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  1. Yea let's nerf the only sniper rifle I like (and it honestly doesn't need it or at least the sniper varient doesn't. It honestly doesn't fire that fast) but leave the most op infantry weapon in the game alone. GG DICE, way to not listen to the community on that one (Domination is pretty much just Model 10 heaven, it's all I ever see anymore and it's taking the fun out of that mode for me).

    Not to sure I'm happy about the BAR getting an increase in horizontal recoil though. Not sure it needs it bit whatever.

  2. I agree with Elliot from ETC on youtube, it's a Mass Effect movie that isn't a Mass Effect movie. It honestly looks good and if it wasn't for the fact this is based on a graphic novel I'd swear they stole Mass Effect's original story and added their own flair to it (seriously that body armor, all it needs is the N7 logo). I'll give it a shot considering this is being directed by the guy who did The Fifth Element and that's one of my favorite movies.

  3. Meh, it's not bad. I mean she does spend quite a bit of time time in the manga and the movie nude so I'm honestly surprised they went with it (would of just been better nude but they would of never got the rating they wanted). Either way I honestly have no hopes for this movie after this trailer. Batou looks retarded (if that even is him, I honestly don't know what characters they're bringing into this movie), I honestly don't think Scarlett is a good fit for the Major (she doesn't have the attitude to be the Major), and this movie looks like a hodge podge of both plots from the original movie and the SAC series (plus there own little original story, Motoko has never really wondered where she came from as she knew (it's different pending on the source material but she knows who she is, she just questions whether or not everything is real and whether or not she has a "Ghost" since she's spent almost her entire life as a cyborg). I swear some of those scenes were pulled directly from the movie and the series (the fight in the water is from the original movie and the geisha dolls is from the first episode of SAC (with its own original twist)).

    I'll admit though those effects are amazing and probably the only upside to this movie based on the trailer. I shouldn't be hard on it but like I said I'm a huge GitS fan and I'm expecting a lot from this movie. Sadly it'll probably never deliver what I'm looking for.

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  4. Honestly a system similar to the renown system in R6S is actually a very good way to go about doing the battlepack system. However the skins in the renown system for R6S are extremely expensive (9000 renown for basic skins, 15,000 or more for the very sought after skins (if they're purchasable for renown, a lot of the good skins require you to pay real money for Rainbow Credits just to buy)) and I'd hate for that to come over (though something similar would be nice). I'd like to see an implementation of scrap at the end of every battle based exactly on what the R6S system is, You get a certain amount for winning or losing (less for losing), your personal performance (based on your score), and in R6S whether or not you have a booster or Season Pass (which the season pass gives barely any extra, I've seen up to 13 extra renown for being the best in the match). They could go even further with giving extra scrap for getting recognized for feats during battle (most revives, most resupplies, best squad score, etc.). It has it flaws and only those who dedicate more then 3-4 hours a night to the game would benefit from it but it's the best option compared to what we have.

    The daily challenges would also be nice. R6S has up to 5 challenges you can do daily/weekly in-game plus up to 4 or 5 (don't remember, been over a month since I last played R6S) extra challenges you can pick up from Ubiclub (what used to be UPlay). Each gives a varying amount of extra renown based on the difficulty to complete (up to 600 renown) and the 5 in-game ones have timers on them so you can't continually do challenges left and right (the first is 24 hours, next is 48, and so on up to 120 hours (5 days)) and you have the option to drop challenges you don't want to do in hopes of getting one thats easier the next day (you don't get a choice on in-game ones, they're randomly selected).

