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  1. Well you do have that complete Anthem overhaul to look forward to if reports are right about them reworking it from the ground up (what good it will do who knows). Honestly Respawn would be the better choice between the two since BioWare Austin (makers of TOR) are pretty much a skeleton crew at this point and they couldn't be repurposed for a new KoToR at this point (I mean they're barely pushing out any significant updates for TOR outside of rehashes of old events, the reason why I'm currently not subscribed anymore (until the next big content patch hits where I get my hands on my long vacated Dark Council seat)). I would assume Respawn is probably working on the next hush hush title (I mean they're currently working on the VR Medal of Honor and I'm sure the constant updating of Apex keeps them busy). I would assume we see another Titanfall game from Respawn before another Star Wars title or even a sequel to Fallen Order. Then again with as greedy as EA is I wouldn't be surprised if they hand over the story focused SW games to Respawn after there hit. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, if the rumor proves to be true, the devs stick to the story and spirit of the original KoToR's and deliver just a complete remaster instead of a complete remake. I doubt it though since I'm sure Disney will put their foot down on keeping it true to new canon (I mean EA has the game license but Papa Disney holds the license for everything so it wouldn't take much for them to pull it if EA said no, no one fucks with Papa Disney (even terrible Uncle EA)).
  2. That scares me. Granted Fallen Order exceeded expectations and is probably one of the best star wars games to come out in years (I go off of what you and everyone else says, I still haven't played in and probably won't as I do not like that game play style) but it's not a single player, story focused RPG. It's a Souls-like action game with RPG elements and that's a different monster. Granted they could completely blow out expectations and create a hugely popular and great game but I just don't see it from a studio(s) that are FPS focused entities who have only recently been branching out of their comfort zone. Who knows though. There's been rumors of a 3rd KoToR for years and while a remake seems more likely to happen I just don't ever see it becoming a thing. I mean TOR is still popular enough to bring EA plenty of money and it's basically just KoToR Infinite. If they went with a remake it might spell the end of TOR as it wouldn't mesh with the current take on the game (and would suck, TOR is slowly dying so it is inevitable but I'd hate to see one of the last things BioWare did right go to shit because they want to remake the original two games).
  3. I don't know, I thought KoToR 2 had a better story then the first one. Yea, it's obvious it's rushed (and you can mod it to make it closer to what it was supposed to be) but I thought Obsidian did a rather good job with it (even if I still haven't beaten it, god damn you for being OP Traya). Honestly I just wish they'd leave the old, good games alone and focus on making new ones. Plus don't fuck with the story, the new canon is fucking shit so don't try to muscle this into the new canon. The way the story is is just fine, no need to change things around. The only other thing is who'd be remaking it? If it's BioWare I'm out. They've fucked up way to much in recent years to even be trusted with their own original game (I have slim hopes for DA4 and the recent rumors of a new ME, that studio is not what it used to be and should not be trusted with triple A titles anymore). Obsidian would be the only other choice but they're focused on their own shit right now (especially with the success of The Outer Worlds).
  4. After last weeks episode I will fight anyone who says MHA is overhyped. That episode alone is worth the hype alone and is the fucking payoff I've been waiting for since I read about this arc (I both screamed like a schoolgirl and cried like a small child in the span of mere seconds, plus the music choices were spot fucking on (that english song they play is fucking powerful, tear up everytime I hear it)). MHA is a truly a unique shounen and doesn't let itself get bogged down in filler or crap. Everything moves the story forward (even the little bit of filler we've had) and everything has a purpose (even the most mundane details and characters). While I like Naruto Shippuden (I hate the original anime series with a passion (I made it as far as you did) but for some reason Shippuden resonated with me. I still need to finish watching it but it ranks up there as a great shounen series for me) and have liked my fair share of shounen shows nothing has grasped my attention or made me fall in love with the world and characters like MHA. I don't know whether we should call Horikoshi a fucking genius or not but by god has he written and drawn probably one of the best shounen series in decades.
  5. Hey nothing wrong with that. Arkada's video covered more shows that I watched then Geoff's so I would of most likely gone with his as well (Nichijou is the only other one on his list that I've seen which is a fucking amazing show in its own right). It's not surprising that Geoff had it on his list as Yazy is head over heels in love with APN (I follow her on twitter (well her Tenleid account anyways) and she's gone off on more then a few tangents about her love for the manga and the anime, so much so that I'm honestly considering starting to read it). Plus Arkada had Saga of Tanya the Evil on it and that already wins in my book since it's one of the few gems from the decade and it had Miss Kobayashi on it which is such an adorable show (and I can't wait for the second season (hopefully it doesn't get cancelled but I fully understand if it does due to the events of the past year)). A Place Further than the Universe has been on my list to watch since it started airing but I just had no time to get around to watching it (a shame since a lot of people liked it, might get around to it in the next few weeks since it looks like the winter season for anime is a dud for me (there's only one show I'm picking up for sure (Laid-Back Camp S2) and one or two others I might give a try)). Anohana is another one that I've been meaning to watch but I know it's going to destroy me so I've been pushing it off (though I should just bite the bullet and watch it already). Quite frankly I wouldn't have a list as there was to many good shows that came out in the last decade (I mean we've got My Hero, Fire Force, Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket, Sora no Woto, Amanchu, Occult Academy, and the list just goes on) though I can with full confidence say that Violet Evergarden is my anime of the decade. I've already gushed about it in the thread dedicated to it so my reasons are there but quite honestly it's probably one of the best shows ever made and only holds the second position of all time favorite anime because it just can't live up to Aria for me (I love and adore Aria so much and I could write pages upon pages behind why I do but I'll spare you all my obsessive fan gushing).
  6. Gah, I get this is his own personal favorites of the decade list but by god putting A Silent Voice in the honorable mentions category is a fucking crime. That movie alone deserves a fucking spot in the top 10 of any anime of the decade list and deserves Your Name's place on that list (hey, I'll shill for Shinkai until the day I die and I fucking adore Your Name ranking it up there as his best film to date and as one of my all time favorite anime movies but it's a travesty not to place A Silent Voice in that list. The raw emotion, excellent story telling, and wonderful animation beats out Your Name any day). My name is Strider and thank you for attending my TED talk today. Other then that and the fact A Promised Neverland isn't on there (it's still my anime of the year, nothing has kicked it out of that spot yet) and I haven't seen quite a few of those shows I have to say from the ones that did line up with what I watched we have similar ideas on what constitutes good anime (it's surprising how much my tastes in anime line up with Arkada's. If it wasn't for him I'd of never watched Laid-Back Camp, which is up there as one of my all-time favorite shows to date (such a lovely show and so relaxing)).
  7. I'm going to take a moment to say that out of all the games I've played throughout my time as a gamer Nier: Automata is probably one of the best games I've had the pleasure of playing in a very long time. By saying this I have just beaten it (well I beat it last night but I went through to get ending D today (I cheated so I didn't have to do the whole tower section again and reloaded at my save right before the final two fights). I'll most likely be redoing the whole Tower chapter again tomorrow so I can get D on my main save file so I can get ending E, the true ending. Wish me luck because I hear the final section to get E is a nightmare) and yes it took me forever but I'm glad it did. I've played many games that have great stories, great characters, great world building, great gameplay, and yes even great soundtracks (you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't think the OST for Nier was a major component of it) but none of them have ever encapsulated me this much (I say this having a complete obsession over the Suikoden series of games, by far my all time favorites when it comes to world building/story/characters).

