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  1. Considering how easy the first 20 or so levels were in COD4 I don't think you'll have any problem achieving that goal, unless xp requirements are ridiculous in this one.

    I've got Tuesday off so I'll be on from when I get it till bed, I just need to unlock my dual attachments perk. Oh that is going to be so much fun.

  2. X'D, now thats dedication. meh I ordered my copy online so no matter what I won't get mine till after 2 pm tomorrow.

  3. (ignore again, god I'm bad at this)

  4. Ready for tomorrow my friend?

  5. Fear my nu kitty gundam! I just had to save it when I saw it because you just can't go wrong with a kitty gundam

  6. X'D, never did like using box clips in WaW. I preferred Aperture Sights (or whatever they're called), I tend to SMG snipe a lot (a form I perfected in the CoD4 MP Beta). Plus I'm a freaking maniac with the SVT-40 (best rifle in that game outside of the M1), I just headshot left and right with that thing (makes Juggernaut look useless X'D)

  7. (ignore my own visitor message, apparently I'm an idiot)

  8. Finally, I've been wanting dual attachments for awhile. I'll have to watch the video again as I was really just paying attention to the use of the riot shield.

    I guess I should say I'm only a corner camper in S&D (while on defense) as it's the most reliable way to defend the crates (yea running around and killing them first works to but I prefer to wait for my prey to come to me). Otherwise, pending on play mode, I'm a run and gun type of man (especially while playing War in WaW, my K/D ratio is really fucked up).

    Gah, if they do this professional thing and allow it on Juggernaut I'm going to be pissed. That is the most overused and cheap perk in the game. It's sad that player skill has been reduced to Juggernaut as of late (in CoD4, not so much in WaW). That being said Stopping Power, Steady Aim, Deep Penetration, and Iron Lungs will be my first pro perks when I'm allowed to get them (my most used ones as I tend to play sniper and spec ops based classes).

  9. X'D, god damn October. If it wasn't for my birthday being in October I'd just say lets annex it just for this year.

    If they don't do a public beta I'll be pissed because 4's was such a hit they'd be stupid not to use it as more hype material. That riot shield is really going to mess with Search and Destroy because you know everyone will use it, not that I mind. It'll make things more interesting and I tend to be a corner camper anyways.

  10. Freaking finally, god this game needs to come out like now.

  11. Hell yeah it does! I just know the MP beta is going to be awesome when they get it out.

  12. Customized Killstreaks = Awesome!

    I'm totally stoked now, one preorder I'm definitely glad I made.

  13. Yea Special Forces caught my interest while I read the article, seems like it's going to be fun. You catch the new trailer that just came out (hit Live like 2 days ago). Definitely sold me for the story mode, I'm completely psyched now for this game.

  14. I noticed they had a big write up about it when my roommate got his copy. I'll have to bum it off of him tomorrow and take a look at article (was meaning to the other day but had to work).

  15. Happy Birthday you crazy bastard!

  16. lol, sometimes the way your mind works disturbs me GG.

  17. Gotta love Yuki :D