough industry for sure. Even if you can get through all that BS, you have a extremely negative and self entitled fanbase whom are all armchair devs that think they know how to make your game better than you did. They swarm reddit with constant crying and threats never to buy another one of your products if you don't patch your game to benefit their play style over other players... to which even big developers cave to.  Gone are the days of getting better at a game, just get enough people to cry OP on something that can easily be countered by changing up your play style and BOOM, nerf incoming.
  3. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Game Industry BS   
    I'll admit I do agree with him on some of the points in that article because if you're good enough to program for games or make art for games then you are definitely good enough to strike out on your own and make yourself a success. I know quite a few people who have the programming and artistic chops to start up their own company and make their own games (or even get into more promising careers). Sadly this does not excuse the fact that the industry overworks it's talent, sometimes to the point where people up and leave the industry for good (I've read and seen this happen more often then not, the industry has lost a lot of it's great talent because of the work conditions). This is also the problem with making most of your workforce salary. You can force your workers to work unpaid overtime because their contracts only specify pay for 40 hours a week (a problem I see happening with my father at his job, as a salaried member of management he only gets paid for 40 hours a week but he puts in more than 50 hours most weeks). Programmers, Designers, Producers, and pretty much every job with the exception of Concept artists (unless you work for the company) and most artists in general are salary (almost all art jobs, with the exception of the modelers, are contract based so they're only on the project for 6 months at best to get art done and are left to find another contract. The exception, as I stated, is if you actually work for the developer).
    Sadly, if they went to school for this job, the were warned or should of been warned. The teachers I had in college (industry professionals that left to teach) warned us early on that the job was not all people make it out to be. They pretty much said that you have to love making video games to get through all the crap you have to go through. Hell they told us about crunch time, how 80-90 hour work weeks were the norm when you're in the final stretch. Honestly that's part of the reason I haven't pursued a career in the industry. I love video games and I love the creation process but I don't want to get a job making them if it means I lose my love for the very thing I'm making.
  4. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    I tried the Incursion on hard today, and it was insanely difficult... we didn't beat it, much less get past the 5th wave. My gear score was well above the recommended but the purples felt like challenge mode yellows. Sadly, what everyone feared has happened, the majority of the difficulty is due to endlessly spammed instakill nades. And the radius on them are so big that 2 dodges are barely enough to get out of them if you're in the wrong place. I wish they would have came up with a better mechanic. For a cover based shooter, they've done everything to circumvent the cover system. I'd prefer super hard hitting enemies rather than nade spam. It diminishes the smart cover ability that no one ever uses, along with riot shield, mobile cover, and just about everything except sticky bomb, support station, and first aid. Its a shame because all the other stuff seems cool like the new drone enemies... but nope, spam the dodge button and hope for the best.

    Another issue that's really pissed off players is how fast they nerfed challenge mode. Apparently when the patch went live, the CM boss dropped 4 HE items. This was nerfed pretty fast as an "unintended" bug. The main source of anger comes from the fact that the patch deleted some people's characters on Xbone, and there is a glitch tied to the One is None perk where basically your gun jams and you cant reload it..... yet getting too much loot was immediately nerfed with no foreseeable fix on real issues. The crafting nerf makes it even worse since CM is time consuming and the HE drops are shit gear score teir, it was basically mat fodder... which was fine, but now you're better off doing hard mode and getting HE drops just as well. CM only advantage is pCreds. But with the buff to DZ06 you can gain them faster killing named bosses and getting good tier HE drops.
    Well the patch is not all bad. The Special Vendor now has all the old DZ blueprints and they no longer require D-Tech to make. I bought the MP5 and rolled it 10 times until I got a good one... but now all my damn mats are gone and its hell to get them back up. He also sells the new gear set blue prints which I picked up the mask for. (went with Strikers Gear). I could have picked up the knee pads too but I wanted that MP5 so bad I couldn't wait. After buying the new gun parts blue prints and a chest piece I blew all 700+ pCreds I had. It's nice that they are making the gear set's so readily available. I could get a few more blue prints when I finally hit DZ rank 50, or I can get lucky on CM or Incursions.