    I've never come to care for characters so much as I have with 2B, Pascal, and A2 (screw 9S, sorry to everyone that likes him but I do not like his character and don't get me started on actually having to use him in combat. Worst parts of the game for me even with his story being so damn good). Everything they go through and everything they experience from the minor gains to the major losses all resonated with me (and in some cases absolutely gutted me, I'm looking at you Pascal). I won't be ruining anything about their stories here or giving a major plot developments but DX will definitely understand where I'm coming from. You really grow attached to these characters in ways you don't notice until something major happens. Hell I've never been attached to a character as much as I am to 2B. Watching her grow throughout the entirety of her play through (and 9S's), watching as she struggles with the things she had to do before the events of this game, watching as she gradually opens up more to those around her, and watching her become more accepting of the new truths around her was amazing. Most main characters never get this treatment with all these minor nuances and most are lucky if they get the character growth she did. A2 is similar in a lot of ways but her growth comes a lot faster and it's harder to get really attached to her since you don't spend as much time with her (but damn do I love her sassy personality, her interactions with Pod 42 are gold). I really wish she'd of gotten more attention than she did (and you really don't even understand the depth of her backstory and character unless you read about the stage play Yoko Taro did that tells it (it's briefly mentioned in game but not much is said)). I won't get into Pascal other than he's a very well written character, lovable, and gets the shaft hard and it really sucks because he's so lovable.

