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  1. Ok, you sir have serious problems if you like that crap opening. Also its kinda wrong that you only watch the show for that opening, tis really sad.

    Bah why did I even come back in here. Everytime I do that song mysteriously pops into my head. Grrrrr.......... *runs off to watch the real, so much better opening*

  2. They think anime is a joke? Don't know but thats the impression I get from most dubbing companies.

    As for Naruto coming to Toonami I don't know what to say. I'm not the biggest fan of the anime (in fact I think the anime should have never been made). I'm more of a fan of the manga but I may watch it here or there on Toonami when it comes.

  3. Gah my ears, my poor ears. Stop the badness, stop the badness. *cowers in corner with his ears covered*

    Curse that opening, curse it to hell. Grrrrr.........

    The original, so much better. *hugs his One Piece fansubs* That reminds me I should really start getting the newer eps released.

  4. Kenshin got the cross-shaped scar back during his days as a Hitokiri. At first it started with the verticle slash he recieved from Tomoe's fiance (which happens at the beginning of the Trust of the OVA). Then at the end of the Betrayal OVA the other half of the scar is given to him by Tomoe before she dies (big fight happens at the end where Kenshin ends up killing her as she tries to save him).

    That should answer your questions Sabe. Had to put it under a spoiler incase some people don't want it ruined for them.

  5. Sadly I missed it's first showing on AS (was playing World of Warcraft at the time). However it was on in the background and just by listening to the dialog it sounds quite creepy but oddly interesting. Been planning on buying the series for awhile and since I'll most likely always miss it when its on I might aswell go ahead and do so.

  6. I've heard nothing but bad things about it from my friends that have seen a few of the episodes (they caught it on TechTV when they aired it supposedly, then again I don't usually go by what people say by a series till I see it). I'm, however, looking forward to seeing it. I've been looking at buying it for quite sometime now so I figure this is a good way to judge whether or not its worth buying and to see if what my friends have said about it hold true.

  7. Hmmmm I am in the same boat as most people. I can't exactly tell who I emulate from an anime because there has yet to be an anime character who embodies what I am.

    Closest character I could say that I emulate is Hajime Saito from Peacemaker Kurogane (note Peacemaker, not Kenshin). I'm aloof, have the ability to sneak up on people, can sit in a crowd of people an go unnoticed, and I have weird hobbies which is exactly like him. Oh yes and I like to be alone for long periods of time which he also likes.

    Another character I can pretty much say I'm close to is Sousuke Sagara from FMP!. Those who have seen the series know what his characteristics are like so just imagine that and you have something close to me (when you add in Hajime from above).

  8. Well seeing as how its Geneon doing the dubbing we should expect some good things to come (though they're dubbing of Trigun was atrocious). Well that is for the DVD's anyways.

    I've only seen the first 8 eps myself (subbed, own the first two DVDs and third is preordered). I must say its a great anime and I hope AS doesn't let us down (though I probably won't watch it on AS seeing as how I am in the middle of buying it).

  9. K, just wondering. The plot to GW isn't that deep but I suppose I could see someone who seen that being interested in Eva (though I really don't know why you'd move from a very unphilisophical anime like GW to a mind-f*** of an anime like Eva).

    Sledge I think you actually took and summarized Eva in the shortest most understanding way I've ever seen it summarized in.

  10. Ummmm, plz explain this comment of yours Hell_Cat. GW is in no way philisophical, in no way deals with religion nor existence, and is not deep in anyway. I hate GW with a passion (if you've looked in the Gundam board you know this) but I like Eva (I don't think of it as the greatest anime ever but its still a good anime). I don't see how liking GW would make you more susceptable to liking Eva seeing as how they are completely different.

  11. Eva is an anime for those who like to get involved in a deep psychological plot dealing with existence, religion and a whole crap load of other stuff. This is the reason why many people who watch it don't get it right away and usually end up not liking it in the long run. Saying its the best anime ever would not be accurate. Its one of the best ever created for its time and its one of the best for its target audience. Thats kind of the reason why most people are drawn to watch it because they are mislead to believe its something that requires little or not thought to watch (like Excel Saga).

  12. I own it and have watched it completely thru twice (halfway thru the third time of watching it). I've seen both movies and have seen the Director's Cuts of eps 21-26 (since I own them). As a whole it was an ok series. I don't really see what all the hype is about it. Its got an alright plot and alright characters (Shinji still annoys me to all hell).

    As for favorite character its a tie between Pen Pen and Rei (I mean come on that penquin is awesome).

  13. i should probably update my list as some point...but that would be way too much work cause its probably doubled from what i have listed >_<

    I should probably do the same but I don't want to take the time to sift thru my HD and get an updated list.

    EDIT: I edited my list. Go take a look at the new additions if you wish too.

  14. I'm not trying to but in on this argument but um Kuwabara I would suggest you either take it easy or back out of this argument. You will not win against DX and this will end up turning into a flame if you don't stop your insistent know it all arguments. Just be glad DX is not an admin anymore or you would be in big trouble.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go now. I just thought I should warn you that your moving along a very destructive path on this forum if you continue these blatant arguments where you are clearly outgunned.

    To keep my post somewhat on topic I also am not a big fan of Kouga. I don't know why but he just rubs me the wrong way.