    The Daily/Weekly system is nice. But they do mix in DZ so if you want to get all your dailies and the weekly, but you don't like the DZ, then your SOL. I actually ran into the new DZ supply drop today, it fell right on us and we engaged the enemies... then a few clowns came up and tried to take us out going rogue. We took the crate and wiped them which was pretty funny, but the crate was garbage loot. Its not something I'll be actively looking to participate in. I'd rather just kill my 50 cleaners for the weekly and get out. I did pick up a nice HE SOCOM M1A... so the guaranteed HE drops are paying off for DZ play for sure... but that's basically the problem solo players have. They're pushing the DZ for the best chance at loot.
  5. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Final Fantasy VII   
    That'll depend on the demand for another FFVII game. Crisis Core did well on the PSP but I think that mostly has to do with the fact that you got to play as Zach and learn more about the inner workings of the Soldier program (plus learning more about Seph before he went nuts was probably another selling point). DoC was complete shit by what I've heard. I never played it but most people I talked to say it was a complete waste of time and money. Advent Children was an interesting venture for SE, something they never did and it worked very well for them. Even I liked the movie even if I didn't like the source material. Fans are fickle and FF7 fans are the most fickle ones I know of. If they do this right, make minor changes to the story, keep the combat system engaging and easy to understand (since they're scrapping the original), and keep the characters as they were they'll probably have all the demand in the world for another group of sequels. While that's good for some that will mean less, more meaningful titles for other fans. As much as I know it'll never happen I want an old school FF to be made. I really am not a fan of these real-time battle systems and linear ass maps. I want an old school JRPG with an open world to explore and an engaging original story (which I don't have time to play but I'd like to see it come back), not another game sequel that uses an already established story to bring in more money (FFX-2 wasn't that great of a game and FFXIII-2 and 3 were complete garbage from what I've seen and heard).
  6. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battleborn   
    The more I play this the more I want it. I started playing as Orendi (the little multi-armed caster) tonight and she's a hoot. She's bat shit crazy (and I mean bat shit crazy, some of the things she says are down right nuts (and completely hilarious)), her ultimate can damn near one shot most heroes if it hits just right (hell I got a double kill with it the first time I used her), and all of her abilities complement her play style so well (she's pretty much a glass cannon on crack as she moves extremely fast and has little to no health (though she does have shields, the one thing Thorn does not have)).
    I forgot to mention I tried out Montana in one of the story missions. While he's probably not going to be my first choice of character to use (even if he is extremely funny) he's just to slow and cumbersome for my tastes. Plus he does little to no damage (even though that minigun puts out a lot of rounds before it overheats) but then again he is a tank. With the right player he can be devastating but for me I just end up getting surrounded and slaughtered when I play him.
    I think the Beta is going that long because PS4 users got it first while everyone else gets it on the 13th. Good for us, bad for everyone else.
  7. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battleborn   
    There is a campaign and you can play the first two missions in the beta. I personally haven't done the two story missions yet (probably tomorrow) but it's multiplayer based (like Titanfall) or you could go private and do it yourself but I think they're really pushing the whole mp thing so it's probably balanced around a party of 5 (and by what I could tell it is a horde mode based thing but like I said I won't really know more until I give it a try). I think they're going to push the PVP aspect more because it's a hero arena but at least they included a campaign to give you the basic premise of the story and whats going on, which I believe will be absent from Overwatch (and is absent from every other MOBA out there, they have backstories and what have you but they don't have a campaign to help explain it and you're hero's role in that story).
    This trailer actually give you a better look at the background story and actually introduces the whole cast of characters unlike that other character video. I'm honestly considering getting it but only if I'm not satisfied with the gameplay Overwatch has to offer. Its been along time since I've been into a MOBA type game like this and this reminds me a lot of the original DotA with a first person twist (and the ability to build, upgrade, and maintain turrets and AI mobs (DotA never had this nor do any other MOBA's that I know of)).