    If they didn't want to go exactly that route I'd say give up to 200 scrap (enough to by one normal battlepack) for winning a round and up to 100 scrap for losing (half of a normal battlepack) and then give extra scrap based on performance (not to exceed a total of 350-400 scrap just so you can't continually get the best battlepack after every match). You can change these totals based on what game mode is being played (less for modes like TDM and Domination, more for Conquest and Operations (with Operations giving out the most due to the length of time some matches can last)) and drop those numbers if need be (I'm being somewhat generous here with my scrap totals, I'd be perfectly fine with 100 scrap for winning + whatever I get based on performance and 50 + performance based increase for losing). They can even keep their random battlepack reward system as well and tweak it to give battlepacks to those who actually perform their roles correctly/get recognized on the end of round screen (or scrap it entirely). This way everybody has a chance of at least getting a battlepack every week and a chance at those awesome skins. They could also put in a market place for old battlepack revisions to give people a chance at getting the skin they want from past revisions (or go one step further and sell the skins individually for more scrap so you actually have to earn them). Of course they'd have to tweak the puzzle piece system because this would break whatever system they have in place to award the puzzle pieces from battlepacks (I honestly don't know how they'd fix it).

    Honestly a lot of what was said in that video are great ideas the one I presented is going off the R6S model with my own tweaks. Something similar to what I just mentioned would be my ideal system if they don't want to go back to the old battlepack system from BF4 (which they should, it's not like that system broke BF4 in any way as it was the same system just with more items in a battlepack based on type).

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  5. Meh, I can name all the maps now but honestly the only ones I like are Monte Grappa and Argonne (though Ballroom Blitz is fun). My major problem with operations solo is that no one wants to work toward the goal, everyone is trying to do their own thing. At least with friends you know at least they're working toward the same goal as you. It's still enjoyable but if I'm going to play by myself I'm going to go Domination where I can do what I want, how I want, and still contribute to the team as long as I'm assaulting the flags and not feel like a jackass for not doing what the SL says.

    I really do with they'd bring back the ribbon system, god the amount of rank ups you can get from just ribbons is nice. Sadly I don't think they'll bring it back just for that reason (200 xp for a ribbon, 5000 for a medal wouldn't really cut it here). Assignments would be nice but I wouldn't want to go through all that work just for a weapon skin (kind of like how I don't give a rats ass if I get a battlepack anymore, it's not worth it if all I'm going to get is a random skin that I probably already have for a gun I'll probably never use). If they brought it back for weapons I'd be all for it (if it's not god awfully powerful weapons like the Deagle), maybe weapons that were historically correct for the time but very rare on the battlefield.

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  6. It does need to be nerfed, that recharge time is insane for a weapon that powerful against groups of enemies. They just need to wait until I get my two multi-kills for the medal this week (I got the top 5 finish in a domination match tonight where I went complete ham with the Mondragon and my Med Crate, got a battlepack for it as well). After facing off against the Model 10 numerous times tonight and loosing I'm calling for a nerf on it. The gun is way to overpowered for what it is and has such a high killing range it's not even funny (I hate to say that too because shotguns never get any love and when they do shit like this happens, I'm sad that I have to call for a nerf on it). After playing Support last night I fully agree that LMG's need some damn love, they're just to shitty of a gun to play with making support the least picked class of them all (unless you're going mortar crazy). Honestly they need to go back to the LMG model from BF4 and tweak it just enough to make it believable for a gun from this time period (don't make them overly accurate but at least make them able to hit something) and, even though I think the BAR should be placed in Assault or Medic class weapons (technically it's the first Auto Rifle ever created if you think about it based on mag size and accuracy), they need too up the mag size for it. I now the 40 round mag was rare and only an AA variant but I honestly think it needs it since its honestly the only good gun Support has.

    I have to say, with the bugs, I love this game. While I'm still not entirely to hip with MP and how they're handling certain things (I'm just to used to and spoiled by BF4) the game is just a blast to play. I do, however, have to say operations are extremely boring without friends. If I'm playing by myself I'm going to be sticking to Domination as it's freaking fun as hell and is more enjoyable when you're by yourself.

