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  1. It's alright, not series level good but still a fun watch (completely original material not stemming from the game). It's a nice change as Kurisu is the major focus of the movie instead of Okabe.
  2. *revives dead topic* So I watched this tonight after renting it from PSN and it was fucking amazing. God damn is this movie everything you want it to be and more. I won't really go into specifics because if you've seen MHA you pretty much know what to expect (animation is great, same old lovable characters with some new ones added in (Melissa is such a great character, with this being canon I'm hoping we get to see more of her in the actual show because she has great chemistry with the cast and I could really see her being Deku's support person when he goes Pro), a great OST, and a damn good plot (interesting to learn more about All Might and his past)) and it's hard to really process my thoughts and feelings (especially after that epic finale (I think I screamed louder then I should of in excitement during it)). After re-watching some of the old episodes it looks like it takes place either shortly after the Stain incident or shortly after the Training Camp incident (it could be either or but I lean more toward the Training Camp as he makes mention of not injuring his arms early in the film and All Might hasn't well been through the rest of S3 yet). I will say I went into expecting the same old MHA and I'm happy it delivered that and more. Definitely worth a watch if you've seen the show or even if you have a passing interest in it (I mean it pays to know what happens before it but I feel it's not exactly necessary to enjoy the film). I had no plans on buying this movie but I'm thinking I have to make an exception now (I had no plans on buying the series due to it's length and unfinished state but I might have to now if I buy this).
  3. So it might be a tad bit early but I'm thinking that The Promised Neverland is going down as my anime of the year (beating out Boogiepop, Demon Slayer, and Fruits Basket). Man was that a fun trip through some pretty gruesome themes and interesting concepts. Highly suggest watching this when it gets dubbed (unless you want to watch it subbed (I mean come on it's that good)).

    I knew going into it that it was a horror/psychological anime but boy do they trick you when you first start watching it as it's all fun and games right until the end of the first episode. Quite honestly I really don't know how to summarize my thoughts on the show because it's hard to really say anything without ruining the shows premise and horror element (which they really drive home in the latter episodes).

    I will say the story is pretty damn good from start to finish even if they leave you with more questions then they do answers (I know they'll get into that later (it got greenlit for another season) but they really do a bad job setting up why things are the way they are in the first season but I guess its the same in the manga), the characters for the most part are intriguing and interesting (most of the secondary cast it rather bleh but the main characters really sell the show and does the main antagonist)), animation is top notch and damn well done (some of the best this year only taking second to Demon Slayer for me), and the soundtrack is damn good (that opening though, not Demon Slayer topping but still damn good).

    Honestly I'm disappointed I didn't watch it when it was airing but I'm glad I could just marathon through it in three days because waiting each week for one new ep would of been painful. Happy its getting a second season but I'm sad that won't be until next year at the earliest. Solid 9/10 for me (would of gone 10/10 but there were a few things I had issues with toward the end). Now I just need to watch Kaguya-sama and Quintessential Quintuplets and I'll be caught up on last seasons shows that I wanted to watch.

    1. DeathscytheX


      So early to call. XD Currently Slime is a top contender for me. But I have no doubt it will get knocked off by something as there's still plenty of months left. I just watched the first ep of shield hero and i find it hilarious people got mad about this ep. It was nothing compared to Goblin Slayer's first ep. Then I'm watching YU-NO where the main characters step mom is blackmailed into intercourse. It didn't show any of it, but heavily implied it with wet bed sheets and a trashcan of condom wrappers (How is this TV-14 funi? wtf?). Honestly, that one made me cringe harder than the other two. Although I don't think I'll ever get as angry as when Lafter got murdered out of the blue in IBO.

      Wow. that was a tangent. Anyways, yeah Shield Hero... pretty good so far... but man, Isekai is becoming to anime what FPS is to gaming. I kinda wish we could go back to a Mecha golden age.

  4. Forgot to post about this earlier in the week but I got around to watching Magical Girls Spec-Ops Asuka (finished it Tuesday night) and I gotta say it wasn't as bad as everyone has been saying it is (a solid 7/10 for me). Don't get me wrong it's far from perfect (that animation quality is terrible, good lord are we back in the 90's here) but it was an enjoyable mess from start to finish. Quite honestly outside of animation issues as I mentioned and the story (don't get me started here, to much to nitpick and honestly I wasn't watching it for the story) everything else was good (the music was good (that OP is a banger), the characters were somewhat bland (though well written for what the show is) and they don't really spend enough time introducing anyone outside of Asuka, Kurumi (that sadistic little nurse, I don't know why but I like her character) and Asuka's friends (a big disappointment, I'd of liked to have gotten to know each of the other 3 magical girls (especially the Taiwanese one, they give us a short 10 min intro and then bam it's done). Plus the fight scenes were gory as hell and quite enjoyable to watch (though the torture was a bit much).