  8. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battleborn   
    Don't know if any of you have been following this game or are interested in it but I tried the open beta out for it today. I'm actually impressed with this game based on what little time I actually spent playing it (it might help that the team I played on completely smashed the other team). It's fun, the characters are hilarious (they say random shit during matches when they meet certain characters and what not), it's quite easy to understand, and honestly I love the art style (which is weird because I normally don't like this type of art). This, I think, will be Overwatch's major competitor for players until Lawbreakers hits the scene but I'm going to reserve my final judgement until I play the Overwatch Open Beta to see which one is better in my opinion. I'd suggest, if you have the time, to dl and try out the beta. It runs until Tuesday if I'm not mistaken. Thorn, the only character I played, is awesome btw. She wrecks face once you get here up to level 7 and above.
  9. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer   
    I'm officially hyped about this movie. Jaw dropped when I saw the trailer two days ago. Can't wait to see what this movie actually entails and what it will mean for more Star Wars movies in the future.
  10. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Question about privacy! Upgrade Notification!   
    Interesting change, it's definitely going to take some time to get used to this new look (though I do like how sleek it makes the forums look).
    Boo for the no friends, it took me a long time to get 6 friends here and now they're gone ;_; (j/k)
  11. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer   
    Damn this looks great!
  12. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)   
    Honestly I don't know. Considering Thrawn was the only Chiss that served in the Empire (well Palpatine's Empire, there were plenty that served the Sith Empire during TOR's time) and considering he was the only Chiss we'd ever met prior to The Old Republic being released I'm pretty sure his species and Thrawn himself were thrown out with the rest of the EL (also, Thrawn was never mentioned in the movies so as far as Disney would be concerned he doesn't exist in the new canon. He was only in the books and games (serving under him in Tie Fighter was awesome)). It'd be completely awesome if Thrawn just randomly shows up in the next movie, bitch slaps Snoke, takes control over the First Order and then completely wipes the floor with the Resistance (yea, I'm an Imperial groupie). Yea it won't happen but a man can dream can't he?
    I've never really read the books so I only know his personality and characteristics from Wookiepedia and what my friend told me about him. I know his men followed him unconditionally due to the respect they had for him, he was a true Imperial and would do anything to bring it back to prominence and his men understood this. Plus he always rewarded those who tried, as you said, to follow there orders to the best of there ability. He never outright killed anyone for disobeying or failing him like Vader did (which is why Vader had complete control, as awesome as Vader was he wasn't exactly the more inspiring man in the galaxy). My thing is that considering how the EL was thrown out the door the Empire at the time of it's defeat was extremely xenophobic which is why you never saw any alien officers or stormtroopers (Thrawn was the one exception). By the time of his rise to power what was left of the Empire was more accepting and allowing aliens to freely join which is why I think he became the figurehead they all were drawn too (plus the whole being awesome thing helped a lot). Hell the 501st legion, a legion made up of entirely clone troopers that had served with Vader during the Clone Wars and after, started letting in aliens and rank and file humans into it's ranks around this time but that's neither here nor there. At the time of Palpatine's and Vader's deaths no one would of followed him except those under his direct command which is why he'd of had to of been more ruthless then he actually was to take control of the Empire.
  13. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Trailer 2 [HD]   
    I thought Affleck did great. Its a much darker Batman. Since he is older, the years have taken their toll mentally and emotionally. His sense of justice has been warped. Like I said, hardcore Batman fans may have a hard time coping with it, leading them to trash his performance. Its a very bitter Bruce Wayne. He kills it when he puts on the suit and fights. The brawl between him and Supes is spectacular because of Affleck's emotional build up to it. They also pulled it off so well to make it believable as to how Bats can go toe to toe with the man of steel. I think he pulled off what Bale tried to do.
    Wonder Woman was f'n amazing. It didn't steal the show. It couldn't, she had an embarrassingly small amount of screen time. But It will definitely get you hyped for the stand alone movie. I had huge doubts about Gadot that were mostly appearance. She looked way too skinny in pics when she first was announced. She looked fantastic on screen.