    Story wise it's really just your typical sci-fi plot and while good is nothing really to write home about as it's the characters that make this game so good (not trying to undermine it by any means but it's certainly not Tolkien levels of epic). It also pays, while not necessary, to have prior knowledge of both the original Nier's story and Drakengard's story as it actually helps you understand a lot of the what happened in the past to lead to where this game is at storyline wise (hell three of the NPC characters are directly from the original Nier). I'm really glad I went and read up on them before beating the game, it really helped me understand a lot of what I was seeing toward the end and helped elaborate on a bunch of the in-game text documents you find. Though it might be easier to get that backstory soon as rumor has it we might be getting a remake/remaster of the original Nier or maybe we'll get a brand new game.

    The OST is where this game truly shines (so much so I bought it, a rarity for me as I usually don't buy game soundtracks (the only other exception being the Journey OST)). As I said above it's a major component of the game and a major factor behind why I love this game so much. Hell I can't even listen to Weight of the World anymore without getting teary eyed (such a great song, don't think I'll be able to do the Nier raid in FFXIV anymore with the music on. Might end up ugly crying (and they won't be manly tears)). It really sets up all the pieces quite well and adds a lot of the emotional undertone to the game.

    As for gameplay I'm not the biggest hack and slash fan. Never really have been as I've always gravitated toward RPG's and Strategy games while only playing the occasional hack and slash (I mean before this my only real forays into the genre were the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games) but I gotta say I really enjoyed the combat in Nier. After getting used to it (which did take awhile) I started to really enjoy dashing in, slashing like a mad man, evading when needed, and rotating in Pod Programs (I'm a big fan of Mirage, so OP with fully leveled weapons). Bosses are a blast as well if not somewhat annoying depending on which one you're fighting (I'm looking at you eyeball of death). My only two complaints about combat are the Pods (outside of programs they're practically useless (and I say this knowing full well how many times the missile pod saved my ass)) and the 9S hacking mini-game (god was this one of the most annoying parts of the game for me and it sucks that its so fucking powerful. I just hate the randomness of what you'll get every time you hack into an enemy).

    I really don't know what else I can say about this other than I finally understand why everyone has been praising it since it came out, it really is that good. I can't recommend this game enough and it's definitely worth the money (I only wish I'd of waited on buying it until they released the Game of the YoRHa Edition so I could get that damn dynamic theme and avatars). I also need to thank Platinum Games for making it and Yoko Taro for creating such a wonderful world (he's a mad lad and I love it, I really hope we're getting a remake/remaster of Nier or another Nier game in the future as this man needs to be at the helm again). This truly has been one of my best gaming experiences in a long time (outside of Detroit, which is still a masterpiece imo).

    Now to move on to other games finally. Maybe now I can finally get Horizon beaten or maybe not as I did get Pokemon Sword for Christmas and that will probably eat up my free time until Cyberpunk (hey don't judge me, I actually still like the Pokemon franchise and this one, from what little I've played, is really fun and I'm liking a lot of the new editions to the main game play loop).

    1. DeathscytheX


      I don't remember E being terribly hard but then again by the time I did it, I was probably on my 6th play through (or 2nd depending on how you look at it) and a really high level. My build focused around no staggering and HP regen off damage. I pretty much was unkillable after I came up with my chip sets. I think I got rid of most of the UI except the HP bar in favor of bigger chips for combat. It was pretty much god mode after awhile as the game stops scaling after very few cycles and everything fold over like paper, even bosses. I was level 80 I believe last I played, I was tempted to get to 99 to fight the secret boss, but after 60 hours, I couldn't find time to invest in it anymore. (I probably had a good 15+ play throughs with zero skips via chapter select)

      I fully agree about A2. I really wish the 3rd play through was more dedicated to her. Instead we got a play through an a half of 9S. The game would have been even better if you could character swap at any time during 2B/9S's story, and only made you play 9S when necessary on play through 2. Every facet of the story was amazing, Hell even some of the side missions were extremely intriguing, especially the ones you just stumble upon by chance. But 9S's playstyle was just so dull. The hacking thing was cool until it got repetitive outside the larger maze story driven ones. They should have given 2B an extra ability like A2's overdrive mode (can't remember what it was called atm), and let 9S have weapon swap while hacking just may provide a debuff on larger enemies rather than just blowing them up and making him extremely OP.

      I know it will never happen, but damn I'd love a prequel that focused on A2 and the Commander. The world is so interesting, I'd love to dive into it again. I loved the game so much I got every weapon upgraded to max and each pod which was a fucking repetitive grind from hell. The music was definitely everything, They completely made the tower sequence, and the cult factory sequence which was probably my favorite moment of the whole game. My blood was pumping hard through my first play through of that as 2B. (become as gods, become as gods!).

