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  1. Finally, I've been wanting dual attachments for awhile. I'll have to watch the video again as I was really just paying attention to the use of the riot shield.

    I guess I should say I'm only a corner camper in S&D (while on defense) as it's the most reliable way to defend the crates (yea running around and killing them first works to but I prefer to wait for my prey to come to me). Otherwise, pending on play mode, I'm a run and gun type of man (especially while playing War in WaW, my K/D ratio is really fucked up).

    Gah, if they do this professional thing and allow it on Juggernaut I'm going to be pissed. That is the most overused and cheap perk in the game. It's sad that player skill has been reduced to Juggernaut as of late (in CoD4, not so much in WaW). That being said Stopping Power, Steady Aim, Deep Penetration, and Iron Lungs will be my first pro perks when I'm allowed to get them (my most used ones as I tend to play sniper and spec ops based classes).

  2. (ignore my own visitor message, apparently I'm an idiot)

  3. X'D, never did like using box clips in WaW. I preferred Aperture Sights (or whatever they're called), I tend to SMG snipe a lot (a form I perfected in the CoD4 MP Beta). Plus I'm a freaking maniac with the SVT-40 (best rifle in that game outside of the M1), I just headshot left and right with that thing (makes Juggernaut look useless X'D)

  4. Fear my nu kitty gundam! I just had to save it when I saw it because you just can't go wrong with a kitty gundam

  5. Ready for tomorrow my friend?

  6. (ignore again, god I'm bad at this)

  7. X'D, now thats dedication. meh I ordered my copy online so no matter what I won't get mine till after 2 pm tomorrow.

  8. Considering how easy the first 20 or so levels were in COD4 I don't think you'll have any problem achieving that goal, unless xp requirements are ridiculous in this one.

    I've got Tuesday off so I'll be on from when I get it till bed, I just need to unlock my dual attachments perk. Oh that is going to be so much fun.

  9. I'm officially in love with it, the story if freaking awesome and multiplayer is so much better then CoD4.

    The Akimbo attachment fucking rules, dual UMP45's is OP (I was dominating for awhile with them, switched back to red dot sight though so I can finish attachments). Gotta work on the ammo though, go through it too fast.

  10. Running and gunning with SMG's just takes a little more practice, I should know thats all I use right now (trying to get all the attachments for it then I'll move onto the next one).

    Haven't tried LMG's yet and assaults I'm a little disappointed in (like why is the AK-47 the last one you can unlock at the highest level, thats freaking ridiculous). My M4 just doesn't see as good as it was in CoD4

  11. Eh, I said that without really using it. After using it (and being 9 kills away from my heartbeat sensor. with bling on the heartbeat sensor and silencer/red dot will be freaking powerful) I retract my previous statement. It's so much more accurate then it's CoD4 counterpart.

    I've been to overly focused on SMG's (something I need to get off of) to try the other weapons (and that'll have to wait, I just unlocked the P90 and since you can Akimbo them I'm going to have a hay day with them).

  12. (I'll get the hang of this one day, sigh)

  13. I was kinda taken aback by it's increased fire rate but now that I've gotten used to it I'm a freaking maniac with it. Don't know if I like the Heartbeat Sensor though, it's confusing as fuck. It's nice when someone with scrambler is nearby because you can find them but it's a pain in the ass to use effectively on a long range weapon like that.

    I can't wait to get my ACOG for it. I hated that scope in the last game but I like how they changed and did it in this one. I'm going to be freaking deadly with it when I get it.

    O.o you tried out Scavenger yet for you perks? I absolutely love that perk, especially the pro version with increased mags. You never freaking run out of ammo, it's so damn nice.

  14. I've only shot down three harriers and two helo's. I can never find the damn UAV's when they're called in, mostly because I'm never outside to see them X'D. I've never actually tried to shoot down a pave low yet (or a supply chopper) and hardly anyone I play against uses the AC130 or the stealth bomber so I never get a chance to shoot those down.

    The absolutely one thing I hate is those damn predator missiles, you can't out run them and everyone freaking uses them (I love using them myself but hate having them used against me).

  15. Holy shit that was awesome, talk about freaking lucky.

    I only wish I could of taped my friends knife winning kill he had the other night I was playing with him. Not as epic as that but lets just say the guy he threw the knife at won't be having children anytime soon (and to think it was the game winning kill at that).

  16. The horror, oh god the horror X'D

  17. Gah, last day of vacation. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Where'd my time go?