  14. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)   
    Those are all great points and I agree with all of them. We were given so little info and so many open plot lines that I just hope these things actually get answered. The starkiller base really seems implausible for all the reasons you said. It would have made alot more sense if the first order had made the sun crusher from one of the novels. A single 1 person ship instead of a giant planet, dark energy nonsense, etc.. a single ship and they could have gotten the same amount of destruction done.
  15. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)   
    Problem is that thinking also makes you miss out on some stuff with anime based on manga. While most anime filler or original episodes aren't that great you still miss out on stuff some of which might improve the original story (it's rare, I know but that type of thinking also makes you miss things) but that's neither here nor there I just wanted to point that out.
    Now for spoilers again.
  16. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)   
    I finally got around to seeing the movie (don't ask but I'm sure you know how). I want to start this off before I go into spoilers that I did like the movie. It was extremely entertaining and had quite a few awesome moments. However, this is not the Star Wars movie I feel we all deserved for what they threw away just to make it (20-30 years of extended lore was not worth this). I'm going to just call this an AU movie and consider all the original lore as canon because that will make me happy and prevent me from wanting to wish bodily harm on JJ and the heads of Disney.
  17. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)   
    I finally got around to seeing the movie (don't ask but I'm sure you know how). I want to start this off before I go into spoilers that I did like the movie. It was extremely entertaining and had quite a few awesome moments. However, this is not the Star Wars movie I feel we all deserved for what they threw away just to make it (20-30 years of extended lore was not worth this). I'm going to just call this an AU movie and consider all the original lore as canon because that will make me happy and prevent me from wanting to wish bodily harm on JJ and the heads of Disney.
  18. Strider Hiryu liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    BETA thoughts:
    This open beta is heavily neutered from anything I've seen in videos. You only get access to 2 skills on the medical tree, and the first skill on the other two trees. You can't even look at perks and other abilities because they hit you with scramble vision on the menu.
    Open Wold PVE
    Not much here. You get one main mission for the medical branch and some side missions that are really a quest chain of uneventful investigation leading up to a decent encounter. There are also some random encounters that vary in degree of length. The main mission was relatively short. You moved through 4 different sections fighting off enemies leading up to a boss. Playing it on hard made the end reward better, but the loot drops during the mission seemed marginally better if it was at all. The enemies were a lot tougher and more aggressive however.
    Walking through the city you can stumble upon random bad guys, but there are actual locations marked called encounters. I think you can frequently get these from a situation board in your base of operation, but I cant refresh these in the beta. Some are as simple as taking down a few guys, others consist of helping a task force secure an area (kind of a horde mode). A few get interesting as they have a timer on them. These start out as unoccupied rooms with scanners you must search for and activate. When that is done you have to make your way across the roof tops to upload the data... of course enemies stand in your way while the timer is running making things a bit intense. These were probably my favorite encounters.
    Since I'm a completion junkie... I'm probably having more fun with the beta than I should. There are a bunch of collectibles laying around from intel files to survival guides. Now that I've cleaned the map of everything to do gun battle wise, I've been exploring picking these things up, and finding random echos. I even managed to find some blue armor in a subway crate in a dark corner. There is also FASHION! the GW2 in me came out running open world with a friend... we'd be on our way to a side mission only to see an apartment door open. That means looting time! You can go into certain places and loot fridges, kitchen cabinets, closets, dressers, and file cabinets for random items including fashion ware. Hats, Pants, Shirts, Jackets, and Boots are all cosmetic options that have no bearing on stats. There are gun camos too but I haven't found any yet. We spent a few hours just looting for clothes losing sight of our objective. You can also gain items like these from NPCs in need... they come up to you begging for a med pac or random consumable. They'll drop you a cosmetic or a shitty piece of white equipment. Its a gamble.