    Honestly hope this gets a 2nd season but I highly doubt it based on the ratings it got (I mean they obviously leave it open for a 2nd season and there's plenty of material for them to adapt for another season). Though if it does they need to get a different studio to animate it because it's obvious LIDENFILMS can't (again that animation was terrible and wonky as all hell).

    1. DeathscytheX


      They definitely could have done a lot better with it. You pretty much covered it all. Its entertaining all the way through if you just take it for what it is. I always wonder what popular classics wouldn't have reached their cult status if critics and content creators had as much influence today as back then when they were non existent. Not saying that Asuka would be considered a masterpiece if it was from that time or anything. XD

  5. Normally I stick out of these topics but this OP is just amazing (plus everyone should hear it) and it actually beats out Shadowgraph as my favorite OP so far this year (yea I know) plus the show is just amazing. The Fruit Baskets OP is also pretty amazing as well.
  6. As a cat lover I enjoyed My Roommate is a Cat way more then most people would of (I'm that crazy old cat guy that can't have cats because I'm deathly allergic). God damn is the show so fucking adorable and Haru is so freaking cute (how she sees Subaru is adorable and her need to protect him is just so freaking cute). So glad I watched this show and it got the rare 10/10 from me just because I enjoyed it so much (not just for Haru, I honestly found the story rather good and seeing Subaru's growth as a character over the course of 12 episodes was good (especially how he comes to view Haru and those around him). Reminded me a lot of Barakamon and how Honda grows as a character throughout the show (similar to Subaru in a lot of ways)). I could see this getting a second season if there's enough material considering how obsessed the Japanese can be with cats (I think the manga did very well over there, not sure how the anime has done though) and would definitely drop everything I'm doing to watch it. Now I just need to sit down and watch the other 3 I need to watch, sigh so much shit to watch and not enough time to do so.
  7. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-04-19/violet-evergarden-gets-side-story-anime-in-september-before-january-10-film/.145901 Even though I'm sure it'll take forever for Netflix to get it it's still more Violet Evergarden and nothing could be better then that.
  8. See I just can't agree with not putting Shadowgraph and Whiteout as your favorite OP and ED, they're just so damn good that no song beats them out (I have not been this in love with an OP/ED since Violet Evergarden's Sincerely and FMP's What If). Then again I am loving Demon Slayer's OP from this season so that may change. Zombie Land Saga is such a wonderful show and I didn't even think I'd like it until I watched Mother's Basement video on the top anime to watch of that season. Much like you I'm not into the whole idol anime craze that's been big for the last few years (hey, I love a good cute girls anime but they all honestly fall flat for me) but this show makes fun of the whole genre while being it's own idol anime. Such lovable characters (Saki is best girl, I'll fight whoever doesn't agree (yes I love Tae but Saki is just to fucking awesome)), the OST is amazing, and while the CG is kind of jarring in quite a few places it's still damn good. Overall one of the best shows of it's season and I really hope they bring out a second season of this amazing show. Goblin Slayer I wasn't overly impressed with. Yes it's a good show but I feel it got way to much hype for the first episode and everyone just loved it for it's gritty take on the fantasy genre (the original author is a big fan of D&D so this entire show plays out like a D&D campaign). I love the characters (especially Dwarf and the Lizard dude), the animation is really good, fight scenes are very well animated and gritty as fuck, and the OST is pretty damn good but honestly after I got over the hype I just don't see why everyone is head over heals for it (I love a great dark and gritty fantasy story but this just didn't do it for me). Honestly I think shows like Grimgar are worthy of praise for being a darker take on the fantasy genre but keeping it more grounded and not using things like rape to sell it's premise. That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime is such a great show and I'm extremely glad it's getting a second season (which is going to be quite a bit darker then what we've had so far). Rimuru is such a great character and such a compassionate person/slime. I honestly don't know what else I can say about it other than this is probably one of my favorites from it's season because of the mix of humor and seriousness. Gridman is such a blast as I've said before. This is what a Super Senshi show should be, completely off the wall with a completely bonkers plot that fucking just works. I honestly didn't think I'd like it because I normally don't go for these types of shows (I grew out of my Power Rangers and Ultraman faze a long time ago) but this was a fun ride from start to finish. I really wish I could get my hands on the live-action Gridman show because this