    On the Supernatural thing, I'm not in any hurry to watch Season 12 honestly. I could of watched Season 11 while it aired but I choose to wait until Netflix gets it so I can just binge watch the hell out of it when they do. Honestly Season 11 has been good so far (I've got roughly 6 episodes left, give or take a few) but I'm getting sick of the biblical shit (the only appealing thing for this season is them going back to the monster of the week vibe for a few episodes which really sold me on the series to begin with). It was ok in season 4 and is just being over played now (there's only so many times I can watch the brothers get bitch slapped by angels and enjoy it, now Crowley bitch slapping them on the other hand is always enjoyable to watch (my favorite character from the series other then Charlie)) and by what I've read they're still continuing on that line in Season 12 (what with you know who coming back into the picture). Ok now that I've sidelined this enough back to you're regularly scheduled BF1 chat.

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  7. What they need to do is just go back to the old system for battlepacks and give us one after every rank up or every other rank up because we're honestly not getting anything that changes the game in any way, just skins for our guns (that don't add stats or anything). I'd understand if what we were getting was game changing but honestly it isn't. That or they need to do what Sledge said and give us a proportionate amount of scrap at the end of each week or just a certain amount after every match we play (more for game modes like Operations that can go on for over an hour). DICE really dropped the ball with battlepacks this time and while I understand they want to go down the same road as CS did (Valve rakes in the dough with those cases, it's not even funny. Chaaboy himself blows at least $200 or so a week in cases) but it doesn't work for a game like this where these skins have no monetary value besides what you pay for battlepacks (whenever they finally implement it). I love Monster but due to my High-Blood pressure I can't drink them anymore (or very sparingly) so it sucks they went that route for battlepacks.

    Also I think the problem is on your end for our communication issues DX. The minute Sledge dropped from the party it said I couldn't chat with you due to NAT restrictions on your end (whatever that could but I don't know considering we were talking just fine yesterday and on Saturday without Sledge). I'll monkey with my settings tomorrow and see if it might be on my end. By the way I should be on all this week at roughly the same time (depending on when I get off of FFXIV, new patch drops this week and the last part of my Anima weapon questline drops so I might get absorbed in it), I decided that I'd hold off finishing Supernatural season 11 until next week/this weekend (I should hopefully get a 3-day weekend this week, I say hopefully because my boss is good at procrastinating and forcing us to work overtime on Fridays) since BF1 is scratching that FPS itch I didn't know I was having.

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  8. I'm assuming they went with a beefier battery then that DX considering they're praising this thing for its portability. I'm going to guess you're looking at the average life of a high-end tablet maybe even laptop level (then again that ain't much, when my battery was new my laptop would get 3 hours unplugged if I wasn't gaming) so probably 3-4 hours of use with light to medium gaming. Maybe more if it has the same feature as my laptop and it downgrades graphics to conserve battery life (my laptop runs two video cards, a discreet card (my AMD Radeon) and the built-in one on the motherboard. It switches to the built in one while my laptop is running on battery to help conserve battery power (though I have it disabled, my on-board card cause major fucking issues when it switches)). Plus considering how much actual gaming you can do on a 3DS with it's 3D graphics (roughly 4-5 hours of continuous play) I'm assuming we might get that level of battery life (I mean this is the company that pioneered handheld consoles so I'm pretty damn sure they know what they're doing here).

    We'll know all once specs are released.

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  9. I might of mocked it when it was a rumor but I'm honestly impressed with this console (the name on the other hand can go). Seriously, I might pick one up. I like the look of it, I like it's size, and honestly it looks like a damn good machine (and for once it has a backing of major publishers). Will I ever use the portable option? Most likely not, I own a 3DS and I have a phone if I get bored while out and about but the option to take this where I want is nice. While it might be a gimmick I can guarantee the portability option will be the main reason this console sells and depending on price I can see this selling very well (look at the Wii, the whole console was a gimmick yet it sold better then the PS3 and the 360).

    I have to say maybe Nintendo is starting to come back around or at least show us they still have some tricks up their sleeves.