    The Dark Zone
    Its only the beta, but there wasn't as much douchery going on as I thought there would be. Thats because you're making yourself a huge target going around killing other players. The loot in this game works like Destiny. Only you can see what loot dropped for you. Killing enemies drops loot for everyone, but the quality may vary between players, that doesn't change in the dark zone. The only way other players can tell that you have loot is by a yellow satchel that hangs under your normal backpack. There is no indication on what is in it. Once you kill someone you are marked red on everyone's mini map for an allotted time, and players can also see you through walls. You make yourself a massive target. If you're going to go rogue, the best time to do it is when people are extracting, that way you can hook your loot and secure it before you are killed. This is also why you should never extract with players that aren't in your party. Extractions alert everyone in the area, also marking it on the map. The chopper takes a full minute to get to the site, and then lowers a rope to hook your loot bag on. You have to hold square to do this and it takes a good 3-4 seconds to complete the action. Any number of things could go wrong at this point... The place my group extracted was on top of a parking garage. (There are designated extraction areas, you cant extract anywhere you want) We had a clear vantage point over the entrance to the top floor in case someone decided to come up and try to be hostile... but just watching an entrance doesn't always work as one poor solo player found out. After we extracted our loot successfully, a solo player ran up to perform his own. My buddy wanted to kill him, but I decided against it since he was a lower level than us and probably had nothing of value. He gave us the surrender emote to let us know he just wanted to extract and we started to leave... next thing we know he was downed, so we run back up only to see 4-5 elite NPCs have spawned and were tearing him up. I quickly revived him and we took them all out for some more loot. It was an interesting experience clearly to keep you on your toes from corner camping vantage points while you extract. I definitely would not recommend soloing the DZ. Killing NPCs gets you levels, and technically you could just do that and collect the DZ currency they drop... but if good equipment drops it would be hard to pass up, and dangerous to extract. Oh aslo, your DZ bag can only carry 6 items so you're going to have to extract regularly whether you like it or not.
    Assault Rifles: Not a fan... mag is way too small and runs out quickly. Long reload times that could possibly be helped by later attachments.
    Shotguns: Once I got the semi-auto, I was tearing it up. Really good for CQC. There are enemies that have baseball bats and golf clubs that will rush you. They do A LOT of damage if they hit you so its imperative to have a good close range option. In the DZ these rushers were ultra aggressive and fast.
    SMGs: I picked up a Vector and I am loving it. More so than the shotgun, but that's because its a higher level quality than the shotgun I had. The mags last longer than ARs and you get the same range about. I wouldn't be surprised if they got a range nerf TBH. They still would make a good CQC if this happens. While they melt enemies fast, they don't have the stopping power that shotguns have. A shotgun will make someone do a full second of stun.
    Sniper Rifles: High damage, very slow rate of fire. You can't run this with a shotgun, they both fire too slow, You'll have to roll with an SMG if you want to snipe.... or just snipe with a marksman rifle.
    Markman Rifle: Screw ARs, this is where its at. They have close to the damage of sniper rifles, but a faster fire rate and bigger mag. reload times are slow like ARs, but 2 body shot kills, one head shot kill more than makes up for it. It also suffers the same drawbacks as snipers as the 3rd person ADS reticle widens massively while moving.
    LMGs: Haven't had one drop yet.. but i imagine they do some heavy suppression. I suppressed a few enemies with my SMG and its a good tactic for letting someone else flank. Or to bull rush if you're solo. They wont come out of cover when the suppressed indicator is up. Its like a heavy handed stun.
    Pistol: Pistols are pure crap so far.. but with reason. They are your backup weapon and they have infinite ammo. Really low damage.
    The attachments alter the stats of your gun to varying degrees. Optics better your zoom, but also add critical damage % gains. Grips do similar things as well, but extended mags suck and are pointless. They only give you 1 extra round for every weapon type except SMGs which give you 2. You're better off with the heavy spring mag that increases fire rate. If you're gonna use extended mag, it would only be worth it on a shotgun for that extra round. Suppressors only decrease your threat level... not really sure what that is yet. Maybe its aggro.