is apparently a sequel to it and I'd love to see the original story. I loved the characters, the kaiju were amazing, this is probably the only show I've seen in recent years that uses CGI effectively with traditional animation, as mentioned above the story is pretty out there and off the wall but that didn't diminish my enjoyment of the show, and the OST is pretty killer in its own right. Definitely a show worth watching. As it stands Boogiepop is currently my anime of the year because it's such an amazing show and deals with a lot of heavy shit once you start reading into it a lot more. While I've never read the source material (which I'd love to, just need to get my hands on the books) I instantly fell in love with the show because of it's eccentric story and generally relatable characters. Plus each arc was interesting in its own way (though I think I enjoyed the 3rd arc the most when they introduced the origin of Boogiepop's name) though some are quite a bit better than others (I wasn't a huge fan of the arc you liked, interesting but I thought it was the dullest of the four). It also helps that I've seen the original anime sequel for the books (Boogiepop Phantom) which in itself is a huge trip. I'd say if you like shows like Serial Experiments Lain (meaning shows that make you think outside of the box) this is definitely a show up your alley and as I mentioned above that OP and ED are fucking amazing. I really wish you'd of gotten the chance to watching Bunny-girl Senpai since it's such an amazing show (and if you want a catchy OP this ones got your back). Sucks it didn't get a simuldub but it'd definitely be one of the shows I'd say to watch subbed if you can. Can't wait for the movie since it'll wrap the entire story up. I really need to sit down and start watching My Roommate is a Cat because I've heard nothing but good things about it but I was wrapped up in watching Boogiepop, SAO, and Slime to find the time. Maybe once I get through the current show I'm watching I'll start it, Quintessential Quintuplets, and The Promised Neverland. I still need to also find time to watch Kaguya-sama, Magic Girl Spec-Ops (yea, for some reason I want to watch this mess due to the shitty reviews it's been getting), and the first Peacemaker Kurogane film (the anime was freaking amazing so I really want to watch this and I'm so happy CR got the streaming rights for it).
  9. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Old Republic being the setting for the next trilogy. While I'm glad they're going with it I'm scared about what they'll consider canon going forward because as it stands I really like the current, legends continuity we have with KoToR and TOR (I say legends because we're not entirely sure what current Old Republic stuff is even considered canon as of right now). It'll be a huge miss for me if they write out a lot of the currently established characters (like Revan or Vitiate (the Sith Emperor (though he's dead now it'd suck if they completely wrote him out)). It's pretty much been established that Rey isn't Luke's kid (and it's pretty unlikely Mara is canon anymore though it'd be cool if she was) but I wouldn't be surprised if she is somehow related to the Skywalkers (technically Kylo is a Solo with Skywalker blood so the only living Skywalker we know of is Leia though it's been established her role won't be as big anymore due to Carrie's untimely passing). Then again J.J. could be completely fucking with us and throw a huge curve ball at us. Who knows? With the way these movies have panned out so far there really isn't anything that could surprise me anymore (fuck Palps coming back is honestly par for the course now that Snoke is dead since we have no big baddie to face right now (Bitch Vader will never be anything comparable to Snoke, Palps, of good old Granddaddy Vader)). I was watching a youtube video today speculating that what we heard was actually a holo-recording of Palps that they find on the wreckage of the Death Star which could very well be (using it as a plot point for some sinister plan he was working on in secret before he up and died that Snoke was pursuing and Kylo will maybe finish, who knows).
  10. Not exactly going to jump on the hype train on this one yet but it looks like it'll be the first worth while SW game since KoToR.
  11. Unless they changed the reasoning with the new Disney Lore double-bladed lightsabers were pretty much an extreme rarity in the SW universe at this point in time (the only real user being Darth Maul at this point in time and the Inquisitors from Rebels) so I'm not overly surprised she stuck to a traditional lightsaber (again not entirely sure what's considered canon anymore but I do know in legends double-bladed sabers were not in use (Maul only chose it after learning of Exar Kun and his mastery of the weapon) and they were never really a big thing with the Jedi as a whole so Rey probably never found the schematics in the information she took from the tree (if I remember correctly double-bladed sabers were developed by the Sith much like the original lightsaber was)). With the new canon a blue saber is perfect for her and I'm assuming she took the crystal from the remnants of Anakin's destroyed saber before she left the ship (if it wasn't the reason the saber exploded in the