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  10. I've heard of it but never used it. In fact I don't think I know anyone that's ever used it (my group of friends are pretty much the same as me, old school internet pirates sailing on the good ship Torrent (she will never sink as long as we keep her afloat  XD )).

    I'm not surprised by it though. Crunchyroll was the same exact way for anime before they went completely legit (well legit but still shady as hell), I used to use them back then when I couldn't find fansubs for something I wanted to watch (it's how I first got into watching Naruto Shippuden, how I first watched Macross 7, and what introduced me to one of my all time favorites Dirty Pair). They offered a HQ stream if you paid a monthly fee but the LQ stuff was still watchable (sadly I paid for the HQ stream back when they weren't legit but I refuse to pay for it now that its legit, there's something fundamentally wrong with that). I honestly wouldn't know if I'd trust this app though, the amount of shit that could go wrong aren't worth the free aspect to it (then again it'd be no worse then dling a torrent off of a shady torrent site).

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  11. People rake it a shit ton of money on Twitch and it's actually how a lot of youtubers make their money now ($5 a sub (well roughly $3 after Twitch's cut) rakes in pretty fast plus donations, you honestly make more money being a full time streamer then you do being a YT personality). I'm subscribed to a few people at the moment and if I actually used Amazon more I might actually look into this (just because I'd like to sub to Maimi0 but can't afford it atm and this would be a good way to do it). Honestly the ads on Twitch aren't all that bad and you can bypass them by using PS4's twitch app (for some reason it never plays ads except when you first log into the stream (even when the streamer puts ads up)) so going ad free isn't exactly worth it (plus the streamers get a cut of that ad money as well so you're screwing them by not watching ads).

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  12. Torrenting never died for me, I'll be a pirate to the day I die (Yarr!, had to do it ^_^;). Honestly I never understood why torrenting died with the advent of streaming services (I mean seriously it's free and the chance of actually getting caught and persecuted is slim to none as no ISP will take you to court unless forced to by the rights holder). Subscribing to Netflix didn't stop my torrenting at all, hell it didn't even put a dent in it. Then again when I was living in Arizona I didn't have cable TV. My roommate and I decided there was no point in paying for TV when we could just download everything we wanted to watch or catch it on Netflix. Then again that's just us and even though I have cable again I prefer to download my stuff so I can watch it when I want without having to pay extra for a DVR so I can do the same. Meh, I guess I'm still an old school internet pirate that can't give up his past ways (then again I do end up buying 90% of the shit I download so I guess I'm a somewhat reformed pirate).

    There really never will be a happy medium here as cable companies will never give up their hold on the TV market and will continue to gouge prices. Eventually streaming services will do the same as, like I said, getting the rights to stream things is getting more and more expensive as the years go by (pretty soon Hulu and Amazon will be in the same place as Netflix is now when everyone and their mother has a streaming service for their own shit).

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  13. It's not surprising. With content providers creating their own streaming platforms and with the costs of streaming rights for movies and shows going up it's not surprising Netflix's catalog has shrunk substantially over the last 4 years. I honestly saw this coming back when I first subscribed to Netflix because it was only a matter of time before others took a page from Netflix's book and started doing the same thing. Honestly I don't know why I pay for Netflix anymore. I rarely, if ever, watch anything on it anymore (and when I do it might be once every few months) besides certain shows (like Supernatural, I really wish they'd get season 11 up) and documentaries (I absolutely love Netflix for documentaries).

    Honestly the only thing that will keep Netflix going is their original content they've been creating over that last few years (stuff I have yet to watch but I do plan on checking out Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards (which I've heard nothing but great things about) to name few). I tend to download all the movies I want to see if I don't get to see them in the theater and before I buy them (I buy very few movies without watching them and only if I know I'll like them (like The Hobbit Movies and what not)) and I do the same with TV shows since I rarely watch anything on cable anymore (again there are exceptions like Deadliest Catch but that's one day of the week).