    Like I said you only get access to a few skills. Your Base of Operations help you upgrade these skills. Doing missions and collection parts will help you do this in the full game. The first skill on the medic tree is the only one you can upgrade in the beta. Its basically vision pulse from BO3/pulse scan from Battlefront. The upgraded versions add modifiers. The one I went with added critical damage when hitting marked enemies. This was actually a really nice perk tbh. Giving everyone a DPS boost is never a bad thing. The first aid skill is going to be hard not to have for any player. While you can have consumable med packs, you can only carry 3 at a time. First aid lets you heal yourself or drop an AoE on teammates to heal them. I saw that you can upgrade the AoE heal to revive downed teammates without having to be near them which will be very useful for a dedicated healer. The sticky bomb was ok. I really wanted to try the seeker mine, but its locked for the beta which really disappointed me. I didn't bother with the riot shield, it seemed pointless since there is plenty of cover provided during gun fights.
    Thats all I can say for now. I can't wait for this game to come out... even this small bit of content was very interesting. I also saw a "Dailies" tab in the options/inventory/info panel which has me excited.
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    The Ion Torpedo also locks onto air vehicles if you have it unlocked. It does massive damage and if they're hurt already will most likely kill them. It's usually what I run in my anti-vehicle star card hand.
    The DL-44 was already nerfed but apparently it wasn't a big enough nerf. I know they dropped it's damage a bit but the last time I was on the thing still hits like a truck at any range (don't let the description fool you that weapon is fucking powerful at long-range, I don't care what DICE says).
    Spawn points is the main reason I quit playing the game. Once you learn where troops are likely to spawn it's to fucking easy to spawn kill it's not funny. Plus vehicles always spawn in the same place (between 2-3 spawn points depending on the map) so once you memorize where they spawn it's simple to spawn camp them as well.
    Since I don't get to play with anyone else who owns the game (seriously hit me up if you get on to play, with the new addition of making friends/party members green it makes it easier to track people you're playing with. Plus the only way I'll get on this damn game now is if I have someone to play with. Soloing it sucks) I don't give two shits about the partner system. Half the time I'm partnered up with either a try-hard who fails and dies half the time, a complete noob who has no idea what they're doing, or a spawn camper who doesn't play objectives. Honestly I'll go back to playing COD if I want that kind of shit.
    Fighter squadron is a blast once you get used to the air vehicles. Don't get me wrong I get killed more often then not by people spawn camping, ramming me, or getting that luck torpedo/missile hit but it's really fun if you just give it a chance. Learn how to use maneuvers correctly, learn just how fast the vehicle you're in is (remember Tie Fighters/Interceptors can use a speed boost that will allow you to out run missiles/torpedoes and are generally faster then the X-Wing (A-Wing and the Interceptor fly at roughly the same speed)), and remember when firing at an enemy to slow you're craft down because the slower you go the harder your blasters hit. Also pick your opponents well. Be a vulture and pick off severely damaged enemies, don't engage full health targets unless you're confident enough to do so. If none of that works stay on the outskirts of the battle and play the objective (attack transports and what not). Also remember that air vehicle control is like piloting a remote controlled model with the accelerator always on, you can control direction and speed but you cannot break or stop and you will always fly in the direction you're pointed in until you change it. Once you realize that you're honestly not controlling the craft the easier it is to actually get the hang of it (if took me 6 matches in Beta before I finally realized this and since then I'm a force to be reckoned with when I get an air vehicle in Walker Assault/Supremacy (if I'm not being spawn camped) or when I play Fighter Squadron). Thinking you actually have control of the craft is what gets people into trouble because where in BF you have full control over you're vehicle (speed, heading, etc) you don't get all of that here.
    I'm shelving the game until they fix a lot of the problems you listed. Until then I'll be playing Rainbow Six Siege (I decided to buy it and I'll be picking it up this weekend) and if they're not fixed before The Division comes out I'll be playing that until they do.
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    That Taxi Driver better not mistake Deadpool for some Dumb Hick From Wisconsin....