first place) since, at this point in time, finding a kyber crystal would be extremely difficult since Palps pretty much made it illegal to own them and without prior knowledge she wouldn't even know where to find one (fuck this new lore though, makes it harder to explain this stuff). Plus it'd have to be a pre-used crystal as with new lore a crystal only gets it's color by forming a bond with the user and there are only two real colors that we know of coming from this (blue and green, there are no explanations for the other colors outside of red and white in canon atm (which is only brought forth by making a crystal bleed (red) and healing a bleeding crystal (white)). Unless this movie takes place quite a few years after The Last Jedi there is no way Rey would of had time to sufficiently bond with a crystal to bring it's color out (but based on her actions her blade would be blue regardless). Palps being back makes sense if they're going the Dark Empire route here but I'm just assuming he's a force ghost (as much as people would have you believe Sith were capable of becoming force ghosts, just not in the same fashion as Jedi). Then again we might be seeing him back in his prime inside a clone body (that or his ass was Snoke all along and moved his essence into another body after Snoke's death). I'm assuming he's going to be the thing pushing Bitch Vader forward (yea I renamed him) towards a new goal. Rey had over a 1000 generations of Jedi text and lore in her possession when she left Luke so it's nor far off to say she has that in her if she read the texts (which I'm sure she did as there is no other way for her to build a lightsaber unless Luke's ghost stuck around to teach her, we'll know more once the movie and more trailers come out). My only real question is why are we calling this Rise of Skywalker? Are we implying that Rey is actually related to the Skywalker lineage in some way? I've been seeing theories on Twitter that she might actually be the same as Anakin being born directly from the force using him as a template (meaning old Palps continued his Master's research). Does Bitch Vader come crawling back to the light side after not getting his way becoming what he was meant to be? Did Han and Leia have another kid they never mentioned to anyone or did Luke get lucky one night only to result in a child he never knew of? This name choice confuses to fuck out of me and it's the only real reason I'll watch this movie (I still treat the other two as AU movies having nothing to do with the actual SW canon) when it comes to DVD/BD (again I refuse to see it in theaters).
  12. Meh..............Nice to see Lando is back though.
  13. It'll still suck no matter how you try to sugar coat it because no matter what they try to adapt they'll fuck it up (meaning ideas or plot points). Though I do agree with that man you have to respect the sexiness that is Turn-A,
  14. They're doing the same thing for Shadowbringers when it comes out (sadly but whatever, I only ordered it for all the special little goodies I'm getting with it). It's more common with PC games but I honestly don't know why they do it (outside of charging for the packaging) if the game is digital only. As much as I hate it this is what gaming is going to and sadly I'm slowly adopting it (I don't like the idea of buying a digital download since we technically don't own the game (and the fact they have the audacity to charge $60 for a digital download is fucking retarded), just a license to play it which can be lost a lot easier then a physical copy (especially if you get hacked or locked out of your account)). Plus with console manufacturers refusing to give us consoles with hard drives that can actually install more than four games it's harder to get on board with it (I'm fine with digital purchases on PC since its a lot easier to upgrade your storage or get external storage (that doesn't require you to format it for a specific console), that and I'm slowly starting to move to PC gaming since console gaming isn't worth it anymore). Most of my PS4 games I own physical copies for (outside of Nier, Ace Combat 7, Detroit, and Destiny 2 and the free ones we get every month), then again I'm not lazy and don't have a problem with switching discs when I want to play something new 😛
  15. Watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse tonight and I have to say the movie was spectacular and definitely lived up to all the hype surrounding it. Probably one of my favorite superhero movies now and I fully understand why it won an Oscar.

    Story was great from start to finish, though I really don't know what to think of the animation style it certainly worked in this movies favor (a little jarring at first but I was definitely starting to feel it toward the end), and while I'm not usually into the music used into the show I have to say the soundtrack is fucking awesome. Kinda wish I would of went to see this in the theater but that didn't really diminish my enjoyment of the movie.

    Really hope we get another one like this (seems there is a sequel of sorts in the works and a few spin-offs as well) because it definitely deserves one. I also have to say the Spider-Man Noir is probably going down as my favorite Spider-Man.

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