    I've never used Sling but I haven't heard good things about it from the few people I know who use it. I've been looking into getting Playstation Vue (I've heard nothing but good things about it) but I'd run into the same problem I do with cable/Netflix, I'd rarely watch it so it'd be a waste of money (luckily I don't pay for cable so that's one bill I don't have to pay). Honestly the one thing I do spend a lot of time watching content on is YouTube, thankfully that's free (for now, who knows what may come down the line).

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  14. Screenshot_2016-09-30-20-38-46.png

    That's my current home screen. Sorry it took so long to post it (and for the double post) but I ended up playing 8 or so hours of FFXIV yesterday to make up for my lack of time on it during the week (and I completely forgot to take and post the screen shot, I lose track of time while I'm playing (still can't believe I was on for that long yesterday)).

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  15. I'm strangely ok with this and it's about time. As much as I feel the game deserves the money that was being charged I'm sadly in the minority there and I'd hate for it to die just because 2K made some shitty choices with it's launch and afterwards. I'll definitely be grabbing it when it goes F2P (even if the servers are sparsely populated).

  16. On 9/22/2016 at 9:18 PM, Sledgstone said:

    I still haven't watched Arise.

    Don't get me wrong they're not overly bad (I mean I bought the first two when they came stateside and plan on buying the last two when I get the money (or if it's on Rightstuf's Black Friday or 12 days of Christmas sale)) they just weren't as good as the original movie or the SAC series's and movie. It was such a huge departure from what made the setting and the character's so enjoyable (I mean the Major just rubs me the wrong way in the OVA, she's just not as awesome as she was in the original movie or the series). It was like they decided to just take the framework of the story/background and the characters basics information from Shirow's original manga and throw everything else out the window (it's not like the movies and the SAC series/movie didn't do the same but they were more in line with what they were in the manga (and believe me the manga is completely different from the original movie, they took a lot of liberties when they adapted it)).

    The Arise movie however was amazing and I actually enjoyed it, it really went back to what made GitS what it was (I really need to buy it). The Major actually seemed like the Major and while the other characters still irked me (Ishikawa was probably the only real character I liked in Arise, he didn't really change much) it felt more like GitS than the OVA's did.

    (Honestly don't know why I didn't cover this in my earlier post but like I said these 10 hour days are slowly melting my brain)

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  17. I honestly have no faith in Western live-action adaptations of anime and never have (the only real one we had was Dragonball and I that was atrocious by all accounts (what I've heard, I never watched it)). Honestly I don't have any real faith in Japanese live-action adaptations either (I mean they're not bad but they're not that good. The best one I saw was the Nana live-action movies and they were ok (the first one was the best, second one kinda flopped imo)). I'm not a fan of Deathnote (the premise never interested me so I never read the manga or watched the anime) so I hope Netflix does it justice (I mean they have had some great original series come out over the last few years and a few flops so who knows they might do good).

  18. Meh, they have a lot to live up to (I'm a die hard GitS fan so they better do this movie right) and I'm far from impressed with these teasers. Considering how well Arise did (though it kept to the ideals of the franchise and the overall story wasn't bad it was still an underhanded blow to fans) this movie has a lot to prove.

  19. I named her Seabiscuit and she was a damn fine horse. She died so young with a brilliant future ahead of her /cry. I shall miss our long frolics through the desert sand murdering unsuspecting Scouts XD 

    It was pretty hit or miss communication wise when I wasn't playing with either of you. Most of the time it was just a guy/gal (yes I actually ran into the rare female Battlefield player, damn near died of a heart attack when she spoke) saying thanks over squad chat. I got very few actual in-game Thank You's.

    I do hope they increase the player cap for Rush, 24 just seemed like to little (at least on Sinai, 12 v 12 just doesn't work with how it's segmented for Rush). It never felt like anyone was really doing anything and if you had a heavy tank on the field you lost 6 available people to attack/defend (if they actually got in the damn tank). I guess I should say any tank (I mean we spent most of our time in tanks when we were playing, though we actually pushed the objectives unlike other tank users on our team (I can't remember his name but god did he piss me off in that one match sitting back doing nothing)).