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    Consoles won't die out but they will evolve with the times. VR is the next big thing Sony and Microsoft are adopting and they'll start pushing it once the tech gets cost affordable for the masses (expect the new console line to be fully or mostly VR compatible if the VR for this generation takes off) . The only other way to game is PC (mobile games aren't games imo, they're just money sinks and distractions that can be fun when you're bored but don't want to turn on the PS4/XBone/PC). What it comes down to is people aren't willing to blow the kind of money it takes to be a PC gamer and that will never change. Yes I know making an affordable gaming computer is not that expensive anymore, especially if you're willing to settle for mid to low tier parts and are willing to deal with not so great graphics and minor processing lag. However the need to upgrade components every 2-3 years to stay current with new PC games and tech is just not something most gamers are willing to do. With a console you spend an initial price and the console is good for 5+ years (yea the time between new console releases is getting shorter now so PC gaming might become the norm now) and the games evolve constantly on consoles as developers learn the hardware and what it's capable of.
    Honestly handhelds will always exist due to them, as I stated in another topic, being aimed at children. Handhelds will never go anywhere even with evolving mobile tech. I don't know many parents who are going to give their 6 year old child a phone just so they can play games (I know I never would and I'm all about kids having access to technology). That same parent would be more then willing to hand over a DS because they're not that expensive and since they're a Nintendo product they're durable as all hell. Handhelds are the new babysitter, much like TV was for our generation so they'll never disappear.
    They only real thing I see happening in the near future is Nintendo finally stepping out of the console market, a market they built from the ground up, due to their inability to evolve with the times. Don't get me wrong I like their willingness to take risks and bring new innovation into the market (as much as I hate it the Wii-mote was fucking genius and is the only motion tech that actually works as intended) but the last few years have not been kind to them and I see them cutting their losses (something I'd hate to see, I mean Nintendo pretty much created the industry with Atari and the few others that dared to dream). Outside of Nintendo I don't see Microsoft or Sony pulling out of consoles anytime soon, unless both fuck up with the next generation of consoles.
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    I don't think we'll have to worry about getting any FPS style RPGs on handhelds anytime soon. Why? Well Nintendo knows that they're making the bulk of their money off their handheld systems and while yes there are still adults that buy and play handheld games the market has always been marketed and targeted toward young children. Most children are going to want easy to understand mechanics when they play a game hence the reason why Pokemon is still such a simple game mechanically to this day. Even though the game has changed in many ways and added so much more to do the game at it's core it's still just catching pokemon and battling other trainers. Nintendo will never compromise this and that's why turn-based RPGs will still remain the way they are on the DS at least. Plus when you get down to it the 3DS is no where near as powerful as a Vita or a console and probably never will be (believe me when I tell you the graphics are pretty bad on it and cartoony as hell. The best graphics I've seen on the 3DS are N64 era games). Plus you also have to remember the DS systems are still cartridge based, they have yet to make the jump to optical yet so you're extremely limited to what you can do.
    Vita is another thing entirely. That handheld is actually made for and marketed at the current generation and our generation. This will be the handheld that will probably see the death of turn-based RPGs because atm the graphics are on par with PS2 generation games and since the younger generation this is marketed at was the start of the ADHD generation you'll see more RPGs like FFXIII on it. Sony, while making good decisions with the PS4, has made nothing but terrible decisions when it comes to the handheld market. Look at the PSP. Not only did that handheld not sell well it wasn't even on the market that long before they pulled it to release the Vita (fuck, every generation of the Gameboy was on the market for at least 3-4 years before the next incarnation came out). While the Vita is doing well (and I would like to get one) Sony is going to need gimmicky games like fps style RPGs to even keep the system viable. 
    On the graphical thing look how long it's taken handhelds to get to where they are now. We saw massive jumps in what consoles could do in times frames of 5-6 years and we still do (though the current generation and past generation of consoles saw minor leaps due to the lack of time in between releases). Gameboy didn't even get to SNES generation graphics until the Advance which was the third generation for the handheld and 12 years after the original Gameboy released (1989 was the release of the original Gameboy, 2001 was the release of advance). The 3DS is the fifth generation for Nintedo's handheld line and we're still stuck at SNES/N64 style graphics with the ability to utilize 3D tech (which is honestly not all that great, I have the 3D aspect turned off on my 3DS because it hurts my eyes). By the time the DS sees Vita style graphics we'll either all be done gaming or we'll be playing VR games since that seems to be the direction Sony and Microsoft are going.