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      The E ending requires you to literally fight the credits in an Asteriods on crack scenario using the cursor thing from hacking, it was pretty fucking brutal (and of course they play the YoRHa version of Weight of the World so I was trying not to ugly cry). Only reason I beat it is because you have the option of having backup help you in the form of other people's save data spawning in as more cursors to act as a shield (which gets lost if they're destroyed, sorry to all of you who sacrificed your save data for me. I really appreciate it and you are definitely the MVPs of the game. Sadly I didn't offer up my save data as I'm going to slowly work on getting all the trophies now (which will require me to get to level 99 and get all weapons fully upgraded, damn you boss who I shall not name)). Boy do they ever leave it open for a sequel though (unless he's going to use the XIV collab as a pseudo-sequel).

      My build focused mostly on health regen in and out of combat with minor boosts in melee strength and evade range increase. I spent more time pulling guerilla style attacks and focusing on counter moves and pod usage (as much as they're worthless you can't write off that damage they can put out). It's not overly the best strategy to play with but it worked for me and I only really ran into problems when fighting those EMP machines and the long ass snake like ones. Everything else was a cake walk. I ended at level 61 (I literally level after the last boss before you choose who to back).

      You mean Berserk mode? While I liked it (and I still need to get the trophy for it) boy was it a double edged sword with my build. The few times I used it would of ended in death had it not been for the auto-use items chip. 9S could of really used a secondary weapon but I found using Combat Bracers with him to be the best strategy and they're practically long-range weapons and deal a hell of a lot of damage.

      You never know, Taro might adapt the stage play into a game (I mean we already know what happens but it'd still be a fun jaunt). All depends on what Platinum and SE have him working on these days outside of the FFXIV collab. I highly doubt he's finished telling the story he set up all the way back in the first Drakengard game.

  8. So just found out Spotify has all of the My Hero Soundtracks (I now have epic music to game to) and all the music from Zombie Land Saga on it (even the insert songs, I get to listen to Saki's song legally now. Fucking yay!). Completely lost my shit when I found out.

    Glad to see Spotify is starting to get more Japanese music streaming rights and is finally getting all those anime OPs/EDs that I love. Makes listening to them so much easier now (instead of rummaging through my 191 gigs of music). Now if only they'd get there hands on Myth & Roid's shit (outside of the one album) so I can listen to some Shadowgraph (they're extremely protective of their stuff as it all used to be up on Spotify then it was all removed suddenly).

  9. I'd say the ibuypower ones are better looking then that. Whoever thinks of the console designs at MS should be fired honestly. Meh, I've been gravitating towards PC more and more lately just because I spend 80% of my day in front of it (don't let me being online on PSN fool you, my PS4 is pretty much a twitch/netflix/hulu/youtube/crunchyroll/funimation machine now-a-days. That will change once Cyberpunk comes out but until then I don't see it getting much use outside of beating Nier and eventually Horizon) and I'm getting more and more accustomed to using my mouse and keyboard for gaming (I honestly hate holding a controller in my hand now). It's just more convenient for me to play games on the PC now. Like I said if PS5 has some good exclusives that aren't also on PC I'll get one but with the switch to doing PC + console releases it better warrant the price of buying a new console to play it on console over the PC (which, honestly, won't likely happen). Then again I'm impatient and if a game is console exclusive for a certain amount of time I might cave in.
  10. Strider Hiryu


    Or they have serious fans of sentai shows in general. Gotta say looks impressive, I'll have to keep a close eye on this one.
  11. Yep, you can just go ahead and take my money because I'm completely on board for this.
  12. Meh, quite frankly I think it's ugly (the XBone is so much better designed imo and I even think it's ugly) then again I probably won't continue console gaming past the current generation unless Sony wows me with the PS5 or game exclusives.
  13. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Side view with spear drawn. A nice dark dragoon set if I've ever seen one.
  14. Strider Hiryu