  20. Honestly I liked the new Conquest system. My only problem with it was the time limit which was fixed before the end of the beta. Honestly I'm not liking the switch back to kills counting, it's just going to bring out more Scout players and no one but those brave few will play the objective anymore (this saddens me more then anything, I actually had fun storming the objectives in the beta with a good squad). We're going to be hearing PTFO for ages again. This change will probably cement me into Rush now unless they find a way to balance the changes (like increasing the dynamic weather lengths to render Scouts useless or doing what Sledge said).

    Medic's main problem is the scoring system for them, that's the only real reason no one picked them. 25 points for a revive isn't worth it (50 for squad revive) so why go out of you're way to do it (remember it's all about the score, people give zero fucks about anything else other then K/D. I actually tried to play Medic the way it's supposed to, you won't believe how many thank yous I got for doing it during the beta (Sledge's brother giving me most of them)) when you can just run with a bandage bag and the rifle grenades (or the crate if you had it unlocked, running two med stations. Even better is running the wrench now to repair vehicles). As you know I played Medic pretty much exclusively because I love the class and it actually gave me a reason to play aggressively because I could heal myself and I could keep my squad up (and revive when it actually worked, the icon thing didn't bug me. The fact that I couldn't revive someone who hadn't rushed their respawn pissed me off). Plus their weapons are by far one of the best in the game, that 1916 rifle is a beast and probably the best way to counter Scouts outside of playing one (3 hit kills is amazing). Happy to hear Support is going to get some love too (but I wish they would of been more specific about what they were giving them to make them better against tanks).

    Kinda sad about the Horse as, besides playing Medic and the Light Tank (RIP beta LT), was some of the most fun I had during the beta (ask Sledge, I actually named my horse and everything. Went on some amazing kill sprees as well). I admit though it is needed, those horses could take more hits then a LT sometimes.

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  21. Oh great like the Scout needs anything else to make it more desirable. I'm really debating whether or not I want to play this anymore with those last two Scout gadgets because everyone is going to be running them (I can see no reason not to have the decoy gadget and I can see that damn shield being used on any map where a sniper needs to be in the open more). Support seems to be getting the shaft yet again. I really hope DICE gives them something more to make them more desirable on the field (dynamite would be a nice addition for them). I think Medic is in a very good place right now so I really don't understand why no one played it (outside of the lack of points you got for reviving). They've got probably the second best weapon in the game (outside of bolt-actions), they can heal teammates, and revive people (though it was extremely buggy in the beta, they really need to get it fixed. I don't know how many times I wasn't able to revive Sledge or his brother that day we played). The only thing they can nix are those rifle grenades. They're extremely under-powered and you can barely launch them more then 10 meters or so (unless you arc the hell out of it). The only real one of use will be the smoke variant. Assault seems to be DICE's love child this time around (besides Scout) so they're in a pretty damn good place being the anti-vehicle class (though I wish their weapons were more accurate, I know these were the first SMGs but still).

    Meh, hopefully they'll add in more gadgets for everyone besides these (and maybe look at nerfing other classes (hint: Scout)).

  22. Pfft, there were like 9 Tenchu's Sledge (though 2 were handheld titles). I can't say much I only played Wrath of Heaven (or Return from Darkness as I played in on Xbox) and Z. Wrath of Heaven is what got me into the games (though I honestly had no idea what was going on story wise) and Z is a damn good game (instead of playing as the main characters you make you're own ninja, was freaking fun as hell especially with friends).

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  23. I like what I see, has a Tenchu sort of feel to it (everything except the magic/mystical powers) and I've been looking for a game that offers a similar play style (god I miss the Tenchu games, so much fun. I should dig out Tenchu Z again and play through it).