    So long story short I don't see FFXIII style RPGs ever becoming a thing for the DS line of handhelds for probably another 5-10 years at the earliest (and even then I'm going to say 15 years because I don't think Nintendo will make the push until it's absolutely necessary) unless Nintendo rolls out another, more powerful handheld in the next few years. Vita on the other hand will if it already hasn't (I don't pay attention to Vita games since I don't own one and most of the games just don't interest me when I actually do). Turn-based RPGs will remain around for awhile yet and when they do die out we can still go on Steam and buy them all up as Steam gets ahold of them.
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    The DIvision for the most part is a solo based game. Hell you can even go into Dark Zones by yourself if you're feeling brave. They've said more then a few times that the whole story/campaign can be played by yourself and was designed to be that way. Multiplayer is pretty much for Dark Zones only as when you're playing the story you are in your own instance (similar to the system used for Class Story missions in The Old Republic, no one else can enter it unless you are partied with them). Dark Zones however put you into a public server where anyone who is in that DZ can see you and attack you or help you depending on how they want to play it. They've never really said how long the "story" of the game is but since it's being made in the vein of an MMO you're probably looking at 10-15 hours of story with more to come in future expansions/dlc. I'm sure they're discounting it to generate more interest in it or to help those, like you, who are skeptical of the game. If you spend $40 on it you won't be so pissed if it sucks unlike those like me who dropped $90 on the Gold Edition of the game or those who dropped $180+ on the Collector's Edition. Ubisoft is generally really good about releasing quality games and you usually get what you see in trailers and gameplay videos (hell look at Siege, that game is exactly how it was marketed and I have yet to hear any negative things about it besides the usual balance tweaks being needed and what not). Watch Dogs is probably the only real title I've seen them release that wasn't exactly what we were promised.
    I'm still skeptical about FFXV. While it looks pretty that combat system still bugs me and I honestly don't have the time to invest 60+ hours into another game (I'll probably still be play DA: Inquisition and MGSV when it releases). Based on reviews from reputable sources I may buy it but I will not pre-order it.
    Since AC7 is taking place in the Strangereal universe I'll definitely be buying it now.
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    I actually own both a DSi XL and a 3DS XL and I bought them for Pokemon (yes I'm not ashamed to admit that I still play the franchise, it's still fun and a lot of the changes they've made over the years has made the game so much better). I grew up playing handhelds unlike a lot of our generation that had access to the original NES or the SNES growing up so I'm always going to support them because it's nostalgia for me (my first console was the PS1) and honestly some days I'd rather grab my handheld and play then turn on my PS4 or computer. The problem with taking games like Pokemon, Bravely Default, etc. and bringing them to the console is there is no call to do so. They sell extremely well on handhelds and gamers now-a-days are looking for flashy graphics and, as I mentioned above, more action based combat. Sprites and bad 3D modeling isn't going to cut it for a console game (and yes I realize Indie games do this all the time but Indie games aren't asking for $60 to purchase there game either). Most of the Turn-Based RPG generation moved to handhelds when it was apparent that they were going to get all the good RPG's. Honestly I can't even say that anymore because Steam is getting FFVI next week so you could even say the PC Master Race (yea I had to say it) are also getting all the good RPGs. Console based turn-based RPGs are a thing of the past sadly. We'll continue to see games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, the Elder Scrolls series, and FFXIII/XV from now on when it comes to console based RPGs. It pains me to see it and pains me even more to know I contributed to the stagnation of one of my beloved genres of gaming. Thankfully RTS's evolved with the times and actually got better.

    Mr. Happy brings up quite a few good points in that video about this multi-part decision for the game. Was going to post it earlier but never did get a chance to.