    FFXIV Pics

    Just random pics I'll upload from time to time of my adventures in FFXIV or just pics of my character
  15. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Current Dragoon glamour. It's a mix of both their ARR Artifact Armor (the Drachen Helm and Gauntlets), their Heavensward Artifact Armor ( Dragonlancer's Boots), one of their ARR PvP sets (Behemoth Queen's Chestpiece), and the Miqo'te female starting skirt (all died black of course). The weapon is the glowing version of the Nidhogg Weapon's obtained during his extreme mode (Seeing Horde Spear).
  16. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Side image with sword out. Don't mind Female Omega in the back, forgot I had her out when I was taking these.
  17. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Current Dark Knight Glamour. Little later then I said I would post it but I got busy on Sunday and wasn't able to edit the screenshot down. This is based entirely off of a glamour from Eorzea Collection with one minor modification being adding 2B's blindfold instead of the head bandage. I like it because it's got a samurai influence going and since Dark Knights have only one katana that they can use I just had to go with this.
  18. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Another with the katana drawn. This glamour works great with the Dead Hive set weapons (based off the orignal weapons that dropped from Extreme Ravana back in Heavensward) due to the crystalline look of the weapon, the jewel on the scabbard, and the hanging jewel from the chest piece (a Mog Station glamour set, the one that pairs with the flaming wheels mount). I have a glamour for my Ninja using the same set just with the Dead Hive Ninja weapons (and in fact this one is based off of that glamour as I was maining ninja when I made it, the only differences being the blindfold (head bandage originally) and the boots). This is probably my favorite original glamour I've thought up using ideas from similar one posted on Eorzea Collection.
  19. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Current Samurai glamour. This is the one I was alluding to in my post in the FFXIV topic when I said those 2B thigh boots would look fucking sweet with it (which I finally got two weeks ago, I'll post screen shots of my 2B Sam glam later. I had to change because everyone in their mom is running around with it right now). The blindfold is also from 2B's glamour set.
  20. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Sword and shield drawn. Look at that beautiful glowing sword in all it's greatness (and yes it's related to the katana in my post-shadowbringers screenshots I posted awhile ago). I'll post my Dark Knight glamour screenshots tomorrow because I've really gotten into tanking this expansion (I just love tanking as a Paladin and Dark Knight, so much fun).
  21. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Current Paladin glamour that's based off of one posted on Eorzea Collection (a glamour posting site for FFXIV). https://ffxiv.eorzeacollection.com/glamour/3075/holy-knight The original, I just changed the shield because I'm not a huge fan of the one used even though I do like the effect it has on it.
  22. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Another shot with the bow drawn. That's the final version of the Bard's Heavensward Anima Weapons (aka relic weapon) and is by far the best looking one outside of the Dragoon's and Paladin's. Sadly a screenshot doesn't do it justice (it's looks so much better in game as I'm sure DX could attest too as I'm sure he's seen it in his travels). The form before this glows yellow (which looks just as good but I prefer the light blue/cyan on the finished verson).
  23. From the album: FFXIV Pics

    Current Bard glamour (had to change it after I got that sweet ass chest piece she's wearing) and yes I went back to be a cat girl. Aylanis was originally created as a Miqo'te and that's just how she'll have to remain (it feels weird playing her as anything else, I love how Viera's look but I just can't stay away from how she originally was).
  24. You'd be surprised. Hell Shion no Ou is an anime about shogi and its fucking amazing (though it does have other plot elements going on). Aria is a show about cute girls with gondolas and it's amazing. It's funny how the Japanese can take something that seems mediocre and turn in into the best damn thing you've never done. Might as well leave one myself. Probably my favorite OP out the this season's new offerings (I don't count Fire Force's new one (though it is a banger, still like the first OP better)). Hell for a bonus here's the ED as well (my favorite of this season). I don't know what it is about this show but I love everything that's going on in it from the story, characters, and the music. I definitely wasn't thinking this show would become a favorite of mine when I heard of it and I'm glad to say it has become my favorite of the season.
  25. So after having done the Nier raid twice now I definitely have to say the FFXIV team and Yoko Taro knocked it our of the fucking park. This is probably my favorite 24-man in the entirety of XIV and favorite story based raid in the entire game. The boss fights are extremely fun and interesting, the enemies are well modeled and varied to say the least (some of which don't appear in Automata (they might as I still haven't beaten it yet but from what I could tell quite a few of them are original to this raid)), and that soundtrack is fucking amazing (the final boss theme is fucking beyond amazing and I so want it now, looks like I'll be buying the next Shadowbringers soundtrack just for it (its a remix of Weight of the World and it's tear inducing)). Not to mention the story for it is damn good and I get the feeling we might be meeting some more familiar faces in the next two raids (I won't ruin it unless you've already seen or been told but I wasn't honestly expecting to see who I saw at the end of the raid even if it was kinda spoiled in the trailer). Now if only I could win the god damn roll on the 2B armor set so I can be happy and have my 2B look (I want those fucking thigh boots god damnit, they'd fit so well with a current glamour set-up that I have). I look forward to patch 5.3 and 5.5 for the next two sets of this raid because if they're anything like this I'll be more then happy (now to get around to beating Automata, I'm almost done with 9S's route/B ending. Should hopefully have that done this weekend if I don't keep getting distracted by side quests or the XIV raid (I must have my 2B glamour)). Also I take back what I said about the 5.1 Samurai changes. While I still don't think we're where we should be dps wise I'm feeling like we're in a better place then we were prior to this. Now to try out the new Ninja changes and see if I pick up Ninja as my secondary main.
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